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Elechomes 9-in-1 Electric Pressure Cooker: The Best Multi-Use Kitchen Appliance

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Elechomes 9-in-1 Electric Pressure Cooker

Elechomes 9-in-1 Electric Pressure Cooker

The Elechomes Multi-Functional Pressure Cooker

The Elechomes 9-in-1 Electric Pressure Cooker is a stainless steel, 6-quart kitchen behemoth with 14 preset cooking programs.

It can cook anything from eggs to yogurt to poultry with 70% faster cooking times than traditional methods. Plus it comes with both a delay timer and keep-warm settings that will cook and warm your food at your desired times.

The product has an elegant stainless steel inner pot, a stainless steel inner rack, and multiple accessories like silicone mitts, a rice paddle, and a measuring cup.

Is It as Good as an Instant Pot?

Elechomes has brought out the big guns, and though it's in direct competition with the original Instant Pot, it has just enough upgrades to stand out on its own.

Product Information

Product info taken from product page, user guide, and item box

Technical specsDescription


Stainless steel (inner pot + stream rack)

Power Supply


Rated Power



6 Quarts


13 x 12 x 12" (33.4 x 30.6 x 33cm)


12.13 pounds

Pressure Levels

Up to 6

Cooking Programs

14 Easy Touch Programs: Steam, Sauté, Slow, Cook, Pressure Cook, Yogurt, Cake, Meat/Stew, Egg, Rice, Soup/Broth


10 Protective Mechanisms

Auto Keep Warm


Adjustable Time Settings


Delay Start

Yes—Up to 24hrs

Temperature/Time Settings

Yes—Less, Normal, More

What's Included

Pressure Cooker, Tempered Glass Lid, Stainless Steel Steam Rack and Inner Pot, Silicone Mini Mitts, Measuring Cup, Rice Paddle, Warranty Card, Cooking Recipes, User Manual

14 Things You'll Love About the Elechomes Cooker

The Elechomes Cooker has multiple, unique features that any foodie will love. Below is a short taste of the very best that the Elechomes Pressure Cooker has to offer:

  1. Pressure cooker with 6 adjustable levels for 70% faster cooking times
  2. Slow-cook function
  3. Cake and yogurt maker
  4. Sauté and steamer
  5. Cooks meat, stew, beans, and chili
  6. Egg cooker replacement
  7. Multi-grain, rice, soup, broth, and porridge cooking
  8. Poultry mode
  9. Food warmer that keeps food warm for up to 24 hours
  10. Food prep accessories including 6-quart stainless steel inner pot, stainless steel rack, tempered glass lid, silicone mitts, measuring cup, and rice paddle
  11. ETL + FDA certified with 10 safety mechanisms
  12. Delay timer for when to start cooking meals
  13. Easy one touch controls with 14 preset cooking programs and adjustable time/temperature/pressure settings
  14. Excellent user guide and cookbook with recipes, info on venting/sealing, and pressure cooker cleaning/maintenance

If you're unfamiliar with pressure cookers, then Elechomes has a well-thought-out instructional manual and a simple recipe book that will help you get started.

The manual has specific instructions regarding pressure, temperature, and time settings for any type of food you're working with. In addition, the device comes with a tempered lid that can be used with slow and other non-pressure cooking methods.

I consider myself an amateur cook, so this guide was a huge help. I discovered that starting with something easy like rice is a good way to get your feet wet before moving on to more challenging recipes.

How to Stay Safe While Cooking

Though Elechomes has 10 safety mechanisms, it's still extremely important to heed the warning stickers while pressure cooking.

Failure to adhere to proper safety protocols could lead to severe burns and other injuries. The sealing/venting settings are especially important as one wrong touch or twist could be very damaging.

This is why the lid, glass, and sealing knob should never be touched during cooking. When it is time to release the pressure, make sure to do it slowly and away from your face.

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5 Things I Enjoyed Most About the Elechomes Pressure Cooker

As I've stated, there's plenty to like about this device, but there are five aspects in particular that jumped out to me:

  • Food prep accessories
  • Large 6-quart stainless steel lid
  • Keep-warm settings
  • Adjustable controls
  • Preset programs

I was pleasantly surprised when they included the mitts, measuring cup, rice paddle, and other helpful food prep accessories along with the cooker. They made my kitchen life so much easier, and any newbie will find it refreshing.

I'm glad they stuck with the 6-quart stainless steel inner pot that the Instant Pot uses. These pots are very clean, durable, and reliable, and they have plenty of space, too.

Finally, I just love the functionality of it all with the adjustable time/pressure/temp settings and the preset cooking programs; the keep-warm tag-on is also very handy.

All of these features make it very easy to use for a beginner like myself, and even the most expert cook will love the ease and accessibility of this product.

Features of the Cooker

Features of the Cooker

Elechomes Cooker vs. Instant Pot

So now we're down to the big question at hand: Instant Pot or Elechomes?

Well, the good news is that both pretty much do the same thing, and anyone would be lucky to have either. But if you really wanna get down to the nitty gritty, then here are some differences to be aware of.

Note: This comparison is to the original Instant Pot.

Elechomes Pressure Cooker (EC) vs. Instant Pot Duo (IP)

  1. EC is slimmer, taller and lighter than IP at 12.2lbs vs 15.8lbs.
  2. EC has a 6-quart inner pot vs. 6–8 quarts on IP.
  3. EC has 9-in-1 cooking programs vs. 7-in-1 for IP with two bonus settings for egg and cake cooking.
  4. EC is rated 1000W against 1200W for IP.
  5. Both have 14 smart programs, 10 safety mechanisms, an easy-seal lid, and are similarly priced ($79 to $89).
  6. EC has six pressure levels vs. two for IP.
  7. EC has added accessories including a silicone mitt, measuring cup, rice paddle, etc.
  8. IP has an app and book for recipes.
  9. Original IP is upgradable with more cooking programs, software updates, WiFi connectivity, and even air frying.
  10. Both have a delay timer, and both can keep your food warm for 24 hours.

Which Cooker Should You Choose?

So there you have it. Each cooker has its strengths and weaknesses, though the greatest strength of the Instant Pot is that there are bigger and better versions available.

For example, the Instant Pot Duo Evo Plus has similar cooking programs as Elechomes, but it includes things like sous vide and bake cooking, 48 customizable preset options, 20+ enhancements for safety/venting/pressure cooking, and more.

That sounds like a lot, though when it comes to daily use, even the advanced Instant Pot isn't that big of a change.

I think most people would be happy with either the Elechomes or the original Instant Pot, but if you want a little extra for the same price, then Elechomes may be the way to go.

Elechomes and Accessories

Elechomes and Accessories

Elechomes Pressure Cooker: Final Review

Since when did everybody get so into pressure cooking?

That's a question I've been wondering while testing these cookers, but you know what... I get it. They absolutely accomplish a lot in a faster than normal time and the simplicity is enticing enough to bring even cooking novices to the kitchen table.

My Rating: 4.75 out of 5 Stars

I will give the Elechomes Electric 9-in-1 Pressure Cooker 4.75 out of 5 stars.

Besides the fact that it lacks a few capabilities that the upgraded Instant Pot has, there's not much else to deduct a point for. The 14 preset programs are excellent and the guide/recipe book makes it super easy for amateurs to get started.

The other stuff is equally awesome. I love how you can adjust the settings on the fly and the delay timer is convenient. My food came out fresh, saucy, and delicious each time I used it. I can't wait to use it again over the holidays.

The Elechomes Pressure Cooker makes a fantastic gift for anyone who gets a little lost in the kitchen. It's simple to operate, the food comes out tasty, and I fully recommend this product because it's just as good if not better than the original Instant Pot that started our pressure cooking craze.

Here's a photo of my own Elechomes cooker.

Here's a photo of my own Elechomes cooker.

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