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Review of the Slaouwo Space Heater (500/1000w)

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Slaouwo Space Heater.

Slaouwo Space Heater.

Why I Bought the Slaouwo Space Heater

When the space heater in my office died, it was no great loss. While lightweight and effective, this device was an ugly brute that consumed electricity at an alarming rate.

I already owned two potential replacements. In my garage sat an extremely powerful propane-powered heater. It, however, would remain there; I had no intention of bringing anything with an open flame into my house.

My second space heater was an electrical, oil-filled radiator that I kept in my bedroom. While economical to run, it took forever to heat a space.

What I wanted was a unit that worked quickly without consuming precious space or energy. I checked out the offerings on Amazon and eventually chose the Slaouwo space heater.

Product Description

The Slaouwo space heater weighs in at 2.8 pounds. It is 8.2 inches high, 5.8 inches wide and 5.8 inches deep.

This unit, while reasonably attractive, was designed to fit unnoticed into the background. Its outer shell is composed of black flame-resistant ABS, the only splash of coloring consisting of a brown leather-like carrying handle.

Three touchscreen-type buttons turn the unit on, adjust the heat, and control the device’s timer. It can be set for 1000W, 500W, or for use as a fan.

How to Use It

The operation of the heating element is indicated by a front-mounted orange light, which will turn blue when using this unit as a fan. A flashing orange light signals that the heater is plugged in but turned off.

An interlock switch protrudes from the base of this device. As long as the heater sits solidly atop a stable surface, it will operate as intended. If the unit is lifted or knocked over, the spring-loaded switch will pop out, effectively shutting off the heater. Those with small, rambunctious children or pets will appreciate this safety feature.

This ceramic heater runs on 110VAC (220VAC in EU) and is equipped with overheat protection. The Slaouwo space heater features a timer that can be set to two, four, or eight hours.


  • Brand: Slaouwo
  • Name: Space heater
  • Model: QNK07
  • Weight: 1.27 kilograms (2.8 pounds)
  • Dimensions: 14.7 * 14.7 * 20.8 centimeters (5.8 * 5.8 * 8.2 inches)
  • Voltage: 220V (EU)/ 110V (US)
  • Type: PTC ceramic heating element
  • Heat Output: 1000W/500W
  • Fan: Yes
  • Filter: Used to capture small particles

About the Slaouwo Company

Slaouwo is trademarked by Shen Zhen Shi Lang Tuo E-commerce Co., Ltd. This company is based in Shen Zhen, Guang Dong, China.

How Does PTC Ceramic Heating Work?

A ceramic space heater generates heat using a heating element of PTC (Positive Temperature Coefficient). These devices are typically used to heat a small room or office.

PTC heaters are self-regulating. While traditional fixed-resistance heaters employ wires and coils to generate heat, PTC heaters use conductive inks printed on thin, flexible polymer-based substrates.

These devices utilize materials that increase their resistance as temperature rises. Simply put, less current passes through the ceramic element as it becomes warmer. PTC heaters draw full power initially, quickly heating up until they reach the optimum temperature. As the element heats, power consumption drops.

Aluminum fins are warmed by the ceramic element. A fan, which blows air across the fins, is used to distribute the heat.

Ceramic PTC heaters are more economical to run than traditional electrical models. Oil-filled heaters consume even less power, but they are bulky and take far longer to produce heat.


Space heaters are useful for those who would like to quickly heat a small room or office while maintaining a lower temperature throughout the remainder of their house.


Because it is self-regulating, this device does not run as hot as a traditional electric heater. It is also equipped with overheating protection and an interlock switch that turns the unit off if it is tipped over.

Safety information regarding placement is fully described in the accompanying product guide.

Overall Impression

I like this heater. It produces plenty of heat and is small and light enough to be easily carried from room to room. I particularly appreciate the interlock device, which will turn the unit off if it is accidentally knocked over. The Slaouwo Space Heater is recommended.

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