Review of H2O Turbo Vacuum Rip Off

Don't believe it.
Don't believe it.

This review was easy to write, especially since I was so upset that the advertisers are clearly selling a product that does not live up to the hype. I waited over 8 months to buy my H2O Turbo Vacuum Cleaner. I had seen the infomercial in 2009 saved to buy it. For 8 months, I kept thinking how wonderful it was going to be when I got my new vacuum cleaner. But when it finally came, it was not worth the wait.

Here's why I returned the vacuum I purchased:

  1. According to the website, “This Suction Monster Never Clogs!” I agree since this rolling red canister doesn’t have the power to suck up anything that would clog itself.
  2. It is clearly not a quality product. The infomercials show that it looks and acts just like a regular canister vacuum cleaner, but what you don’t see on television is a close up of the attachments or the parts. I found out the hard way that if you don’t research on the internet for reviews before you buy, you may regret your purchase. Of course, there are going to be some good reviews, as well as bad reviews, but if you take time to read them, you can get a feel for whether or not the person writing it has personal experience.
  3. The biggest draw for me was the "aqua-force water filtration technology" that was being promoted in their advertisements. The use of regular tap water instead of vacuum bags was a definite plus because I felt that the dust and allergens would not escape back into my floors after they leaked out of the paper bags used in my upright. Supposedly, the H20 Turbo Vac cleans up all kinds of household dirt and fungus, as well as hair (pet and human), and other debris. Well, I put it to the test. I compared it to my current Kenmore Whispertone vacuum and it lost – miserably.
  4. As far as I’m concerned, the attachments are worthless, cheap plastic. The brush attachment for carpets has two tiny little wheels that do not roll smoothly. The brush design angle is also bad because you have to bend down in order to get the brush attachment to lie completely flat on your carpet. I’m only 5’3” and if I have to bend down to vacuum, that is a really bad angle for taller people.

"Suction Monster Never Clogs!"

"Suction Monster Never Clogs"

The suction works only if the brush is perfectly flat on the carpet and if you test the suction power with your hand, only the middle of the brush (which is directly at the end of the cleaning tube) has any suction. The ends of the brush do not have any suction activity. That is why you have to keep running it over and over on your carpet in order to get everything. This is because only a 2” wide path which is at the end of the hose is actually sucking up the dirt.

Does It Do the Job?

The real test of a vacuum cleaner, of course, is the cleaning power. Does this product work or not?

My opinion is NO. I tested its suction power on my carpet and compared it to my Kenmore upright. To be fair, I put a brand new bag in my vacuum and then tested both of them on various surfaces. First, I used my upright to vacuum a patch of carpet in my living room that has heavy traffic. Then I ran the Turbo Vac over the exact same surface. When I checked the water container, the only thing I could see was a little bit of fuzzy carpet hair and the water was only slightly cloudy. Next, I ran the carpet attachment over another patch in my house that had not been vacuumed, and checked the water condition afterwards. It was mildly cloudy and I did see some hair and debris in the water but certainly not a significant amount to show that this is a powerful suction vacuum.

More About the Attachments (More Reasons Not to Buy)

  • Brush? The brush attachment also only has two very thin rows of bristles – one on the front and one on the back. The bristles are only about 1/16” deep and are not even stiff enough to stir up the debris on your carpet. You have to keep rolling it back and forth in order to stir up the items on the carpet.
  • The wet/dry squeegee? This is supposed to be used on non-carpeted floors but it has the same issue as the carpet attachment. It is just a big squeegee and all it does is push the dirt around unless you tip the handle so it can lift enough to allow the dirt under its edge. You really have to bend over when you use this attachment because you have to keep tipping it to get the dirt up. Have you ever tried to vacuum with a squeegee? There is no sliding, there is no rolling involved at all. You are basically “rubbing” your floor with a squeegee on a long handle. There are no wheels on this attachment, so there is no “gliding” over your wooden floors. You are basically just scraping it. If you are using it as a wetvac, then this attachment may be a little easier to push, but again the attachment just pushes the water because the rubber edges are a single piece so there is no way the water can get under the edges to be sucked up by the hose.

Additional Tests Performed

Does it clean a mattress? Advertisements claim it will clean your mattress of skin particles and help reduce dust mites. I used the hose attachment on my upright and ran it a couple times across the top of the mattress. I then used the small brushless attachment and ran it over the same surface area and again checked the water. There was absolutely nothing in the water. It was clear and clean. It had picked up nothing at all that my regular vacuum had missed. I then tested it on a patch that was not previously vacuumed and, again, got nothing in the water to indicate it had picked up dirt or skin particles.

What about furniture? The last test was my furniture. I have a Lazy Boy chair and a sofa in my living room and they only get vacuumed once in a while because I forget to do it when I’m vacuuming my carpets. I would think that the H2O Turbo Vac would really shine when it came to this test because the furniture attachment is being pushed flat against the surface and would have maximum suction. Another failure. I cleaned my entire Lazy Boy from top to bottom and from front to back. When I checked the water receptacle I found hardly any dirt in it. I also pulled out the filters and they didn’t show any dirt or dust particles on them.

Functionality? The last complaint I had with this product is that it is very cheaply made overall. Trying to get out the water container took a major effort because the design made it tough to get a grip on it with two hands. Also, the wheels that are under the canister do not roll in all directions so I had to keep pulling it in different directions in order to get around corners. The plastic of every part of this vacuum is of poor quality and I believe that wear and tear will start to show very quickly.

I hope that my review of the H2O Turbo vacuum rip off will help you make an intelligent choice when you are considering buying a new vacuum cleaner. This product failed in every test I put it through. It does not live up to any of the claims on its website or the infomercials on television. My Kenmore vacuum cleaner basically so out shined it, that it was pathetic.

The only good thing I can say about the Thane Company that manufactures this product is they are true to their word when it comes to a guarantee of satisfaction. I got my money back immediately after they had confirmation the product was returned. I was pleased with their customer service. It’s too bad the product was so sucky. Pardon the pun.

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Kevin 3 years ago

keep your money, Keep your money. A rip off. A brand new one bought at a clearance outlet. No refund and no preformance. There at clearence and bargin outlets for a reason. The Thurbo vac H20 is a dud.

marge 4 years ago

I bought 2 H20 Vacs-i for me and one for my daughter-what a joke it worked 2 weeks and I bought all the accessories for it costed over $900 for 2 vacs, The motor burnt out in the first 2 weeks no suction from the very beginning!!!!!

Said 4 years ago

I bought one on 2010. after 8 months, it brook down, never works again. better you keep ur money!!!

Susan Carter profile image

Susan Carter 4 years ago Author

Karen - I liked the water tank idea of the vacuum too, but the attachments were so poorly made I just couldn't keep it.

Chakshu 4 years ago

Thanks Susan, u saved me to buy this...but any on their new commercial of H2O MOP X5 ??? I hav read many positive reviews (till now) on the net..I strongly intend to buy this mop.

Thanks for ur help.

Karin Jensen 4 years ago

I was just going to buy another one....but I was never happy with the first one....but the whole water tank deal is such a god feature...and I used to own a Rainbow....which is great but pricy...which I sold when I moved to another country!

Now ,what do I do?

aydyn 4 years ago

This thing works great on hard surface. I have been using it around the house for two years trouble free. Also filters air well.

If you have carpet forget it. Unless they come up with good brush. I have modified squeegy thing. Removed the rubber part and glued on little padding so it slides well on hardwood. Works great.

Doug from Aus 4 years ago

I unfortunately didn't do my research on this vacuum and just bought it thinking it would live up the hype they gave it. I wasn't able to return mine during a trial period as it didn't arrive until the trial time had expired, nice one danoz. Yes the attachments are very dodgy, made in china right? anyhow one of the attachments still hadn't had the hole punched out in the manufacturing process. I still have the vacuum and since I've put a generic brand new handle(the h20 one snapped in half in my hand cause of the air valve creating a large weak spot at the bend), shaft and suction brush from another vacuum. The h2o can be handy if you need to suck up smashed glass and water but that's it really. It's heavy, you can't pick it up while it's on unless you hold it very level. One slight incline and water comes out and the most annoying thing, THE MOST annoying thing is the 4 power setting and how it resets to the weakest setting after using for a couple of minutes and refusing to stay powered up to the highest setting then on after. That gets my goat. Thanks for this post. This vacuum is a piece of chinese garbage invented to make danoz lots of money. Don't buy it.

RedGemini 4 years ago

I just bought one that "appears new" from Goodwill's auction site for $15 + $20 shipping. I figure for that price, I'll give it a try.

I'd LOVE to get a new Rainbow or Hyla GST, but there's no way I can afford something like that right now. In the meantime, I'm going to see if I can come up with a homemade version that the average Joe out there could afford... wish me luck!

Susan Carter profile image

Susan Carter 4 years ago Author

Val - I'm glad I could help.

Val 4 years ago

I was thinking about buying this but am so very glad to have done my online research and came across your review. You saved me money and the hassle of having a disappointing experience. Thanks very much for taking the time and trouble to help others by posting your review. Much appreciated :)

Susan Carter profile image

Susan Carter 4 years ago Author

Oh no. Too bad you didn't read the review before the purchase. If you do end up sending it back because you are dissatisfied, I recommend using UPS (United Parcel Service). They have very good rates and you can have it sent so that someone has to sign for the package. That way you have a record of the delivery in case they don't credit back your money.

Beau 4 years ago

Oh great...I just bought one today..

Susan Carter profile image

Susan Carter 5 years ago Author

TuckVance: Thanks for sharing your tip on finding a nozzle - and thanks for the compliment.

TuckVance 5 years ago from Spotsylvania, Virginia

Ria - I had a power brush from an old canister vacuum that was very similar to the one thane sells, go on ebay and search "vacuum turbo nozzle" you will find a few very similar to Thane's

Susan - Good Idea, I will be posting a hub, however it probably won't be as in depth as your's was.

Susan Carter profile image

Susan Carter 5 years ago Author

Will - That's wonderful. It's so easy to get sucked into the ads on tv. I've done it twice and regretted it both times. I now do my research online and look for accurate reviews by people who bought the product so I can make a better buying decision.

will 5 years ago

thanks for your comments on the h20 vac. i was totally convinced based on the ads. you've saved me a lot of trouble.

Susan Carter profile image

Susan Carter 5 years ago Author

Milou - Sorry, but I couldn't help you on your question about replacing the plastic parts. If they did that they wouldn't be able to sell it so "cheap". Cheap price = cheap parts.

Milou 5 years ago

Worst piece of hardware I ever bought. The first time I used it, the tube broke in two places. The power cord is too short. Do not even think of letting the water sit after use - it will stink the entire house.

If only I could replace the plastic parts (tube mainly) by stainless steel, it could be ok for me. Any idea how to do that ?


Ria 5 years ago

Tuck - where did you buy the power brush? Thane does not sell them any longer. I cannot find it anywhere.

Susan Carter profile image

Susan Carter 5 years ago Author

Tuck - I hope your purchase works out for you. It would be great if you could put the update here on this Hub Page so that other readers can get the benefit of your review as well. Thanks for your post.

TuckVance 5 years ago from Spotsylvania, Virginia

I ordered one off Amazon 5 days ago, I hope it's not as bad as you said it is, I have an air powered turbo brush, that will work with this vacuum (if there is enough suction) and hopefully it should work better than the head it comes with. I got this because I have a Dyson right now, but every time I use it and empty it I start sneezing and my eyes get watery and itchy. I will post a couple reviews in a couple places on the web.

Someone had mentioned the Rainbow vacuum, they do still make and sell them , in fact they just came out with a new model.


Susan Carter profile image

Susan Carter 5 years ago Author

Hi Ria - Yes I tried the + button and didn't experience any significant change. I purchased the vacuum to do my floors and if the floor attachment was "poor", it defeated the reason for buying it. Also, I could definitely see your point about keeping it clean. Anytime you let water sit, it can get really nasty smelling. Tks for your comment.

Ria 5 years ago

I own this vac for a little less than a year, and I have to agree that it has some problems, but suction is not one of them. I wonder if you tried to increase the suction by pressing "+" button? On the highest setting it's very powerful and works great on upholstery. It does not work well on carpets even with this great suction because of the poor floor attachment. I am going to order a power head attachment and see if that helps. The other problem is that one must clean it after each use to prevent bad smells. I forgot to clean it a couple of times and then I had to spend a lot of time cleaning it thoroughly, especially the filter. What I like about it is that when I vacuum, I don't have difficulty breathing like with other vacuums.

Jeanine 5 years ago

I have one and it smells so bad I can't even use it. I have to try to dust and pick up the pieces of debris on my floors via hand. It's the worst smell I've ever encountered and I purchased mine at a Zeller's store. I e-mailed Thane and told them of my displeasure and they simply told me "they could not return any of my money because they do not have it, the store I purchased it from would." So unhappy! This is the last time I purchase anything from an infomercial, the only thing they sell me on now is cheesy haha.

Susan Carter profile image

Susan Carter 5 years ago Author

What a frustrating experience. I hope you will be able to get your money back. Just keep trying until you do. Good luck.

candida kunch 5 years ago

don't buy one mine lasted 2 months then just wouldn't turn on at all

Anna 5 years ago

Oh Boy! I always check any comments on any products I MAY want to buy as I do loves the steam concept of cleaning.Thank you! Thank you! You all have saved my money & sanity. So I shall wait & see when I can get a steam cleaner that is quality & worth the money outlay.

Peter 5 years ago

I have one and I will tell everyone DO NOT BUY ONE they are a heap of shit. The first thing to break was the attachment from the head of the vacuum to the machine itself. Then the head of the vacuum cleaner broke where it goes on the pole. They are made in China and replacement parts will take up to 6 months to replace they told me on the phone. My next vacumm cleaner will be a DYSON.

enzed 5 years ago

I just turned tele on this morning 18-3-11 and saw the ad and thought, wow, as u do. I rang them out of curiosity re pricing, did some research before they called me back, saw this article but also checked out prices elsewhere.

price ranged from $139 USD to over $200, crazy and when they rang me back - it was blinkin well $529.70!!!

so it's not the article that put me off but the price. people have their own opinion and experience with buying it but REMEMBER there are many, many people who vouch for it and have a very positive experience, and it does work for them.


Melody 5 years ago

I used to sell a vac like this when I was young, it was called the "rainbow", I don't think it is on the market anymore. It was a very good vacuum and the water filtration system was excellent, the only problem was it was way too expensive (around $1700 AUD). Water filtration is an excellent idea but until they make the whole machine good quality the technology is wasted. Hopefully someone will do it one day!

Susan Carter profile image

Susan Carter 5 years ago Author

Tobius - I'm so glad I could save you from spending money needlessly. And thank you for your nice comment. Have a great day!

Tobius 5 years ago

Thank you, you just saved me a huge bundle of money, I was also intrigued by the infomercials on the web, but I have found more negative comments on this vacuum, then positive, I know I won't be spending my cash on this, back to the drawing board to find a good machine.,.

Susan Carter profile image

Susan Carter 5 years ago Author

Good observation about whether or not everyday people use a vacuum for highchairs and counter tops. I know I don't. Good luck on finding a good vacuum - and stay away from the H2O Turbo Vac.

Nickii 5 years ago

I am currently watching the informercial and the price here (Australia) is 6 payments of $59.95 + postage & handlng ... from reading the reviews it doesn't sound like this product is worth buying ... the examples they use like some of them i am failing see are "true life examples" like cleaning up a highchair - who brings out their vacuum cleaner to clean a highchair ? ... and who vaccums their counter tops ?

I was considering getting this based on the informercial as i am in need of a new vacuum cleaner .. think i will save my money after reading all of these comments

Susan Carter profile image

Susan Carter 5 years ago Author

Ali, I wish I could help you find a good vacuum for allergies, but I don't know any that I could suggest. I do recommend that you continue to search the internet so that you can check out the various types that are available (both online and in stores). Then, do an independent search for the "reviews" of the products that interest you. If people are really upset about a poorly made product, they will usually write about it - just like I did. Great "reviews" are also indicators that may help you. The more reviews, both good and bad, the more chances you are to get the real picture about the quality of the vacuum. The more that you read, the better your chances of finding the best allergy vacuum on the market. You should also read the reviews to see if there are any "complaints" about the vendor's return policy. That should play a big part in your decision - if you plan on buying online. Good luck, and thanks for leaving your comment.

Ali 5 years ago

Wow, Thank you So Much,I was also thinking of buying a H2o Vaccum, because of my allergies.I bought Hoover hygiene 2 days ago because of advertisement on TV.then I went and checked it online and saw negative reviews and I returned of friends told me buy ho2 turbo vac and I saw your review. You saved me from having to go through what you did. Great Hub. I truly appreciate your sharing of your experience, so others wouldn't pay the same price.Your a great example why hubpages really has a lot of worth to the Social Community.please tell me which brand is worth to buy for someone with the way I live in Australia, Brisbane and infomercial for ho2 turbo is on TV now.please help me buy good vac.

Susan Carter profile image

Susan Carter 6 years ago Author

Carolyn - What a disappointment for you. It's so frustrating to know that manufacturers can get away with selling defective products.

Carolyn 6 years ago

I wish I had read before I bought... its all so true......we used once and cannot even return.......... hopeless buyers beware

Susan Carter profile image

Susan Carter 6 years ago Author

I'm glad to know that the H2o has helped you avoid sneezing when you vacuum. It's too bad it is such a cheap product that a piece of it broke off within 3 days of getting it and using it. I also agree that the suction on this vacuum is really poor.

Jeecee 6 years ago

I got it for 3 days and the little plastic holder at the back of the brush just broked. The suction is less than my 99$ Eureka Light Force, but the H2o Vac suction is ok for cleaning. On carpets, i use a Pet brush found at Walmart and it works great. The reason why i bought the H2O Vac is because with any other vacuum, i was sneezing a lot. The H2O vac doesn't make me sneeze. I'm just wondering how many time the H2O Vac will last....

Susan Carter profile image

Susan Carter 6 years ago Author

I thought the same thing you did. That's why I was so excited about getting mine. Thanks for the compliment and I'm glad I opened your eyes before you opened your wallet.

Tim Blackstone profile image

Tim Blackstone 6 years ago

I thought this cleaner sounded great when I saw the infomercials because it sounded such a clever idea to use water as the filter. I still think the concept sounds great but after reading your review I think I'll wait for the idea to be put into practice properly. It's a shame they didn't spend a little more making it a better machine. Great hub. Thanks.

Susan Carter profile image

Susan Carter 6 years ago Author

I couldn't believe it either when I looked at the bristle bar and realized what a crappy design this product had on it. Hopefully you will get your refund back soon. Good Luck!

Cee-Cee Dixon 6 years ago

I bought the H2O turbo vac. I agree with your review. It's a cheaply-made piece of ****! the parts are very cheaply made and my biggest reason for buying this product was to use the powerhead attachment. Needless to say, I was very disappointed when I discovered the bristle bar in the powerhead would not rotate when on burber carepet (which is a low nap carepet). I returned the sweeper about a week ago. I'm still waiting for my refund.

Susan Carter profile image

Susan Carter 6 years ago Author

Well, I'm glad you are doing your research. I should have done mine too. But I learned a valuable lesson. Thank you for your comment.

Philip Niro 6 years ago

I was considering it. Given the 95% negative feedback from a number of sites I visited, I will not be buying either this pile of junk or anything else from Thane - Ever.

You ca get this item from Electro-Tel stores for $89.99 cdn.

I would buy it for a nickel.


Susan Carter profile image

Susan Carter 6 years ago Author

I'll take that A+ with a smile. Thank you Daddy Paul for the compliment. I appreciate it very much.

Daddy Paul profile image

Daddy Paul 6 years ago from Michigan

As a former engineer for a vacuum cleaner manufacturer I can tell you that this vacuum is poor. (I don’t want to say it sucks).

I could never wrote such a telling article as you did. Give yourself an A+

Susan Carter profile image

Susan Carter 6 years ago Author

Thank you for the compliment on my Hub. I think I'm done buying from infomercials. I have learned my lesson. :-)

Lady_E profile image

Lady_E 6 years ago from London, UK

It's nice you gave a review and I'm so glad you got your money back. They sweep you off your feet with those Ads.

I'm hoping the next product you buy is an excellent one. (I read your review on the Blender).

Best Wishes

Susan Carter profile image

Susan Carter 6 years ago Author

What a wonderful comment, Amez. I really appreciate you taking the time to post it. I agree that hubpages is a greate place to share knowledge that is helpful. I've met so many nice people on this website and they are so generous with advice and help. Thanks again.

Amez profile image

Amez 6 years ago from Houston, Texas

Wow, Thank you So Much, for I was also thinking of buying a H2o Vacuum, because of my allegies. You saved me from having to go through what you did. Great Hub. I truly appreciate your sharing of your experience, so others wouldn't pay the same price.Your a great example why hubpages really has a lot of worth to the Social Community.

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