5 New Ideas You Need to Try for Organizing Your Closet

Updated on October 27, 2016

1. Effective Use of Lighting

Closets can be dark and scary places, especially if they're messy! Often overlooked, good lighting makes finding things easier, and can make getting ready a lot more pleasant. Try swapping out your normal closet rods for LED ones that are motion-activated and battery-operated. Putting pot lights above shelves is another effective solution.

LED Closet Rod
LED Closet Rod | Source
Shoe rack on the back of a door.
Shoe rack on the back of a door.

2. Use Your Doors

Shelves and rods are important, but an often forgotten space is the door. Hanging hooks, jewelry organizers, and shoe racks are all great ways to utilize the underused space. Want to get unconventional? Install a mirror cabinet on the door, creating not only a functional mirror, but storage behind it! You can reclaim the space you would have otherwise used on a mirror elsewhere.

3. Use Vertical Space (Above and Below)

Take advantage of the full wall space you have at your disposal. High shelves can be useful for items that aren't commonly used or needed. You can also opt for shelf dividers to avoid using boxes that make item visibility difficult. Below I suggest roll out boxes that can house shoes, purses, those other items that are difficult to cleanly put away on the shelf. A great option for these is that roll out box you would typically keep under your bed. Move it to the closet instead!

4. Less Drawers & Doors More Open Space

What makes getting ready a time consuming process? Having to pull open drawers, cabinet doors and the like just to find that one item you need. Opt for shelves and clear boxes instead so that items can be easily viewed, even at a distance. Want to go one step ahead? Label those boxes too!

Lazy Susan in Closet
Lazy Susan in Closet | Source

5. Utilize Difficult Corners With Lazy Susans

Corners are always difficult to use as the space is very awkward to access. So why not use the same sort of system you employ in your kitchen cabinets to your closet? If you're ambitious, or redesigning your closet, you could outfit the whole corner with a large lazy susan. If you're not as ambitious, and you're working with shelves instead, install some easily yourself. You can purchase them at any home outfitter or department store (you can usually find them in the kitchen/dining department). It will make finding items much easier, and is a fun distraction as well!

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