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Review of the Grelife 24-Inch Oscillating Space Heater

The Grelife 24-Inch Oscillating Space Heater's remote storage is located at the top.

The Grelife 24-Inch Oscillating Space Heater's remote storage is located at the top.

As winter approaches, I've been desperately searching for a way to curtail the rising cost of fuel oil. The best option appeared to be lowering the overall temperature within the house while utilizing an electric heater to keep the currently occupied room warm.

Today I am testing a 1500W PTC-type electric heater from Grelife. Hopefully, it can handle the job.



This space heater is oblong-shaped and sheathed in black plastic. It is 23.25 inches tall and supported by an 8.25 x 8.25-inch base.

The device's fan sucks air through a vent at the back, blowing it across aluminum fins heated by the device's thermal-efficient PTC ceramic element. The heated air then passes through the device's front grill and warms the room.

This heater can be operated by either its front-mounted control panel or a remote.

The temperature can be adjusted, a timer may be set, and the desired mode can be selected. The available modes include 900W, 1500W, and Economy. In the latter mode, the device will automatically choose the output best suited for reaching and holding the desired temperature. This heater can be pointed in one direction or set to oscillate 75 degrees continuously.

Don't forget to feed the power cable through a slot in the base.

Don't forget to feed the power cable through a slot in the base.


  • Brand: Grelife
  • Type: PTC space heater
  • Model: LE-HP003
  • Power input: 120V- 60hz
  • Wattage range: 900W-1500W
  • Power settings: Low 900W/High 1500W/Economy
  • Thermostat: 60 - 90 °F (In 1°F Increments)
  • Timer: 1 - 12 hours
  • Noise level: Less than 45db
  • Oscillation: 75°
  • Flame retardant materials: Yes
  • Overheat protection: Yes
  • Tip-over protection: Yes
  • Economy mode: Yes
  • Night light: Yes
A lamp at the bottom of this heater may be turned on, dimmed, or turned off.

A lamp at the bottom of this heater may be turned on, dimmed, or turned off.

Proper Placement

Space heaters are used to quickly heat a small room or office, while lower temperatures are maintained throughout the remainder of the home. These devices are light enough to be easily carried from room to room.

PTC Ceramic Heating

The Grelife space heater generates warmth using a PTC (Positive Temperature Coefficient) heating element. Ceramic heaters are generally employed to heat a small room or office.

PTC heaters are self-regulating. While traditional fixed-resistance heaters utilize wires and coils to generate warmth, PTC heaters rely on conductive ink printed onto thin, flexible polymer-based substrates.

These devices take advantage of materials that increase their resistance as temperature rises. Simply put, less current passes through the ceramic element as it becomes warmer. PTC heaters draw full power initially, quickly heating up until they reach their optimum temperature. As the element heats, power consumption drops.

Air blowing across the aluminum fins warmed by the ceramic element effectively distributes this heat.

PTC ceramic heaters are economical to run compared to traditional electric models. Oil-filled heaters consume even less power but are bulky and take longer to produce heat.

View of the rear of the heater

View of the rear of the heater


Because it is self-regulating, this device does not run as hot as a traditional electric heater. The Grelife space heater is equipped with an interlock switch that turns the unit off if it is tipped over and includes overheating protection.

I tested the heater's stability by bumping into it repeatedly until the device fell over. The heater immediately beeped in annoyance and switched off its heating element and fan.

Noise Level

The rated noise level of this device is ˂45db. I could barely notice the sound generated by the fan.

Operational Test

I used the remote to turn the heater on, setting it to 68 degrees in Economy mode. The fan began to turn, and a warm breeze immediately wafted from the device.

I increased the temperature setting until the heater's internal thermostat noted a more significant difference between the requested and actual temperature than the 900W setting could accommodate. The heater switched its output to 1500W, significantly increasing the heat outputted.

The next step was to select oscillation. Then, slowly and quietly, the fan rotated within a 75-degree arc.

The control panel's display is not as bright as that of others I have tested. While this is an advantage in the evening, the display might be difficult to read in direct sunlight.

Control panel and display

Control panel and display

Overall Impression

To assure economical operation, Grelife equipped this device with the ability to draw either 900 or 1500 watts of power. When the Economy mode is selected, the heater will choose the appropriate setting for the requested temperature.

Noise levels are good. I barely noticed the fan, and when oscillating, I could detect no sound at all.

The Grelife 24" Oscillating Space Heater quickly produces heat and keeps a small room comfortably warm. This heater is recommenced.

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