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Hello, fellow Hubbers! My name is Heather and I am a featured writer for In my spare time (ha ha) I am a single mother to a beautiful baby girl. When she isn't in daycare, she pretty much runs my life. (I don't mean to sound grumbly--I love it!)

Working for this company has been a blessing. Not only do I love my job, but I am continually learning new things! As a company in the home furnishings/improvement niche, I get to go out and research all sorts of interesting topics to help in our everyday lives!

In addition, we have a General Contractor on staff, who supplies us with all kinds of good info from fixing a window screen to lighting a pilot light (don't laugh--some of us didn't know how to do it! :)) All of our blogs post on our Facebook page too, so if you'd like a daily quick tip--you can "like" us here!

And finally, if there's any question you'd like answered, or any how-to you'd like explained--drop me a line! I'll get right on it!

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