I am an empty nester, a baby boomer and a grandmother (still can't believe that).  In my early years I worked for a few lawyers, mostly on estates and real estate.  I worked for Veteran's Affairs for almost ten years.  There I had the privilege and honour to assist Veterans from WW11 as well as those returning from Afghanistan.  I have lost too many loved ones too early and gained an appreciation for life and its unappreciated frailty.

Like many of you due to unexpected unemployment I am unsure of the next chapter.  Time to open myself up to what opportunities await me.  Time to learn more and hopefully live more.

I am a hubber virgin and have a lot to learn.  I have admiration for those who can call themselves writers.  I am not there yet.  With any luck I will be able to pass on some tid bits to you and gain much needed knowledge in return.

I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up.........but trying my hand at a few things.  Thanks for taking the time and interest.

Stay tuned as I share what I live and learn........