Elechomes Air Purifier Review: The Best Bedroom Filtration System

Updated on July 25, 2019
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Elechomes Air Purifier
Elechomes Air Purifier | Source

Elechomes Air Purifier: A Breath of Fresh Air

The Elechomes Air Purifier is an ARB certified air cleaner that filters out dust, pet hair, pollen, cigarette smoke, and other common allergens.

It has a three stage filtration system with a true HEPA filter that captures, filters, and deodorizes unhealthy, odor-filled air particles. The purifier can freshen air in spaces as large as 215 square ft, which is great for bedrooms, small offices, and kitchens.

The product also has three wind speed levels, an intelligent timer, and a dedicated sleep mode that'll quiet the fan (below 33dB) and turn off the indicator lights.

The Elechomes Air Purifier may be the best air purifier to fall asleep to as it'll function while you sleep and make you feel better, fresher, and healthier by morning.

Product Information

Technical Specifications
Rated Voltage
AC 120V (US) - AC 220-240V (EU) - AC 100V (JP)
Rated Frequency
Rated Power
Low Standby Power
Application Area
107-215 sq. ft
Noise Level
35-55dB - Less than 33dB in Sleep Mode
6.3 x 6.3 x 9.3in (160 x 160 x 235mm)
57.1oz (1.62kg)
Interface (Touch)
Power, ON/OFF - 3 Level Wind Speeds - 1, 2, 4, 8 Hour Interval Timer
Interface Additional
Sleep Mode (S Button)
Filter (Component Filter Incl.)
HEPA Filter - Pre-Filter - Activated Carbon Filter
ARB Certified
What's Included
Air Purifier - Filter Element - User Guide - Warranty Card
Product info taken from product information, user guide, and packaging box cover

Elechomes Purifier: Top 5 Pros

So I've talked about some of the purifier's most exciting features, but let's break it down further and discuss new components that may be of interest to you.

Best Features

  • 3-Step Filtration System
  • Triple Wind Speed Levels
  • Sleep Mode & Intelligent Timer
  • Aromatherapy Option
  • Replace Filter Alert

3-Step Filtration System

The magic of the Elechomes purifier is in its filtration system.

There are actually three separate filters that work together to give you the cleanest, freshest air. First there's the pre-filter that captures pollutants, then the HEPA filter breaks them down, and finally the activated carbon filter gets rid of any odors.

The filters eliminate a variety of allergens and dust particles that can make us unhealthy, and it's especially helpful for those already suffering with allergies or asthma.

More so it'll make things easier for pet owners whose furry friends contain dozens of allergens themselves.

Air Filter Setup

Setting up and changing the filter is pretty simple.

You just have to twist open the bottom hatch, unwrap the filter component from its packaging, attach the component inside, and close the hatch.

For maintenance you'll just have to vacuum or brush the filter every so often (1-2x weekly) or depending on use.

Triple Wind Speed Levels

The product has a touch interface with three settings, low/medium/high, for wind speed.

It's on level one by default when turned on but you can tap the asterisk button to raise it. The higher the level, the more powerful the filtration, which is best for things like cigarette smoke and other foul odors.

The speed also determines the application area.

Level one speeds will only cover a 107 sq ft. room while level three could do a 215 sq ft. one. I use the highest setting to get the most out of the purifier.

Sleep Mode & Intelligent Timer

In addition to the wind speed settings, there's also a separate sleep mode and intelligent timer.

To activate sleep mode, you must tap the wind speed button three times. You'll know it's on when the fan quiets down and the indicator lights turn off. This is the ideal functionality for people who hate loud noises but still want clean air while sleeping.

Sleep mode can be turned off by tapping any button.

Intelligent Timer

The intelligent timer (clock button) has time intervals for 1-2-4-8 hours and it's used for energy saving purposes.

The fan can be set to any speed and paired with the intelligent timer; the fan will turn off - default to level one - after the timer runs out.

Aromatherapy Option

Another cool addition is the aromatherapy option hidden under the top lid.

To access simply press on the lid until it pops off. Then you can add drops of essential oils (not included) onto the cotton pad to get a soothing aroma. Just make sure to close the lid first.

I've used a bunch of scents and they automatically come through when the purifier is on. I recommend the highest speed setting to get the most out of your essential oils.

Replace Filter Alert

The included component filter lasts about 3000 hours or around 6 months of usage.

When it starts to go bad, you'll get a replacement filter alert in the form of a flashing On/Off button every three seconds.

This is a great way to notify you when it's time to change the filter, and it can prevent your purifier from getting damaged.


Top 3 Complaints

I have more good things to say about the product, but first let me address some issues I ran into that made my experience a bit less satisfying.

Biggest Problems

  • Indicator Lights Stopped Working
  • Ineffective for Large Spaces
  • Difficult to Find Replacement Filter

Indicator Lights Stopped Working

I'm not sure what happened but the wind speed indicators stopped functioning properly.

The third light doesn't come on at all, the sleep mode light keeps flickering on/off, and the other two don't line up with what the purifier is doing.

I haven't damaged the product, so perhaps I received a defective item. The good news is that it still works normally, but without the lights it's confusing to know what's going on.

Additionally the indicator lights won't shut off when sleep mode is activated, which defeats its purpose.

Ineffective for Large Spaces

The max application area is only 215 sq ft. so don't think about using it in large quarters.

It works best in small to medium sized bedrooms or offices that are closed off. Anything bigger/more open and you won't see the filtration effects.

So if you're looking for a purifier that'll freshen your entire house, then try something more powerful.

Difficult to Find Replacement Filter

I'm perplexed as to where to go when the component filter stops working. I didn't see replacement filters on the Elechomes web site for this product, and I couldn't find anything on other sites.

Maybe they're out there and I'm just being dumb, but as far as I can tell there's no way to get the same filter component.

So I hope the company fixes this.


Elechomes Air Purifier: Final Review

This is a genuinely great looking, modernly designed product that has several easy to use features.

I haven't even addressed how well packaged, organized, and user friendly everything was; even the guide is simple to understand.

I will give the Elechomes Air Purifier 3.75 out of 5 stars.

The touch interface was slick and contemporary, the filtration system was state of the art, the colors/design is excellent, and the little things like the aromatherapy option and replacement filter alert were practical add-ons.

Unfortunately this wasn't a flawless product in my case. The indicator lights for wind speed/sleep mode didn't work properly and made sleep mode moot, and I can't find replacement filters for it anywhere.

The lack of a large application area doesn't bother me as much because I knew what I was getting, and this is a bedroom air purifier plain and simple.

Overall I was mostly satisfied with the product. I really liked how everything was simplified & contained among the other features listed.

I recommend this to anyone looking for a bedroom purifier especially if you have asthma, pets, allergies or if you smoke or live with someone that does.

The Elechomes Air Purifier had problems for me but I'm sure it was just a defect, so please don't let that stop you from giving it a try.

Your Thoughts!

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