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DIY Air Conditioner

Brittany Banks is a young woman who is a very organized person. She loves to clean and create new ways to rearrange the house.

Getting an AC unit has never been so easy!

Getting an AC unit has never been so easy!

Homemade Air Conditioner

People spend a lot of money on air conditioners. If you don't have the money when your air conditioner breaks down, make one yourself! It's easy and cheap. This type of homemade air conditioner can cool down one room. The only thing you have to do is make sure you have frozen liters, dry ice, or frozen gallon water jugs. Make sure you have one of these items at all cost. That way, if it melts, you can just refill it.

What you'll need

What you'll need


  • 1 Foam Cooler
  • 1 Elbow Dryer Tube
  • 1 Small Fan
  • 2 Bowls
  • 2 Frozen Liter Bottles

Instructions for DIY Air Conditioner

1. Measure a hole on top of the cooler lid using the elbow dryer tubes and a marker.

2. Cut it using a knife or a blade. Be careful not to cut yourself.

3. Measure the second hole using the small fan. Then, use the same method to cut the hole.

4. Place the elbow dryer tube in the hole that you cut for it. Tape and seal it using duct tape. This will prevent any air from leaking in.

5. Place the small fan in the hole that you cut for it. Then, tape it using the same method as you did for the dryer tube.

6. Place the bowls inside the cooler. You may need to switch to a smaller or bigger size if the bowls don't fit. You will use these bowls to catch water.

7. Place your frozen liter bottles inside each bowl. As the bottles de-thaw, the bowls will catch the water.

8. Find a place in a room where you want your homemade air conditioner next to a plug-in. Plug in the fan and turn it on high.

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9. Enjoy!

Cut two holes.

Cut two holes.

Attach fan at one hole opening.

Attach fan at one hole opening.

There you go! Homemade AC unit.

There you go! Homemade AC unit.

My Experience

In my experience, this DIY air conditioner works well. I prefer to use gallon jugs because they last longer. Dry ice makes it colder, but can be dangerous to use unless you have had experience with it. I have one of these in my bedroom during summer and it does help a lot. I place a rotating fan next to it to circulate the air around. Putting it all together was really easy. You just have to make sure you measure the holes correctly. If there is a gap, you have to use a lot of tape. You want all of the air to come out of the dryer tube.

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Brittany Banks (author) from Spokane, Washington on May 10, 2017:

No problem!

Lena Durante from San Francisco Bay Area on May 10, 2017:

My home (like many around here) doesn't have air conditioning, because it rarely gets so hot that you need it. But I am particularly susceptible to heat, so there are those days where I really wish I had one. I'm going to collect the pieces to make one of these and keep them handy for those scorchers. Thanks, Brittany.

lielna on May 08, 2017:

its best

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