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Christina Lornemark

On this site you will be able to travel to Northern Europe, come into my house and look on interior design as well as read my advices on how to live life. You will go high up in the atmosphere as well as deep down in the oceans, learn how to use moss and flour in your garden, how to sing drinking songs and dancing singing games in a traditional way, as well as how to deal with a turkey neck, how to travel by bus in Sweden and how to make use of seafood! The human species will be scrutinised, and our way of living like there is no tomorrow will get the thumbs down!

Is there any connection in all this?

Yes there is! Everything you read here is written by me, experienced by me, or is something I have learned during my journey through life.

I have previously worked in healthcare for 20 years, but changed course and began to study. The studies resulted in a Masters degree in Earth Science with focus on marine geology which is one of my true fascinations.