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Review of the Buydeem Mini Kettle Cooker

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View of the Buydeem K313 Mini Kettle Cooker as it boils water

View of the Buydeem K313 Mini Kettle Cooker as it boils water

"Alexa," I demanded, "how long to boil an egg?"

The AI, fully aware of my limited cooking skills, gravely considered the question. "A hard-boiled egg should be cooked for nine minutes in boiling water."

I nodded as I poured 600ml of water into my fancy mini kettle cooker. Alexa meant well, but nine minutes seemed overly long.

I pushed the 10-minute button on the kettle, tapped its power button, and waited for the water to boil. Then I removed the device's lid and carefully dropped in three eggs. As I replaced the lid, I asked Alexa to set a six-minute timer.

A few minutes later, I turned off the kettle and removed the eggs with a pair of tongs. While they were a pain to peel, the eggs proved to be quite tasty.

Today I am reviewing the K313 kettle. This device which serves as both an electric kettle and a pot is the smallest of the kettle cookers manufactured by Buydeem.



This kettle is small, about the size of a French press. It weighs in at 25 ounces and is 8.3 inches tall. The cooker's 4-inch diameter increases to 6.3 inches when its spout and handle are considered. It connects to power via a detachable 30-inch cable.

The base contains the electronics and heating coil. Power, timer, and temperature controls are accessed from the front.

Up to 600ml of liquid can be poured into a glass container that rises above the base. This kettle is fitted with a sturdy handle and a removable lid.

A diet journal is supplied, providing instructions on preparing a variety of hot beverages and soups. As the ingredients stored within my cupboards are limited and I avoid diets, I strayed drastically from this guidance.



  • Manufacturer: Buydeem
  • Name: Mini Kettle Cooker
  • Model: K313
  • Power: 300W
  • Maximum capacity: 0.6L (0.63 quarts)
  • Voltage: 120V 60Hz
  • Glass type: Food grade German Schott silicon glass
  • Temperature settings: 40°C, 60°C, and 100°C (104°F, 140°F, and 212°F)
  • Packing list: Kettle cooker, lid, power cord, user manual, and diet journal
  • Optional accessory: Travel case

Size Matters

Although Buydeem manufactures larger cookers, the K313 kettle was designed for use by an individual.

Most kitchen appliances are intended for family use. While nominally a good idea, these devices often occupy excessive counter space. The K313 kettle, on the other hand, sits unobtrusively at the back of the counter or in a cupboard.

This kettle is no larger than my French press

This kettle is no larger than my French press

Boiling Point Detection

Since the boiling point of water varies according to how far above sea level you live, this test is used to set the kettle's maximum temperature range.

The first step is to add 600ml of water and connect the kettle to AC power. Press and hold the "C" button. Then, when the power button flashes, give it a gentle tap. The light strip above the buttons will flash from left to right, indicating the test has been initiated.

After this procedure is complete and the boiling point determined, the kettle will revert to the standby mode.

According to my AGM smartphone's thermal camera, the boiling point of water in my location is 102°C.

Thermal photo taken by my AGM smartphone shows water temperature of 95.8°C shortly after the kettle reached boiling point and switched off

Thermal photo taken by my AGM smartphone shows water temperature of 95.8°C shortly after the kettle reached boiling point and switched off

Brewing Tea

I added a cup of water to the K313 kettle and replaced its lid. I then tapped the temperature (°C) button until the 100°C indicator was lit and pushed the power button.

Once the water reached the boiling point, power was automatically removed, and its temperature began to drop. At this point, I added a teabag. Once the tea was steeped to my satisfaction, I poured my beverage.

During this test, the water was heated to 40°C within four minutes, and three minutes later, the temperature reached 60°C. After 12 minutes, the temperature had risen to the boiling point. While some kettles will attain these temperatures faster, slow and steady is preferable when cooking soups, porridge, and stews.

If the keep warm mode is enabled, this kettle will maintain a temperature of 60°C for eight hours.


Grits for Breakfast

Although I have never eaten grits, I've heard that they are a tasty addition to any breakfast.

I added 1.5 cups of water to the K313 kettle, tapped the minute button until the 10min indicator was lit, and pressed the power button. In this mode, the water will heat to the boiling point and maintain this temperature for 10 minutes.

Once the kettle began to boil, I added a half cup of grits and a half teaspoon of salt.

I removed the lid several times and stirred the grits over the next 10 minutes. This ensures the resulting mixture is smooth and properly cooked.

After the kettle turned itself off, I spooned the grits into a bowl, adding milk, margarine, and syrup.

The resulting mixture tasted great but did contain a few lumps. I will need to put more effort into my stirring next time.


Working With Portable Power Supplies

Portable power supplies are helpful during power failures, picnics, and outdoor parties. The most popular are 300W battery-powered devices. Smaller units are little more than oversized power banks, and higher capacity supplies can be costly.

Unfortunately, for a coffee addict like myself, most kettles demand 600 watts of power.

The Buydeem Mini Kettle Cooker, however, requires only 300 watts. I can boil water in the kettle, transfer it to my French press, and brew a quality cup of coffee. I could also make tea, cook soup, or heat a can of stew.

For my experiment, I connected the K313 kettle to my portable power supply and added a cup of mushroom soup. After selecting the 10-minute mode, I pressed the power button.

As the kettle began to warm, I remembered that this soup contained milk. Since it is unwise to boil milk, I switched off and restarted the kettle, choosing the 40°C temperature range. In this setting, the temperate would rise to 40°C and then, because the keep warm mode was enabled, maintain this temperature.

300W portable power supply used in conjunction with the kettle when preparing mushroom soup

300W portable power supply used in conjunction with the kettle when preparing mushroom soup


The Travel Case

As this kettle will be used at picnics and motel rooms to heat quick meals, I picked up the optional travel case. It is composed of a four-layer, leather-like material that encloses all but the kettle's handle. A small bag used to store the kettle's power cord is included.

Overall Impression

This kettle, which demands minimal counter space, is ideal for someone who lives alone. However, families will prefer one of Buydeem's larger beverage makers.

With a power consumption of 300W, this kettle heats water more slowly than competing products. While that can be a pain, there are two critical benefits. The gradual temperature increase allows you to heat items such as stews and grits with less chance of burning them. Also, this device can be used in conjunction with a 300W portable power supply.

This kettle sits in the back corner of my counter, unnoticed but readily available for steeping a cup of tea or boiling an egg. Its ability to heat water when connected to my portable power supply during power failures ensures I can brew a much-needed cup of coffee. The Buydeem Mini Kettle Cooker is recommended.

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