Invisible Biting Mites and Black Mold

Updated on January 16, 2018
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I didn’t believe I could have black mold in my home, but it turns out I did. This is how I dealt with getting rid of it.

What Invisible Things Are Biting Me?

Do you feel a crawling sensation on your skin when sitting on furniture or in bed, or even in your clothes? Or odd pinpricks on exposed skin as you move around the house? It may sound strange, but it could be mould spores.

I was suffering from those very symptoms when, googling 'invisible insects' and 'crawling feelings', I came across an account by a woman going through the same thing; she believed it was down to the toxic mould growing in her humidifier. I thought, "But I don’t have a humidifier, or even air conditioning. My house seems dry as a bone." But, as the various creams and sprays and daily launderings seemed to be having no effect, I thought it might be worthwhile having a hunt. I was horrified by what I found.

My symptoms started in April (we’re in France so that’s the start of the warmer weather): tiny, pinprick sensations felt in different areas around the house. In our bed and on sofas, there was dust that felt like itching powder. I also felt these unnerving crawling sensations whenever I sat on the sofa or on chairs, and in bed at night. I wondered if it was a new breed of dustmite, as whatever it was seemed to have set up camp in the upholstery, rugs and bedding.

Mysterious Biting, Crawling, Flying, Itchy Sensations

At first, the crawling and bites were the worst part, but in late September, as the weather became cooler and drier, I felt invisible, midge-like things landing on my face and exposed skin at night. It was difficult to sleep. My young kids would wake up itching, and after I'd settled them I’d lie awake for the rest of the night, my mind reeling and roiling, feeling like I was under attack by thousands of minuscule dust-like insects, some flying, some crawling.

My car became infested, and also my chair at work. I would feel things hopping from the floor on to my ankles. At the height of the affliction, I would feel crawling sensations in my trousers and on my face and hair, and once I also felt something fly into my eyes.

There was definitely something physical there, but whatever it was, it was invisible. I did sometimes notice what appeared to be a particle of dust darting off in the corner of my vision.

Discovering the Mould

At home one day, I starting picking at some of the wallpaper in the bathroom ... and there it was: a big splodge of furry black mould.

A man came to inspect. He placed his humidity gauge here and there, took a sample from the wall, took a look around and said that we probably didn't have anything to worry about - the house was dry and the patch of mould in the bathroom was too little to worry about.

This 'good' news plunged me back into despair. If it wasn't mould, then what on earth was making us itch and sting, and interrupting our sleep? What was spooking the cats so much that they refused to sleep in the house?

Not long after the expert's visit, I was sitting at my laptop in the living room. I could feel tiny specks of dust landing on my face and arms. Dust that stuck to my skin and tingled. It was almost like a miasma of electromagnetic static around me and the computer screen. I started googling again -- 'invisible biting bugs' and 'mold spores' -- but could only find talkboards where terrified people came to share their nightmarish accounts of GM bugs, bird mites, morgellons and skin parasites.

Terrified, and determined to get to the bottom of the mystery, I went back to the small mould patch in the bathroom and starting pulling off more strips of wallpaper. To my surprise, and enormous satisfaction, I uncovered metres of slimy black and green mould growing between the layers of old wall covering.

More paper-peeling revealed the slimy fractals of mould had spread to the living room wall, too; near where I'd been sitting on my laptop. And finally, on the stairwell, in the middle of the house (basically serving as a conduit for the warm fireside air to waft upstairs and all around the bedrooms), was the thickest, slimiest covering of all.

I WAS OVERJOYED. Disgusted, naturally, but mostly overjoyed. I think it's the happiest I'd been in a year.

Frequently Asked Questions

What invisible thing is biting me?

You my not be able to see it, but I bet if you keep looking, you'll find mould hiding somewhere in the house. It hides behind walls, between layers of wallpaper, under cabinets and refrigerators, and under carpet. Don't forget to check the attic and basement.

Does mold bite people?

No, mould doesn't have teeth, but it can feel just like a mild insect sting.

What exactly is causing this skin-crawling sensation?

Allergies, perhaps, or sensitivity to certain types of mould.

Getting Rid of Mold in My Home

  • Note: Be careful not to disturb the mold itself until the specialists arrive. Also, try to avoid fluctuations in temperature or humidity in the affected area. The last thing you want is more spores being released into your home.
  • For cleaning other areas, I used natural detergent from the organic shop on the floors. The bottle I bought had clove, eucalyptus, and pine essential oils in. It smelled so much better than horrible bleach. It was almost a pleasure to mop!
  • I wrapped the mattresses in plastic sheeting and taped them up. I also put the pillows in plastic bags, taping them shut. Luckily we have removable covers on the sofa, so I bagged up the cushions and put the covers back over them.
  • I went a bit mad on laundry, and this was definitely overkill, soaking clothes and bedding in ammonia and sometimes bleach - and now, looking back, I'm not sure how effective it all was.
  • I stayed away from the sofas as much as possible, also kept iPad/iPhone/laptop activity to a minimum, especially in bed, as this seemed to make the symptoms worse.
  • I cleaned the house with white vinegar and sometimes bleach (but not at the same time or in the same spot, since these two ingredients are toxic when mixed), and also clove oil.
  • Again, be careful not to disturb the mould itself until the specialists arrive.

Mold in the bathroom.
Mold in the bathroom.

Does Mold Enter Your Body?

When this all happened, I was desperate for answers and turned to the internet, where I found some unsubstantiated anecdotes about people's bodies being 'contaminated' by mould. I now believe that the mould affliction was purely external (i.e., in the house/walls) and not in our bodies. Since I got the 'body invasion' idea from a bunch of terrifying online chatrooms, these treatments might not be necessary. But it did seem to me at the time that they reduced the crawling and nipping sensations.

  • Teaspoon of turmeric powder each night (moving on to a mixture of turmeric, cinnamon, and clove) swilled about in some water and knocked back with great stoicism
  • Fermented cabbage juice: half a glass twice a day
  • No alcohol (well, I couldn’t quite manage that of course, and noticed the high sugar content caused a spike in symptoms)
  • I also took a multivitamin tablet every night, along with a B vitamin complex tablet and capsule of powdered apple cider vinegar (knocking back a mouthful of the liquid would probably be more powerful though
  • I drank herbal teas. Pau D’arco and a floral blend that promised to treat candida
  • I ate well: fish, green veg, plenty of water

On my skin, I used:

  • Organic coconut oil
  • Clove or cedar essential oil: a drop or two added to moisturiser before bed kept the biting/crawling at bay amazingly well.

In the bath:

  • Apple cider vinegar (one cup).
  • Baking soda is also good.
  • Clove essential oil.

The recovery and beyond

After we persuaded the landlord to remove the mould from the walls, things cleared up. There was heaps of the horrible stuff apparently (though hidden beneath layers of paint and wallpaper) and it was a big cleanse-and-replaster job. Two months later and the crawly, nippy sensations were gone, as was the feeling that tiny invisible bugs were landing on me at night.

We lived another year in that house, all the while jumping at every mosquito bite or tiniest itch, ever expecting it all to return, but it never did. We now live in another house, and though I sometimes feel itches from the mattress and sofa we brought with us, it's nothing like the plague of invisible insects we experienced before.

We still talk about it and wonder what on earth it all was, and how we managed to survive it. I know you're probably, like me, reading all the horror stories online about morgellons and other types of bacterial infection, but I now believe it really was all external and simply related to a bad case of mould. It got into our clothes and sheets and upholstery, but I don't think it affected us internally. (I wrote in my original post that 'it gets into your blood'—I wish I could erase that hysterical assumption, as it'll only cause further alarm to other sufferers.) As soon as the mould was gone, our symptoms cleared up.

I think we carry a sensitivity to it (apparently this is normal following exposure to certain types of mould) and I do believe the type of mould we discovered—chaetomium—is particularly insidious/virulent, which is why I now itch at first contact with dust mites in carpets and fabrics.

A word on the dust mites: I have a theory that they were instrumental in spreading the mould around our house and into mattresses, sofa cushions, etc. According to yet more stuff I read on the web, dust mites adore mould and their population size rockets when they find a source of it to eat. They don't digest it though, so it sort of circulates through their bodies and back into and around the house, delightfully.

Another thought I had: around the same time as the symptoms started, we came into contact with a nest of processionary caterpillars, those furry little beasts who live in a candy-floss-like nest at the top of pine trees (we live in France). They came down the tree in April and after my daughter and I came into contact with them in the garden, we both came out in spots for a week or so. The little caterpillar hairs got into our laundry and continued itching and bothering us for a month. I don't know if it's related, but worth mentioning.

Final Thoughts

So there we are. It was mould all along, and probably some form of miniscule mould-eating bug, along with another big mould fan, the household dustmite. It makes me very happy to be able to say that we're all healthy, well-slept and itch-free these days.

Have hope, all ye in peril on this sea of madness. Be strong, be kind to yourselves, try to get out of the house and distract yourselves with the good things in life. But, most importantly, find that mould!


Even some doctors are unaware of how mold can affect skin, but awareness is growing.

The National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences includes skin rashes on their list of the health effects associated with mold exposure.

The US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health's Immune Response Among Patients Exposed to Molds was a study in which 53% of the patients reported skin reactions to mold.

In Mold Exposure And Rashes- Angioedema, Luke Curtis, MD MS CIH asserts that "A number of studies and case reports have linked indoor exposure to molds and or water damage to significantly greater risk of skin rashes and angioedema. Both molds and bacteria produce a large number of toxins that can cause toxic or allergic skin reactions."

Lastly, see A Study of Clinical Sensitivity to Air-Borne Molds by Edna S. Pennington, MD for more research.

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      • profile image

        It Gets Better 22 hours ago

        Never mind, it came back of course. I'm still experimenting and it is almost worse now. more of them and I'm having muscle and body spasms. Showers and baths help for hours though I found an ant infestation in my bedroom and I think there is a spider mite ? infestation? Something crawled on my face last night so I grabbed the lotion and rubbed it on. The thing made a loud snapping noise and then I realized it attached itself to my hand. It was yellow, sticky, and kind of stringy and already partial burrowed in seconds. I tried to pull it off with my fingers and it would come off so I got the tweezers and pulled it off. i put it in a ziplock and plan to get a microscope. Right now, I'm thinking it is some kind of mite. Scabies seems to fit to a large extent except I am not itching a ton... I feel them crawl and often they bit but the bite is not super painful. There were a million tiny ones again coming off my head, invisible bugs, and I put coconut oil on them and I think they freaked out and injected me with some poison that caused the body tension muscle spasms. I'm exhausted. I don't see how I can work. I thought maybe I could work at night and sleep during the day but I bet, it is just a resting thing. they bite when I rest, like many insects, they hide when I'm in motion. What is this? What should I do? If I stay up all night for days, and don't let them come out and feed on me will they leave or die?

      • profile image

        KeitasKookie 2 days ago

        My story is slighty different beening around two best friends of mines, I get something off them, its unreal at first bout 2 years it started, I finally told one of my friends I was getting something off her, It didn't go over well she didn't speak with me for a very long time. started seeing little white things that look like lint, now this crap is in my hair body, cloths, my furniture, my husband is ready to leave me he thinks I'm nuts, but its real I've collected little white gradules, tiny black specks, some little stick looking thing that came out of my hair,and some glitter look thing. These things are also in my carpet its real bad, I looking to send this in to a Lab get tested to see what type of crap this is they do not look like bugs so my husband has told me I'm ruining our good like, really like I'm not bugged out, like I said I'm getting this off of people, my husband got it from my one of the above mentioned friends we'd been over her house for a funeral so there all day, he told me it was the soap he was useing his skin is tougher then my, he wash ever thing in hot water I'm buying all types of repellents, I sure his denial is the reason its all over our house, I've gotten cream from the doctor, but its non ending and way hard to get rid of, so I have to prove I'm not out of my mind or I'm sure I will be Husbandless.

      • profile image

        It Gets Better 3 days ago

        It might be mites (bird nest on the porch) or lice (attacked by bugs while talking to someone) or chiggers, fleas from dogs parks, but whats working for the invisible bugs (that bite me all over while I sleep mostly) so far is this:

        Coconut lotion (I got Jergens Hydrating). You can catch them this way. I think it kills them - slather on where you feel them crawling or biting and keep rubbing until you feel a tiny little bug - BINGO - I get them most every time. Put them under a magnifying glass though really I need a microscope they are so small. They look like multiple things... tiny black nats, black with wings, skinny, oval. Or dandruff on the end of a piece of hair (lice I think that falls after I use the comb) Or a flea. I have a dog and we go to the park twice a day, walking in tall grass. I live in a humid allergy infested zone, full of ticks and chiggers and who knows We are also by many horses (Kentucky). Most people keep the grass 1 inch tall here and now I know why. They also shower immediately after coming inside (after being at a park).

        1 cup of hot coconut oil in a tighly tied plastic bag on hair for over 2 hours. This got the louse out of my hair (looks like white rice), after that I felt a million times better but I know I have to get the nits/eggs/babies too.

        After OIL, then I used Meijer brand spearmint mouthwash for the nits (bag on head for 4 hours I think - I slept with it).

        It made them scurry all over me like crazy trying to get away from it.

        Isopropel Alcohol in spray bottles to clean tools, combs etc and surfaces, and dry out bumps on skin and for body hair. Careful, it burns.

        Wash face, eyebrows and lashes, with baby shampoo with lavender

        Spray dog beds and carpets with vinegar and blow fan to dry... when you leave the home since this is hard to breathe and also hard on eyes.

        Spray a comb with alcohol or vinegar to comb through hair but also spearmint mouthwash when leaving the home - lice doesn't like the smell of it?

        Baths - vinegar (1.5 cups - ouch), salt, baby shampoo with lavender baths.

        1 part vinegar to 2 parts vegetable oil on skin for a half hour minimum.

        Coconut oil drops in ears. they were in my ears!! Ran out the first time and its so much better now.

        Shower, shower, shower - with baby shampoo with lavender

        Clean, vaccuum like crazy - I spray the vacuum with vinegar or alcohol too.

        Clean the car too. Spray with vinegar or alcohol.

        Baking soda on carpets. Vacuum

        Wash clothes in hot, dry high, put in plastic tarps or bags, clean and dirty to contain the spread.

        Shaving hair off body as much as possible

        Spray bed, carpet, baseboards with isopropel or straight vinegar when leaving the house- blow a fan on it to dry.

        Dehumidifier - Bugs like warm and wet so keep it cool and dry - below 74 degrees.

        Leave bed uncovered and spray with the vinegar or isopropel alcohol - blow fan on it to dry or use dehumidifier. check beds for bed bugs

        Ant traps - I'm fairly infested with ants around baseboards.

        I have lice combs now and am continuing treatments (oil and vinegar or mouthwash) on hair until complete gone. I will do this for 10 days in a row minimum (along with vinegar baths or lots of showers with baby shampoo after being outside) and then gradually taper off to once a week since I see so many have this prob for months and I am determined to kill it completely for good.

        Always carrying coconut lotion to get them as they crawl on me.

        Bug spray with deet on shoes, ankles under pants, and on top of pants and clothing before going to parks or in grass.

        I feel better and slept a full night a few times now so this should be over soon but I know I have to keep it up for a long time to complete solve the prob.

        I hope this helps someone. Take care.

      • profile image

        Virginia Spearman 6 days ago

        THANK YOU

      • profile image

        Islan 3 weeks ago

        OMG!!! I live in the middle of the woods. I KNOW I have mold and I thought I was LOSING MY MIND!!! I just sprayed myself down from head to toe with Windex ( I read another persons experience with this) . Though I normally use ORTHO HOME DEFENSE! THANK YOU! I'm Not CRAZY!!!!!!!!! I don't think my landlord will help me. I'm disabled and have a "Pocket Pit Bull" as a a comfort and semi service dog. I AM FREAKING OUT!!!! I first saw the black mold in my bathroom. The tiles in my shower were has become a VERY serious health problem for me. Not just the itching, but I have a compromised immune system. Basically? it could kill me. I feel the itching in every room! I RARELY go into my bathroom but to use the toilet. (my hot water heater broke) I'm a "section 8" but am a clean person. I'm in tears right now because FINALLY I know what it is and I'm NOT crazy!!!!!!!!!!!

      • profile image

        Dontgiveup 3 weeks ago

        Wash clothes as much as possible. When in shower wash with hibiclens antisepticskin cleanser you mix with your soap let sit wash twice make sure since feet and legs good before getting out wear flip flops in shower and around house. Iron clothes if you don't have good steamer or dryer for clothes. Babyoil after shower or ucalyptus lotion.les hair on body the better. Some kind of hair oil or hair grease. If it gets bad dye hair worked for me for a while. Vaccume everyday I mopped walls with bleach . Put plastic bedding on all bedding. Steamshoes before you put them on. Clean ears with peroxide before bed. I slept with swim cap on and in morning jumped straight in shower. Tumeric everyday vitamines .keep fans running keep house cool . Dawn soap vinegar and babyshampoo for washing your animal feed them raw garlic get them out the houseas much as you can. Vaccum your vehicles every week we even vacuumed or beds and pillows. Kirby vaccume are the best. Air purifiers help as well but clean them daily. Lots of sunlight in the house don't hide in the dark you only get depressed and it gets worse. I heard tanning booth works r a steam room clorine .I'm not a doctor but these things works for us. Wipe everything down as much as you can or it gets out of control. Lavaner works good to.ghydrogen peroxide on face. Boric acide on carbet and around house it even works in warm baths for you. I hope this helps maybe not be exactly what's wrong with you but maybe it will for for someone else. Good luck to you and hopefully a answer for all of us one day. Fingers crossed. Anybody find anything new about all of this?

      • profile image

        Shannon 3 weeks ago

        Okay so I've been reading these post and I have to say I relate by far. I took the advice of one of post last night and took two of my Gabapentin and it seem to work I havent been feeling the crawling of what ever ive been feeling on my skin. I will keep posting and updating about my day cause this feeling I know have been the worst and at times I think I'm going crazy or hallucinating. Thank u all for the help.

      • profile image

        CAR50 6 weeks ago

        I think I should have started my first comment thanking Anna Lockhart for posting her family story , her story sounds really close to mine . From the others who have commented , I have also read about those symptoms , the rats carry mites , I read about a doctor's story who was infected by rat mites as he was jogging through a cemetery , he was able to dig one rat mite out of his skin and had it tested , I know I can only talk for myself , but those are the stories, also about the sand fly that infects people with worms , they enter through their feet or the tick from the deer that causes lyme disease , I have come to the conclusion, again, this is just my opinion that all of these parasites leave the fungal spores called bartonella , that is the reason of the never ending bumps that keep forming ulcers and turn the skin into an eczema psoriasis state that is hard to control and that is the reason why we keep struggling with the leftovers of whatever bit us or entered our bodies.

      • profile image

        CAR50 6 weeks ago

        It's BIRD MITES...I was infested and I didn't know,I thought I had a case of eczema and pimples ,this happened around 2014/2015 , it's now March 2018 , since then my skin hasn't been the same. I used jojoba mixed with lavender and clove oil mostly,Apple cider vinegar ,hydrogen peroxide , benzoyl peroxide and acne cream washes that had salicylic acid , Listerine the cool mint blue , Neutrogena coal tar shampoo on body or scalp, to cure the ulcers lotrimin jock itch the yellow package. All of this helped some since I thought I was treating unexplained allergies , but I think they left a residue or the bird mites stayed in the skin , the residue feels and looks like a splinter, but it's not . During the infestation there were red little points that looked like mosquito bites. I was on doxycycline on and off for acne treatment , so that might have helped some with infections, but the skin stayed purging trying to get rid of the little fuzz black threads that come out like black specks or points .

      • profile image

        CaseOfDenverDTs 6 weeks ago

        10 yrs and counting. Constant crawling of black and white midge that fly??? Flying mites how out of this world. Currently head and face and shoulders super infected. Tried clove oil + tea tree + some ortho malathion poison and OMG they went crazy over my entire head, half my face down my neck into my shoulders. Over ten yrs have consider just ending it all but I have kids so that keeps me here. Last 2 weeks had to put down my beloved boston terrier who was infected. Oct 2017 his belly swelled to size 1/2 football, he developed a bad cough and sneezing a lot followed by throwing up what ever he ate for his last week whereas he could hardly make it up the stairs. I felt it was better to end his suffering rather than watch his health decline any more RIP Buster these bugs took him down

      • profile image

        Danielle 6 weeks ago

        I had this back in 09 and for fews suffered. I tried everything and cleaned out my home and looked for mold but couldn't find anything. I found a solution on the internet after many days of research. Buy Nizoral A-D Anti-Dandruff Shampoo (I found it at CVS or amazon), then shower and rub all over once wet and leave on for a few minutes then rinse. I did it on my face too but watch your eyes! Then after I showered I mixed some tea tree oil and my regular lotion and covered my body in it. This won't give you instant relief but it will get rid of it. Repeat it everyday until it's gone and remember to wash all linens and clothes with Borax.

      • profile image

        CAR50 7 weeks ago

        Black specks are bird mites , I was infested for about a year and didn't know what it was until I bought a microscope and took a look at the black specks I had caught coming out of my face ,now I have the little cotton look like threads that look like blue fibers under the microscope.

      • profile image

        char1969 2 months ago

        I found this article after googling "little black specks of mould".

        So sorry for all the suffering I've read about here!

        I have a mould problem which is being addressed. My immune system is compromised, and I think that is the reason why I have most of the horrible side effects described. My son, whose immune system works fine, does NOT have them. So, tell all the disbelieving people that some of us are sensitive to certain things, and some of us are not! There is no craziness involved, it's just either your immune system or plain individual sensitivity to something.

        I see that some of the comments say that people have taken their beds and sofas with them when they moved. I think maybe they have taken their infestations with them, and the mould or whatever it was will build up again. Getting rid of an expensive piece of furniture is no joke (I'm faced with this myself), but may be necessary.

        A seemingly separate issue that I see here is a description of thread-like infestations. I read somewhere that certain genetically modified foods, whose DNA has been changed to have the characteristics of some plant or the other, cause threads to grow out of your skin. When the threads are tested, they sometimes prove to be cotton fibres, but there might be other thread-like thingies that belong to different plants. And again, it may affect one person but not another.

        I hope my comments have helped at least one person here.

      • profile image

        Catb 2 months ago

        I am having this same exact stuff, this is literally driving me more crazier, my youngest son 18 yrs old says Momma please go to sleep I promise I can see good and I see no bugs

      • profile image

        TheMadCzech 2 months ago

        (cont for a bit)

        Some is small oval balls of transparent or white threads, smaller than a hair.... Sometimes with the occasional blue or red ones thrown in. Lots of loose white ones too. I thought they might be cocoons or something similar. Now I think maybe they're just the loose ones rolled up somehow. I'm at a loss to explain the consistency.

        I'll get back to you on how I got rid of the sores on my scalp and the lesions, sores, etc on my chest.

        Although I'm still fighting this I've greatly reduced many of the symptoms. After the Malathion incident last summer two days before my 36th wedding anniversary, which I celebrated in intensive care at Parkland listening to quacks telling me I was delusional, I was hopeless for awhile because I thought my most effective tool was gone.

        And being careless and desperate almost cost me my life.

        I was wrong. I've almost got my confidence up enough to go to a doc, got one picked out but just wanted to have something coherent to say, considering the treatment I got at Parkland.

        You see, when I started looking for answers and researching this online I knew... I KNEW because the stories people were telling had a ring of truth to them... That they would call me delusional. The ain't my first rodeo, I'm 61 GD years old worked my ass off all my life. Making idiots like those guys look like fools most of it.

        I'll get back to you. Relief is no big secret... Aromatic oils, milder pesticides, vacuum cleaners... For the most part cheap and freely available.

        But the cure is antibiotics. Someone way down the page said "fungus" and mentioned a med, said it was prescription.... But what he mentioned is an antibiotic, both prescription and OTC. I'm not being cryptic ad I'm sure if you're affected by this you've read the whole page just like I did ...

        I think it started with an "m", but I'd have to go back

        However either the paper I began with or one of those related mentioned a combination of doxycycline and. I think, zythromycin. That's why you need a real doc that will look at the science, read the research, and take you seriously.

        God help the next SOB that calls me delusional. I didn't get a chance to run this past my rheumatologist. She panicked when I told her I thought I had mites.

        The guy I have picked out does travel medicine and infections diseases. Hope he listens.

        Before that I'll get back to you with the rest. No way I can relate it all here but I left you hanging trying to be too detailed probably.

        Epson salts, table salts, oil of peppermint, eucalyptus, menthol, spearmint. A lot of generic stuff from WallyWorld or wherever.

        Milder pesticides than the Malathion, used more carefully.

        No big secret and I'll be back.

      • profile image

        TheMadCzech 2 months ago

        "It" is NOT mold. Mold may be a component but the cause of this is known. This has been studied and it's related to Lyme disease.

        Google "Filament formation associated with spirochetal infection: a comparative approach to Morgellons disease"

        Or the direct link (I found this on several sites including the CDC, so one link of several):

        I have this. I STILL have this. My wife thought I was making it up. Later she realized it's real, although she was frustrated at the time and efforts I was making to rid myself of it. Then finally she has similar, but not exact or as extensive, symptoms.

        We live on average in Texas that I have in Wildlife Management. I have oak trees two grown men can't reach around. I have mesquite trees almost that big, literally a large grown man can't reach around with both hands... bbq cooks would sell their mothers to get them, they're that rare. I have places with such dense canopy it's dim at noon in July and so scary because it seems so remote.

        I always carry at least a big pistol when walking or working because we have a large herd of feral hogs, which not only can kill you but also EAT you (tell me I don't need a gun).

        This is all relevant because pigs carry/transmit many diseases that can infect humans and vice-versa. Also, the outflow of the city of Ennis,Tx wastewater treatment plant runs through my neighbor's property, which used to be owned by my dad in law. The water is as clear as tapwater... Might be deceptive, certainly is relevant for obvious reasons.

        At first I was getting random bites at times... No problem, we have dogs, it must be fleas. Bathed the dogs,sprayed the dogs,house, yard, vacuum more. If you have dogs or whatever you know the drill. Follow it for a couple of weeks. Everything goes away for however long.

        At first it was fleas, I saw some of them. I occasionally would feel something crawling in my hair... Not unusual considering where I live, with one neighbor having cattle right across the fence from my back yard and the neighbor on the other side with horses, goats, chickens and dogs.

        I've owned the property for a decade but moved here permanently just over two years ago. It was unoccupied for a few years and was infested with rats. We have all the native wildlife of Texas here, with few exceptions.

        Including ticks.

        Last year my wife pulled a tick off my back I now know was probably a Lone Star Tick... Which gives you a reason to read that paper I lead off with or you won't be able to keep up.

        I had all kinds of things going on that may or may not be related. I believe that this is transmitted by more than one vector and also that people/animals that have it often have other infections/conditions as well. The research paper in the link stated that people usually do have other conditions. It also makes a link to wet/humid conditions.

        Moving on because you want to know my symptoms. I can tell you that some are different and most are the same as I've seen described here and elsewhere.

        What's different is I have, probably sill have some kind of flukes. Flukes are flatworms related to roundworms. "They" mostly claim we dont have them here. Don't believe it. Blood flukes may be rare in the US (ever hear of the "wheel"? How about the "jet"?... Yeah)

        Other flukes we evidently have scars of according to a Puerto Rican fisheries biologist in a book I'll have to get back to you with the title of, but it's readily available free online. Mr fishes biologist says our black bass and catfish are covered with them compared to those in PR... He cares because it's his (or was) his job to ensure PR sport fishing is attractive to tourists. I had something that looked like flukes in my nose, mouth eyes (tear ducts), ears,hair and sometimes running around on my skin. Took me a couple months to catch some, they look like little leaves, clear like a contact lenses and the largest ones about that size. I thought I was seeing things until I finally got so frustrated I washed one out of my ear with hot water and the kitchen sink sprayer. One way you get them is the same way you get hookworms, by walking barefoot. They can bore through the skin the same way, the migrate under a layer of skin sometimes, then get in the blood , go to the lungs, up the windpipe, down the stomach, out the anus.... Hookworms are roundworms, flatworms and roundworms are related. Another fluke you can get cases "swimmer's itch" here in the US.... They have worse ones in Central America and Africa but note that you can get any type of fluke from uncooked vegetables or undercooked meat as well as bites from aquatic flies.... Wonder where that lettuce in your sallad yesterday came from...

        About a month before I noticed I had strange criss-cross tracks on my arms. Looking online I saw that people that get hookworms also get those, as do those with flukes, depending on...

        Note that if I had gotten the hookworms that raccoons carry I likely would be dead now... We definitely have raccoons because the bobcats. Coyotes and foxes aren't keeping up.

        On to the symptoms that are the same...

        About this time I was amazed to find out I had huge sites in my scalp. Thought is was the flukes. Others have thought the same (google "skin flukes") . at first they weren't sore, nor did they itch. Never have itched... Relevant because there was no reason for me to scratch, which I didn't. I had been wondering why I kept feeling things crawling in my hair. Thought it could be lice but... No nits. Never had them but we know what they look like as our daughter did have them when she was a pre-teen... a lot, we know the drill.

        When I noticed the tracks in my arms I had been using a blow dryer as even though I was nitless I had read it might be possible to kill them with such. For some reason I hit the tracks with it and they puffed up, moved around some one looked sort of like a "wolf" (warble) which is a worm you sometimes find under the hides of animals.

        Relevant because like many of you I was all over the map trying to figure u

        Out what was happening to me. I still don't have the complete picture but with everyone it's complicated... Multiple vectors or conditions. I'll get off on some of the really weird stuff later. Seriously.

        When I heated the tracks I felt movement... On my foot, around my lips, scalp, nipple, between my svrotum and leg. OK, some real Twilight Zone stuff. Could really be losing it, and truthfully I was on the verge more than once. I felt so alone. Usually I like it that way but this was very different.

        How could they things be communicating that quickly? Pheromones maybe? No... Turns out everywhere I had a hole like a picture or a bite I was leaking out a clear fluid. Some of it had solidified to an Amber color. THAT was what the scalp sores were. Huge scans the size of quarters or bigger, more than s quarter inch tall sometimes. I had been bumping them occasionally with the dryer but I thought it was odd but surely it must be just my head. They weren't painful at all...yet.

        I also noticed some wart looking growths, a lot on my chest but also here and there. Later I had sores or lesions on my chest and small red bumps all over my abdomen.

        I've lost track of some of the order I discovered all this. I've had things crawling in/ out my nose ears, anus.

        Things biting me all over. Things biting me in my boots and in my clean .clothes after bathing. I could bathe and sit naked on the bed and feel things crawling under me... They were strong too.

        I hit them with the blow dryer... Worked lots of the time. Then I used the heat gun, it's like a blow dryer on steroids. I used permethins, Pyrethrins, Malathion

        Malathion put me on a Careflight from Ennis Regional to Parkland hospital in Dallas... The bastion of quacks.

        I've had, still get the little balls of lint all over me and my clothes. I get the little white threads, probably where the lint balls come from. I feel things crawling, wipe them off, in the microscope they with look like clear flakes, vaguely consistent formless white,clear or yellowish blobs, or.... Oval balls of transparent or white th

      • profile image

        David che 3 months ago

        I thought I was alone with this problem. been having this same issue with the itching on my face. feels like little bugs are crawling on it trying to get in my nose and ears. I can't see them but I can sure feel them and they are driving me crazy....!!!!! my wife can't feel them and is tired of spraying all kinds of insect sprays... today I decided to take a look online and see if anybody else was having the same issues and I found this.... it looks like ill be getting me a whole lot of windex. I have two dogs and we've sprayed them with all kinds of spray for dogs and cats, we also spent tons on flea collars. at first we thought it was fleas, lice, or bed bugs. I've never had a problem with bedbugs in my entire life. but it seems that these lil buggers are getting the best of me. seems that they are in my car now as I seem to feel them on me when i'm driving. its funny that I am the only one who is having an issue with them or they seem to be drawn to me or my wife just don't feel them on her. I too am taking that gabapantin. was maybe thinking that it might be those meds cause it has to do with the nerves,????? all I know they are driving me nuts and they don't seem to be bothering nobody but me and my wife sometimes looks at me like I'm crazy !!!!! I've checking for mold tomorrow. I live in southwest Florida, the bug capitol of the USA. an I hope I can get some kind of relief from these bastards. thanks for I am not alone and I thought I was going insane.

      • profile image

        Paula Ann 3 months ago

        Ive been suffering with these radical mosquitoe like bites that itch so uncontrollably that i cause myself to bleed. Ive went to ER twice. (Same doctor) says infantago. Ive used all kinds of ointments.creams.sprays. even rubbed kitchen salt all over.(hellfire). At times it looks like its healing but then comes right back in full force. Im sick of ppl saying meth mites. Ive stopped for weeks now because i really hate how my arms and legs really looks and still these bites show up out of nowhere.sometimes one or two other times in clusters of what looks like mosquito bites. I NEED REAL HELP...

      • profile image

        MarPat 3 months ago

        Well did you find the mold great did you clean it great then how come it's still itchy in here ? I moved threw it all away and still no relief we're screwed all of us with this and to the folks who have siblings living with them that don't feel it they have it to some people don't have the same reaction to the bites we have sensitive skin so nobody is immune to this if you have it so does everyone living in your home

      • profile image

        MarPat 3 months ago

        No it's not mold its some bug that no doctor wants to recognize I have deep red palms and with a magnifying glass you can see tiny glittery specs and the doctor won't even look I had everything checked n November I brought my scabies meds and the doctor in the ER said it's not scabbies to stop using the meds he said to use benadryl for the itch but that shit knocks me out and I wake up raw behind my ears and neck the itch gets worse the longer you have it I know it's not mold I moved and tossed everything it only took a month to multiply these things live on us they crawl in and out of your nose using every passage possible I am on a long list of suffers who thought they can beat this bug but as I go away from this site for a while and come back there's always someone new posting no it's not mold it's a bug that I identify on my skin on my sheets on everything little black specs in my pores that I put under the microscope looks like a knot of string and on one end there's movement towards my breath I don't understand why a specialist can't study this

      • profile image 3 months ago

        I been having a serious problem with my head its driving me crazy when í sit or lay in bed something black comes out of my hair an at time some red comes out an it falls on my bed an it like it crawls an it has not let me sleep for days í spend so much money on buying lice an nit shampoo an ext but it dont do a thing it relieves it for awhile but as soon í head to bed it comes out i dont know what could it be í had giratorio hair an i even cut it short please someone help me

      • profile image

        Cindy Blevins 3 months ago

        I think you may have saved us from going completely crazy. We have tried everything we could to try and stop what was happening in our home and to us and our pets. This is the first thing Ive seen on line about mold and dust mites. We did find mold in our home and have been in the process of getting rid of it. Now I have hope that we are on the right track and can look for some peace of mind that this can end. Thank you for posting this, you may have saved our sanity, lol.

      • profile image

        dan 3 months ago

        I have lived with these mites for several years and tried everything and bug spray that's legal ..........i saw a post about boric acid , i didn't have any but was getting bitten like crazy and remembered i had some roach proof............they bite i put on roach proof and in clothing.............2 of the best nights sleep in years............get it, it worked

      • profile image

        Jackiethecat 5 months ago

        Please note mold can cause skin allergies,respiratory illness,behavior issues in children and as well as in adult which includes hyperactivity and irrational behaviors as well as anger and tantrums.It can also cause long term depression and anxiety as well as stomach complains and headaches.Pleas get rid of mold if suspected within the household immediately or it can cause long term illnesses leading to death.If you have mold or mildew it will affect everything ,clothing,furniture,skin etc,all the best in getting rid of it and the best of health to you and your love ones.Remember the sun is our best source of protection from mites,mold and airing the place both protects your health as well as the environment you live in.Avoid damp places as much as possible or houses that don't get much sunlight ,give a place a good disinfectant cleanse once you move in then regular weekly maintenance of cleaning as well as airing and ventilating the place you live in.. You will breathe better and feel healthier and more energized.All the best with your health!!!!

      • profile image

        ASteelersFan4Life 6 months ago

        @itchycoopark (author)

        Thank you so much for posting this article I have been going crazy trying to understand what invisible parasite (for lack of better word) that was attacking me and leaving burning welts on my arms, hands and legs. And just as MarPat explained about the black dots- I was saying out loud- yes ive seen them! Especially along my hairline. I couldn't understand why I always had those black dots. And the pin pricks! Those are real too!

        This has been the answer and information I've been looking for. Thank you so much

        My apartment has suffered from various leaks for the last year or so. Never getting fully repaired and always creating a lot of wet closets, carpeting and furniture. I've tried explaining to my boyfriend the presence of what I thought was black mold in the walls and along the baseboards where the water leaks start from.

        I now know what needs to be done to rectify this. Again. THANK YOU

      • profile image

        ASteelersFan4Life 6 months ago

        @MarPat- here's a great website that will provide the information you need to start a petition.

        They have the forms and templates you'll need plus a large amount of support and knowledge is found there as well.

        Hope this helps

      • profile image

        MarPat 6 months ago

        Suffering today it's like having little peices of metal pricking your skin today it's real bad my neighbors moved out today and have been cleaning all night they threw away all their furniture and left the mattress' leaning on the curb so now I'll watch the whole block suttely start to toss away their sofas and mattresses over the next few months most people will not admit they're itchy as it might embarrass them when we really need to get together and write to the CDC endlessly and insist upon being taken seriously we cannot control these things they are spreading rapidly and if we don't come to any conclusion other than delusional parasites we have to petition a letter addressed to our Government I know there are many people suffering like me the time to act is now unfortunately I don't know how to start a petition so someone has to help with that I beleive in the end we will get further than any one individual we will find its an international epidemic that's not drawing the proper attention

      • profile image

        MarPat 6 months ago

        Yes it is contagious somewhere along the lines we contracted it I was infested in my old apartment beyond recognition when I approached my neighbor about it after she threw away her sofa I asked if she had been itchy lately and she shook her head no and only when I replied well we are itchy down here she then walked closer to me and said she had an appointment with her doctor to check for lice that's the problem everyone is afraid to talk about it due to embarrassment others don't realize they have it like my daughter until today when I took her to the mirror and pointed out the glitter on her unusually rosey red cheeks check your toilet bowl inside and out heavy cleaning is a must to control the population also all areas with running water must be cleaned daily try to keep the numbers down as we can only hope for something to change also chill your house down lower the thermostat to the point that your furniture and bedding is cold to the touch that seems to slow them down spray everything with windex every other day including your car shoes and closets KEEP CLEANING stay away from pesticides they don't work it only pisses them off and then your night will be 100 times worse good luck and keep posting please share some ideas and maybe as a group we can get the right attention to this ever growing problem lastly next time your itchy take a magnifying glass and check your palms and fingers you'll be suprised to see the miniature black dots in the cracks and crevices of your skin

      • profile image

        MarPat 6 months ago

        The bites look like pimples without a white head I treated my dogs for scabies and it worked for a while however the black dots were surrounding her bed by the hundreds I bought Permitrin on Amazon for horse stables and sprayed it all over my yard and inside my apartment also used a lot more in mix than suggested you'll have to leave and for a short time later the problem still persists I use gabapentin for a back injury I suffered and I used Movantik 25m stool softener and shortly after I my face was covered with them so at night when it gets real bad I use a bug repellent with aloe and it completely turns them off I also spray my pillows with it and it seems to work I'm going on a year with this so pretty much controls my life so sooner or later I will figure it out just a matter of time life can return to normal without the suffering the spray I use is called Cutter skinsations incect repellent with aloe & vitamin E , spray away on all your bedding furniture and skin it really calms it down keep cleaning and trust me when you think your done cleaning your probably not these things stick to everything including all cracks and crevices your wood furniture is infested use the vacuum inside your draws under the bed ceiling fan everything needs to be sprayed every other day with windex it slows them down and pick up sticky mop and lint roller in order to get the exterminator to spray they want to see a sample of the bug and when they see the dot in one case for me they get defensive and say "I'm doing this x amount of years I think I'd know if it's a bug" and then they'll refuse to look through my microscope I can get them to move under the scope I huff my breath lightly on it and a tentacle on 1 end of the bug moves out towards my breath and each and every time each peice of so called lint I pick off the floor,bed,toilet,couch,my close,has a tentacle like end that moves toward our breath until I get a pest control company without an ego I'll never be taken seriously I'm contemplating allowing them to crawl all over me in large numbers and check myself into a hospital for chest pain then they have to check everything as protocol keep as it seems there's an alarming amount of people that have this infestation hopefully someone brings attention to this problem to the right people so we can all get relief from this menis keep posting Long Island N.Y.

      • profile image

        Lisa 6 months ago

        Did you see physical red bites on your body?

      • profile image

        Lori 6 months ago

        What pest control do we call and how do we treat our animals I have a car and dog and are we contagious

      • profile image

        MarPat 6 months ago

        Related to my last post if you are wondering why you can't kill these things and you try everything there's 1 more thing you can do , give yourself an extra wipe you'll see them in the crack of your ass , gross I know but that's where the little itchy bastards live believe me you can pull the eggs off the wall by wiping thourough keep wiping and make sure to wash your hands I also put vasoline on ny ears once a week to evict them out as they get stuck when they come out to party ! Good luck and if you think this sounds crazy just remember I do too but you'll be both shocked and disgusted

      • profile image

        MarPat 6 months ago

        It's real ! I have this problem going on a year now I moved from the home I believe was infested with toxic mold but after 3 months the problem persists I see I'm not alone and there is hope to add a remedy of my own I like to use a lint roller on everything and I picked up a sticky mop which is an oversized lint roller mop for my floors bed and sofas this helps keep the numbers down as I always see black dots of all sizes I even see red and green glitter that when you move around the light reflects back to a black dot the one thing everyone seems to have in common is the fact that it don't irritate everyone in the home but I'm totally sure we all have it as I seem to lift the black dots from all the rooms and beds in the house. I even saw 2 of the dots disappear into my sons scout from his neck while I was washing his hair , my wife said "that's it ?" , so it offers me no comfort in knowing this problem is everywhere as well as some of the professionals way of handling this matter we all can't be crazy ! I picked up the sticky mop on amazon .

      • profile image

        Patrick 6 months ago

        I too suffer as a matter of fact I moved and the attacks stopped for about 2 months and when I was ready to move on it all started up again this is definitely a bug it's not morgallons or mold that little black spec is in fact the bug fully gorged and relaxed after eating off our skin the babies are moving through our pores and only start to appear after gorging itself on us get a white lint roller and every time you feel the bites run it along your skin you'll see them no doctor can deny what your seeing unfortunately no doctor can help with this I also use a sticky mop on all my furniture bedding and floors amazon sells it with the refills it seems to never end you'll see glitter on the sticky roller and mop trust me your not seeing things this is the baby that moves through your pores I've been studying these things under the microscope so believe me the black dots all around you need to be picked up vaccume sweeping or mopping does not help as they can stick to the surface you need to roll them out of everything and eventually attention will be brought to this horrible life changing infestation keep posting

      • profile image

        YoursTruly 7 months ago

        Okay, so my symptoms/story is identical to yours and I have also concluded that it IS in fact black mold!!

        I found it on the water heater (or AC furnace thing) in the garage, directly under my room. Coincidentally my room is THE hottest most humid room in the entire house which probably is why no one else in my the home, besides myself and daughter are expiring this madness.. Also, I have a connected bathroom w/ shower that we use often so it's extra steamy and moist!

        Looking for mold would have NEVER crossed my mind had I not seen your blog. I am so thankful for you, seriously! For the first night in months I was able to sleep almost normally! I have not cleaned the mold yet nor have I had a chance to spray down my room as I found it late yesterday, however I found a few very effective tools to minimize until the mold can be taken care of.

        First off, You must get a HEPA air purifier!! I bought one from Walmart for $30 and it says right on the box MOLD SPORES, Dust mites, and a bunch of other allergens and smoke etc. I had no idea how effective this could be, but this alone has helped tremendously!!

        Secondly, hydrogen peroxide in a spray bottle (with essential oil, if you'd like.) I sprayed it in the air all around as the air purifier was on. I left the room for 15 or so minutes so nothing would spread on me and it seemed to help. I used Hydrogen Proxide to rub down my body as well when I felt I was being attacked. This felt weird and actually changed my skin color for a minute which freaked me out but it was fine in minutes. Baking soda is also effective!

        There is a product sold online called KLEEN-GREEN naturally enzyme cleaner, apparently it's safe to spray on anything it's non toxic, cleans the air and all surfaces that cannot be washed, biodegradable etc. It has amazing reviews so I am in the process of ordering some. Hopefully it'll clean the hard to wash areas, closet curtains furniture carpet baby toys CAR etc.

        Being able to find a relatable situation and hear I'm not crazy was extremely relieving, but to actually have found the exact cause!? Now that's absolutely amazing! There is no words to explain it. The symptoms of this are so unbearable it can make a person crazy. Especially because it does SOUND crazy! Invisible bugs, itchy, and the massive amounts of them and how quickly they spread and go through clothing. It's nuts but definitely REAL! I Am not certain but I think I have both mold spores AND dust

        Mites so I have purchased everything possible to rid them all. I will leave a review after trying that KLEEN GREEN Natural cleaner! It may help someone out there! :)

        Thanks again.! So much.

      • profile image

        YoursTruly 7 months ago

        Wow thank you for this blog. Wifi- who commented below, literally took the words out of my mouth! I

        I was beginning to question my sanity. Ppl have been telling me I'm crazy too but I KNEW it was real. Lol I see and feel little things Everywhere! Especially at night. I shake my clothes out even after washing them and tons of tiny things fly everywhere. Im nearly positive their in my car now too from my clothes. Particulars reflect from the phone light even at night. I rent a room and haven't checked for mold yet but I'm slightly relieved to at least hear similar stories. Good to know I'm not 5150! Thanks so much!

      • profile image

        Wifi 7 months ago

        Thank you soo much.. I've been cleaning and losing my mind for a few days now and literally have accepted that I am just crazy now and that I will most likely die any moment and be OK with it as long as there are no invisible bugs in hell... I've told everyone one that there are bugs crawling on me and can't get rid of them. Now I'm already kind of crazy so this was a short walk for me and my friends have just casually said to me "your crazy" this is even more annoying because we've established that long before now... I will be changing my diet right away and getting the nerv pills as well. Fuck this shit. No way I'm going to endure this for more than a few days. The person who went 8 years... How? You must have the patience if a damn Rock. Pshycological warfare is no joke. I've been terrified of anything that moved or make a sound that I'm jumping out of my skin over cigg ash floating to the floor. My bed looks like the magic rug from Aladdin and I refuse to even touch it let alone sleep on it. The floor beneath my feet feels like I'm standing on top of moving water. I've vacuumed more in a day than I have my whole life. I'm not an overly dirty guy and I know people who are currently living in complete pig pens that have real bugs and tell me they don't see any bugs. I go to there place and walla no fuckin invisible bugs but i see real ones and I'm OK with that now. I don't mind real bugs one bit anymore. I was actually happy to see a bug that someone else could also see. Whatever these bastards are they seem to have a personal grudge and Fuck with you in the weirdest ways but when you look over poof gone like they know when your going to look and if your paying attention they can tell. When a mite is staring you down with it'd little green eyes from across the room and your having a mental conversation with it that's when you know that things are just getting started.. Good luck to all and hold fast ye weary .. Hold fast.

      • profile image

        Steve Marell 7 months ago

        I am suffering from the same thing can not find a doctor that knows what they are dealing with

      • profile image

        Marlene 8 months ago

        I suffered the same nightmare that lasted for about 4 years. After finally getting rid of the nasty mite attacks, trying all natural treatments I found on the Internet, now I developed fibromyalgia and autoimmune issues. I think everything started with mold toxicity. People do not try toxic chemicals to try to get rid of this, try natural oils and sprays like Kleen Free. And like he says, check for mold!

      • profile image

        Betty P. 8 months ago

        These are classic symptoms of demidex mites. Adding Borax to your daily bath water helps some, as does a body wash with tea tree oil, but what you must use is metronidazole in gel form. It is the only sure cure. It's Rx only.

      • profile image

        May galle 8 months ago

        Thank you for sharing. This is what's going on with me.

      • profile image

        Erica 8 months ago

        Please help I've been fighting this for months my boyfriend thinks I'm going crazy and need to go to the hospital it's that bad. I can't even sit on my mattress without being attacked itched bites but there's no bugs really just little black things that I think are lint but crazy amounts and hairs little ones everywhere, I can see the invisible white things in the corner of my eyes and flying into my eyes. It scares me so much because I have panic attacks that I throw up. There's no where safe I can't even sit. What do I do about it. I thought it needed to be bombed like for dust mites or bed bugs but it's not that then I thought fleas im going crazy. Please help!!

      • profile image

        brewer 8 months ago

        I am going through the same issue with the biting,stinging things that seem to be everywhere. toally consumes my life. been fighting this for 2 months now,and wears the body down physically,mentally,and emotionally. my heart goes out to whom has ever dealt with this or is dealing with this presentally. God be with you

      • profile image

        Vivian Snip 8 months ago

        Yes, very god info!

      • profile image

        Sylvie 9 months ago

        This is very interesting. I am not quite sure about one thing you are saying. You do mention both mold and mites, but most of the article is on mold causing all the symptoms. So, do you believe you have both mold and mites or only mold looking like there are mites? What I have come to think is that mites are attracted to mold. Some people have taken pictures of their mites using a microscope, they show insects, there are more than one kind. And a great number of people with these symptoms, if not all, have started to have them at the same time as there was mold in their house. Also, another problem brought mites too to some other people, fungus on the skin, often on scalp came first, then mites were attracted to the fungi. Also, there are people having morgellons, this is another thing, and under the microscope, they see little balls of threads, sort of. So, there is not only one kind of thing causing these symptoms, there are many. Pictures prove it. But your article, whether it is about mold alone or mold and mites is very informative for the link it helps us understand between the mold and the symptoms that arrived with the mold and also the need to go after that mold to get rid of the problem. And maybe mold alone is able to bring the symptoms too, which does not exclude that for other people, it is mites brought by the mold. Thank you for this interesting article and for sharing your experience and understanding of the situation.

      • profile image

        wildmountain 9 months ago

        This is the most current site Ive visited and been suffering at least 8 yrs. Been suicidal and hopeless but good to know others are struggling with this plague that drs write off as meth drug induced or halluinations

      • profile image

        lifeswayy2short 9 months ago

        Guys try the Pet Shield: Bug Killer spray honestly it kills these bastards, honestly it really works it kills them and I now have relief!!! Please try it, just this alone and it will work.

      • profile image

        omar4589 9 months ago

        Hi so here was my solution to the invisible bugs which were ruining my life, laying eggs in my scalp, travelling from my hair to my pants, jumping in my eyes, infesting my clothes. You name it, i had all the worst symptoms. Couldn't sleep for almost a year. Now lo and behold -- just like how all 3 doctors i saw thought i was absolutely nuts and each diagnosed me with delusionary parasitosis -- now all of you are going to think i'm nuts. Let me tell you all something. While i was dealing with this, i wondered why so many people would write posts, then disappear, and never come back to share what happened to them. So now i'm taking the time to tell you what happened with me. Eventually i got an appt with a dermatologist. One of the top ones in toronto, ontario, canada, where i live. Right away this guy said 'phantom limb syndrome', you have misfiring peripheral nerves that are making it seem like you have bugs and i suggest that you either take gabapentin or an anti-psychotic. So obviously i thought this guy just doesn't know. None of these people know who haven't experienced what we are experiencing. So, on my way home i stopped at my grandparent's house and the bugs were so bad -- and obviously just like me, i'm sure all of you have tried every damn remedy off these forums to no avail. Well, i just couldn't take it anymore so i thought what the hell i'll pop a few of my grandmother's gabapentins. --- now here's where you're all going to think i'm crazy --- it worked. It fucking worked. No joke. And now what i've come to realize is that i have peripheral sensory nerve damage which manifests as the exact thing we're all going through. Fucking invisible bugs. I know all of you think, this guy doesn't have what we have, fucking don't believe me huh? are you sure? I had the bugs so bad i shaved my head 15 times, and i had long, beautiful, black hair and look gorgeous with it, and i would rather shave my head, spray bug spray on my head, jump in a pool of bleach, bug bombed my place 4 times, my car once and almost went brain dead from the fumes. Let me break it down to all of you go get a damn prescription for gabapentin from your doctor and try it. I swear to god all of you do it. You've tried everything just like me, now go to your doctor who will think you're bat shit when you tell them the story, but then tell them you think gabapentin might work. The problem is general practice doctors, not all of them see peripheral neuropathies that manifest like this. Gabapentin is generic, there is no possible way i can make money off this. I am writing this post for all of you. WHo never wanted to go near anybody because you thought you'll infect anybody you get near. THe weird thing is, my bugs used to shoot off my body and attack people, and i swear i would see people flinch when the bugs hit them in the eyes. Even my girlfriend got the marks that i got. So there was something organic, and you know where i think it came from; shitty clothing, clothing with elastane fibers. THose fibers act like parasites, BUT, when you take gabapentin, they can't harm you because gabapentin acts on your nerves. Please everybody get gabapentin. Most likely you are hypersensitive to something which is associated with your peripheral neuropathy, and was cause by something real. Like for me, i think mine was caused over time by alcohol and toxins. A lot of other causes are diabetes, trauma, certain medications, addictive drugs. But no doubt about it, my hypersensitivity to elastane make it was worse and i swear to god there's something in the fabrics coming from overseas, fucking cheap fabrics from india or indonesia or something like that. But please, please, please, all of you try gabapentin!!!!!!! PLEASE!!! If any of you again don't believe i have the same thing as you, re-read my post, i had everything the same, they infested my clothing, my hair, my apartment, my car, i thought i was infecting other people, they would jump in my eyes, my ears, go in my nose. Fucking all of it. Go to your doctor and get a prescription for gabapentin. THanks, if you would like to email me please do at: youngdoc83 @ hotmail . com

      • profile image

        Katie 9 months ago

        When all this was going on did you see black spots everywhere? Or lose a lot of hair?

      • profile image

        Lindsey 10 months ago

        @tejae this looks a lot like what I found under the microscope! How did you treat it?

      • profile image

        tejae 10 months ago

        I had all the symptoms you have and was diagnosed with a parasite that isn't supposed to be a human parasite but causes many of the Morgellons symptoms and those you had. All the things you are using are also good for detoxifying your body which doesn't allow the parasites a good home. The parasite is called "Horsehair nematmorpha" and is an insect parasite that causes the host to commit suicide as it causes chemical changes in the host. I am not discounting mold but some people coming to your page may also have this parasite which is a water parasite as the insects kill themselves in water which causes the parasite to come out and lay its eggs. Hopefully science will be able to find an easy blood assay tests for this parasite which has the same symptoms as hook and thread worm. I am glad you found some relief for your symptoms. Have a BLESSED Day!

      • profile image

        anemarie4100 11 months ago

        Thank you!!!!! Your story is only one I have found in months of extensive research on the internet that is literally same as mine. With the exception of my autoimmune disorder among other pre existing conditions, The toxins (now that i have proof w a pos air test confirm black mold) have left me with neurological problems which I am afraid will be permanent. as well as triggered my psoriasis and severe Eczema. has Improved upon leaving environment but left with residual memory problems. I work in Emergency care at a hospital so this is completely devastating to me, and disabling me from doing the job I love because it's dangerous when providing critical care to patients. Esp infant and children. shaking hands while drawing blood is not very comforting to pts. I found similar stories online but not same so I was finding no comfort that I was not going insane even with all the definetive proof of bugs and mold. My husband not effected so he is of no help. Sad I know. We are separated at the moment. And I am not in house and only feel residual stings from spores I have carried with me. And couldn't be happier lol. not about bringing stuff to friends houses but they understand i cant kill spores but sanitize of bugs etc before entering. Embarrasing , all of it to itching in public at work. We have air test results indicating black mold species but location not found yet but are narrowing down by mold removal experts. The are returning Tuesday to tear out bedroom wall and I am distraught until then. My son is currently at parents and I can't be with him. Husband still in house idiot. So again I just want to thank you for sharing because I am sure you know just sympathy and knowing someone doing same even if they can't help you gives you the most peace than medicine etc. please share more if you can. Everything you found helped I already do and it most definitely helps tremendously and is great. With exception of colloidal silver I don't do just because I am in medical profession and are ingrained with modern medicine. blah blah. Respiratory therapists due highly recommend vinegar to clean. dropped by CDC but still encourage use off label. I wish your family luck and just know you helped someone not shut down for one night and not have to be admitted to inpatient psych facility. PS. I have forwarded this to everybody that made me feel like a neurotic over reactive female. So that they can thing there is two crazy ppl instead one lol. Aka husband. It def helped parents and friends understand better than me explaining what I am going through. and help to spread awareness in community even if it helps just one person to get taken seriously. it is a completely terrifying feeling and had suicidal thoughts that have NEVER had ever. "Real, or Not" and now have great empathy when treating patients that have mental or similar issues. as you know there is so much more to our stories but will leave with this and say THANK YOU again.

      • profile image 11 months ago

        After two years of struggle we found a cure EUREKA!!!

        We tried dehumidifiers and spraying with rubbing alcohol – it help but the were always there.

        Last week we tried NEEM oil and it has made them run for life.

        First we tried on sofas, they became sweet – no zuzu crawl feeling.

        Then we sprayed with NEEM oil solution one room at a time, it is working great every where.

        When we sprayed closets they jumped into the clothes; we washed them and sprayed them also.

        So far no stains were found on anything – sofas or clothes.

        Buy Neem oil from Amazon or Walmart it is around $11 – we got Dyna-gro .

        You also need a bar of Aleppo soap or Castlle soap – we got Aleppo soap from local store $2

        Take 1.5 quarts of warm water (not hot – it can denature the oil), put the aleppo soap in it and rub some soap into the solution- this is just to emlsify the Neem oil.

        Put in One Table spoon of NEEM oil in it and mix well.

        Pour it in a sprayer – we used is Chapin 1002 48 oz hand sprayer $11 – this one can handle oil emulsion well and lasts.

        Then spray everything even walls for a couple of feet high and keep shaking the sprayer bottle while you spray to keep the oil from rising to surface.

        We plan to repeat every week until these are gone. But for long term I am sure all moisture problems must be resolved. If you have crawl space moisture problems, you can spray NEEM there also.

        SWEET FREEDOM!!! Stresss has dropped down to zero – I love to sleep again. Oh thank you Allah, Jesus, Ram, Buddha…

      • profile image

        Kevin 13 months ago

        If you had mold, does that mean your office did too?

      • profile image

        Meesh 15 months ago

        We had an exterminator check our house he found nothing.

        I have sprayed it seems to aggravate the situation. I cannot sit on our sofa. I can sit in our wooden rocker. If I stand near the sofa its like I am being attacked by invisible bugs. My husband feels nothing biting him. I ich and burn. Even my scalp. I feel like I'm losing my mind!

      • profile image

        Elly 15 months ago

        OMG...I LOVE YOU..XOXOXO..I not off my Cobb.. I have been dealing with dust living in my hair attacking me at nite (I sleep with a shower cap on my head secured by spirit gum) for the last 15months..My primary care Dr. has given up on drug testing me an willnt prescribe me my depression meds until my flying biting stinging itching dust stops following me...We knew we had mould ...we been working on gutting an renovation.. Even the Dermatologist walks backwards when I arrive.. I am infested with dust and horrible gross pimple rashes.. Ive only left the house for Dr. appt. For 7mos now I have not seen my friends I took LOA from work..Thank god my 2 children live out of state...I will be a Primary care as soon as I print this article out..I surmise the good ole Dr. will need the pee I feel for you this is hell on earth besides loosing a daughter 3yrs ago....thank you thank you for writing this article..

      • profile image

        Zorro 16 months ago

        Try a ozone generator. At 100mg/h in your bedroom you will be amazed as I did! This is a Global problem. As I can feel, there has been increasing the number of people infected with this stuff. It's a relief to know how to easily desinfect your house, clothes, car and workplace. Merry Christmas!

      • profile image

        Diana Lynne 16 months ago

        You can't imagine the joy I felt when I read this; thank God for you! I'm going on 18 mos. dealing with this issue, exactly as you have so articulately described. My family doesn't believe me, and chock it up to my mental illness (bipolar/borderline personality disorder/severe anxiety/chronica

      • profile image

        Jenna 16 months ago

        This is almost precisely what I have been battling for the past decade. There seems to be no easy fix other than the drastic lifestyle overhaul you described above. In addition to the parasitic activity, I have had IBS/Candida/SIBO symptoms for the past few years which has made things even harder. Please update if you have any more break throughs.

        Have you ever had the bugs ID'ed?

        Other things that have helped tremendously:

        - epsom salt baths relieve itchiness, as does prolonged time in saltwater/ocean

        - FAR infrared sauna

        - fasting

        - liver flushes (

        - Lufenuron (available online)

        - avoidance of sugars, stimulants like caffeine and nicotine, high fodmap foods, etc

        - enemas seem to help a bit

        - plenty of sleep

        - anything that boosts the immune system

      • profile image

        Steve 16 months ago

        This is exactly what happened to me except it started living in me and I now have lung problem. I found mold under my brand new bed. It started out as yellow. Dermatologist tested it after I swabbed it. I think I have mold in my lung from the bug. Did you have any suggestions?

      • profile image

        Anna levis 17 months ago

        The trichothecene mycotoxins produced by toxic black mold are neurotoxic. This means they can kill neurons in the brain and impair a person’s mental ability. They also cause nervous disorders such as tremors and can cause personality changes such as mood swings and irritability.


        (1) Confusion

        (2) Brain fog

        (3) Shortened attention span

        (4) Difficulty concentrating and paying attention

        (5) Slowed reflexes

        (6) Disorientation

        (7) Dizziness

        (8) Memory loss and memory problems

        (9) Impaired learning ability

        (10) Hallucinations

        (11) Shock

        (12) Anxiety

        (13) Depression

        (14) Aggression and other personality changes

        (15) Tingling

        (16) Trembling

        (17) Shaking

        (18) Seizure

        (19) Numbness


      • profile image

        miranda 17 months ago

        have all the symptoms and more but the one i most don't understand is my hair moves on its own i have video and other people can see it too,creatures in my skin have pictures and video other people can see them too,i feel like this is going to be the death of me i loved wish black mold orange mold and mice had fun famous through my things in storage before i got them,I'm too my weird end

      • profile image

        SarahD 19 months ago

        It must be mould spores - as its only happening at night & bird mite or similar would be constant - but it seems to be invisible.. and at night -no bites during the day !!!

      • profile image

        Agree with story 20 months ago

        WOW, this happen to me as well and it is mold spores, I kept complaining and complaining, bug expert came out and told me to see a doctor, I was not crazy, it was every where, job, car, home, garge. I spent over $1000 trying to get rid of what I thought was mites or fleas.

        But the only thing that was different, was any a paper or plastic I had became infested immediately, I could not touch it, it burned or I could feel that crawling, and always on my private parts.

        I ended up throwing away every thing and just bagging my clothes, I kept complaining to landlord something was wrong. I had throw away all electronics as well.

        After moving out of the apartment, it was relief, but I did have in car and office. I started reading, I had several leaks from the apartment above with air condition, so I believe the mold was in the ceiling above me, I saw I little black mold and showed land lord, they just sprayed painted whole ceiling.

        I always wonder why, restoration was always cleaning out ceiling of some of the the other apartments. Now we know, mold.

        Now living in a new place, I brought the spores, but bought, lysol spray and to air filters. And will get total steam carpet cleaning.

        The person, talking about mites, wrong. In my home I was the only one complaining the whole time. Others in home, just slept. When at work, some people sit right down in chairs no problem, but others would sit down and jump right back up.

        I will spray my files at work with lysol and bought an air filter for office. All I know, was bug experts said there was no bugs. I lived in my apartment for 4 years and for 4 years, people above me apartments would leak into my apartment. My last year there, I just suffered.

        So if you a crawling sensation, and cannot see anything, search your house for mold. Because, mold spreads the spores and then you feel like something is biting you, have welps like bites. and feel like something is crawling on you, but you cannot see it at all.

      • profile image

        ClintFromNYtoVA 21 months ago

        After eliminating the possibility of a mite infestation and determining I had inhaled alternaria mold I was getting the same crawly stinging sensation. I began a course of Fluconazole and eventually added Doxycicline to convert the Fluconazole from fungistatic to fungicidal as per an NIH study. By the time I added 100 mg of Doxy I was up to 30o mg Flu both AM and PM taking it at the same time on an empty stomach. The first 5 days of doxy were uncomfortable but then became tolerable. Secondary infections from long term exposure were cleared by the doxy. There was a course of 11 days of 100 mg itaconazole which preceded Fluconazole which cleared up my left eye bio film. Prior to that the doctor prescribed a 14 day course of terbinifine which had some effect on a posterior muscle behind the eye an hour after taking. But the terbinafine did not clear it and antifungal creams did little. A second course of 15 days high dose terbinafine was prescribed by the doctor. It stopped responding and got worse on day 8. I determined it must be systemic. I plan to continue the Fluconaxole / doxy regimen for 1 month after symptoms are gone which will be in one week. Many molds exist as dimorphic and cause yeast infections in the body. Luckily I live in a land where obtaining these medications are not difficult.

      • profile image

        Pestil 21 months ago

        Triclosan powder will help treat your body and home to eliminate these mites. Find it on ebay

      • profile image

        Richard Snyder 21 months ago

        read David Bourke's story for the answer. (I've been thru it all myself, my problem is different as I have parrots)


      • profile image

        Dianne shore 2 years ago

        Omg my daughter is going through the same in a rental. It has been happening for a few months now thought it was dust mites got pest guy to come but he could not see anything as there is mould on bathroom walls but he did it look there thank u as my daughter is going mad

      • profile image

        tammiewalker51 2 years ago

        The spores an mites have to loosee hair my fingers hurt all the time ive had shingles, cellulites , terribe anxiety atacks my family thinks im crazy, my work place thinks on drugs im gonna loose my job im broje from not workin those mean mites bite me all the time I think yhey are gonna kill me a doctor told me I need t