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Wes Rouse

Canton OH: Born; learned to read->Anderson IN: Young thinking, Nature->Washington IN: Elementary School malaise; Sports->Anderson again: High School; Real love spark; Science concentration; ’48 Ford Club Coupe; Stamp collecting; Spiritual inklings->Miami: Growing up; Tropical Fish->Anderson College; Ping Pong; Biology; Beginning love->Marriage->USAF (CA, CO, NE): Photography, Learning to live/love->Coral Gables/Kendall FL: University of Miami, Shrimp/Crabs, Marisa cornurietis; One acre of Paradise; Son and then Daughter; Bachelor’s and Master’s->Lake Wales Florida: Warner Southern College, Teaching Biology/Marine Sciences, Vice President, Student interaction; Spiritual exploration; University of Florida, PhD->Laguna Hills CA: Missions Computer Systems; Florida Interlude (library, chaplain’s assistant); Hope International University, Muslims, Teaching, Consulting->North Port FL: Writing: Memoirs, Belief System, Education-A Structural Model; Eighty-two years in the making, a lifetime of longing, and hours and days of years in brooding; Sprititual relief, and the song continues.