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How to Fix a Leaky Bissel Shampooer (With Video)

Bissell Shampooer

Bissell Shampooer

Help! My Bissell Carpet Shampooer Is Leaking!

My close friend texted me in a panic asking, "Do you know what is wrong with the carpet cleaner? It is leaking water all over the carpet!" My response was, "I have no idea." My friend tends to panic very easily, so I figured it was no big deal. She was probably just putting the clean water container in wrong.

After a couple more "help me" requests, I went over to see if I could figure out what was wrong with her leaky Bissell shampooer. I had used her shampooer before and nothing major had happened when I used it to clean her carpets.

Basics of the Bissell Shampooer

Before we begin, I'd like to point out that there is a video below that I created if you want to skip the reading and go straight to the fixing.

Note: It was very difficult for me to try to hold the camera (my cellphone) and perform the fix in the video. So my apologies to you ahead of time. Also, please excuse the lack of nail polish on my nails. I didn't realize how bad my nails were until my husband said something after he watched the video.

Now, I don't know everything about the Bissell shampooer. However, I do know that there is a clean water container (tank) where you put the clean water into, and there is a dirty water container (tank) where all the dirty water goes. You fill the clean water container up with warm water and shampoo cleaner solution. There are marks on the container that say how much water and how much cleaning solution.

You plug the machine in, put the clean water container on the machine, turn the machine on, and slowly push the shampooer back and forth across the dirty carpet. You pull the trigger on the handle to release water and let it go to suck the water back up off the carpet. So what was happening is that once the container was placed on the machine before it was even turned on, it was leaking water all over her carpet. This is what I concluded when I went over there to fix the shampooer.

How to Stop Water From Leaking Out of a Bissell Ready Clean Powerbrush Plus

I took the carpet machine outside so that it wouldn't leak water everywhere. I filled the container up with just a little bit of water. Enough water for me to see where the leak was coming from. I put it on the machine and, sure enough, water leaked all the way to the bottom of the machine.

I first checked to see if the clean water container had a crack in it. It did not. I was searching all over to see what the problem was. (I make this story shorter in my video below.) So it turns out that there was this little black rubbery ring that was stuck way down inside the hole where you place the clean water container. It was sitting inside there a little lopsided, so I figured it had something to do with the water leaking.

I took a flathead screwdriver and pulled the black rubber ring (gasket) out of the hole. I tried sitting it back in there nicely, since I figured it belonged there. I was pretty sure this gasket was there to slow down the amount of water that was released onto the carpet. I figured the gasket must have been pushed down too far in the hole. I was right about the gasket being part of the problem.

Now that the gasket was nice and neat back on the top of the hole, I tried seeing if it would still leak when I put the clean water tank in there. Sure enough, water was leaking everywhere. Well, the black rubbery ring does not belong in the hole.

Instead, the black gasket belongs on the black top part of the clean water container.

I looked online for "how to fix a leaky Bissell shampooer." I didn't have very much luck. There are several different types of shampooers out there, and most people recommend to just contact Bissell. I knew there had to be a fix for this problem though. I figured Bissell would tell me that I needed a new clean water container. Please remember, however, that you don't always need a new part for your shampooer. Now if the container was cracked and it was obvious, then yes, maybe so. Not in this situation, thank goodness.

Please see the video below for a better picture of what I am saying. The black gasket must of fallen off the container somehow and just needed to be put back on. This is a simple but very frustrating fix of the leaky Bissell shampooer.

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