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Let's see, what to tell y'all about myself . . . Well, I like long walks on the beach and poking dead things in the sand with a stick . . . I’m planning on sailing my small boat across an ocean . . . and I have a few books to write!  So stay tuned, ‘cause there are lots of adventures in store and stories to be told!

Note: if you know anyone who likes naps, check out my book / website www.Napism.Info !

My favorite hubs (of mine) so far are:

   * The Coffee of a Lifetime (it won a Hubnugget award!)

   * The Last Smoke

   * Little Nudges

I’ve posted some fiction on HP, too, and some “creative expression”:

   * Finding the Phoenix

   * A Note to My Wife

   * He was Different

   * The Third Summer

 My hubs jump to a variety of topics, everything from “just for fun” (You Gotta Watch Out for Dick; The Most Fun and Easy Way to Dig Out a Tree Stump) to “hopefully useful” (How to Embarrass Yourself and Lower Your Social and Professional Standing; McDonald's, Burritos, and Starbucks.) 

 If you want to be notified by email of my latest postings, you can sign up to Hubpages without submitting any writing yourself; after you sign up, just come back here to this page and click “follow.”

 Also, if you'd like to read about my rebuilding a Swedish sailboat, check out my boat blog, 

Thanks for your interest!

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