Urban Farm Girl

I am Catalina of El Cerrito, California.  El Cerrito is a little city on the other side of the Bay Bridge from San Francisco and sandwiches between Berkeley and Richmond. It's not glamorous like San Francisco or radical like Berkeley, but it's a quiet and safe place to call home with all the convenience of proximity to exciting places.

I grew up a city girl but always fantasized being a country girl. I learned to ride a horse during college years and worked on the campus farm at UC Davis.  4 years ago I started growing vegetables, fruits, and herbs in my own yard.  I hope to keep bees and chickens in the near future.

Urban farming is becoming a movement in the Bay Area.   Recently I started blogging my homestead farm.  Check out Sand Village Farm for photo albums, growing, cooking, and baking ideas. I have been a member of Mycological Society of San Francisco for the last 5 years, and I currently manage cultivation section of its website.