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Dyson DC35 Portable: The Best Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Rik is passionate about housework and has recognised something special in the exciting world of vacuum cleaners!

Dyson DC35 is great for removing cobwebs at ceiling height!

Dyson DC35 is great for removing cobwebs at ceiling height!

The Fabulous Dyson Digital Slim DC35 Changes Cleaning Forever!

I've spent my whole life dragging heavy, mains-powered vacuum cleaners up and down the stairs, bending down to plug and unplug them every time. I've been conditioned to accept that vacuum cleaners will always be cumbersome and awkward to use. Then I encountered the Dyson DC35!

Forget about any battery-powered machine you've used in the past, which all have limited sucking power and battery life. The DC35 sucks incredibly well and runs continuously for over 15 minutes. And, it takes only 3 hours to fully recharge.

15 minutes may not sound long but, in practice, you typically get around 45 minutes of cleaning activity out of a charge. The DC35 also has an incredibly efficient, motorized floor tool, giving it cleaning performance far superior to most mains-powered uprights.

You can't compare this cleaner with anything you've used before. This incredible machine transforms the whole cleaning process.

Ground-Breaking Design

Traditionally, there are three types of vacuum cleaners:

  • The upright, mains-powered one that cleans floors and carpets, and has tools such as a flexible tube, small non-powered brush attachments, and crevice tool.
  • Cylinder, mains-powered, with similar tools to the upright (but no powered brush cleaning).
  • Battery/rechargeable cleaners that are lightweight but have limited power, short use times, and no powered brushes.

The Dyson DC35 is the best of all three. It provides a lightweight, handheld battery-powered unit that sucks and stores the dust. There is also a plug-in, lightweight wand that significantly extends the reach of the DC35.

Finally, there are a set of tools including a fully powered brush unit. The wand transfers power from the handheld unit to power the sophisticated motorized brush unit.

The DC35 Takes the Best of Each Type of Traditional Vacuum Cleaner

This means you can use any tool either attached directly to the main unit or extended via the wand. This gives the capability of an upright cleaner but without the weight or the need to plug and unplug.

You can therefore move from room to room or up flights of stairs with virtually no effort. In other words, the user expends far less muscle power when cleaning several rooms than with a conventional upright or cylinder.

Even lightweight cylinder cleaners have a number of disadvantages when compared to the DC35. First, there is the plugging and unplugging. Then the difficulty of dragging the cylinder (via the flexible tube) from one room to the next and finally the fact that the brush unit is normally unpowered.

The DC35 really comes into its own if you want to clean a series of small rooms rapidly. While the DC35 user is nipping from room to room, the conventional vacuum user is plugging and unplugging, dragging the cylinder along the floor, or carrying the whole cleaner from room to room or up and down the stairs.

Dyson DC35 Motorised Brush Unit

Dyson DC35 Motorised Brush Unit

Motorised Floor Tool With Powered Brushes

While we are on the subject of stairs, cleaning carpeted stairs is a real chore even with a lightweight cylinder cleaner.

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You typically end up with an unpowered brush tool on the end of a flexible hose with the cylinder held in your hand or balanced precariously on a step nearby.

Contrast this with the DC35. Plug the compact brush unit directly into the main unit and you have a tiny handheld vacuum with a powered brush that cleans a whole staircase, much cleaner than a typical mains machine can achieve, in less than a minute.

The brush head is equally impressive when mounted on the end of the wand. The whole unit behaves like an upright but is totally maneuverable because of the flexible ball base of the brush unit (typical Dyson innovative design)

The machine will also lie totally flat allowing floor or carpet cleaning under a bed or furniture without moving the object.

The brush unit is designed to clean a heavy pile carpet or a hard floor equally effectively. It also picks up well with the brush very close to walls or furniture.

The Dyson DC35 Makes Stair Carpet Cleaning a Piece of Cake!

The Dyson DC35 Makes Stair Carpet Cleaning a Piece of Cake!

Features Summary

Here is a quick summary of the features of the DC35:

  • Weight 2.25 kg (less than 5lb)
  • Design is superb and looks fabulous
  • Cordless with 3-hour battery charge giving 15 minutes of continuous cleaning
  • Highly manoeuvrable, powered brush unit with carbon fibre brushes
  • Bagless with single-button push to empty (0.35 litres waste capacity)
  • High power mode (more than twice the normal suck)
  • Dust-free (has an allergy filter trapping dust and pollen inside the machine)
  • Optional Wall mounting for charging with spaces on the docking station for the two tools supplied with the DC35:
  1. Crevice Tool
  2. Combination Accessory Tool – this consists of a Debris Nozzle that converts to a Brush Tool for dusting.

The DC35 Changes the Way You Clean Forever!

It is amazing how quickly you can clean even though the cleaning brush head is relatively small.

I find I approach cleaning in a totally different way, moving rapidly around the house, picking off visible dust, cobwebs, etc. This approach is agile (i.e.'little and often') so the house is always clean. In the past, I would tend to only get the vacuum out as a last resort when the house looked really dirty and dusty!

We have a large four-bedroom house, but since our big upright died, we are finding the DC35 is an adequate replacement for both the upright and our small cylinder machine.

This Dyson is man-friendly – I love it.

Girls, buy one of these for your husband or boyfriend and you’ll never have to lift a finger to clean again!

You might even persuade your boyfriend, who employs that attractive young woman in a French Maid's outfit to do his cleaning, to ditch her in favour of the Dyson!

James Dyson, the Inventor, with the Amazing Dyson DC35 Digital Slim

James Dyson, the Inventor, with the Amazing Dyson DC35 Digital Slim

Dyson DC35 Day-to-Day Care

The Dyson DC35 needs very little attention. If you replace it on the wall-mounted docking station then the battery automatically recharges.

The waste is disposed of at the press of a button and there are no bags to worry about.

The filter requires washing about once a month but doesn't need to be replaced.

The brush unit needs to be cleaned occasionally but like everything else on the DC35, it is easy to remove and replace. Cleaning just involves removing hairs and thread wrapped around the brushes.

What I love about the DC35 is that virtually everything that needs to be opened, fitted, or removed involves pressing a button, and putting them back involves a reassuring click.

What Else Will the Dyson DC35 Do?

The DC35 is fantastic for cleaning car interiors, caravans, etc.

It is also great for catching spiders or flying insects. Be warned though it isn't gentle and leaves insects mangled by the cyclone action.

It is highly efficient for clearing cobwebs at ceiling height because it is so light. You can do the whole house in a very short time (no plugging and unplugging).

If the default power mode isn't enough you can more than double the ‘suck’ by pressing the extra power button. I hardly ever use this as the default suck is good for most normal cleaning needs.

Dyson DC35 Recharging in the Wall Mounted Docking Station.

Dyson DC35 Recharging in the Wall Mounted Docking Station.

So What’s Wrong With the Dyson DC35?

The short answer is nothing! However, here are a few gripes you might pick up from user surveys.


A few people say it's expensive for a portable vacuum. The truth is it has the performance of a big upright and much more. To compare it with other portable vacuums is unfair. It's like comparing a decent food mixer with a fork.

If you shop around you might be able to get a discount – I managed £45 ($70) in the UK by shopping around online.

Cleaning Time and Battery Charge Time

The battery and motor are designed to give full power up until the moment the battery is fully discharged. In practice, the 15 minutes of continuous use gives you at least 45 minutes of cleaning. I find, in practice, I never discharge the battery. You can get a lot done in 45 minutes. I find a flight of stairs takes around 2 minutes.

Switch Hold Issue

This is the most common DC35 complaint. You have to depress and hold the switch when cleaning to activate the motor. I don’t find this a problem at all and it clearly maximizes the cleaning time by not wasting power. I accept that for someone with arthritis this might be a problem and a toggle switch might improve the usefulness of the machine.

Size of Waste/Dust Container 0.35 Litre

Not a problem. The machine is so easy to empty. You just click a button and the base of the waste container clicks open and the waste drops out (no bag). The waste is compacted by cyclone technology so there is no mess or loose dust. It is therefore quite natural to empty it every time you clean.

Incidentally, it is interesting to think how much extra weight we end up carrying around in a conventional cleaner with a bag full of dust!

Overall, It's a Wonderful Vacuum Cleaner

The Dyson DC35 is brilliant and groundbreaking, a massive innovation in vacuum cleaner design. It obviously makes a fantastic second machine but I’d argue that, like me, you could replace your main upright machine with one of these.

If you buy this machine, then I guarantee home cleaning will never be the same again!

Brief Dyson Video

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