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What You Need to Know Before Buying a Dishwasher From Costco's Website

I bought a dishwasher through Costco's website, and here's what I learned in the process.

Costco has great prices for appliances like dishwashers but the delivery and installation process is confusing

Costco has great prices for appliances like dishwashers but the delivery and installation process is confusing

Should You Get a Costco Dishwasher?

When shopping for appliances, it's very tempting to choose Costco. Their sales prices are great, and when we purchased our dishwasher, delivery, installation, and haul-away were included in the price.

When we had to replace our existing dishwasher, which no longer cleaned the dishes well, the Costco deal was too good to pass up. We placed an online order through

Installation Can Be Confusing

For a dishwasher, the process of delivery and installation can be confusing. Many appliances sold at Costco don't need much done in terms of installation, so the delivery person takes care of it. Dishwashers are different. Delivery and installation are done separately.

According to the instructions on the Costco website, the delivery team hauls away the existing dishwasher. However, since the delivery teams don't uninstall dishwashers, that is the customer's responsibility.

The customer either has to uninstall the current dishwasher or hire someone to do it. We watched YouTube videos to figure out the process, which took about an hour.

Our dishwasher was dropped off a couple of weeks later on the promised date. We had the existing dishwasher uninstalled and ready for haul-away. But our delivery team said they weren't responsible for haul-away and that the installer would take care of it. This contradicted the Costco website, which implies that the delivery team also takes care of haul-away.

"Includes DELIVERY. For HAUL AWAY to be performed, you must uninstall the existing dishwasher as the delivery teams do not uninstall dishwashers."

So, we had one dishwasher in our entryway and one in the kitchen getting in the way, which initially wasn't a problem because we expected an installer to show up soon after the delivery.

No one from Costco called us to let us know what time the installer would arrive. We assumed they had taken care of everything and had scheduled the installer the same day as the delivery.

Because we hadn't heard from anyone, my husband contacted Costco Support. When he got off the call, he told me an installer would come that afternoon. When it was close to 5 o'clock, and no installer had contacted us, he called again.

It turned out no installer had been scheduled. And they couldn't get one out to us for 17 days. Now we had no working dishwasher and two uninstalled dishwashers taking up space. We don't know if there was some kind of miscommunication or misunderstanding on the first call.

Since waiting 17 days with two dishwashers in the way was a problem, the Costco rep offered us a $150 discount on the dishwasher to hire our own installer. She also scheduled a pick-up of the existing dishwasher a couple of days later. The rep was very helpful, but there simply wasn't anything she could do at that point because the installers were fully booked.

Size Issue

Then we encountered a new problem. The dimensions for the dishwasher we bought were wrong. On the Costco website, the height is listed as 33.5 inches, but on the Home Depot website, the height is 34.63 inches. That's a whole 0.63 inches higher than our previous dishwasher. By removing the leveling legs, our installer was able to get the new dishwasher to fit but just barely.

Be Proactive

If we had known then what we know now, we would have been proactive and called support to find out the process of scheduling the installer. We just assumed that was part of the process, that Costco would schedule an installer for us. Separating delivery from installation the way Costco does adds a layer of complexity and increases the possibility of something going wrong.

If you decide to buy a dishwasher from Costco, don't do what we did and assume Costco is taking care of everything. Get in touch with them and ensure an installer has been scheduled for you. And if the delivery date changes for any reason, make sure the installer gets rescheduled as well.

Before placing an order, check the dimensions of the dishwasher you have chosen on other websites like Home Depot, Lowe's, and Best Buy to ensure the dimensions on are correct. Built-in dishwasher sizes vary, and you have to ensure the one you get fits the space between your cabinets.

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