How to Clean Your Dirty, Stinky Leather Boots

Updated on February 2, 2017

Dirty Smelly Leather WorkBoots- No More!!

Cleaning your dirty leather Workboots may not be your typical piece of laundry but it is now! You know longer have to wear those dreaded dirty leather boots one more day with that smell, dirt and marks on them. I bet you have been leaving your boots out side and hoping for the best, thinking you can keep them for just one more month before buying a new pair.

But if they are not welcomed in your home or you are embarrassed to take them off around others it's time to take action.

I know you hate to throw away your well fitting, broken in, good sole, no tear but oh so dirty boots. Now you don't have to. I am going to show you how to wash your dirty leather work boots in the washing machine.

No worries you can use the front or top loading washing machine to wash your boots. Don't go run off and do it now! Stay with me, there are some very important rules to follow to have your boots intact and looking good again. Messing up these steps can cause your boots to be hard and damaged.

There is not a lot of preparation besides taking out your shoe strings and replacing them or washing them separately. Are you ready? Here we go!

Steps To Cleaning Your Leather Boots In The Washing Machine

  1. You must first remove your laces and set your machine to the shortest setting. No more than 10 minutes.The leather will absorb too much water if washed longer.
  2. Make sure your water is cold or warm. Never hot!! This is not good and will ruin your boots.
  3. Use enough laundry detergent for a small load. More will be harmful to the leather. You don't want hard boots.
  4. When your machine has finished the cycle remove the boots and place in the sun to dry. This may take a while but never put your boots in the dryer.

You should know that it is not advisable for you to add other items when you are washing your boots. The leather is treated and can leak color.

How To Soften Leather Boots

You can use mink oil for leather to treat and soften your leather boots after they have thoroughly dried after washing. You can use a warm setting on dryer to get the mink oil going.

  • mink oil
  • soft cloth
  1. Warm mink oil paste with hand dryer.
  2. Rub mink oil all over leather boots well.
  3. Let dry.
  4. Repeat steps.

How To Clean Smelly Leather Boots

Getting rid of the terrible odors from your leather boots is as simple as spraying vinegar and heavily sprinkling baking soda after work and pouring it out before work. The baking soda is a deodorizer and will absorb those nasty odors from your boots. It will help to alternate the boots you w

  • 1/3 cup white vinegar
  • spray bottle
  • baking sodaear on a regular basis.

Of course there are rules! Stay with me this is important people!

  1. If your leather shoe has a bad odor you will first have to spray 1/3 cup of vinegar into both of your shoes or boots. This is the pretreatment.
  2. Let your leather shoes or boots thoroughly dry.
  3. Place your baking soda in your shoes overnight.
  4. Tap your shoes or boots to remove the baking soda.
  5. You now have odor free shoes!

How To Clean Odor Causing Bacteria Without Washing Leather Boots

You can wipe the inside of your leather boots with tea tree oil to clean odor causing bacteria.

  • tea tree oil
  • cotton balls

This oil is potent and a swipe is all you need. If you have sweaty feet this and a little baking soda while you wearing your shoe will help.

Good luck cleaning your leather work boots. You and those close to you will now be able to enjoy a fresher and friendlier work boot!

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