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Through the years I have had the good fortune to learn vast amounts in several niche topics. I have also lived as a wife, mother, employee, manager, and plain old human being collecting life tidbits at each and every step along the way. This knowledge needed an outlet for sharing, the perfect outlet has been created within the Thoughthole.

Hypno Files brings in perspectives both from being a certified practicing Hypnotist, and from personal hypnosis experiences.

As and active Paranormal Investigator / Case Manager (Ghost Hunter) for the last 3yrs with a lifelong fascination of all things paranormal, writing on the topic of paranormal only seemed natural.

A lifetime spent dealing with many forms of sleep disturbances has also brought about fascination, and self discovery within that topic. Growing interest has lead me to the pursuit of greater knowledge on the subject, in the role of a Sleep Lab Techinician. Witnessing the changes within the body, and brain as an individual sleeps have lead to a much deeper understanding of conciousness levels, bringing about ever incresing questions of where the dividing line lies between "sleep" and "awake".

Motherhood provides great insight to life on a whole new level. Along with that insight come some of the most memorable stories, emotions, and laughter.

Work from the persepctive of employee, manager, self employed, and specialist in a variety of subjects have had a significant impact on my view of the world around me. Within these topics lie many sad, silly, enlightening, and challenging experiences always adding the spice in life no matter what flavor it may be.

Houseplants Tips & Technique; backed by CPT certification, and more than 8yrs hands on experience in the Horticultural plant maintenance industry, shares many tricks of the trade.

Each and every day brings about more learning and new experiences, continuing to broaden the horizon of possibilities. I invite you to read, learn, contemplate, hypothesize, use, and enjoy...