Champion 46539 Portable Generator - Pros and Cons From an Owner

Updated on August 14, 2017
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I own a small construction company and employ four builders. I go though a lot of equipment, so I feel qualified to write reviews.

About the Champion 46539 Portable Generator

This Champion 46539 portable generator has been described as easy to use, quiet, and economical, with plenty of power for its size. At 140 pounds, it's a two-man lift, but it's got a very sturdy frame (which we like in the construction game) as when it gets busy on site, it can take some solid knocks.

Champion says that you can run three power tools off it, but when things are busy, we've run up to five at once. It's powered by a 196cc gas powered motor that initially we thought would be too small for the job, but we were proved wrong on that score.

Another feature we really like about this generator is that it comes with a remote control. That means we can start and stop it from up to 80 feet away. This truly has come in handy so many times when we've been three stories up on scaffolding. Just to be able to stop it in a second instead of climbing for five minutes down the frame has been a real relief.

I haven't needed to run this unit at home, but we did take it away with us on a camping holiday to Lake Tahoe in the fall and it ran everything we needed, plus it was quiet enough that we had no complaints from our neighbors.


  • Weight: 140 lbs
  • Dimensions: 28" (length) x 21" (width) x 20" (height)
  • Chassis: 8 inch wheels + sturdy frame
  • Motor: 4 stroke, 196cc gas engine
  • Power output: 3500 watts with 4000 watts maximum (will run lights, television, and fridge all at the same time)
  • Economy: 12 hours @ 50% on full tank of gas
  • Electric remote control starts it from 80 feet away
  • EPA/CARB approved in 50 states (this is important—lots of portable generators on the market are not compliant only in California)
  • Overload protection
  • Low oil sensor light
  • Hours used information
  • 3 x 120 volt outlets
  • Push-button start
  • Back-up pull handle if battery fails
  • Two year factory warranty

Problems With the Champion 46539 Portable Generator

I can't honestly say I've got too many complaints at all. I find it a little difficult to change the oil given the position of the dip stick, but I've had five portable generators before this, and that's a complaint I've got with all of them.

I lent it to a friend who took it away camping with his family and he reckons it was quite noisy. As I've said, that's not my experience but maybe I'm just used to the noise. It's definitely a lot quieter than the Honda (that was my last portable generator). Champion says that the noise level is equivalent to 68 decibels. Well, a vacuum cleaner is rated at 70 decibels to give you an equivalent. Difference here, though, is that you're running it outside. But I didn't get any complaints from my neighbors on our holiday at Lake Tahoe—yikes! maybe they were just nice neighbors.

One thing you have to do when first purchasing is do a start up and oil change after seven hours. There are well written instructions for 'running it in' and its important otherwise you wont be able to draw full wattage.

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What I Like About This Champion Generator

There's plenty to like about this Champion 46539 portable generator. I was a little skeptical at first because, having owned five generators before, I'd never owned a Champion. In fact, they've all been either Honda or Yamaha, but after wearing those out, I've got to say I was a little blown away by the price of the Champion brand compared to the others. It didn't have quite the wattage that I'd been used to, but I thought I'd take a chance on it anyway and if it didn't work out well, then I'd return to a Honda. But, after a years use, I'm sold on it.

  • I just love the remote control and so does my wife. It's a real easy start and we've never yet had to push the starter button more than once.
  • It's quiet—well at least I think so (questionable).
  • It's lightweight. Yeah, sure you've got to have two to lift it into the trunk, but given the power it has, plus a four-stroke motor, you've got to expect that. With its 8 inch wheels, though, it is easy to shift around. So in many ways, it's lightweight.
  • It's economical. It will run for 12 hours on four gallons of gas.
  • You don't have to unplug your RV from the power panel before starting. This is a great feature because this is always a hassle with our RV. The Champion 46539 portable generator has circuitry that delays power until the generator is up to full power. This takes about twenty seconds.
  • Two year factory warranty. This is important to me because unlike a lot of generator users, who use theirs just for their RV or as a backup, I use mine most days, all day to power tools on construction sites. I can't afford to be let down by low quality.
  • It can be used under Californian emission laws. If you live in California, be very careful about this. We had a look at another couple of portable generators and they were non-CARB complaint. They could not be used in California even if you were just traveling there, however the Champion 46539 generator can be used in California and anywhere else in the States, too.

Questions and Answers about the Champion 46539 Portable Generator

Q) When you face the control panel, where does the muffler exhaust from?

A) To the right side and exhausts to the right side too.

Q) Is the pull start difficult?

A) The Champion 46539 comes with electric start and electric remote. It does have a pull start but you'd only use that if your battery goes dead. I disconnect my battery if its not in use.

Q) Can you connect the 46539 to to your house electrical panel?

A) Yes you can but its not meant as an alternative like this. The 46539 is just an emergency back up generator. It wouldn't run everything in your house if they were all on at once, but will run the important ones like heaters, lights and heat pumps.

Q) How long can you run the Simpson 46539 at one time?

A) I've used mine for work, regularly for six hours flat out. It just needs another tank of gas at this point and away you go again. Its a Champion workhorse.

Q) Is the 46539 waterproof?

A) We've often used it in the rain without issues at all. There's nothing on the generator to show it can't be used in the rain, but I do paint over little scratches it gets on the frame from time to time to prevent corrosion.

Q) Is the Champion 46539 noisy if used in a camping ground?

A) Honda's are quieter, but haven't had any complaints with the Champion either.\

Q) Does the 46539 have a 220Volt outlet?

A) No it doesn't but its simple to make one by connecting the two 110volt outlets to a buss bar and you'll have 220 volts.

Q) How long would the Champion 46539 portable generator last if you ran it at 2000 watts?

A) A continual 2000 watts should see the gas tank empty after 12 hours.

Why You Need a Portable Generator

If you don't own a portable generator, maybe its an idea to think about owning one. Most RV's if not all have one to provide all their power and most builders like me have one as so many construction sites we work on don't have power at all.

But maybe of more importance than anything is the fact that these days the weather is getting wilder and wilder. If you get hit by a big storm, that can knock your power out for days if not weeks and so if you had a portable generator, that's going to get you through until its reconnected.

If the storm causes a flood in your basement then you can use the generator like the Champion 46539 Portable generator to power up a pump and you'll have your basement dry in no time.

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This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters.

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