Bosch vs. Samsung Washing Machine—What We Chose

Updated on April 29, 2019

We have had a Bosch washing machine for about five years.

It has given good service apart from needing the brushes replaced every couple of years or so.

We do a lot of washing!

Eventually, the thing gave up and needed a new motor. Our home fix guy said it was probably beyond saving so we needed to buy a new machine, and quickly.

Mostly, when you use a brand, you stick with it - but one or two things about Bosch, and Neff, who are part of the same group had hacked us off.

To be frank, their service was poor. Very poor. Companies living off their past good reputations—in my opinion.

Our new Samsung washing machine - plugged in and working!
Our new Samsung washing machine - plugged in and working!

Why We Chose Samsung

We chose Samsung because they seem to have a good reputation.

The machines on offer ticked all the right boxes... but then don't they all? It is a washing machine, not a rocket ship we are buying.

The Samsung company seems to have something more though. Recently, we have looked into their offerings for phones and laptops–very smart indeed.

But can they make a washing machine?

Well, we bought one to find out.

Samsung Ecobubble

We bought the Samsung Ecobubble. The exact same model may not be available in the States—why do manufacturers have different models worldwide?

It is beautiful. Well, it is new of course.

But there is more to it than that.

It is better than the Bosch, a lot better.

Instead of the German manufactured, solid, dependable, and very mechanical equipment, the Samsung washer is more technical.

It is as if the company has taken the basic washing machine and spent a lot of money innovating its way to something rather better than the old style.

The machine is quieter than the Bosch; it washes better, it spins drier, it beeps in a less irritating fashion, the controls are clearer.

The idea of the Bubble is the bubbles are forced through the wash, which means less mechanical movement and so less wear and tear, and better cleaning.

One of the key things about this machine is that feels like it was designed for women, rather than by men attempting, or rather pretending, to understand what women want.

Samsung Control Panel—at first glance this seems complex but in fact these are very clear and simple to use.
Samsung Control Panel—at first glance this seems complex but in fact these are very clear and simple to use.
One more shot of our new washing machine.  The point being to show you that we are genuine owners and users of the Samsung model.
One more shot of our new washing machine. The point being to show you that we are genuine owners and users of the Samsung model.
Shows open liquid compartment
Shows open liquid compartment

Bosch vs. Samsung Development

Bosch still makes the same model we had. They don't seem to have moved on. It does look like even the Germans with their excellent manufacturing cannot keep up with the pace of Korean technology and development.

South Korean companies are well known for their innovation and technical excellence, led by companies such as Samsung but including many others. I believe they have the best broadband network in the world for example.

I would recommend the Samsung washing machine to anyone. The next time an appliance fails, as they all too often do, we will be looking at the Samsung offering.

It is a brilliant washing machine.

I don't work for them by the way!

Which washing machine would you choose?

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Another shot of Samsung washing machine with door open and stuffed full of dog blankets!
Another shot of Samsung washing machine with door open and stuffed full of dog blankets!

Update on Our Samsung Washing Machine

Two years of using our trusty machine, and it is running strong, despite dealing with a lot of heavy washing. As owners of elderly dogs, there are plenty of rugs and towels that need regular cleaning.

Some days the machine seems to be in constant use.

The EcoBubble is still functioning correctly. No funny noises have started—it is working fine.

I hope I have not jinxed it by writing that. Two years on - no problems.

This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters.


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    Celia Ford Drummond 

    10 months ago

    Many thanks for this, a timely article!


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