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How to Remove Yellow Sweat Stains

Remove yellow sweat stains from clothes.

Remove yellow sweat stains from clothes.

Preventing and Removing Yellow Sweat Stains

We all feel pressure at one point or another, and with that pressure usually comes a lot of perspiration. When our sweat is combined with store-bought antiperspirants, the end result is sure to be ugly yellow armpit stains.

The task of getting rid of these—or preventing them in the first place—may not be nearly as difficult as one would imagine. By following a few simple laundry applications and hygiene techniques, you may just find the stains caused by a stressful day at work to be stress-free in the laundry room!

2 Main Causes for Yellow Sweat Stains

The same products that prevent you from perspiring, and your perspiration itself, are the very same items that cause those nasty yellow armpit stains. These compounds will dye white fabrics yellow while dyeing dark fabrics a lighter color. Here's why:

  1. Aluminum-based antiperspirants contain pretty high levels of acid as well as compounds that add to the staining process.
  2. Human sweat contains traces of urea—the same stuff found in urine—which also has compounds that contribute to the staining, or more accurately "dyeing" of fabrics.

How to Prevent Sweat Stains

Everyone seems to have some crazy method or concoction to rid fabrics of sweat stains. But what if you discovered three really simple solutions for preventing those stains from setting in the first place? Check these out!

3 Ways to Stop Sweaty Armpits

  1. By applying your antiperspirant right after you shower or bathe, and right before you go to bed at night (allow it to totally dry before putting on any fabrics), you can reduce the overall amount of perspiration released from under your arms. This method places a barrier of protection between your glands and your couture!
  2. Use only a deodorant—these don't contain aluminum elements—instead of antiperspirant. This product will not stop the sweating at all, but also will not stain your fabrics. Some say that rubbing alcohol or vinegar on your pits then, allowing them to dry, can reduce the scent of body odor. It seems these products kill the bacteria that cause body odor. The wetness will still reside, but talc powders and shaving the hair can be helpful for the wetness.
  3. This may be a tiny bit on the extreme side, but Botox injections are all the rage for reduced sweating. Almost all who have injections at the underarm site find amazingly good results. Repeat injections are required, but there is no arguing with the overall results.

More Ways to Stop Yellow Pit Stains

Wearing a barrier between you and your garments can completely stop stains from occurring. These help to wick away the moisture from your clothing, thus preventing stain buildup.

Perspiration Barriers

  • Plain white cotton t-shirt
  • Armpit shields

3 Proven Ways to Stop Armpit Sweat

How to Remove Existing Yellow Sweat Stains

The four products that best help to remove stains from your clothing may be quite familiar to you. The manner in which you use them to remove yellow stains will determine the level of results you find in the end. Let's take a look at each method to find the one that suits your needs best.

4 Products That Remove Sweat Stains

  1. Ammonia: Make a solution of 1:1 parts ammonia and water. Rub directly on stain working it into the fabric. Once the solution is applied, wash as usual. (This also works on blood and urine.)
  2. Vinegar: Make a vinegar and water solution of 2:1 (2 parts vinegar, 1 part water). Completely saturate the stained area with this mixture. Allow it to sit for two hours, then wash as usual.
  3. OxiClean: Prepare a paste using OxiClean and water. Using an old toothbrush or scrubbing brush, work the paste into the stained area. Allow to rest for about 15 minutes, wash as usual.
  4. Aspirin: Make a powder using 2 or 3 high-dose aspirin tablets by crushing them in a sealed baggie. Place the powder into a medium size glass or plastic—not aluminum—bowl. Add a couple of cups of warm water to the bowl and stir. Allow the aspirin to completely dissolve. Soak the areas of your clothing that have stains in the mixture, allow them to rest for two hours. Wash as usual.

Sweat Stain Laundry Tips

  • Be sure to get the sweat stain removal solutions on the inside of the clothing where fabric actually touches the skin. After all, this is where the problem begins!
  • Soak your sweat-marked clothing in ice water immediately when you get home. This prevents the stains from setting altogether.
  • Never use bleach on yellow sweat stains.

How to Hide Sweat Marks and Stains

We all know that black can hide sweat stains remarkably well, but did you know that most other solid color fabrics can make those stains stand out?

Clothing Patterns That Hide Sweat

If hiding sweaty marks on your clothing is of vital importance, try adding colorful patterns and designs that have dark colors in the pattern to your wardrobe. Dark patterns and bright colored designs work to disguise the appearance of embarrassing stains by breaking them up.

Clothing Materials That Hide Sweat

No matter what material you choose, remember that the pattern and design will still play a role in hiding nasty sweat stains. If you are thinking cotton is a good material or fabric for the job, you would be mistaken. Cotton actually shows sweat marks far more so than most other fabrics. It does help keep you cooler but at the expense of a sweaty fashion faux pas.

The best way to hide sweat when wearing cotton fabrics is to stick with those that offer a blend; like 50% rayon or 60% polyester-cotton blends. Velour and even fleece make fantastic sweat maskers, but they also may cause more perspiration to hide in the long run!

Layer Your Clothes to Hide Sweat Marks

By layering lightweight fabrics, you can hide many instances of perspiration. Simply wear a solid-colored cool and comfortable t-shirt or tank under a pattern-designed open front top-shirt. The undershirt will help to keep the moisture off of your outerwear. This not only hides the sweat but adds a little fashion flair to your outfit!

Say Goodbye to Pit Stains

Adding these tips to your "armpit sweat stain" arsenal is sure to bring a confident stride to your day. Whether you choose to prevent, remove, or a little of both, those yellow sweat stains are on their way out of your fabrics' life. Keeping your day cool, your pits dry, and patterns on your clothes all help to reduce and remove ugly yellow sweat stains from your wardrobe. Which in turn, may keep fashion, romance, and success within your stain-free reach!

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This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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Great hub. I also found that anything from Dial Soap will leave yellow stains. Their shower gel or hand soap anything that is made by them. My husband never has yellow stains but when he started using their bar soap he started getting yellow stains. When he changed to a different brand, no more stains. All very good ideas and I love a white wash and everything to come out clean looking. Voted uP!

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Ericdierker~ Some of my family come from the land of construction workers, whereby a yellow sweat stain is a rite of passage for the men, and a measure of skilled labor for the women. These stain removal tips are tried and true, to say the least! Thank you for your kind comments.


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