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How to Clean an Ionic Pro Air Purifier

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Ionic Pro Air Purifier

It's important to clean the Ionic Pro air purifier regularly to remove dust, grime, dirt, and other debris built up on the collection blades inside. If you don't remove buildup from the collection blades, the air pulled through the air purifier won't be cleaned, causing the same dirty air to spit out the other end. The air purifier should be given a deep cleaning at least once per month to ensure a high level of effectiveness.

How to Clean Ionic Pro Air Purifier

  1. Unplug the power cable extending from the Ionic Pro from the AC outlet.
  2. Lift and remove the cover on top. The cover should be fit snugly into place, which may make it difficult to remove. As a result, you need to get a good grip on it and wiggle it around to loosen it up. The cover is attached via a ribbon, so after removing the cover, let it hang behind the device's backside.
  3. Grab the black handle for the piece holding the collection blades. Carefully lift the piece holding the blades straight out until you pull the bottom of the piece holding the blades out of the Ionic Pro.
  4. Touch the base of the piece holding the collection blades to a large metal object to discharge any electricity from the blades to prevent electrocuting yourself or anyone else or damage any electronic devices the blades would come into contact with while carrying an electrical charge.
  5. Clean the blades off using either a dry or slightly damp cloth or towel. Using a lightly damp towel gives you a deeper clean. Still, you'll need to wait 24 hours for it to dry before you can place the collection blades back in the air purifier and turn it back on so the device isn't damaged as a result of electrical damage as a result of moisture being on the blades. If you use a dry towel or cloth to clean the blades, you can put them back in the device immediately after cleaning. Take care to clean both sides of each blade.
  6. Grab the lip of the wire cleaning mechanism cover located just outside of the back right corner of the cover for the collection blades.
  7. Pull the wire cleaning mechanism cover up until you feel some resistance, which should be at about 1 ft., and then push it back down into its original position. Repeat this step three more times.
  8. Re-insert the collection blades after the required drying time has passed, if there was any required drying time at all, and ensure the arrow at the top of the piece holding the blades is pointing toward the front of the Ionic Pro air purifier. Push the piece holding the blades down to ensure it's firmly in position.
  9. Replace the cover that goes on top of the area where the collection blades are located and push it firmly into place.
  10. Plug the Ionic Pro's power cable back into an available AC outlet.
  11. Press the "Power" button to turn the device back on.

How to Clean Ionic Air Pro

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Tony on October 06, 2019:

I cleaned it and put it back together and now it wont turn back on and clean light is still on

R Herber on January 03, 2018:

The unit to be cleaned does best if laying on the floor to remove the insides to clean the tongs. The directions to clean are above in the description. There is a stop that keeps it from coming apart standing vertical for either removing or returning it after clean. It must be laying on it's side for ease to remove the metal tongs. Dusting them works with a dry clean rag, but it works longer if cleaned by hand with a damp soapy rag while resting on the floor and then rinse the rag until soap and dirt are removed and then get the soap off the tongs with same rinsed rag. They need to sit about 24hrs to dry so electronics do not wreck. It all takes patience.

Jim Wei on February 13, 2017:

After dry cleaning put back to service but light won't come on.

What's wrong? Please advice.


Max Dalton (author) from Greater St. Louis, Missouri on February 03, 2016:

I'll have to look at mine at home tonight, but I think that means that it's running.

Kim Kaas on January 25, 2016:

I just cleaned my Iconic Pro and the red light will not go off. Any ideas?

Olivia on April 21, 2014:

I can't get it open to clean it and a piece broke off of it while I was trying to open it.