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10 Disadvantages of Air Fryers

Paul has been passionate about preparing, cooking, and eating healthy food for over 30 years. Born in the UK, he now lives in Florida.

The Innsky air fryer. For my 10 disadvantages of using an air fryer, please read on...

The Innsky air fryer. For my 10 disadvantages of using an air fryer, please read on...

Air fryers have become increasingly popular in recent years, thanks mainly to their reputation for producing healthier meals. They are faster than ovens and require less oil than a fat fryer, making the food produced less fatty and lower in calories.

They do have some negatives, however, and this article lists and looks at ten of them.

10 Downsides of Air Fryers

Here are ten disadvantages of air fryers:

  1. Limited capacity
  2. Easy to burn food
  3. Food dries out
  4. Some foods don't work
  5. Difficult to clean
  6. Less affordable
  7. Requires learning
  8. Noisy
  9. Taste difference
  10. Bulky

I will examine each negative in more detail below.

1. Limited Capacity

Most air fryers are great for making around one to four servings at a time but not suited to preparing meals for larger families or dinner parties. That's because the cooking baskets they use are limited in size. If you need to cook for more people, then you either have to prepare the meals in batches or choose another cooking method.

2. Easy to Burn Food

There's a downside to air fryers cooking so fast, in that it can be difficult to get the timing just right. It's a particular problem early on when people are not experienced with using them. The high temperatures mean that it's very easy to overdo the food and burn it if you're not careful.

3. Food Dries Out

While the limited amount of oil needed is a good thing in many ways, it does also cause one major issue. If you're not careful and fail to watch your meal closely, your food can dry out. Deep fryers don't have this issue, as the oil keeps the meal moist.

4. Some Foods Don't Work

Not everything that can be prepared in a fat fryer or oven can be cooked in an air fryer. Battered foods, eggs, cheese, hamburgers, popcorn, muffins, toast, and baby spinach are just some examples of foods that don't fare well, in my experience.

5. Difficult to Clean

Not every component of an air fryer is dishwasher safe. Some parts have to be washed by hand. While these appliances are generally easier to clean than deep fryers, they still require time and effort to maintain.

6. Less Affordable

Affordability is always a relative concept, and air fryers are not expensive in the grand scheme of things. However, what is true is that they are generally more expensive than their deep fryer equivalents.

The bottom line is that it's only worth buying an air fryer if you're going to use it regularly.

7. Requires Learning

On the whole, using an air fryer is pretty straightforward, but you should be prepared to do some learning if you buy one and are unfamiliar with this style of appliance. There are plenty of great recipes to refer to, but it can take time to perfect your favorite meals.

8. Noisy

Air fryers have to circulate hot air in order to work properly. This can make them noisy thanks to the sound of the high-speed airflow fan. This isn't an issue that you encounter with a deep fryer or conventional oven.

9. Taste Difference

While most people, including myself, don't have a problem, some people complain about the taste of food prepared by air fryers. This is especially true when the meals are compared to the output of deep fryers. The difference is relatively small when the meals are hot but grows greater when the food cools down.

10. Bulky

Although air fryers couldn't be described as huge, they do take up quite a bit of counter or cupboard space. That might be fine in a big kitchen, but can be a negative factor in a smaller space. Most fryers aren't particularly attractive, either.

Can I Suggest a Good Air Fryer?

No kitchen appliance is perfect, and if you've not been put off by the potential downsides, here is my suggestion for an air fryer that provides excellent value for money.

The Innsky air fryer is one of my favorite appliances. I used one in my home for a number of years before giving it to my daughter when she went to college. The fryer's still going strong and is as good now as when I bought it.

It's great for making healthy snacks and meals, whatever the time of day, and the fast cooking speeds make it particularly useful for people with a busy life.

While it's not the cheapest machine out there (I paid just under $90 for mine), it provides everything that most people would want from a fryer and is very straightforward to use.

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