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Review of the Toshiba Air Purifier for Large Rooms

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The Toshiba CAF-Z85US(W) air purifier

The Toshiba CAF-Z85US(W) air purifier

The technology behind air purifiers has rapidly advanced over the last couple of years. Many devices are equipped with sophisticated sensors that constantly monitor the surrounding air and, when conditions change, adjust the air purifier's fan speed. Integrated Wi-Fi allows smartphone and voice assistant control; some larger units are perched atop a set of wheels.

The weakest link in any air purification system is the rising noise level as the device reaches its maximum clean air delivery rate. Some manufacturers alleviate the problem by adding a fourth fan speed; others incorporate larger filters and fans. The device I am reviewing today has been fitted with dual HEPA filters. Does that help? Read on and find out.



The Toshiba CAF-Z85US(W)'s cabinet is composed primarily of white plastic with gray and silver accents. It is 26.75 inches tall, 12 inches deep, and twelve inches wide.

This device's upper surface is highlighted by a digital display and a color-coded LED light that circles the exhaust vent. A 3-inch transparent edging, topped by a control panel, rises above and rings the air purifier's circumference.

Air is sucked through large vents on the device's left and right sides. A washable prefilter and a large rectangular H13 True HEPA filter are hidden behind each grill.

The air purifier's power cord, a PM2.5 sensor, and a gaseous pollutant sensor are fitted to the back, and four bottom-mounted wheels ensure mobility.

Air quality information derived from the sensors is noted on the main display. In automatic mode, this data determines the device's fan speed. In normal mode, fan speed is adjusted by the control panel or the TSmartLife application.

This Toshiba air purifier is intended for rooms as large as 483 square feet. It is equipped with Wi-Fi and can be linked to Amazon Alexa.


  • Brand: Toshiba
  • Name: Air purifier
  • Model: CAF-Z85US(W)
  • Dimensions: 68 x 30 x 30.4 centimeters (26.74 x 12 x 12 inches)
  • Rated voltage: 120V 60Hz
  • Rated power: 42W
  • Noise level: 30 – 55db
  • Modes: Automatic, sleep, turbo, and manual (three speeds)
  • CADR: 500m³/h, 294CFM (cubic feet per minute)
  • Filter type: Two HEPA 13 filters and two washable prefilters
  • Wi-Fi capable: Yes
  • Application: TSmartLife
  • Voice control: Alexa
  • Timer: 1/4/8/12 hours
  • Child safety: Auto shutdown if air intake grill removed
My cat, a quality control specialist, inspecting the air purifier's wheels

My cat, a quality control specialist, inspecting the air purifier's wheels



This air purifier is tall with an attractive color scheme. It includes an easy-to-operate control panel and four wheels designed to allow it to move easily across the floor.

HEPA Filter

The Toshiba CAF-Z85US(W) is fitted with a pair of rectangular H13 HEPA filters. Each filter is 16 inches tall, 9.5 inches wide, and 1.5 inches thick. This air purifier is designed for large rooms and can capture up to 99.9% of airborne particles.

Front of HEPA filter, displaying the activated carbon component

Front of HEPA filter, displaying the activated carbon component

Rear of the HEPA filter

Rear of the HEPA filter


A fine mesh-like filter fits snugly between each HEPA filter and their detachable grills. They are designed to trap larger debris, such as cat hair, and can be easily removed for cleaning.

Ventilation cover

Ventilation cover




This air purifier has a CADR (clean air delivery rate) of 294 CFM. It can clean the air of a 483-square-foot room five times each hour. The air within a smaller 215-square-foot room can be processed within six minutes.


This system includes a PM2.5 sensor and a gaseous pollutant sensor. The PM sensor measures the concentration of airborne particles with a diameter of up to 2.5 microns, and the gas sensor can detect several types of gas emissions.


I downloaded the TSmartLife application from Google Play and signed up for an account. Then I used the application to add the new air purifier. This involved plugging in the air purifier and pushing the power button for several seconds. Once I provided my Wi-Fi password, the application found and connected the Toshiba CAF-Z85US(W).

My next step was to select third-party applications on TSmartLife and choose Alexa. I could link the two applications from here, allowing me to turn the air purifier off and on using Alexa voice commands.


Since I prefer to keep life simple, I selected automatic mode. If you desire more direct control, you can use the air purifier's control panel or the application to adjust the fan's speed.

In automatic mode, the air purifier will turn off when the detected pollutants and particles drop below a specifiable level. The first time this happened, I thought something had gone horribly wrong. Then, as I hovered anxiously over the device, smoke from my burning cigarette was detected, turning the air purifier back on.

I also discovered that the plastic grills covering the filters are fitted with sensors. As I detached one grill, intending to remove and record the physical dimensions of the HEPA filter, the air purifier turned itself off. Once I replaced the grill, the device resumed operation.

View of control panel and display

View of control panel and display

Overall Impression

This is an attractive air purifier equipped with the latest technological advances. It includes a PM2.5 sensor and a gaseous sensor, which help control the air purifier during automatic operation.

What impressed me most was the comparatively moderate noise level of this device. At the lowest fan speed, the sound was undetectable beyond two feet. This distance increased to eight feet when the air purifier was set to its medium setting. While this device can be heard from a considerable distance at its highest fan speed, its whooshing-type sound proved relatively benign.

Toshiba has done a superb job of providing a high clean air delivery rate without the irritatingly loud drone that typically accompanies a quickly rotating fan. I highly recommend the Toshiba CAF-Z85US(W) air purifier.

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