How to Find out If Your Furnace and Air Conditioner Are Under Warranty

Updated on February 22, 2017
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Dan has been in the HVAC industry for 22 years with experience ranging from installation and service to sales and distribution.

3 Things You Need To Answer If Your Heating and Cooling Equipment Is Still Under Warranty

  • The brand of your unit
  • Who the distributor of your brand of equipment in your area is
  • The serial number of your unit

Once you find out you have a Trane or American Standard or Lennox or whomever made your unit, you should be able to search your brand's site for local distribution. You can also try a search just for your brand and state you live in. (Carrier Ohio or Carrier Ohio distributor)

Now that you have that information, you should be able to call them and just provide the serial number of your unit so they can verify if you are still under warranty or not. It never hurts to have your unit's model number too and since they are both located in the same place, it's simple to get both.

Furnace Rating Sticker Image

Here is an example of where and what a rating sticker may look like inside your furnace.
Here is an example of where and what a rating sticker may look like inside your furnace. | Source

How Do I Find The Model And Serial Number For My Furnace And Air Conditioner?

Most furnaces have their unit information inside the top section of the unit listed on the sidewall. If you take the door off and look left or right, you should find a sticker or plate that will have both these pieces of information. NOTE: If you have a down flow unit (air blows down from the unit, not up) your information may be in the lower compartment.

Your air conditioner or heat pump however will usually have it's sticker or plate mounted on the exterior of the unit for easy reference. Your hope here is that the weather hasn't rendered your label unreadable. Unfortunately, not all information plates are etched in metal and ink labels tended to fade over time.

Who Do I Call To Service My HVAC Equipment?

You should be able to call any service company for repairs and still use your warranty. Your HVAC warranty is from a manufacturer partnered with a local distributor, not the installing company unless you purchased some sort of extended warranty with them.

Air Conditioner and Furnace Warranties Don't Cover Labor

Manufacturer's never cover the labor in a warranty situation. Unless you purchased additional coverage, which is usually done through a third party, you will be responsible for the work needed, just not the parts.

Finding Warranty Information For Your Furnace or A/C

Warranties will vary when it comes to the HVAC equipment in your home. Furnaces, air conditioners, humidifiers, etc... will all have their own warranties and often there will be different coverage for different parts of the units.

The first place to look for details on your coverage is your owner's manuals. If you've lost those, often times you can find them online by searching the make and model number of your HVAC unit. i.e. American Standard / aue1b080 might be a good search. Using American Standard Gold Series or XE 80 might not provide as accurate of results.

Of course find the details of your warranty won't necessarily answer the question of "Is my furnace still under warranty?" unless you had the unit installed and know when the warranty began. Many of us inherited our units when purchasing our house so knowing how long it was covered may not answer if it is still covered by warranty.

Home Buyers

Did you ask if you need to transfer your furnace and air conditioner warranty when you buy your home?

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Do I Have To Transfer My Furnace and A/C Warranties When I Buy A Home?

Yes. Almost all brands of HVAC require that when the home is sold, the warranty be transferred to the new owner. There is typically a fee to do this as well. Many home buyers are unaware of this and so are their realtors sadly.

Seeing as how I work in the industry, I can say that often it doesn't get caught when trying to make a claim but it certainly can be so not transferring your HVAC warranties to avoid a small fee is a gamble and could come back to bite you on a large repair. Especially because the larger repair parts usually carry a longer warranty that you may more likely inherit than the smaller parts.

Common Furnace, Air Conditioner, and Heat Pump Warranty Coverages

Air Conditioner
Heat Pump
1 year parts
1 year parts
1 year parts
20 years heat exchanger
5 years compressor and coil
5 years compressor and coil
NOTE: Often manufacturers will offer extended coverage on your unit if you register within 60 days of installation. This is very worth it since it's usually a significant extension.

Things To Know About HVAC Warranties

To review some of the main things in this article, here are some bullet points.

  • If you're buying a home, look into transferring your warranty so you don't lose out
  • The brand, local distributor, model and serial number of your HVAC equipment will be very helpful to you for many reasons
  • Most warranties will not cover labor costs
  • Warranties usually begin from the date of installation
  • Registering your furnace and air conditioner warranties will usually provide free extended coverage
  • The rating plates on these units will contain your model and serial numbers
  • The warranty is from the manufacturer, not the installer so you can usually call anyone to service the unit and still honor the warranty

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