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Bissell Proheat Essential Review

Justine works and writes from her home in Michigan. She loves to encourage others through her writing.

Bissell Proheat Essential

Bissell Proheat Essential

Why the Bissell Proheat Essential?

I’ve owned several other carpet cleaners and thought it was time to upgrade my cleaning technology. I’m not going to lie, I purchased this specifically for the upholstery cleaning ability. With a husky, a terrier, two cats, and two children, I definitely need extra help to keep up with our lifestyle and keep everything from getting covered in a sticky mess. My couch was my number one worry since my toddler is always wiping his fingers on it.

So if you're like me and wondering if this machine can really help you keep up on your home, keep reading to find out!


Features Included

The first thing I noticed when purchasing the machine was that it is much heavier than early versions. That is because it is much more like an industrial or commercial carpet cleaner but still lightweight enough for everyday use. Some features that it has includes:

  • Large capacity 1-gallon tank
  • 22’ power cord
  • Powerful “surround” suction
  • Full-width edge sweep brushes
  • Dirtlifter powerbrush
  • 7’ upholstery hose
  • Spraying crevice tool
  • 3” tough stain tool
  • Heatwave technology
  • 2-year manufacturer warranty
  • Trial bottle of cleaning formula

Use and Functionality

The first area in our home we started testing was in our bedroom. The shaggy brown “dirt” carpet has been in our home since before we purchased it two years ago, so who knows how long it’s been since it had a good cleaning. I did, however, have my husband carry it up the stairs, because it is larger than the earlier versions. Even after removing the tank, the unit is still pretty heavy.

  • There is a bladder in the tank, so you can fill and empty the dirty water very easily. It comes in and out with just a click. You won't believe how dark and dirty the water was—too embarrassing to show my readers! The clean water goes into the bladder and, as you clean, the dirty water goes underneath into the container. When finished, you can just lift up on the tank and use the handle to empty into a sink or toilet.
  • However, the clip that joins the top and bottom of the tank together did not want to seal correctly. It doesn’t seem to have a great seal like other carpet cleaners I’ve had. Maybe it’s just the design, but I didn’t feel as if the tank clicked together tightly enough—and I feel like I’m always double checking the clip.
  • The water stays nice and hot with the heatwave technology though. Sometimes only very hot water can cut those stains and this definitely does the job.
  • You can clearly see the dirty water travel up through the front of machine, so you can watch the water get clearer and know when it’s properly clean. Emptying the tank is also very easy with just a click to be removed, and a spout to pour out the dirty water.
  • It's just a simple trigger to spray the cleaning formula, which performs similar to other machines I’ve owned.
  • The brushes seem to do a great job scrubbing the carpet and grabbing the pet hair.
  • To check how well it actually suctions the water out of the carpet, I use my hand to check how dry the carpet feels after the completed swipes. The overall suction seemed to be good, not leaving much moisture behind. It is just very slightly damp around the baseboards, and it seemed the corners stayed wetter—thus, it was hard for the machine to suction all the way up to the baseboards. In the past, after using a carpet cleaner, I would often have to put towels on the floor to finish the drying process. This time I only had to pat dry around the baseboards.

Overall, I was satisfied with the function and suction of the carpet cleaner. It is easy to operate and easy to maintain.

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Pros and Cons of Bissell Proheat Essential


Tank is easy to fill and empty

Small clip/faulty

Powerful suction

Heavy to lift

Water stays hot longer

Difficult to get near baseboards

Easy to operate and maintain

Upholstery tool could be better


Upholstery Cleaning Tools

Next, we moved onto the upholstery cleaning tools. There is a small knob at the base of the cleaner that can be clicked from floor to tools in order for your tools to work properly.

It comes with two tools, including a straight edge cleaner and the upholstery tool. The upholstery tool has brush bristles on the bottom in order to scrub stubborn areas.

Both tools have a small trigger function that sprays the cleaning solution out in a fan-like manner. I was careful not to over wet the area, lightly misting each cushion as I went, then alternating with the suction and scrubbing functions on the upholstery tool.

The upholstery tool is clear, so you are able to see the dirty water travel through into the hose. It seemed to work extremely well on my couch, getting rid of some prominent stains.

The only complaint I have with the upholstery tool, however, is that the amount of suction seemed to be lost in the seven-foot hose. The amount of suction that comes out of the upholstery tool was disappointing. Although it did get my couch looking clean on the outside, I had to finish the drying process with towels and a few hours of time. So just note that you won’t be able to sit right away and allow time to dry.

I was impressed, however, with the amount of dirt it pulled from the furniture.

The straight edge tool is meant to get into the cracks and crevices that the normal upholstery brush cannot reach. I think this was a great idea because I used the straight edge to reach down to the baseboards when I was shampooing the carpet.

My Final Verdict

I wish the suction on the upholstery tool was better. Although it did work for what I intended it for, I would recommend the manufacturer create a rotating bristle type with greater suction.

Ultimately, I give the Bissel Proheat a 9 out of 10 because it did an overall great job as a multi-functional cleaner but also leaves room for improvement.

Thank you for reading.

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