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Review of the Elechomes Ultrasonic Humidifier

I was searching for a humidifier that would keep my house comfortable without requiring much effort to set up and operate. Elechomes' SH8830 Cool and Warm Mist humidifier appeared to be the best option.


5 Home Assistant Beginner Mistakes to Avoid!

Home Assistant is a great tool for automating your home... if you use it right


Review of the Kyvol Air Purifier

I was searching for an inexpensive air purifier that would work effectively and quietly in a small to large-sized room. The Kyvol Vigoair P5 appeared to be a good match.


Should You Repair or Replace Your Old Appliance?

Age, purchase price, and average lifespan are some of the factors to consider when determining whether to repair or replace an old appliance.


What Low Gas Boiler Pressure Means and What You Can Do About It

What does it mean when your gas boiler tells you the pressure is too low? And how do you fix it?


How to Change the Oil on a Pressure Washer

One of the best ways you can take care of your machines is with regular oil changes to keep the engine running smooth.


Review of the Itouchless 2.5 Gallon Sensor-Activated Garbage Can

I was searching for a small, attractive trashcan with a lid that could be opened without being physically touched. The best option appeared to be the 2.5-gallon MT02SS-1 garbage can from iTouchless.


Review of the Novostella Wi-Fi 20w Floodlight

I was searching for a versatile floodlight that could be controlled via my smartphone or Amazon Alexa. The 20W Novostella RGBCW floodlight appeared to be a good option.


How to Clean the Drain Pump Filter on Your Front-Loading Washing Machine

Don't forget to perform a routine maintenance on your front-loading washing machine that will keep it running smoothly. The drain pump filter is an oft-neglected but simple maintenance task. Show your washer some love and clean it out.


How to Fix a Roomba's Bin Full Light That Won't Turn Off

Is your Roomba's bin full light still on after emptying it? Here's how to get Roomba's trash full light to go off.


What You Need to Know Before Buying a Dishwasher From Costco's Website

Costco often has great prices for appliances, but the process for getting a dishwasher is complicated because delivery and installation are separate. This can cause problems if the delivery and installation aren't scheduled for the same day.


How to Fix the Roomba Error 8 Trouble Code

Here is how to fix the pesky Roomba Error 8 trouble code that you may be getting on model 960 and other units.


How to Release a Stuck Washing Machine Door

This article will help you troubleshoot why your washing machine door may be stuck and potentially help you fix it without needing to pay for a professional.


How to Remove Rust From a Dryer in Three Simple Steps

Refinish the surface of your rusty dryer with epoxy spray paint made for appliances.


Review of the Kyvol Vigoair HD3 Cool Mist Humidifier

I was searching for an inexpensive humidifier that could keep my kitchen comfortable without requiring a lot of effort to set up and operate. Kyvol’s Vigoair HD3 appeared to be a good option.


How to Keep Your Whole House Humidifier From Running Continuously

Does your whole house humidifier run even when your furnace is not? It's not supposed to. If it does, you are wasting water, energy, and money. Chances are it's wired wrong. Wire it correctly yourself and save the cost of an HVAC bill.


6 Wood Burner Stove Gift Ideas

Wood-burning stove accessories make great gifts for someone who owns a cozy wood burner. Here are some ideas for presents that will be treasured.


Bissell Proheat Essential Review

This article talks about the pros and cons of the Bissell Proheat Essential. First we will look at the upright cleaning ability and move on to discussing the added upholstery tool.


The 3 Best Stainless Steel Slow Cookers

Slow cookers are an easy and great way to make healthy and tasty food. I've been using them for many years and seen how technology has enhanced them in modern times. This article lists the 3 best stainless steel slow cookers, followed by my reasoning and experiences of each product.


Review of the Kyvol Cybovac S31 Robotic Vacuum

I was searching for a reasonably priced, self-emptying robotic vacuum equipped with an effective navigational system. Kyvol's Cybovac S31 appeared to be the best choice.


Why Does My Pellet Stove Keep Shutting Off?

Why do pellet stoves randomly shutting off? Get your answers here!


Do I Need to Cover My Air Conditioner During Winter?

Air conditioners are a lifesaver during the summer, but what do you do with them during the winter? What is the best way to ensure your AC unit survives the winter?


How to Fix a Leaky Bissel Shampooer

Do you have water leaking from your Bissell Ready Clean Powerbrush Plus or another similar shampooer? This article will walk you through the steps on fixing it.


Review of the Okaysou Medical Grade Air Purifier

I was searching for a reasonably priced air purifier capable of handling a very large room. Okaysou’s AirMax8L appeared to be the best option.


Shark Navigator Vacuum Review

This article will share my thoughts on the Shark Navigator Pet with Self-Cleaning Brushroll vacuum.


How to Use a Portable Bathtub

This article will show you how to use a portable bathtub to enjoy luxurious baths in your home despite not having a conventional tub.


Partu Air Purifiers Review: How to Get Fresh Clean Air With 3x the Power

Partu Air Purifiers freshen and clean small, medium or large-sized rooms in a flash. This article details their many features and reviews them.


Elechomes 9-in-1 Electric Pressure Cooker: The Best Multi-Use Kitchen Appliance

The Elechomes electric pressure cooker can pressure cook, steam, sauté, and slow cook poultry, eggs, rice, soup, chili, cake, beans, and even yogurt to perfection. It includes a tempered glass lid, mini mitts, a measuring cup, and a rice paddle.


The Audew Air Fryer: A Review

Air fryers are very popular right now, and the choice of brands, sizes, power, and accessories can be enough to make you throw up your hands and walk away. Enter the Audew 12-liter, 1700-watt air fryer. I've got one and love it. I think you will too.


How the New 5.5L Elechomes Warm & Cool Mist Humidifier Challenges Winter Colds

Review of updated Elechomes Warm & Cool Mist Humidifier. This is the best winter humidifier with three levels for misting/heating, a massive 5.5L tank, child lock options, and sleep mode that turns off LED screen.


Review of the Slaouwo Space Heater

I was searching for a space heater that was economical to run but could quickly warm a small room. Slaouwo’s offering appeared to be a good option.


Review of the Levoit Personal Air Purifier

I was searching for a quality air purifier that could quietly clean the air of a medium-sized room. The cost of replacement filters was an important consideration. Levoit’s LV-H126 appeared to be a good choice.


Halogen Oven: A Review

This halogen oven review includes information about the advantages and disadvantages of cooking with the oven as well as some quick and easy meal ideas.


Running an Airbrush With a Pancake Compressor

I discuss the ins and outs of running an airbrush from a pancake compressor. Both advantages and disadvantages will be covered.


Honeywell Air Touch Air Purifier: A Review of Usage in Indian Cities

This is a review of the Honeywell Air Touch HAC35M1101G based on my personal experience using it in Bangalore.


Elechomes Air Purifier Review: The Best Bedroom Filtration System

The Elechomes Air Purifier filters dust, pet allergens, pollen, and cigarette smoke, and replaces it with fresh, clean air. Excellent for pet owners, smokers, and those with asthma or allergies.


The Best Lead-Free Slow Cookers and Crock Pots for the Kitchen

A short list of the best lead-free crock pots and slow cookers made for the home kitchen.


Product Review: Elechomes Ultrasonic Cool & Warm Mist Humidifier

The Elechomes Ultrasonic Cool/Warm Mist Humidifier eliminates dry air, allergens, and airborne bacteria in any room. It contains a large 6L tank, has warm/cool mist settings, and includes sleep mode.


Review of the Air Choice 43-Inch Bladeless Fan

I was searching for an attractive bladeless fan that would keep me cool on a hot summer day. Air Choice’s BLF-YH05 appeared to be a good choice.


How to Install a Water Heater Jacket and Why It's Essential

Whether you're running an electric or gas water heater, you should consider this water heater essential.


Fixing a Pressure Sensor Switch in a Furnace

This article will explain how to troubleshoot your furnace when the heat stops working and you see three blinking lights on your furnace. There are a few ways to check and fix this problem.


How I Stopped That Moldy Smell in My Washer for Good

No matter how I cleaned my front-loading washer, the mildew smell kept coming back. Then I found a quick, easy way to solve the problem for good.


Do You Really Need to Change the Water Filter in Your Refrigerator?

The next time your "Change Filter" light illuminates on your refrigerator, consider saving yourself a large chunk of change and wait for a few more cycles.


Review of the Clean Robot

Lately I have noticed a large number of low-priced miniature robotic vacuums available for sale. I decided to pick up one and run it through some tests. My choice, the Clean Robot, is sometimes referred to as the Sweep Robot.


Oster Convection Oven Review

This article offers counter-top convection oven information and a review for inquisitive shoppers. Learn the differences between convection, toaster, and range ovens. Then find out why Oster is the best convection oven on the market.


How Often Should I Change My Furnace's Air Filter?

There is "To be or not to be." There is "Wherefore art thou Romeo." Then there is "How often should I replace my furnace's air filter?" While I'm not sure where Romeo is or if one should be or not, I can help with the answer to the latter.


Benefits of a Dehumidifier in Your Home

There are many benefits of a dehumidifier for your home. Health, mold, dust mites, wood, surfaces, and electronics can all be negatively effected by too much moisture in the air. Learn how a dehumidifier can preserve health and home.


Review of Artifit N9 Mini Portable Fan (No Batteries Required)

The colorful Artifit N9 Mini Portable Fan is rechargeable, small, and doesn't require batteries to work. It can run for hours and it's the quickest way to cool off no matter where you are.


Your Air Conditioning Contactor and How to Replace It

The contactor is a fairly simple part of your air conditioner and is really quite easy to repair or replace if it has a problem. Learn how a contactor works, how to check it, and repair or replace it if needed.