5 Practical Tips to Help You Declutter Your Home

Updated on November 8, 2016

Even Nature De Clutters

Even Nature De Clutters
Even Nature De Clutters | Source

The Need To De Clutter

It is easy to accumulate many things over many months, years, from clothing we buy on a whim and never use, to things other people give us. From time to time we all need to take stock of the things we want to keep and those we do not. It can appear daunting to embark on the de clutter road, but it need not be. Approach the job with enthusiasm and a positive attitude and you will be surprised how rewarding the experience can be.

Tip 1 - Pick your Time and Place

How to start

Much has been written on the topic of de clutter and many tips offered. When you start out, start with something easy, something you will be able to complete. Once you have made a start the feeling of success will spur you on to keep going.

Remember that old saying Rome was not built in a day? It is good to remember when you start your de clutter project. If you are a list making person you may want to start with making a list of areas to de clutter. Put the smallest and easiest areas first and those requiring more time (and energy) last.

Next to the areas write when you are going to do them. You can be general and simply nominate a time, like morning, afternoon or evening, or specific like Tuesday afternoon.

My list usually starts with drawers, kitchen drawers and laundry drawers. They do not take too long to go through and are surprisingly easy to tackle when one puts their mind to it.

When you start with smaller areas you will have success and success spells a sense of achievement. It will motivate you to keep going and move onto other, larger areas in your home.

Tip 2 - Make It Fun

For your bigger areas, like clothes, nick knacks and things we put away in wardrobes, chest of drawers or other places try a different approach. You can use the method of getting four containers. Label the as follows:

  1. To keep.
  2. To sell.
  3. To give to charity.
  4. To throw in the bin.

Now you will have a place for each item. Not sure which container to put things into? As you look at an item think about the following:

  1. When was the last time you used it?
  2. Will you use it in the future?
  3. Do you really need it or is it just taking up space?

Sometimes we tend to hold onto things for no apparent reason and getting rid of those things cab feel invigorating.

You can also use numbers to help you minimize your things. Remember it is your de cluttering process.

A game called 10 10 10 could be played. You will put ten things in each bin in each area you clean up (you can change this number to whatever you want it to be). Get the rest of the family involved, maybe even the kids. If you are competitive you will enjoy doing this with family members.

With clothing there are lots of different ways to de clutter. There is the coat hanger method, or the minimize method or one you invent. Bottom line is don’t hang onto clothing you might wear on day. Be decisive and brave and clear out what you are not wearing and what you don’t want to wear. Try owning fewer clothe all together, get rid of synthetics, and stick with natural fibers

Watch The Expert on the Subject of De Cluttering

Tip 3 - Be Inventive

You don’t have to be all clinical when you de clutter. Be inventive. Be creative. You could set yourself the task of giving something away every day, once a week or once a month, depending on how determined you are.

Visit your local pre school/primary school and see if they are interested in some of those toys your kids had when they were little. Don’t stop there. Women shelters may need things like clothing, kitchen items (pots and pans and all that Tupperware you bought at all those Tupperware parties you went to) and men’s shed could use some of those tools you no longer need.

Attend one of those trash and treasure markets and make some money out of the things you no longer need. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

Be Inspired By Nature


Tip 4 - De Clutter With Someone

If your spouse won’t be in it, invite a friend over to help you with the job. Sometimes it can be a good thing to have the opinion of an independent third party when working out which pile or bucket an item should go into. Nothing beats the clear head, non emotional attached unbiased truthful opinion offered by a true friend. Remember how Donkey says to Shrek, ‘Wow only a true friend could be that cruelly honest?’ Just think of those words if you feel slightly hurt when your best friend (or friend) tells you that you do not really need the chipped mug even if someone you once dated gave it to you.

And you may be able to reciprocate the favor.

Tip 5 - Just Do It

Just like you take out the garbage regularly, take the buckets/bags you have filled for the op shop or some other charity to their destination. Don’t let those bags become more clutter in what should now be a harmonious clutter free home.

Take what needs to be thrown out to the bin (or the tip depending on the size of your rubbish pile) and sit back and relax and enjoy your achievement.

Don’t forget your computer, tablet and phone as well. No doubt those devices are due for a de clutter as well. I know mine is.

Don't Forget To Smell The Roses Along The Way


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      • annart profile image

        Ann Carr 17 months ago from SW England

        Great advice, succinctly put. Funny, I've started today to do the de-clutter I need before we move - always a great time to get rid of excess. Trouble is, I'm a hoarder and so is my partner so it's not easy but I like the feeling of tidiness and freshness that follows so I'll do it.

        Thanks for the follow. Looking forward to reading more of your hubs.