A Review of the Simple but Handy Copco Small Appliance Countertop Slider

Updated on May 16, 2019

Press and Roll and Don't Scratch the Counter

It's a basic, inexpensive little thing that we bought on a whim. We were at Bed, Bath & Beyond buying a new coffee machine when we happened to see this on the same store shelf. We already had a scratch on our counter from our last coffee machine, which we'd pull forward each time we used it then push it back out of the way; so we thought this looked like a good idea.

And it is. This appliance slider works for our coffee maker, and it also fits our toaster, the blender, and a couple of ceramic canisters we keep on the counter, all of which we move around when we use.

You just lightly push down on the lever, which releases the slider function in either direction. Let go, and the slider stops securely in place. That's really about it.

Oh, and the non-slip surface keeps whatever you've got sitting on there from shifting around as you move the slider back and forth.

Although made specially for coffee machines, most of which fit within the edges of the slider, you can also use it for the other things I've already mentioned as well as for things like ice cream makers, waffle irons, food processors ... most anything you like to keep out on the counter but need to move.

A few of the reviews of this product on Amazon mention the wheels or the axle breaking. I don't know if this was something the company improved upon since then or what, but we've had ours for more than a year, rolling it back and forth no less than once a day, and it's still rolling fine, with no problem with the wheels. We'll see what happens over more time, but so far no problem.

The small appliance slider
The small appliance slider

Our Copco Slider

This is the slider as we use it with our coffee maker. Our machine is a little wider than most coffee makers because of the single-serving feature on the side, but it sits firmly on the slider without rocking or tipping.

Just press on the lever with a finger or two, and it rolls easily. Let go, and it feels like it grabs the counter.

We have some small appliances that tend to "walk" a little when we turn them on, but they don't move if they're sitting on the countertop slider.



Free up counter space by sliding any small appliance out of the way when not in use.

The Copco Coffee Cab With a Toaster on Top

As you can probably see in the picture, our countertops are...I think you call them laminate, so they do tend to scratch. I'm looking forward to having granite countertops, but I'll still use the slider for ease of moving things around.

Press the level down and roll forward and back. Release to lock the slider in place. (I know, pretty obvious.)
Press the level down and roll forward and back. Release to lock the slider in place. (I know, pretty obvious.)

Here's the Copco Cab Rolling Stand

The slider comes in just one size—13.7 inches long by 10.5 inches wide by 1.25 inches deep—but it fits most countertop appliances. It's only available in black, so sorry if you were hoping for fuchsia or chartreuse or some other snazzy color.

At the time of writing this, the cost on Amazon is a little less than it was at Bed, Bath & Beyond.

The Similar Handy Caddy

This countertop slider looks very similar to the Copco, and it tucks flush against the wall under the cabinets when not in use. It accommodates fairly heavy small appliances and still moves easily. This is the one a family member has, and it's a good product also.

While the Copco slider instructions (yes, everything comes with instructions these days, even paperclips) recommends hand washing—not that we've ever had to wash ours—this one is dishwasher safe. And it costs a little less than the one we bought.

But if you feel like spending a little more (about $24 last I checked) for something more rustic and less modern looking, there's a Bamboo Kitchen Appliance Caddy available too.

This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters.

© 2013 Deb Kingsbury

Do You Have One of These Small Appliance Sliders? Or Do You Use Something Else to Protect Your Counter?

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