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Partu Air Purifiers Review: How to Get Fresh Clean Air With 3x the Power

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Partu Air Purifiers: Model BS-03 (left), Model BS-08 (center), and Model BS-10 (right)

Partu Air Purifiers: Model BS-03 (left), Model BS-08 (center), and Model BS-10 (right)

Partu Air Purifiers

The Partu Air Purifiers are a collection of exquisite air purifiers that can clean, purify, and freshen small to medium-sized rooms.

Each purifier comes with an advanced 3-in-1 HEPA-activated carbon filter with an outer filter membrane that can effectively remove up to 99.9% of indoor particles, including allergens like pollen, pet dander, smoke, dust, etc.

The purifiers are rather quiet, too, with the lowest coming in at 25dB, equivalent to a faint mini fan.

About the Three Models

All models come in black and have three available wind speeds (low/medium/high) that can be scaled for room size and how quickly you'd like to filter them.

I've been testing three models, and though they all get the job done, there are some critical differences that I'll get into below.

Note: Due to approved FDA/ETL/CARB/FCC and 100% ozone-free regulations, the products can be safely used and are available to purchase in California.

Partu Product Comparison

Product information taken from user manual, item box, and product pages.

Partu ModelBS-03BS-08BS-10

Effective Particle Removal Rate





HEPA Activated Carbon Filter

HEPA Activated Carbon Filter

HEPA Activated Carbon Filter


AC 100–240V, 12W

AC 100–240V, 35W

AC 100–240V, 30W

Night Light

3 Light Bars



Fan Speed

Triple Fan

Triple Fan

Triple Fan

Touch Control Panel




Child Lock Option




Application Area

86.1ft2 (8m2)

161ft2 (15m2)

215ft2 (20m2)

Noise Level

38 to 59dB


27 to 50dB

Additional Features

Reset Button, Aromatherapy Slot

Filter Replacement Light, Anion Mode

Wind Speed Auto Mode, Pollutant Color Detection

What's Included

HEPA Air Purifier, Power Adapter, User Manual

HEPA Air Purifier, Power Adapter, User Manual

HEPA Air Purifier, Power Adapter, User Manual

Partu HEPA Air Purifier BS-03

Partu HEPA Air Purifier BS-03

Partu Model BS-03

The smallest of the Partu purifiers is the model BS-03, which still packs quite a punch for its size.

It has an 8–10m2 applicable area, a quiet (38dB) mode, and a powerful multi-layered HEPA filter that removes most allergens and odors in the air. The filter can remove particles down to 0.3 microns and pollutants of PM 2.5.

The carbon filter lasts up to 6 months and only needs a light brush every week or so. There's a reset button that you'll press whenever changing filters.


The product also has an aromatherapy add-on where essential oils can be applied to the sponge material below the purifier air outlet. You can add any scent you want to get the freshest smell for your room.

Another essential feature is the child lock key. If you press the child lock button for 3–5 seconds you'll freeze the touch panel so that your child or pet won't be able to mess with it. To turn off the child lock just press the lock button for another 3–5 seconds.

This excellent purifier is only $49.99 + 5% off with the Amazon coupon, and it's perfect for small rooms and offices. It's ideal if you or someone in your home smokes, has kids, owns pets or forgets to take out the trash. The odor elimination component works double when paired with aromatherapy.

My Thoughts

I've been using this model a lot in my smaller bedroom because it gets rid of allergens that affect my nose and breathing, plus it makes for a restful night; the soft white noise helps, too.

Partu Model BS-08

The slightly larger and more powerful BS-08 variant ($54.4) doubles down on features while keeping that same 5 layered all-powerful HEPA activated carbon filter.

The filter will remove 99.7 to 99.9% of all pollen, mold, pet dander, smoke, or PM 2.5 pollutants from the air and leave you with an ultra-clean indoor environment. And amazingly it does everything using a super quiet 25dB mode—quieter than rustling leaves.


Another differentiator from the 03 model is its 7 changeable LED lights that can be used as night lights or turned off if they annoy you. You can select the light you want by holding the "light" button down for 1 second or alternatively turn them off by holding the button down for 3s.

The night lights a nice touch if you have kids who prefer extra security to scare the monsters away.

Finally, the item comes with a filter replacement light for when it's time to change your filter (every 6 months) and an anion mode that can be turned on/off. The anion mode helps dissipate/bring down dust in the air for added relief.

My Thoughts

I would recommend this unit over the BS-03 if you're looking for more areal coverage/power and don't mind having a larger unit.

Partu HEPA Air Purifier BS-10

Partu HEPA Air Purifier BS-10

Partu Model BS-10

If you want the ultimate coverage and are looking to purify the largest rooms in your home, then you have to go with the Partu BS-10 model.

The BS-10 has a 215 sq. ft or 20m2 applicable area, an upgraded filtration system that reduces wind resistance for greater contact with the air filtering out 99.9% of allergens, cooking smells, and other odors, and an auto-mode that can shift the fan settings based on the amount of indoor pollution in real-time.

And best of all it's still as quiet as 27dB and doesn't get above 50dB in the highest setting.


The BS-10 also adopts the child lock settings of the BS-03, has a switch-off light for when you don't want to be disturbed, and has a change filter reminder. Moreso it uses 3 light settings depending on your home's air quality with red (bad), orange (not bad), and blue (good) light variants.

Unfortunately, it doesn't have anion mode like the BS-08 version.

My Thoughts

The product is a lot bigger/bulkier and pricier ($100) than the BS-03 or 08 versions but it's also the most effective for cleaning out a large area, and it's excellent for those who have asthma, seasonal allergies and for people who smoke.


Partu Air Purifiers: Final Review

Though all 3 purifiers have similar HEPA filters and filtration systems, they each have something refreshingly special to offer.

I use the smallest BS-03 model for my bedroom, the medium BS-08 for a larger room, and the largest BS-10 for my living room, and they all worked very well. I could actually notice the difference in air quality after a day or so, and I don't even smoke or own pets.

Which One Should You Buy?

I wouldn't say I have a favorite right now, but for my personal living space, I'd go with either the BS-03 or BS-08 (small/medium) versions. I think they're the best for smaller spaces and they bring something new to the table (anion mode/changeable night lights) that I'm sure you'll love.

If you own a large home or have large rooms that you wish to clean out, then I'd go with the BS-10 variant.

Just keep in mind that all versions' filters should be replaced every 6 months or whenever the warning prompts arise, and the filters must be gently cleaned with a brush or hand-vac every 1–2 weeks. This will ensure they're working properly and it'll help them last a long time.

My Rating: 4.8 out of 5 Stars

I would give the Partu Air Purifiers 4.8 out of 5 stars.

All in all, the Partu HEPA Air Purifiers are a great set of filtration systems that can make any home spring to life. They're terrific at eliminating the worst indoor odors and they'll ensure you and your family are healthy and safe from viruses, bacteria, and other harmful airborne pollutants.


Donna Rayne from Sparks, NV on February 27, 2020:

Excellent reviews but I agree with Raymond, I have plants that do the same thing and do it all naturally!

Thank you for this informative article!

Raymond Oickle from windsor on February 26, 2020:

Buying an air purifier is excellent if you can afford one, but did you know there are many plants that can do this? I have several "snake plants" that purify the air naturally... I'm sure they aren't as effective as a proper bought one, but at the moment it is the best I can do.