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 Oh Yeah!!  "Jake's Final Days" is AVAILABLE!!

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                    "JAKE'S FINAL DAYS"

   This heartwarming story would make an awesome Christmas gift. Share this wonderful story with a loved one. You'll both be glad that you did. Merry Christmas everyone!      

                            HOT DOG!!! 

       The kind folks over at the Crossroads Barnes & Noble in Gulfport, MS. have invited us  down to visit and to sign books on April 7th, the day before easter. It's at 12:30 pm and we're going to have a ball giving away books, money and refreshments. Come on down!  W.

   "Jake's Final Days", has been printed and the published hardcover and softcover issues available.  We have in our hands, 15 hadcover editions of the story which go for $30.95 and 40 editions of softcover books. The price of these books are, $13.95. These are the editions of the story that are a part of the "publishing package" that we contracted with Westbow Press. The PayPal account is set up and the awesome story of Jake and his wife is available to you . Yahoo!! You can go to the "Jake's Final Days" HUB  below for more input.  

I just found out that Jake's story is available at Barnes + Noble and Amazon. The E-readers Nook and Kindle both have it ready to read also. Please help everyone out by posting a comment when you are finished reading the story. You might just prompt someone to read it and in turn, they may just read a bit of their Bible. How cool is that? [B+N and Amazon both have places to comment located next to our book.]  Enjoy the story folks and, thank you. 

Sincerely,    W.R. Shinn  

    It is now the 10th of June. Thank You Lord for this smooth ride!

       "Jake's Final Days", all eighteen chapters, will be published right here, one chapter at a time, and you can click onto Jake's Final Days Chapter #1 right now and get a start on the book. Enjoy!!

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Hello Folks,  I'm just checkin' out this neat tool to get a few of my thoughts out there along with enjoying the opportunity to find out what y'all are thinking about and what's important to you.  I haven't figured out how to put a picture up on this thing, so I sure could use a few days grace.  I have written a few stories and will post more soon.  Would love to have some feedback.  Thanks,  I really think this is going to be a blast.  May God bless all of you!.         W.


P.S.    I find myself reading, starin', and checking things out when I should be sound asleep.  Anyway, It's great.  I thank the kind folks who have clicked the "follow" button.  Please keep right on writing, I'll keep reading. thanks.             W.

    By the way, "Jake's Final Days." is due out soon! It is now, 5/20/11. The story is awesome! Go to the "Jake's Final Days Hub to discover more about the book. It will be available in all e- book formats.


       It is a great read for both Christian and non-Christian readers. All those who have read it have asked, "Did you write this for Christians or for the people who don't know Christ?" That seems to be an indicator to me, that it is a story for everyone. You can get even more info at finaldaystosow.com and order there also. Just click on "purchase". The price for the soft cover is $13.95. Hardcover, $30.95. This story will also be sold on E-BAY at "ginnyscloset2",along with some other great deals!

I  just know you'll enjoy Jake's story!


W.R Shinn