Bob Villa EdenPURE Heater Scam Revealed

Ads for EdenPURE portable infrared heaters promise energy savings of up to 50 percent. This article will examine the claims made by EdenPURE’s manufacturer and expose what many claim is a scam.

Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof. If a simple electric space heater can cut energy consumption by 50 percent, then the government may wish to promote the product with tax incentives in order to break America’s dependence on foreign oil.

The EdenPURE heater is several times as expensive as other infrared electric heaters. Issues of safety, durability, and return on investment must be considered before purchasing one of the most expensive portable infrared heaters on the market.

The Claims

EdenPURE claims to be safer and less likely to cause burns than other portable heaters.
EdenPURE claims to be safer and less likely to cause burns than other portable heaters.

EdenPURE’s manufacturer makes several claims about its heater. The claims include:

  • A three-year warranty. I can take EdenPURE at its word here. If it backs its product for three years, three years it is. While the video review above had a very poor customer service experience, I have heard of several instances where customers reported poor performance and the manufacturer accepted the return of the product. It appears to me that the company does back its product, standing behind their warranty.
  • That EdenPURE is safer than other portable electric heaters. Here is the first claim that falls short. Thirty years ago, portable electric heaters were a greater safety risk than today, and could cause burns and fires. However, recent portable electric heaters have improved dramatically. I use Lasko portable heaters in my barn to keep the room with waterworks warm. I can put my hand on the grill for any length of time without discomfort. Since the coils are contained, the risk of kids burning their hands is diminished, and the risk of burning the house down is unlikely if the heater has an overload shut-off switch—most do. EdenPURE's safety features are not an advantage, as every other electric heater on the market has the same features.
  • Heats up to 1,000 square feet (some only heat 500 square feet). Big deal. Do you know how much 1,000 square feet is? The size of your garage. What's more, unless the building is very well insulated, the EdenPURE will not heat a standard 1,000 square foot room. Maybe Wisconsin is too cold for a heater to warm 1,000 square feet. As for the EdenPURE Gen7 heater, 500 square feet is just a 20 by 25 foot room. In most climates, a 1500-watt electric heater does almost as well. Back to my barn. I set my 1500-watt Lasko on low and it keeps the room at over 40 degrees, even when the outdoor temperature dips down to -20° F. The room is well insulated, but that is another article.
  • Has a remote control. What doesn’t?
  • Endorsed by Bob Villa. Products requiring a celebrity endorsement in most cases are junk. Only a rip off or scam needs to rely on what a famous person says rather than performance.

Lasko 754200 Ceramic Heater with Adjustable Thermostat
Lasko 754200 Ceramic Heater with Adjustable Thermostat

My trusty Lasso heater is only $25 and can easily heat a small room.


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Where Does a Portable Electric Heater Save You Money?

A portable electric heater saves you money by heating rooms and spaces that are difficult or expensive to heat other ways.
A portable electric heater saves you money by heating rooms and spaces that are difficult or expensive to heat other ways.

There are a few ways to use a portable electric heater to save money:

  • By heating areas difficult to heat any other way. It is definitely cheaper to heat my room in the barn with a portable electric heater than it would be by installing a furnace. It would take a hundred years for the power costs of running an electric heater to equal the cost of a furnace, and other heating units can carry fire risks.
  • By heating rooms of the home or shop that are naturally cooler than the rest. When the wind comes from a certain direction, side rooms of your home may get a little cool. A portable electric heater can keep small rooms warmer without heating the remainder of the home to a higher temperature.

The Biggest Claim of All

EdenPURE's biggest claim is that it will reduce your energy bill.
EdenPURE's biggest claim is that it will reduce your energy bill.

Electric heaters are not an efficient way to heat a home cheaply. A 1500-watt heater will produce at most 5000 BTUs. You cannot get more energy out of an electron than is in it. Claiming an electric heater will reduce your energy bill at all is stretching the truth. Saying you might cut your heating bill in half is a lie.

If you read EdenPURE ads carefully, you will note they insinuate you only have to heat the room you are in. By not heating the unoccupied rooms of your home, you will cut your heating bill.

The problem with this, of course, is that you are not saving money by heating the house more efficiently. You are just cutting costs by heating a smaller area—something you could have done without a $400 space heater. Because heating up a room with electric heat is the most expensive way to do it, simply closing off furnace ducts to unused rooms would result in bigger savings using an EdenPURE, and it would not involve the cost of a new heater.

Scam or Deal

The EdenPURE portable electric heater is a scam by my count. It is a well-marketed $40 electric heater selling for $400 or more. For under $100, you can buy a better-looking, better-built heater that will serve your needs for years to come. Amazon has some of the best prices on heaters and ships right to your door. If a portable electric heater serves your needs, a low-cost model will kick out the same heat as an expensive model.

Don’t let anyone tell you the heat from their heaters is better or different. Heat is the movement of air molecules. EdenPURE claims it uses a copper coil to reduce harsh heat. This actually makes their heater less efficient. You can put a sheet of copper in front of your heater and buffer the heat with any electric heater. Though I don’t know why you would want to.

EdenPURE claims stretch the truth. It does not lie if you read carefully, but still, misdirection, celebrity endorsement, and colorful marketing meant to make the consumer believe overblown claims cannot make the EdenPURE portable electric heater anything but a scam. Save 80 percent off EdenPURE’s cost by using a competitor’s brand.

[Author's Note: A few comments are concerned with my personal experience with EdenPURE. Several EdenPURE heaters have been tested and compared against Lasko electric heaters. Both heated equal areas in comparable ways, even though the Lasko only costs about $50.]

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Get real 2 years ago

With the cost of propane today at over $5.49/gal anything you can do to offset propane useage is a ++++++. I don't care if my electric bill doubles as long as I can put off ordering and paying this Government Created Shortage of Propane at astronomical prices. Complain all you want the heater works well.

mike 2 years ago

My Gen 4 burned out in 2 years, Eden pure company claims they will send me new quartz heating tubes but I want Bob Villa here to fix it!!!!

Ken 3 years ago

Oh Al, It is you who does not understand electric restisance heating AT ALL Continue to believe what you want to believe. You're a blind moron, since you started name calling, when I'm just trying to help people out. FUVM. AND I MEAN THAT SINCERELY.

AL metcalf 3 years ago

This Ken guy below me is an idiot and so are all those so called engineers that claim you get the same heat from any 1500 watt heater. I can prove that is nonsense in 3 seconds in my house. I have a 1400 watt heat gun and my wife has a 1800 watt hairdryer. According to these naysaying braniacs her hairdryer should put out more heat since they claim all heat sources are 100% efficient, etc. Well, come to my house, put you hands in front of each item and we will see which one you pull away from first! My heat gun is about 5 times hotter than my wife's hairdryer. Point is, I finally bought a Dr Heater and it works way better than any other heater I have tried in my basement and I tried them all!

Ken 3 years ago

Heat from any 1500 watt electric heater will cost you $35.60 for 1 million btus of heat if you are paying 12 cents a KWH. Heat from #2 fuel oil burning furnace will cost you $33.25 for 1 million btus, if you are paying $3.58 per gallon. About the same. You save $ using a portable heater because you can heat just the space you're in at the time. The E.P. is way overpriced for what it does. ANY 1500 watt electric heater will give you the exact amount of heat, no matter how much, or how little you pay for it.

judy 3 years ago

I was going to buy an edenpure because I am a senior citizen and in winter my light bill is out of sight but reading all the negative comments, NO THANKS!

Warmed to tha Bones 3 years ago

My wife and I have found that our electric and gas power bills have gone down by more than half, each (we have a gas furnace) since we started using our Life Smart brand infrared heater. Our house is more than 2800 square feet (not cubic feet) and we have the heater down stairs. We have really high ceilings. We have found that if you turn the heater on and just leave it alone, it really does a great job. Standing by it, it doesn't really seem like it is doing much work, but, judging from our reduced power bills, it is doing exactly what these units are claimed to do.



First of all, 120vac appliances are very inefficient compared to 220vac


But using ANY space heater will lower your heating bill if you turn your thermostat down!

A 1500 watt heater is a 1500 watt heater REGARDLESS of how much you promote it or charge for it!

I have a ceramic cube heater I bought 25 years ago for $19.95 that will

do EVERYTHING that these $400 dollar SNAKE OIL heaters do!!

Lucinda from Michigan 4 years ago

I got my 1st heater in nov.20011 and used it for 5 months and up for the summer I got it out on oct.25 20012. It didn't work so i sent it back to BIO RESEARCH in ohio. they sent me a RFH one it can to me in pieces they back cover was broken in several pieces. I sent it back to get another heater, and GUESS WHAT IT DOESN'T WORK EITHER. Edenpure heaters are CRAP. I told customer services I wanted my money refunded and was told NO WAY you have had your heater over the 60 days satisfaction guarantee.. What the h..l are they talking about I have a 5 yr warranty. so I'm told we will send you another RFH I don't think so on the customer service center letterhead it states OUR GOAL IS IOO% CUSTOMER SATISFACTION. Ok Bob Yila lets stand behind your product and give me my money back now...

abaton6 4 years ago

Do a cost comparison yourself. Electric heat is VERY expensive, no matter how much you pay for your heater.

ChesterTheJester 4 years ago

The big SCAM not mentioned is the advertised life of the Edenpure US-1000 or Gen4 heaters. Suarez Corporation Industries is advertising a 20,000 hour bulb life and a 10-15 year "service" life (website, printed literature and printed on carton) for both their Edenpure US-1000 and Gen4 heaters.

That claim of a 20,000 bulb life in an Edenpure heater is completely false. i.e. Suarez Corporation Industries / Pinnacle Systems claims of a US-1000 or Gen4 having 20,000 hour bulb life contains as much truth as a politicians typical campaign speech. Someone should be going after SCI for false advertising at a minimum. Suarez Corporation Industries / Pinnacle Systems have absolutely NO component life test data to back-up their component life claims.

It is likely that Sylvania gets the rated 20,000 hours of bulb life in their normal testing fixtures / burn racks. And Sylvania's bulb life testing, like all other lamp manufacturers, is performed in still air with infrequent on/off cycles (once a day to once a week). The air movement inside an Edenpure heater is blowing the coldest air on the base of the bulbs and the bulbs cycle on and off frequently.

Suarez Manufacturing Industries / Pinnacle Systems, did no component life testing at all during the Edenpure US-1000 / Gen4 product development. And the glaring discrepancy between SCI's unsubstantiated bulb life claims and what consumers are reporting about the actual bulb life with the Edenpure products shows that SCI's claims have no basis in fact.

F0r reference, 1000 hours is about 42 days of continuous run time.

maxine sanders 4 years ago

if you live in california, with the EDEN pURE ,PGAETOLD ME THAT IT CAN COST YOU AS HIGH AS 50 CENTS AN HOUR TO RUN bill is usually 200 in the wintertime,for one month my electricity bill shot up to$360 and i had a saving of $28,gas. dont buy this heater,if you live in California

JAMIE 4 years ago

Love my EdenPURE heater! As well as my cats! I use the original carton for storing my heater in the off months. A friend of mine purchased 2 after experiencing my heater. Loves them! Keep up the good work EdenPURE!

michaelheemson 4 years ago

long time no see stevo it took me ages to find it this is there contact

and some info ,ring them for advice ,say mick give you there number

abaton6 4 years ago

The pilgrim done swallowed the hook too. You are dead wrong pilgrim. A btu IS a btu, weather you use oil, wood, propane, electricity, gasoline, kerosene, camel dung, or a candle to make the heat.

There are none so blind as those who will not see.

The Pilgrim 4 years ago

1) If a person commenting on this site is in the HVAC business they are automatically biased against EdenPURE because it competes with their services.

2) People keep saying a BTU is a BTU and you can't get more energy out of electricity than is put in. The BTU (British Thermal Unit) was developed for flame based heat, not electricity. It is the wrong measurement for electric heat. Cubic Feet/Minute is the best measure. Design in an electric heater is everything. A well designed heater can produce far more heated CFM than a poorly designed heater. For example, an oil based electric is convection only. It's CFM rate is horrible vs. a fan forced electric heater. In other words a fan force heater will heat a space faster and then turn off faster while a pure convection heater will take much longer.

3) Infrared doesn't just heat air molecules, it also heats water molecules (humidity) as it passes through an infrared heat exchanger. Those heated water molecules will warm the human body faster than air molecules.

4) Contrary to this article and many of its posts, the reason why infrared heaters have been so successful is not because of slick marketing...primarily it has been word of mouth. There are millions of happy customers who are telling their friends. Zero marketing at that point.

For all those engineering types, HVAC types, etc. You suffer from the "curse of knowledge" (having a bias based on what other people have taught you) . Put an infrared heater in your bedroom. You'll love it.

Upnorth 4 years ago

It costs me about $2.00 per day to heat my house with Eden Pure. It costs me about $9.00 per day to heat my house with Propane. You do the math.

rgm 4 years ago

Talk about a rip off. I was dumb enough to fall for this scam. The first heater I got didn't run long before one of the elements went out. I called customer service and they sent me a prepaid shipping label to return it and they sent me another one. I unpacked this one and turned it on and the fan barely would run. I called them again and realizing that these things must be nothing but junk I told them that I just wanted a refund. Besides I came to the conclusion that you really don't save anything with them anyway. Think about it, if you heat with gas you turn this thing on and turn the gas down then the increase in your electric bill well more than makes up for what you save on gas. I could not see any savings at all. Anyway, they said they would do a refund and to give it a couple of weeks to credit my account.Well about 3 days ago I had another one of these pieces of junk delivered to my house so I called them, again. They said they could not do a refund because it was past the 60 days and I said I thought the 60 day thing was for the smart people that decided they didn't want it, not for a DEFECTIVE product of which I have received 2 in a row.Anyway they refused to refund my money so I guess I'm just stuck with this piece of junk. So people, please pay attention to this post and others like it and don't fall victim to this Biotech/Eden pure scam.

Blain McElrea 4 years ago

I'm absolutely thrilled with my unit. Was given to me as a gift and I'm looking to buy a second unit for my second floor.

jampitts profile image

jampitts 4 years ago

Out performs? This guy can't read apparently. How can 1500 watts out perform 1500 watts? Poor Rita still doesn't get that cubic feet is the area that you have to heat, in a room. My best friend bought two, I told her not to do it. Now she is crying the blues because she could have applied the outrageous price of the heaters and their exhorbitant use of electricity, to her regular heat bill. Eden Pure is a scam because the details are hidden in clever word usage the average person, many of them on here I see, cannot grasp. A $50.00 Lasko has the exact same efficiency as its EP $450.00 counterpart. The EP does not outperform the Lasko. Bob Villa uses the same deceptive wording as the company. Want a great laugh? Realize that Villa talks about all of the heat loss from the furnace ductwork, then tells you to turn the rest of your house down to 65deg (using this same furnace he rails about)and the EP will keep you toasty, ROFL. Some people still can't get it.

Nancy 4 years ago

Received two as a gift, have to run them both simultaneously to only get very modest heat. My electric bill sky rocketed, can't think of anything positive where Edenpure heaters are concerned.

KeithTax profile image

KeithTax 4 years ago from Wisconsin Author

Ritamarie, thank you for the lengthy comment. The square feet/cubic feet issue comes from EdenPURE ads from a few years ago when I wrote the original article. I also agree with your opinion on products sold by celebrities. They are usually a rip-off.

ritamarie 4 years ago

Updating my comments on the EdenPure. They definitely do state 1000 SQ.FT., not cubic feet.I really don't need you to explain to me the difference in cubic feet and square feet. I don't know where the originator here got the cubic feet, but that is not from the EdenPure advertisiing. This heater will warm almost my entire upstairs, 1250 sq ft. Today, I had my central heat heat on 64 to try to save $$$ on my electricity. I WAS FREEZING. So, I turned on the EdenPure, had it on high, which I didn't need to do, and my upstairs is varying from a toasty 70 degrees to 67 at the farthest areas from the EdenPure. So, for this is is great.

HOWEVER...and this is where I have to now state after research of many heaters, this Gen4 costs .25 an hour to heat. I have not used it consistently 24 hours a day. Had I done that, I believe, without using a calculator, that cost would be $180.00 a month for just the heat on one floor of my home. I live in the South, and that is high for me (keep in mind I have not experienced this because I have not used it 24 hours a day). However, the bitter cold in the northern states may require you to run it more. The man in the commercial who stated he saved so much money that he bought two more and his electricity was half CANNOT be correct unless he is not using his EdenPures round the clock like we usually use our central.

I was going to purchase another EdenPure this year for the downstairs, but after seeing the .25 per hour and calculating the cost, that will not save money. It will cost more.

It is great for days like today when the chill was just too much in the house, but it is not something you want to use consistently during the day and night.

I will not call this a scam. I often think these celebrities who endorse products do not really check completely into them. I do not believe Bob Villa has used one for the main heating in his home, but I do believe he has likely used it for zone heating. That way, I do believe you can save money especially during the night while sleeping.

If you are going to call names and state things are scams, what do you think about these celebrities, who we would normally feel are honest, endorsing the senior life insurances they state is ONLY 9.00 per UNIT. A UNIT is $1000. of insurance. So, that means 50,000 in insurance is going to cost that senior 500. a month. Then, if you read the contents, there is no coverage for the first TWO years. All they will pay is the premiums paid in. Now, if that is not a scam, a come on, a lead in, I don't know what it.

Is anyone anymore really honest? I used to think Alex Trebec was an honorable man, but after seeing him and others like him offer this insurance that IS a SCAM for seniors, I have no respect for him.

They are PAID to endorse these products. Unfortunately, most don't pay enough attention or don't care about the consumer.

Again, the EdenPure AND ANY HEATER using 1500 watts is going to cost too much to use as your only heat. And, regardless of what someone said about 1500 watts is 1500 watts and is going to heat the same area, that is not what I have read and have posted (copied and pasted from advertisements).

BTW, I did see a DuraFlame (the maker of the duraflame logs) had a heater with a description that was practically identical to the EdenPure and it was only approximately $225. Yes, you can buy heaters for less, but do you trust leaving them on during the night or when away from home. I feel perfectly safe with the EdenPure and I probably would with the DuraFlame. I would not with a $20-$40 heater from one of the big box stores. So, that is where your decision lies if the small and inexpensive heater does not cost any more to use and will heat the same square footage...Do you feel safe with the cheap one? I know I would not.

But, to satisfy the originator of this, no I would not buy another EdenPure. I might buy a DuraFlame simply because it is the same and half the price.

The best way to save money (in the long run), is to not only comply with your electricity company replacing things in your home that will give you a lower rate per kwh. In addition to that, the new windows, more insulation, more efficient unit(s) will reduce your electricity.

I don't know about most of you, but in the coldest 3 months of the year here, my bill runs over $500. I have been in this house for 10 years, so in 10 years, I have spent just in those 3 months alone $15,000. Had I chosen to update and insulate when I first moved here, I could have done it for that price or less. I chose not to not knowing how high those three months would be. So, for those looking for a way to reduce your bills, why don't you have your attic better insulated, replace your windows (if needed), and have a new heating unit or units installed, finance it all, and pay the extra on the payments instead of on the extra electricity you are using now. I am preparing to do that now.

If you rent, I would go with the DuraFlame at half the price and monitor the use, wear sweats, socks, and you will not only save money, you will be warm enough and have lower bills.+

Frankly, I think enough has been said about the EdenPure. The point has been made of how some feel about it.

EddieM 4 years ago

I was at the UPS store today watching an old guy trying to return one of those pieces of junk. He had to pay 25 bucks to ship it. He was telling the UPS lady that he could never contact anyone at the company and what a piece of overpriced junk it was. Felt bad for the guy.

Mike of Michigan 4 years ago

I will not buy an Eden Pure until they correct the post sale issues shown here.

Whether it saves more money than all the others is not the issue. The number one reason not to buy a Bio Tech Research Eden Pure is people just like you and me on this site have given specific factual examples being abused after the sale by things which should have been disclosed before the sale. A company of integrity that believes all the implications of their own commercial to be true would have no problem warranteeing for one year and paying return costs for the "so few that would come back."

They would be dedicated to making sure the expectations of an ongoing pleasant experience that is designed into the commercial would be realized to the end of product life. If a company goes out of its way to rectify a customers complaint, it not only does away with the complaint but provides a more loyal customer than if the cause of the complaint had never happened. The American Free Enterprise system only works if we work it. We

sellers and buyers must dedicate ourselves to paying the cost of doing the right thing or the one who doesn't dissappears. Thanks for the good info that saved me.

P.S. When I phoned to know what the cost of a replacement bulb would be a year ago they said they did not have any except to put in new units being shipped which is why I waited til now to look into buying.

Buddy 4 years ago

Bought one of the USA made heaters last year and found the heater to be less effective than any of the other electric heaters I have used in the past. My electric bill actually increased. When I pulled the heater out this winter nothing happened. The blower came on but no heat. After calling the hardware store that sold the heater was told I would have to contact the company who finally sent a shipping label but the instructions say that you must use the original box. If not there could be an additional charge etc,. etc,. etc. I would not recommend this product to anyone who is trying to save money while trying to stay warm.

KeithTax profile image

KeithTax 4 years ago from Wisconsin Author

Let us know how the EdenPURE works for you, the man. I know others you spoke with like theirs, but it would be helpful to all readers to hear your experience.

The man 4 years ago

Every one I talked to loves there eden pure I going to get one this weekend worth it

Volodymyr Zbarazky 5 years ago

That's right. You cannot beat basic rule of physics saying that energy does not come from nowhere, and does not disappear to nowhere. If you have 5000 BTU, you can comfortably heat a space around 100-200 sq.ft with outside temperature of 20-30 F and typical insulation. To EVENLY heat a typical house of 1500 sq.Ft, you will need around 30.000 to 50.000 BTU, So, 6 to 10 heaters of 5000 BTU each... It does nor really matter what type of heat source is used: gas, electric, oil, wood, solar, wind etc. to produce those BTUs. You still need them.

Any typical portable electric space heater of 1000-2000 W will produce exactly the same amount of heat as EdenPure. Those watts exactly represent the energy you will get. Go to the Home Depot, Lowe's, Cosco etc., and choose the heater out of couple of dozens designs they have there. Price? From $15 to the cheapest electric coil and fan garage heater (which I wound NOT recommend as it actually burns oxygen in the air), to $250 fancy infrared "wood stove-looking" (electric, of course) heater.

My personal choice - an oil-filled radiator, with the price tag of around $40 to $60. It has exactly the same power of 1000 to 2000 Watts as everything else including EdenPure. Why oil-filled? First of all, because it is silent. Second, it does not have any fan that blows hot air into your room, along with all dust and mites that you inhale, getting allergies and respiratory problems. And third, it provides soft radiant heat that EVENLY spread around the room. Yes, it is not as fast as any heater with a blower, however having that even heat is much more comfortable and healthy. And it is VERY safe.

Infrared heaters are efficient and fast, and can also be a good choice for fast zone heating as they have fans (with all the consequences I mentioned above).

In any case, you can reach the exactly the same result with what EdenPure promises, for a fraction of the cost. Nothing wrong with EdenPure technology, it is credible, and the heater is as good as any other similar purpose heater (I only have hard time accepting its "ancient" design). The problem lays, as always, in Sales and Marketing (or Greed and Misleading), that makes EdenPure a hype from the cost vs.value point of view.

Volodymyr Zbarazky

Seattle, WA

d.william profile image

d.william 5 years ago from Somewhere in the south

Good article. I am glad i took the time to read it and all the interesting and informative comments. I just received an ad in the mail for a Comfort Furnace, Infrared Heater, that has all the same claims as the Eden Pure and selling for $329.00 (sale price) and a 3 yr warranty. I did consider the possibility of buying one, but after reading your hub i re-read the brochure and realized that this was also extremely misleading without actually lying. Needless to say, i WILL NOT be buying any expensive heating units with misleading claims of their efficiency and lower monthly savings. What a bunch of scam artists. Thanks for pointing this out for those of us who are scam recognizably challenged.

Norton 5 years ago

My last post was cut off - 2) A btu is a btu 1500 watts is 5100 btu's .That is all you can put on a 120 volt 15 amp curcuit . So all the rest is just hype , Shame on Bob Vella. I used to like him on this old house , but like many of the over the hill broke celebs. they will endorse anything for a price . Buyer beware !

Norton 5 years ago

Here are the facts - 1) Duct loss in a basement is not always a bad thing , if your basement is too cold you risk freezing pipes so if the temp. is too low you end up

cutting in a supply grill to bring the temp. up. 2) a btu

JRP 5 years ago

Also, for anyone who's interested, the fans in the small forced air heaters typically fail after about two years. I've found that by partial disassembling them and placing a tiny drop of oil at the motor bearing points they will run for MANY years past their obsolescent date. I tune mine up every year with the drop of oil and a little compressed air. Many have been running now for well over 5 years and run almost constantly all winter long. (FYI: the same goes for room air conditioners.)

JRP 5 years ago

The Amazon vendor that sells the $15.99 Lasko heater shown above wants $27.00 shipping! I've purchased similar heaters at Home Depot, in recent years, for about &10.00.

abaton6 5 years ago

ritamarie , you're wrong on so many levels. It's clear that you have not only taken the bait, but swallowed the hook. 1500 watts of electric heat will cost you the same in a $20.00 heater, or a ripoff $400.00 one. If you sheeple need to believe otherwise, so be it.

meagen 5 years ago

dont buy one these heaters mine was wsed for fore mounths and now it quit wrote them they said the tubes are 36.00 plus 6.95 shipping

abaton6 5 years ago

Any electric heater is 100% efficient. Which means you get 100% of what it cost you. No more, no less. Look at fuel price comparisons, you'll see that electric heat is by far the most expensive. Don't buy this slick ripoff. I've been in the HVAC field for 40 years. Trust me.

KeithTax profile image

KeithTax 5 years ago from Wisconsin Author

Thanks for the comment, ritamarie. I am glad you enjoy your EdenPURE heater.

Sorry about the math confusion, but I really did mean cubic feet, not square feet. Square feet is the area of floor space, cubic feet is the amount of air in a room. Since you heat all the air, nor just the first 12 inches off the floor, cubic feet measurments are required. Therefore, a 10' x 10' room with a 10' foot ceiling is 100 square feet, but 1000 cubic feet. If the ceiling were 12', then the amount of air, 1200 cubic feet, would need heating.

ritamarie 5 years ago

I don't know where one of these people learned their math, but a 300 sq ft room is not a 6 x 7. It is a 20 x 15, a pretty decent size room. And, BTW, author of this site, it is SQUARE FEET, not CUBIC as you stated.

Zone heat is just that whether you use a single zone heater or have your central system set up that way. About 8 years ago, I got an estimate for ZONE HEATING for my home including the garage. That was going to be a total of 5-6 zones. The cost was going to be $10,000. All I did was laugh when the very reputable heating and air company in our town quoted this amount. Again, it was ZONE heating and with a heat pump, like that was going to save me money. The only way it would have is if I used it exactly like the Eden Pure is supposed to be used. I put up with very high bills until last year from what is no more than a heater that was supposed to be a heat pump, meaning it runs on heat strips. VERY EXPENSIVE, but interestly enough my sisters was higher and she has a smaller home and a heat pump. I have 1250 sq ft upstairs and 1250 downstairs. I bought the Gen4, have it in the living room in the center of the 1250 sq feet, and I have not turned on my heater. Certainly the bedrooms are cooler, but remember it is a zone heater not meant to warm the entire area of 1250 sq ft, although the bedrooms are not cold. They are perfect for sleeping. The key is that the Eden Pure is meant for a certain zone of from 300 - 1000 sq feet depending on the unit you select. It does heat evenly. Of course heat rises, but are any of you 8 feet tall to feel that it may be warmer at the ceiling?? The heat is a soft even heat and is extremely comfortable. One of the most important features and benefits of the Eden Pure vs one of the $50 that may heat the same space I would not trust most of those $50 heaters or anything that can be turned over easily and I certainly would never leave my home with one of those heaters on. I am very comfortable with leaving the Eden Pure on at night and while I am away so when I return, the house is not cold, plus I have the assurance that my pets are not going to be burned or turn over a smaller, lighter heater burning them and possibly burning the house down.

Plus, as someone else said, there are varied types of heat. Heating the ceramic creates a more even heat. Last night it was 24 degrees outside, and inside my living area may have been 60 in the middle of the night, but with daylight, the temp in my living area was 64. Now, that may seem cold to some of you, but no other heater identical to this one is going to do any better and if they are not this safe, you would have to have your central heat on. Another thing that I doubt some of you would do to save $$$ on your electricity is to get used to the early morning cooler temps by wearing sweats. I would rather have on sweats, even with another shirt under and be comfortable with my $200. less per month power bill.

For those of you who have high summer bills, I saved $1500 over the spring and summer months by setting my thermostat on 80 degrees and using floor fans (not box fans, but those on a stand, those that put out a lot of air). They make for a much more comfortable room than ceiling fans. Of course, they are not as pretty, and being a woman I do want my house pretty, but again if I can save that much money by not using the air until it hits 80 in the house (and BTW the a/c does not stay on long with the fans on)

I'm going to have to take back part of the comment about space heaters. I did buy a small Pelonis ceramic heater 20 years ago for $100, and it still works. I just looked them up, and they are 42.99 plus 9.95 shipping. They have two 1000 watt and 1500 watt settings and will heat 200 sq feet, but from what I read, the 1500 watt setting is using more electricity. Now, if you doubt that I read that or that it can be true, the next one I copied and pasted for the guy who said 1500 watts is 1500 watts and will put out the same. Unh uh !!

Read this:

The Air King 8132 1500 watt ceramic space heater covers areas up to 150 square feet.

Now, here we have a 1500 watt that will be plugged into the same 120 outlet as the Eden Pure, yet the Eden Pure will with its 1500 watts heat up to 1000 sq ft, and this one heats 150?? So, all is not equal definitely.

Eden Pure IS NOT A SCAM.

For the guy who said to close off the rooms and the vents in those rooms, don't you know that can damage your central unit. They were not meant to be used in that manner. The heated air is still coming through the ductwork, and when it reaches the closed vent, it has built up pressure which makes that much more of your heated air be lost through the small openings between the pieces of ductwork. The same amount of air goes through. THIS is the reason the heating companies have zone heating. It is designed for heated or cooled air to go through only the vents of the zones you have on. Why do you think they would do that? Hmmm, think about it.

I am sold on the Eden Pure, but I will have to say I did see one just before seeing this page that is described much in the same way as the Eden Pure Gen4 but is marked down to $219. Out of stock at this time though.

Oh, yes, and for the guy who said how can the ceramic remove moisture from the air, if you will look, there is only one model that is also a dehumidifyer, so it is both a heater PLUS a dehumidifyer. Of course, it seems that would use more electricity, but some of you just don't read the material correctly or don't read it at all.

The person who stated the baseboard is just as efficient may be right about it being as efficient, but only in the sense that it heats the room. If you look at the stats, they use far more electricity..the ones I just looked at on the Green Site do and they are not inexpensive. If you buy one of the cheapies to make do, your dollars are going out the window.

Mike Noel 5 years ago

I am ashamed that, as a scientist I didn't think through the physics of Edenpure's claims. The above people are correct, you can only get so much heat out of a given amount of electricity. I bought BOTH the heater and the air filter. After a few weeks it was obvious that this heater is no more efficient than one I can buy mail-order or at Costco for $ 30.00-60,00, so I sent it back at my expense. The filter is as overpriced and useless as the heater. It claims to scrub the air in a 1000 cubic foot room. When the sunlight is in the right direction, I can see the dust particles floating by the intake. I am not so egotistical to refuse to admit that I was taken and that Edenpure sells grossly overpriced junk. Caveat emptor.

KeithTax profile image

KeithTax 5 years ago from Wisconsin Author

Bob, my main concern is saving ME money. If I spend less, good. I don't care who it ripping me off if I am getting ripped off.

Bob from NC 5 years ago

I purchaser 2 EP 2 years ago and they work fine in my 1900sq foot home.I bought them to stop those money grubbing gas companys.I read all you're complaints,and no one had the common sense to understand some people may just want to get the oil money suckers out of their lives

KeithTax profile image

KeithTax 5 years ago from Wisconsin Author

It looks like we are starting another season of the heater scam. I see the infomercial all over DirecTV.

KeithTax profile image

KeithTax 5 years ago from Wisconsin Author

John, it should remind you of every politician.

John 5 years ago

This scam reminds me of Obama: you can pretty much lie and say anything you want for a long time and get away with it ! Why would Villa want to be associated with this ??

junbug001 5 years ago

Placed an order for the Eden Pure Gen 4 after watching an TV commercial. After reading all the negative reviews posted about the Eden Pure,I called back to cancel my order. I was directed to 3 different 800 customer service numbers. Was informed that my order was not in the system as of yet, was instructed to call back after 24 hrs. I realized that this was the start of giving me the run around. Buyer beware. This sure seems to be a scam.

Jill in Oregon 5 years ago

I was just about to order an edenpure heater. There was an ad/coupon in the Sunday paper and then I caught the informercial on tv and felt I had found a good thing. I was specifically sold on Bob Vila's endorsement of the product thinking I can trust the home improvement guru. I am so glad I stumbled on this site first. I was about to order an eden pure online when I saw this site and decided to read consumer comments first. All of your honest comments and reviews have just saved me from making a huge and costly mistake. Thanks to all of your warnings I will now seek out a nice space heater for around $50 or so and continue to heat my home the same way I have been, just keeping the space heater handy for when I want a little extra heat on colder days. Any way, thank you. I have changed my mind and will not be purchasing the eden pure and will no longer trust Mr. Vila as someone who has MY best interest at heart.

elementary 5 years ago

Whether you like the article or not - the simple fact is any cost savings you are seeing by using an Eden Pure heater is due to the use of "zone heating" I.e. turning you main source of heat down for the whole house and just warming up the areas you are in with the Eden Pure heater. I don't doubt people are saving money using the Eden Pure heater because "zone heating"I has to save money by not heating unused areas. The point that needs to be understood is that any type of room heater that you utilize to perform "zone heating" will save you money. It can be a $20 heater from Walmart or a $400 Eden Pure. You are not saving money because the Eden Pure heater is an amazingly efficient heat source, it is because you are not heating the whole house to as high of a temperature. Unfortunately, the Eden Pure ad does not lie. If you read it carefully, it never really claims that the Eden Pure heater is a miraculous heat source. It just says if you use an Eden Pure heater to do "zone heating"I you will save money. The importance of this is any space heater will do that. You just have to decide if the features of the Eden Pure are worth the extra cost over a less expensive space heater. Energy savings will be the same either way.

do the math 5 years ago

Before eden pure electric bill $75.00 and Propane bill (75 gals per month/2.99 = 224.25. total monthly costs $299.25

After eden pure electric bill $135.00 and Propane bill (25 gals per month/2.99= 74.75 total monthly costs $209.75

Monthly savings : $89.50

$347.00 for new Gen4, pays for self in 3.87 months

Don't care about all you "stats" just what my check book says, and it tells me the Eden Pure is working for me :)))

Debra Breckenridge 5 years ago

I bought an Eden hearter last Dec. I plugged it in this spring to take the chill out. The machine shot out sparks. I called the company so I could exchane it but I have to pay shipping. I am on a fixed income and can't afford to pay almost the same amount I paid for it to ship it back. I don't think this is a good business now I have a machine that doesn't work.

Emory Lee Moose 5 years ago

I own a 500 and a 1000,I have breathing problems,used kerosene heaters and about died,plus it cost me $90 or more to warm and leave my house and clothes reeking of kerosene oil!I used the 500 watt in fairly cold weather,

I first spent a few dollars on insulation(extra)it paid off! My heating bill was $30 month versus $90 in kersosene and the side effects it left.I had to install a heavier wire to carry the amp's but it worked when I needed a heavier heater(1000)I think oil companies will do anything to keep you hooked,my dad(81)spent $800 for a couple months,got a few heaters and saved a bundle.

markus. From the uk 5 years ago

Hi everyone . Are the so called experts on here thick or something. 1500w in one heater is not the same as 1500w in another using different tech to generate heat. Nothing is 100% efficient. Because heating a wire is less efficient to heating a infared light you can't do a comparison. Dose the Edenpure save you money? In some situations yes but in some no. Once again use your heads and think about what you need. The Edenpure is better than most electric heaters because Of how it creates its heat. Its safer than most to. Yes other heaters have safety cut off switches but there not much good if your sofa has set on fire because the fire was too close. You don't get this risk with the Eden pure . Is it reliable. Well it depends on what version you get. Some are made in China using cheap bulbs and some are made in the usa. So reliability can be good or bad. Are Eden pure trying to rip you off. No its all on the website and in the advert's you've just got to read and understand. They don't claim it will save you money. Some Of there customers are saving and are willing to talk about it. That's common sense. If you can't understand that then you must be stupid. They promote using zone heating to save money. Because it works and dose save money especially if you have bad heating in your house. It claims 1000 s f for the gen 4 and it will do that just as well as most heaters. And yes the personal heater that heats 50 s f is only the size Of a prison cell. The clue is in the word personal . Its only ment to heat up a small area with a person in it. Everything is on the website and on the adverts. There not trying to rip you off or scam you. There just selling an alternative that has good and bad points like everything else on the market. You should use your own judgement and take some care to buy the right product for you. And stop blaming others if you buy the wrong product because you did't do your homework. As for bob vila. He's doing this because he thinks its a good product and it is if used in the right situation. Common sense. Would i buy this. Yes if i needed a safe heater and had the right place for them. Have i used them. Yes but they are ugly units and they both worked. Both the gen 4 and the personal. Would i recommend them? Only if you needed this type Of heater.

Robert Gott 5 years ago

We bought edenpure in September. Turned on in December. Doubled Electric bill, no effect on gas consuption. Unplugged edenpure. Nice flat spot for debris. Bob Vila was dropped by Sears for problems with post job problems and costs associated. Nothing has changed. Im just another sucker. Also, dont buy Cub Cadet. Same reasons.

Sir Savealot 5 years ago

EdenPure Can Save you Money!

Bob Vila gave two types of scenarios. First is that your heating plant is grossly inefficient and that your heating ducts practically are routed outside the house to heat the outside before coming back inside. Second is that you can lower your thermastat while only heating an inner room. Here's examples of how those would work:

1) Say your furnace has a vent that blows all of the warm air straight outside every time the furnace kicks on giving no warmth to the house. In that case the EdenPure can save you money over natural gas.

2) Say you live in a 11,000 sq. ft house that you keep at 70 degrees during the winter. Your heating in the northern regions will typically average somewhere around $500/month. You could heat an inner room to 70 degrees with the EdenPure for maybe $60/month ($0.15/kWh * 12 hrs/day * 30 days) while dropping the thermastat on the rest of the house to 50 degrees, reducing your heating bill by 40% (assuming avg temp outside is 20 degrees) saving $200/month on natural gas, thereby saving you about $140/month overall!

Is the $300 Edenpure any better than a regular $20 electric space heater for any purpose? Unfortunately the answer is "No, the efficiency is identical."

But remember Edenpure didn't directly claim they would save you money, that was just the testimonials that they scattered throughout the infomercial which claimed savings. Edenpure tried to be disingenuously suggestive. And Bob Vila?...he seems to be trading his trusted reputation for money.

5 years ago

I cannot comment about the energy saving from the Edenpure Gen 4 as it quit working about 2+ months after it was purchased on EBay from Bass Pro Outlets. I have tried to return it for refund, but had to have the ORIGINAL shipping container, which I do not have after 2+ months, and neither Bass Pro Outlet nor Edenpure will accept the return w/o original shipping box, which Edenpure will NOT sell me because they say they only have one container per heater produced. What a fiasco-I will never purchase anything from Edenpure or anything associated with Bob Villa.

Bob P 5 years ago

I have a Master of Science degree in Electrical Engineering, so I can tell you with precision that EdenPure's claims are false and misleading.

The EdenPure heater uses 1500 Watts. This means it produces 5118 BTU of heat. So does anything else that uses 1500W of electricity, such as a $15 bathroom heater or a 1500W blow hair dryer. It doesn't mater what's inside the box. If 1500W goes in, 5118 BTU comes out. PERIOD.

CLAIM: [Other heaters with] cheap ceramic plates reduce humidity.

FACT: Nonsense. If they did, they would have to absorb water, wouldn't they. How can heated ceramic plates absorb water? Hogwash.

CLAIM: With other heating sources, you'll notice you get sleepy because they are burning up oxygen.

FACT: Nonsense. There is no combustion taking place in any electric heater, and no oxygen is being used. Even your oil or gas-fired furnace does not reduce oxygen because the combustion gasses that go up the chimney are replaced by air infiltration.

CLAIM: With the EdenPure the temperature will not vary in any part of the room.

FACT: Of course it will. Even a child knows that hot air rises. The heater is a point source of heat. Baseboard heating provides far more uniform heat distribution.

EdenPure makes all these claims about saving money, but in their ad they say their $197 Personal heater will heat a room of 300 sq. ft. In other words a room measuring 6' x 7'. These are the dimensions of a jail cell, not a room.

Cold in Northern Alberta 5 years ago

If you want negative comments about this heater , a simple Google search will fulfill your needs.

I've read enough negativity about these units I've decided to stick with name brands (Honeywell etc.) at a fraction of the cost,with the same heat output a far fewer failure rates.

Michael O'Donnell 5 years ago

Let me first say, I have been praiseing the Edenpure for about 6 years. We have the 1000, and the 1000XL, the are the first ones. In Feb of 08 I had to order replacement bulbs, they cost $59.00 for the 1000. This year Feb 2011 they now want $94.80 for the same pack of bulbs. The newer model 1000XL is still$59.00. But I'm sure they will be $94.80 two years from now. Paying almost $400.00 an Edenpure with needing bulbs every two years, these are no longer a savings, Biotech Research lends their name Edenpure out to all these little retailers who soak you on the price of the heating bulbs. I am lucky to have a couple of working ones, they do help, but after reading all the electric experts and cost of cheaper 1500w heaters, I must sadly say, I have been scamed. Once these last bulbs burn out, I will no longer use this over priced heater. The customer service for these things is terrible, they leave you waiting on line for long periods listen to a recording telling you over and over you will wait less than a minute. The Gen 3 and 4 buyers beware, you're just the new victoms, your heating bulbs will probably be higher, because they are newer and new and improved.

Greg 5 years ago

My house has two geothermal units in it, one went out the week of Christmas and I couldn't get anyone in to work on it. I borrowed one of these heaters from my Mom and it heated the whole back half of my house. In fact, I had to get up and turn down the heat later as I was sweating. Perhaps another heater would work as well, but this one works real well.

tony 5 years ago

I bought Edenpure heater in December 2010 and my january heating bill doubled, and what they sent to me is not what I ordered from them. I needed the one with electric thermostat but I did not get that. They make you confused with names, like US 1000, GEN 4 1000, GEN 3 1000. I tried to return the heater and it has been a running around to find the right place where I purchased it from. I finally find the place and they said i only had 30 days warranty not 60 days. I was told that I have 60 days trial and could return it back within 60 if I choose to, but that is not true. Don't buy Edenpure heater they are scammer.

Jeremiah  5 years ago

I have read some very interesting posts on this website and one thing I can tell you is, you can spot the smart persons from the not so smart persons. I to have an Edenpure system that I purchased for my basement. I am trying to heat about a 400 SQ foot area. I also have a $39.99 portable oil radiator heater that I purchased from Lowes. I have ran both units and can say for 100% certainty that my $39.99 radiator heater heated as well if not better than the Edenpure unit (neither put out enough heat to adequately heat my basement). Also in the month I ran the Edenpure unit I saw an increase of about 8% on my electric bill versus the radiator unit. I am not endorsing any unit of any other just telling my experience with this unit, so do what you will with my comment.

BECKY 5 years ago

In response to my last post, I can afford a 300.00 loss due to this scam, but what about the next person. Mr.Vila and Eden Pure do you really think it is fair game on humanity to peddle your wares on them? THINK ABOUT IT

becky 5 years ago

This is the second blog I have complained on. We bought an Eden Pure Gen 1000 a month and a half ago and lo and behold our electric company called today because they noticed a huge spike in our usage, as a matter of fact our usage has more than doubled. I'm very disapointed and feel very stupid that I did not google this until now. With the economy and everyone wanting to save money, it is shameful that Mr. Villa put his name on this product. We have unplugged our Eden Pure and have decided to think of this as a 300.00 back up heat source in case our gas furnace takes a dump. Signed Mad from South Dakota and hope there is some kind of class action suit taken against Eden Pure and their misleading clan.

Leo gorecki 5 years ago

I have purchased Eden pure heaters 1 is 2 years old and the fan motor is shot and one of the tubes is burned out.

the other heater 1 year old the heater tube burned out' I saved $200.00 in heating bills , but spent 300.00 more on electricity. where is the savings plus spending $900.00 on the units. I will never buy another one and will tell others not to, they are well overrated.

KeithTax profile image

KeithTax 5 years ago from Wisconsin Author

Cold in Mass, you can only run your heater 1 1/2 hours at .17 a kilowatt, not all night. You also only heat one room so it costs over $2 per room at an 8 hour run.

An electric heater can do the job for an unheated sideroom or shop where the cost of a furnace or duct work would be prohibitive.

KeithTax profile image

KeithTax 5 years ago from Wisconsin Author

Cold in Mass, you can only run your heater 1 1/2 hours at .17 a kilowatt, not all night. You also only heat one room so it costs over $2 per room at an 8 hour run.

An electric heater can do the job for an unheated sideroom or shop where the cost of a furnace or duct work would be prohibitive.

cold in massachusetts 5 years ago

where can you run a 1500 watt heater all night for $0.23?

I'm paying $0.17 per KWH, or $2.04 for an 8 hour run per day.

Frank Massa 5 years ago

I cannot tell you if the heater is worth it or not, because they will not answer the phone once you place an order. I ordered my heater on the 14th of Dec. and was told that it would not take more than 14 days (what a joke)I started calling around the first of January and I could not get anyone on the phone. I called the customer service number 1-888-294-0280 and never spoke to anyone after being on hold for hours and I even left my home number and they never returned my call after being assured they would call. What I do not understand is if the heater is so great why are not the customer service personal returning calls. It is now the 12th of Jan. and no heater. I called the order number 1-800-458-5614 and got someone and had to request a supervisor and it took a while but they got me one on the phone. I was told that they were still processing my order and that it would have been sent out this week (SURE). I told her that I wanted my order cancelled and it was I hope. I bet they will not stand behind the heater because you cannot get anyone to answer the phone and they just want you to give up. The heater might be graet but at this time I don't want to take that chance just incase it is not what BOB VILA claims to be ture. If I was Bob Vila I would not put my name on the product if they cannot get anyone to anwser the customer service number or even return your calls. Do not take my word for it call yourself 1-800-294-0280 and see if you can get through.

Jim Gilbert 5 years ago

I used the Gen3 1000 last winter and it kept our living area comfortable. But, although our gas savings decreased our electric usage went up and we noticed about a $4 a month savings. This year, 2010, we noticed that the unit was not at all effective. I starting contacting the company and finally did receive a return shipping label. Received a reconditioned unit a week ago. Plugged it in and it ran for about 3 minutes and died. Have tried it a few times since after unplugging it and the same thing happens, it will run for just a couple of minutes and it dies. Have sent emails to their c/s area but they never respond. Have now started a dispute claim with my credit card company.

LARRY TOOMEY 5 years ago


KeithTax profile image

KeithTax 5 years ago from Wisconsin Author

Don, that is why I recommend buying through Amazon so you have their return policy protection.

don 5 years ago

I purchased a gen4 2 months ago and could not find I was saving any money since Im all electric.I have notified the co I want to return the heater for a refund and they keep giving me the run around about sending me an RMA and the prepaid UPS slip to ship the unit back to them.after reading some of the other complaints I'm wandering if I will ever get a slip

ralph 5 years ago

These are Facts:

Your info states 1000 cubic ft but the states 1000 sq ft. you also do no state the type of heaters being compared so this is not an apples to apples comparision just a guess.

Also Bob Villa states Zone heating (room or smaller area) not the whole house. There has got to be heat loss

because travels a long distance from the furnace ouside to the farthest point. *** So the smaller heater will produce heat but others that I have tried burn the air. Endenpure I dont know till I get it. ****

My complaints is that I place my order 4 weeks ago still no shipment ( states 5 to 10 dyas) & cust service does not respond to email and closed half the time.

when you look at the other sales websites they state in stock but edenpures states out of stock so they have to make it to sell it.

Also the actual cost for Endenpure gen 4 is $397 (2010 cost) refurbished 374.00 so there are models that are returned for a savings $23.00.

Joe Black 5 years ago

The USA has turned into a scam hotbed. Anybody can sell anything and make great claims and never have to prove them.I am a electrican and 1500 watts is 1500 watts no matter what shape or size. Now if your heating a whole home that uses gas or electric and close off several rooms and used the eden pure to heat a few rooms, sure you will save money. Heat Pumps are the most cost saving product other than using a fireplace.The japanese use several heatpumps to heat their homes they use one system for living room another for bedrooms this helps lower energy bills. These systems the japanese use do not use ducts!!! They are thu the wall units that look like AC units they are about 12k to 15k btu each.A heat pump is about 1 to 3 energy gain $1 in you get $3 out.Dont be fooled by the snake oil salesman. Everybody is forsale for a price Even BOB VILLA.

T Noc 5 years ago

I guess after all those years pushing Sears tools, Villa decided to push yet another scam. Glad I read all these posts before wasting my money on Edenpure though. I have natural gas heat and now I like it even more. I will check the duct for cracks and insulation and if I want to get cheaper, I'll look into the Sun.

Angelwings 5 years ago

I just received the flyer in my mail box regarding the Eden Pure Heater and am glad that I researched this on your website. I have a completely electric home and wanted to reduce my electric bill as it is very high now. After reading all the comments, there is no way that I will save any money with this EdenPure Heater and will not order this. What a total scam and very disappointed with Bob Vila!!

KeithTax profile image

KeithTax 5 years ago from Wisconsin Author

Joe T, I wrote this article after testing the EdenPURE heater. I have a utility room in my barn that requires an electric heater. Gas burners are a hazard in a barn with hay even if only in a side utility room. The EdenPURE performer the same as my $50 Lasko electric heater.

Joe T. 5 years ago

Enjoyed reading all the above comments, all valid points, but with all the back and forth opinions, I feel like I've been watching a tennis match. I saw Bob Vila's very convincing infomercial and I agree that space heating rooms might be more efficient than a leaky whole-house system, and it does seem logical that one 1500 watt 5000 btu space heater shouldn't be any better than another, but I would be interested to know if any Eden Pure owners have actually found this second point to be true. My central gas system is currently broken beyond repair, and until I can install a new system, I am heating every room with electric space heaters, and here in the cold mountains, it's running $300-$400/month (yes, I know, it's temporary madness). Has anyone specifically gone from a traditional electric space heater (ONLY) to an Eden and found an improvement in their electric bill?

Another interesting point that only Delbert seemed to make is--- how much maintenance is required? How long do the bulbs last, how much do they cost, and does a technician have to do the work? Thanks.

Ed 5 years ago

Most of these testimonials are not of much use. You have to have a control then you have to know all of the temperatures outside, the amount of insulation, the temps in the house, the furnace size and type (gas , electric, propane) how 'tight' the house is and several other factors. Although electric heaters do heat a room, there are more energy efficient ways of doing that. Like most people have said, 1500 watts of electric energy is just that, 1500 watts, Doesn't matter if it come out of a $20 Walmart heater or a $400 Eden, it'll do the same thing. Actually, when the Eden uses that copper coil to absorb the heat they're actually deceasing the efficiency of the heater. I have used these and recommended (I'm an electrician/contractor) the inexpensive ones to people who have cold spots in their larger rooms (rec rooms, basement, master bedroom) with good results, but if you think a 1500 watt 5000 BTU electric heater will keep any 1000 either square foot or cubic foot space a comfortable 70 degrees, you're dreaming, especially if the temp is below 40 degrees. If you need a space heater and you want to needlessly make someone rich by buying something over-priced, by all means go with the Eden. Otherwise, save yourself about $400 and pick one up from Lowe's. The laws of physics, which can't be changed, say they'll both do the same thing.

Felix VA 5 years ago

Thank you guys for the info, I was just about to order an Eden Pure, uffff going to walmart to buy a Lasko or anything else like it. Thank you so much!

Shotgungibbs 6 years ago

Hello everyone,Wow what a group of knowledge about the Eden pure heater glad that I came upon this Hub.I find the info very good, and I would like to thank all of you for your comments especially Energy Eng.,Lots of good suggestions and just good ole plain sense.I've been looking at getting one of the Eden pures and just trying it out to see if it will accommodate some of my heating needs.My wife and I are not sure what type to get ,but we know that the basic hearter furnance is not the most efficient.We will try it and get back to you all.Again thanks for the info and the laughs.God bless and have a wonderful Christmas and Holidays.

terry 6 years ago


jim 6 years ago

i have one, and believe me it has paid for itself, i have hot water heat powered by natural gas. yes my electric bill is higher when i run the eden pure, but my gas bill is greatly lowered, my main furnance mainly runs during the day when we are a work, because i dont like leaving the eden pure running when we are not home.

fellowbadger 6 years ago

Thank you for the validation. I took a look at these today in a True Value store. Looked first at a $14.99 ceramic heater that uses 1500 watts and is rated at just over 5000 btu's. Asked store manager about the eden pure heater and when we looked online, the same 1500 watt unit is rated at the same 5000+ btu's. A btu is a btu is a btu.

Look at your furnace's btu rating. If your 40,000 btu furnace is 80% efficient, it is releasing into your house 32,000 btus WHEN IT IS RUNNING. If it runs 15 minutes out of every hour, it is only delivering 8,000 btus. Not much more than the eden pure heater can generate in the same hour.

Best of luck. I just needed to confirm that there hadn't been a major scientific breakthrough that makes free energy.

Gritty 6 years ago

I have two Eden Pures in my home and they really work. They basically cut our heating bills in half and keep us nice and warm during the cold Pennsylvania winter nights. I don't know where you get your sources, but you need to learn to integrate less bias if you expect anyone to believe you.

Energy Eng 6 years ago

I re-read the post by Rachel above.

She points out their parents had electrc heat in a double-wide. I'll bet they had a forced-air heat pump. the unfortunate part is, that double-wide homes MANY TIMES (not always) have poor ductwork systems (leaky or poor quality ductwork) or inexpensive heat pump systems. A good quality heat pump with good ductwork WILL outperform straight resistance electric heat. Many people who complain about heat pump performance (it blows cold air, it's expensive to operate, etc.) are surprised when they experience comfortable, cost-efficiently operating systems in other manufactured homes. You get what you pay for, and many manufactured homes do not put the quality into their heating systems, ductowrk, etc. the first home I woned was a manufactured home, and I first used zone-heating to beat the cost of heating the outdoors through the leaky ducts (until I repaired them, of course !) Many times, the ductwork system in these homes are the coiled ductwork types that gets holes poked in it, or is otherwise leaky ductwork. In repairing my ductwor, I found one unattached duct that was heating my attic!

Again, hope this helps!

Energy Eng 6 years ago

Sorry folks, some things I forgot to point out...

One item that they point out in the Bob Vila scam (I can't call it anything but!) that I happen to agree with.... ductwork loses a lot of energy if it is in unheated areas (your attic, your basement, etc.) Especially true if the ductwork is uninsulated or leaks air. The air leaks are what causes a large waste of energy. Get them sealed (don't use 'duct tape', go to a Home Depot or other type store or your htg and A/c dealer or service person and ask them what type sealing tape or other to seal the ductwork). This can be an effective do-it-yourself project, just be careful doing so, or get someone experienced to help you.

Sorry to sound so negative in my postings here, it's just I hate to see people get taken, especially someone who believes what they are sold on TV infomercials like these.

Some of the comments by others state they have a comfortable house because the bought the heaters and they were 'comfortable'. This may be because their previous forced-air system ductwork had or developed leaks, or something was wrong with air-flow on their system (clogged filters !!) I forgot to point out in my other post that I also analyze forced-air systems in commercial bldgs and leaky ductwork systems are sometimes the reason along with poor airflow/clogged filters. The heat output from an electric heater goes directly into the room, without being lost to the leaky ductwork, that may be part of the reason that people observe that the electric heaters (edenPure or otherwise) appear to "solve their heating problems" !!

I am filing complaints against EdenPure ad commercials where I can, and working to get my mother's money back!

Energy Eng 6 years ago

I am an energy engineer/energy manager with forty years of experience helping save energy for industrial, commercial and to a lesser extent residential applications. I am writing this because just recently my mother bought one of these ridiculously expensive heaters because she thought it would save her money on her energy bills, especially because 'Bob Vila on TV said....'. My mother cannot afford to lose money to this slick promotion. Mr. Vila, I hope you can sleep at night, and hope you enjoy your share of the small amount of $$ you pocketed lending your name to this scam. (By the way, I purchased a silent quartz heater for $43 plus tax, put my mother in the same room with the EdenPure and my heater benind her couch so she couln't see which one was operating, and did a side-by-side test. Guess what! She liked the quieter one better! They both were the same wattage and warmed the room up to the same temperature in the same amount of time! (Didn't surprise me - I know the facts, I'm not a slick salesman with tens of thousands to spend bilking people, just someone with a little common sense, and know how to evaluate alternatives !) Just so you know, I myself do use a small $20 electric heater in my bedroom (yes, it has a safety cutoff switch, so you don't get scared by the TV statements Bob uses to sell you his expensive 'safe' heater.....) I use the small heater on a low setting to comfortably heat my BR and to reduce my main furnace temperature and therefore energy use. I know how to do the energy calculations: the 23 cents of electric energy I use each night , saves me over $3.24 of gas energy I save each night by turning the furnace temp down to 60 deg.each night. (By the way, I also take into account the heat to bring the temp back up to a comfortable 70 degrees the next morning, about 30 minutes runtime on the gas furnace). I tell you this so you know I am not against zone-heating my home. I used meters to measure these findings, but they merely backed up my calculations I already knew anyway. Friends, these are all boring facts, not the slick stuff being spoon-fed to your neighbors and loved ones. Hope this helps!

Delbert 6 years ago

I bought a endedpur heater and i could not tel any difference in the room i was heating and it was only a 400 square ft room and it would not ever shut off and was in the repair shop more than in the room,now it wil not work angain, has bulb burnt out, and it is major operatoin to replace bulbs, if you can find anyone to sell you parts for these heaters,but makes a good nite stand.

s.goode 6 years ago

yes, the bad comment on pure eden are obviesly printed by amazon, we have had 2 p-e. hearters 3 years now ,at -29c, our furnace barely runs ,our electric bill is totally reasonable. amazon--no p-eden yes.try it b-4 u knock it, our house is at 68 all winter, and very cozy.we only use it in real cold weather,sam

Zyppyr 6 years ago

I read this article and two major concerns come to mind. First problem I have with this article is that it was worded as if the author didn't actually use the heater itself. Merely disputing claims without any practical knowledge is more misleading than the supposed scam itself. The second problem that causes serious question is the difference between cubic and square footage. True, 10x10x10=1000, if you are dealing with cubic feet. The Edenpure website claims the heater can heat 1000 SQUARE feet of area. The author misstates the claim as 1000 cubic feet and offers elementary school math in an effort to prove their point.

By no means am I a pro-Edenpure/Bob Vila worshipping purchaser of infomercial crap. The actual testimonials of real people who have purchased, and used, the Edenpure heater are far more helpful to me. I wish I could find people that have bought the Edenpure and didn't like it. Then I might begin to believe the claims are too good to be true. Bob Vila or not, this product seems to be of a very good quality from what I read. I must say, this article did the exact opposite of its intent. Thanks for making me want an Edenpure even more. Next time maybe do actual tests and experiments in a scientific manner and post the actual results...

P.S. A 1000 square foot area in a home with a standard eight foot high ceiling is 8000 cubic feet, minus the cubic footage of any items such as furniture, exercise equipment, or cabinetry.

george b 6 years ago

Imagine! WE have a multiple choice selection of Answers to the Question: What is Bob Villa?

A. Stupid

B. A person with no ethics

C. All of above

One note on the positive testaments above: IF you were dumb enough to spend the money, you are dumb enough to find the energy savings.

cherry picker 6 years ago

Look at Scott's post. He is right, 1500 watts is 1500 is how you circulate it in out that may make a difference. You can probably run your dryer with the door open and heat your house as efficient.

billrobinson profile image

billrobinson 6 years ago from CA, USA

I find this very intriguing. Thank you for the post.

Dan 6 years ago

The article lost credability with me when the author talked about 1000 cubic feet. Research is great, but everyone has an agenda. Wonder what it is hear. I agree, there are other infrared heaters for about half the cost. To me, the best info comes from those who have owned them and used them. Not heating contractors, and others who have some other agenda to promote.

manuel somoano 6 years ago

you sound like you hate villa did you talk to the people who actually like this heater ps stop hating

DUCE BIGALO 6 years ago

Invest is a good blanket,wool socks and turn the heat down. The EdenPures are made in China!!

Rachel 6 years ago

My parents got the smaller one last year. They live in a double wide and have electric heat. They used the heater in their bedroom at night and would bring it to the living room during the day. My dad said their electric bill went from $250 a month (from previous winters) to no more than $120 last winter with the heater. They loved it so much they got the bigger one a couple of months ago. I have to admit, I live 2 hours from my parents and my family and I stayed with them this past weekend and I could NOT believe the difference in their house. We usually FREEZE in their back bedroom, but the PE that they have sitting in the living room, absolutely heats up their whole house (they still keep the small one in their bedroom). Not sure how many sf but it is about 65 feet long by 28 feet wide...I'll let you do the math :) My dad has turned their thermostat down to 60 degrees so it won't kick on and it was still 74 degrees in the house...warmer than they could ever keep it before because of cost. We were so impressed that I was looking online to order one for our basement when I came across this site.

Ken W. 6 years ago

I've worked in the heating business for 50 years. I can't believe that Bob Villa promotes the Eden Pure as a means of saving on heating costs. I wonder what he is being paid for his endorsement? Is it enough to compensate him for his now lack of credibility with consumers that see through this SCAM?

KeithTax profile image

KeithTax 6 years ago from Wisconsin Author

Comfort Zone and Lasko have nice electric heaters. They are priced right at Amazon. Use a link from this page. I personally use a Lasko in my barn. A Lasko will perform as well as EdenPURE heaters, use the same amount of electricity, and cost several hundred dollars less.

Kat 6 years ago

Nice to read this story. I have was going to buy another eden pure for my grooming shop.. I like the one I bought 1.5 years ago. It is portable and has heated up small rooms. My electric bill sucks in the winter because I run a dog kennel and have horses. I have a heater in the horse trough and heater buckets for the dogs so my bill is ridiculous as you can imagine. I would love to buy something other than eden pure but I'm nervous on what I should buy for the grooming shop. (20x20 and insulated) can anyone suggest a unit?

Ben Zoltak profile image

Ben Zoltak 6 years ago from Lake Mills, Jefferson County, Wisconsin USA

"Using these heaters like they want you to is like filling your car up with gas, then walking everywhere, and telling everyone how long a tank of gas lasts.."

That's a funny bit "Ben Colder" ironic haha!

Ben "warmer" aka Zoltak

Ben Colder 6 years ago

I agree with the author, the EdenPure infomercials are quite misleading. My uncle bought 2 of them, a larger one and a smaller one. He died with both of them still in the cartons so I brought them to my house to use. Here is the rub: Will they save money? No, turning off your gas or oil heater is what saves money, not running this heater. Turn your gas and oil off and don't run this heater and you will save money too, duh... But look out when you get your next power bill!

I often run the smaller one in my 10x12' office, and it keeps it nice and warm, but look how small the office is. My wife uses the larger one in our family room where she likes to crochet, and it puts out enough heat to keep the main system from coming on because the thermostat is in that same room. Of course, when we go to be she complains because the bedroom is so cold.

You have to make the decision whether or not you want one warm room and the rest of them cold as a meat locker. A small heater you can buy at Lowe's or Home Depot will do just as well, and cost about 1/10th the price. As for Bob Vila, he is just another PAID front man who stretches the truth in his infomercial. Using these heaters like they want you to is like filling your car up with gas, then walking everywhere, and telling everyone how long a tank of gas lasts..

Ben Zoltak profile image

Ben Zoltak 6 years ago from Lake Mills, Jefferson County, Wisconsin USA

I was waiting for someone to blow the lid off the Vila Eden heater haha! Glad it was a fellow Wisconsinite! Forward Keith!


daybreak profile image

daybreak 6 years ago from Atlantic Coast of North America

This hub is exactly what I was looking for. I have found a good rule of thumb to be if you see it on an infomercial, its probably not a good value.

I prefer shopping on Amazon and was actually browsing a few products there when I decided to visit hubpages and do a search. I will look closely at all the options before choosing a heater.

I need a small area heater and agree with several of the principles that EdenPure pushes, but coming from a technical background I am not about to fall for the claims of amazing energy savings.

KeithTax profile image

KeithTax 6 years ago from Wisconsin Author

Jay, the author had access to 18 EdenPURE heaters and compared the units to store bought electric heaters. The performance of the EdenPURE heaters compared equally to 1500 watt electric heaters that cost around $50. If you love EdenPURE heaters you will do handstands over an electric heater purchased at Amazon. You can buy 5 electric heaters from Amazon for the price of one EdenPURE heater.

Jay 6 years ago

My parents have 2 of these and they use them ever winter in combination with a central heat system. They say they work well. Their house is a 2200 sqaure ft home and the 2 1000 "SQ FT" heaters do excellent work and prevent the main unit from turning on. Last year when my heater at my home died I used their Eden Pure heaters and it kept our whole house warm. Does the writter of this investigation have one of these heaters or even access to one?

Dj 6 years ago

jellybean you state that your gas bill has gone down over a hundred dollars that is because you are heating with electric now how much did your power bill go up? where we live gas is cheaper than electricity therefore gas is the way to go by far. Did you know an electric portable heater as well as a baseboard heater are all 100% efficient is your eden pure 200% efficient the claims they make are ridiculous as far as im concerned

scott 6 years ago

I see this so much and it is the best marketing (semi)scam I've seen. A watt of electricity is a watt of electricity no matter how it is used. You cannot create energy, only transform it(Morre's law). This is a simplified way yet easy way (but not perfectly correct, yet within fractional mathematics I can probably be proved off by a physics or electrical engineer professor by a percent or 2) to understand it. Most indoor electric heaters use between 1250 and 1500 watts(plug-ins at 110 outlets not 220 baseboards....., or 280,440,three phase...). You can only output the energy that you consume(which is actually not possible due to the fact that nothing is 100% efficient). So a $25 heater at 1500 watts regardless of how the heat is produced can only output 1500 watts worth of heat(now I know there are minimal difference of 5 to 10% mainly because of how efficient the fan in the heater is, and if the heating element puts off light). Maybe I didn't get you to understand it but ask any NON-salesman installer... Electrician, Physics teacher, power company Linesman, electrical Engineer. There ARE more efficient ways of light production by minimizing heat and producing more light but that is the perfect example of the trade off between watts used for light vs heat output.

mel 6 years ago

i under stand thanks for the inf

Kiddo Zerglin profile image

Kiddo Zerglin 6 years ago from Michigan, USA

Question, Leo, since you still use your main source of heat AND you will have two primary sources of heat ($450 x2 = $900) and their electric costs. Now, you didn't state what your secondary source of heat was; propane, electric, coal, etc. but I can tell you that the savings are highly doubted to be a %50 reduction overall (even with one). Anyhow, my question is what will be your return on investment? Has anyone ever really figured it out or calculated it after buying the product and using it? It would be interesting to find out.

Great article and I am also weary when I see a known "TV celebrity" trying to promote a product lol.

Leo of Maryland 6 years ago

I purchased an Eden pure last winter for my basement. The total sq footage is apx 1300. The unit worked extremely well warming the area including the full bathroom. I can't really determine a cost savings however because we had a very bad winter last year and the electric rates as with everything else keep rising. I do agree the unit is rather expensive, but I am considering purchasing another one for my main living area. I don't recommend turning your main heat source completely off, just down.

Noah 6 years ago

Well I only know what I have experienced and what I have seen first hand.

A couple of years back I both used and sold the Eden Pure.

It works well and it will heat a 1000 sq ft area well.

I have known of many people that have several of them in larger homes and they are saving hundreds of dollars on their heating bill by dialing down the gas powered furnace and using the Eden pure.

It is not a miracle heater but is out performs anything else on the market today.

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    The Real Way to Reduce Energy Costs

    The real way to reduce energy costs is to minimize the amount of energy lost by your house. Make sure that your home is well insulated and consider using radiant barrier.
    The real way to reduce energy costs is to minimize the amount of energy lost by your house. Make sure that your home is well insulated and consider using radiant barrier.
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