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Washers & Dryers


How to Get Ink Out of Your Dryer

Are you looking to get ink out of your dryer? Here are some quick fixes on how you can do just that without too much trouble. Find out more here.


Is It Worth Replacing Washing Machine Bearings?

Are you debating whether you think it is worth replacing the washing machine bearings or just getting a new washing machine entirely? Find out more here.


How to Clean the Drain Pump Filter on Your Front-Loading Washing Machine

The drain pump filter is an oft-neglected but simple maintenance task for your front-loading washing machine. This article will show you how to locate the access panel, remove and clean your filter, and replace the plug in your drain hose.


What You Need to Know Before Buying a Dishwasher From Costco's Website

Costco often has great prices for appliances, but the process of getting a dishwasher is complicated because delivery and installation are separate. This can cause problems if the delivery and installation aren't scheduled for the same day.


How to Remove Rust From a Dryer in Three Simple Steps

This article will show you how to refinish the surface of your rusty dryer with epoxy spray paint made for appliances.


How to Remove Lint and Avoid a Dryer Fire

Dryer fires are a danger to all households if clothes dryers are not properly maintained. With some simple steps, you can help prevent a dryer fire.


Bosch vs. Samsung Washing Machine—What We Chose

This article outlines the reasons why we chose a Samsung washing machine instead of sticking with our old Bosch washer.


Washer Not Spinning? Try This First!

I discovered an inexpensive DIY fix after the two washing machines in my life both quit with the same problem. Find out if the solution will also fix your washer blues!


How to Change a 3-Prong Dryer Cord to a to 4-Prong Cord

You've moved into your new home, but the dryer plug doesn't fit. Here are step-by-step instructions with photos for how to change out a three-prong dryer plug for a new four-prong cord.


How to Change a 4-Prong Dryer Cord and Plug to a 3-Prong Cord

Your new home is perfect, except that the old dryer cord won't fit the new plug and no adapter will work. Here are instructions for replacing a 4-prong dryer cord with a 3-prong cord.


How to Use a Wringer Washing Machine

Have limited water, power, or other resources to process laundry at home? Then use a wringer washing machine! Learn how to operate one here.


How to Fix Washing Machine Drain Pipe Overflow

Washer overflowing? I explain six ways to fix it, including installing a sink, using a lint catcher, using a snake, and changing to a front-loading washer.


Buying a Wringer Washing Machine for Home Use

A wringer washing machine looks like something from a bygone era, but using them can help you save a surprising amount of money.


How to Service an Old Aga Cooking Range

Anyone who has become accustomed to cooking on an AGA range would be very unlikely ever to wish to cook on anything else. It is such a versatile and user-friendly kitchen appliance. However, when it goes wrong, it goes wrong big time.


Noisy Clothes Dryer Noise Repair

Clothes dryers are pretty simple, but they can be confusing at the same time. Be sure to follow safety precautions while working on an appliance. There are a variety of sounds that a dryer can make that indicate that some sort of service is needed.


Whirlpool Front-Load Washer Problems

A look at the advantages of Whirlpool front-load washing machines, and how to troubleshoot common problems you may experience if you already own one.


How to Keep Your Condenser Dryer Running Efficiently

Is your condenser tumble dryer not drying your clothes? This step-by-step guide to maintaining a condenser tumble dryer (complete with pictures) will help you keep your dryer running more efficiently.

Basic inside of a dryer, picture from

Clothes Dryer Repair for Loud Noises, Overheating, and Not Spinning

If your dryer is not spinning, not getting hot, or overheating, this article can help. Here are some common clothes dryer issues and how to repair them.


Why Is My Dryer Not Heating? Troubleshooting Guide

Clothes dryer won't produce heat? Dryer isn't drying? This article offers step-by-step advice for finding—and fixing—the problem.