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Invisible Biting Mites and Black Mould

I couldn't believe I had black mould in my home, but it turns out I did. This is how I dealt with getting rid of it.

Black mould that I found in my home.

Black mould that I found in my home.

What Invisible Things Are Biting Me?

Do you feel a crawling sensation on your skin when sitting on furniture or in bed, or even in your clothes? Or odd pinpricks on exposed skin as you move around the house? It may sound strange, but it could be mould spores.

I was suffering from those very symptoms when, googling 'invisible insects' and 'crawling feelings', I came across an account by a woman going through the same thing; she believed it was down to the toxic mould growing in her humidifier. I thought, "But I don’t have a humidifier or even air conditioning. My house seems dry as a bone." But, as the various creams and sprays and daily launderings seemed to be having no effect, I thought it might be worthwhile having a hunt.

I was horrified by what I found.

My symptoms started in April (we’re in France so that’s the start of the warmer weather): tiny, pinprick sensations felt in different areas around the house. In our bed and on sofas, there was dust that felt like itching powder. I also felt these unnerving crawling sensations whenever I sat on the sofa or on chairs, and in bed at night. I wondered if it was a new breed of dustmite, as whatever it was seemed to have set up camp in the upholstery, rugs and bedding.

Mysterious Biting, Crawling, Flying, Itchy Sensations

At first, the crawling and bites were the worst part, but in late September, as the weather became cooler and drier, I felt invisible, midge-like things landing on my face and exposed skin at night. It was difficult to sleep. My young kids would wake up itching, and after I'd settled them I’d lie awake for the rest of the night, my mind reeling and roiling, feeling like I was under attack by thousands of minuscule dust-like insects, some flying, some crawling.

My car became infested, and also my chair at work. I would feel things hopping from the floor on to my ankles. At the height of the affliction, I would feel crawling sensations in my trousers and on my face and hair, and once I also felt something fly into my eyes.

There was definitely something physical there, but whatever it was, it was invisible. I did sometimes notice what appeared to be a particle of dust darting off in the corner of my vision.

Discovering the Mould

At home one day, I starting picking at some of the wallpaper in the bathroom...and there it was: a big splodge of furry black mould.

A man came to inspect. He placed his humidity gauge here and there, took a sample from the wall, took a look around and said that we probably didn't have anything to worry about—the house was dry and the patch of mould in the bathroom was too little to worry about.

This 'good' news plunged me back into despair. If it wasn't mould, then what on earth was making us itch and sting, and interrupting our sleep? What was spooking the cats so much that they refused to sleep in the house?

Not long after the expert's visit, I was sitting at my laptop in the living room. I could feel tiny specks of dust landing on my face and arms. Dust that stuck to my skin and tingled. It was almost like a miasma of electromagnetic static around me and the computer screen. I started googling again—'invisible biting bugs' and 'mould spores'— but could only find talkboards where terrified people came to share their nightmarish accounts of GM bugs, bird mites, morgellons and skin parasites.

Terrified, and determined to get to the bottom of the mystery, I went back to the small mould patch in the bathroom and starting pulling off more strips of wallpaper. To my surprise, and enormous satisfaction, I uncovered metres of slimy black and green mould growing between the layers of old wall covering.

More paper peeling revealed the slimy fractals of mould had spread to the living room wall, too; near where I'd been sitting on my laptop. And finally, on the stairwell, in the middle of the house (basically serving as a conduit for the warm fireside air to waft upstairs and all around the bedrooms), was the thickest, slimiest covering of all.

I WAS OVERJOYED. Disgusted, naturally, but mostly overjoyed. I think it's the happiest I'd been in a year.

Frequently Asked Questions

What invisible thing is biting me?

You may not be able to see it, but I bet if you keep looking, you'll find mould hiding somewhere in the house. It hides behind walls, between layers of wallpaper, under cabinets and refrigerators, and under carpet. Don't forget to check the attic and basement.

Does mould bite people?

No, mould doesn't have teeth, but it can feel just like a mild insect sting.

What exactly is causing this skin-crawling sensation?

Allergies, perhaps, or sensitivity to certain types of mould.

Getting Rid of Mould in My Home

  • Note: Be careful not to disturb the mould itself until the specialists arrive. Also, try to avoid fluctuations in temperature or humidity in the affected area. The last thing you want is more spores being released into your home.
  • For cleaning other areas, I used natural detergent from the organic shop on the floors. The bottle I bought had clove, eucalyptus, and pine essential oils in. It smelled so much better than horrible bleach. It was almost a pleasure to mop!
  • I wrapped the mattresses in plastic sheeting and taped them up. I also put the pillows in plastic bags, taping them shut. Luckily we have removable covers on the sofa, so I bagged up the cushions and put the covers back over them.
  • I went a bit mad on laundry, and this was definitely overkill, soaking clothes and bedding in ammonia and sometimes bleach—and now, looking back, I'm not sure how effective it all was.
  • I stayed away from the sofas as much as possible, also kept iPad/iPhone/laptop activity to a minimum, especially in bed, as this seemed to make the symptoms worse.
  • I cleaned the house with white vinegar and sometimes bleach (but not at the same time or in the same spot, since these two ingredients are toxic when mixed), and also clove oil.
  • Again, be careful not to disturb the mould itself until the specialists arrive.
Mould in the bathroom.

Mould in the bathroom.

Does Mould Enter Your Body?

When this all happened, I was desperate for answers and turned to the internet, where I found some unsubstantiated anecdotes about people's bodies being 'contaminated' by mould. I now believe that the mould affliction was purely external (i.e., in the house/walls) and not in our bodies.

Since I got the 'body invasion' idea from a bunch of terrifying online chatrooms, these treatments might not be necessary. But it did seem to me at the time that they reduced the crawling and nipping sensations.

  • Teaspoon of turmeric powder each night (moving on to a mixture of turmeric, cinnamon, and clove) swilled about in some water and knocked back with great stoicism
  • Fermented cabbage juice: half a glass twice a day
  • No alcohol (well, I couldn’t quite manage that of course, but had noticed the high sugar content caused a spike in symptoms)
  • I also took a multivitamin tablet every night, along with a B vitamin complex tablet and capsule of powdered apple cider vinegar (knocking back a mouthful of the liquid would probably be more powerful though
  • I drank herbal teas. Pau D’arco and a floral blend that promised to treat candida
  • I ate well: fish, green veg, plenty of water

On my skin, I used:

  • Organic coconut oil
  • Clove or cedar essential oil: a drop or two added to moisturiser before bed kept the biting/crawling at bay amazingly well.

In the bath:

  • Apple cider vinegar (one cup).
  • Baking soda is also good.
  • Clove essential oil.

The Recovery and Beyond

After we persuaded the landlord to remove the mould from the walls, things cleared up. There was heaps of the horrible stuff apparently (though hidden beneath layers of paint and wallpaper) and it was a big cleanse-and-replaster job. Two months later and the crawly, nippy sensations were gone, as was the feeling that tiny invisible bugs were landing on me at night.

We lived another year in that house, all the while jumping at every mosquito bite or tiniest itch, ever expecting it all to return, but it never did. We now live in another house, and though I sometimes feel itches from the mattress and sofa we brought with us, it's nothing like the plague of invisible insects we experienced before.

We still talk about it and wonder what on earth it all was, and how we managed to survive it. I know you're probably, like me, reading all the horror stories online about morgellons and other types of bacterial infection, but I now believe it really was all external and simply related to a bad case of mould.

It got into our clothes and sheets and upholstery, but I don't think it affected us internally. (I wrote in my original post that 'it gets into your blood'—I wish I could erase that hysterical assumption, as it'll only cause further alarm to other sufferers.) As soon as the mould was gone, our symptoms cleared up.

I think we carry a sensitivity to it (apparently this is normal following exposure to certain types of mould) and I do believe the type of mould we discovered—chaetomium—is particularly insidious/virulent, which is why I now itch at first contact with dust mites in carpets and fabrics.

A word on the dust mites: I have a theory that they were instrumental in spreading the mould around our house and into mattresses, sofa cushions, etc. According to yet more stuff I read on the web, dust mites adore mould, and their population size rockets when they find a source of it to eat. They don't digest it though, so it sort of circulates through their bodies and back into and around the house, delightfully.

Another thought I had: around the same time as the symptoms started, we came into contact with a nest of processionary caterpillars, those furry little beasts who live in a candy-floss-like nest at the top of pine trees (we live in France). They came down the tree in April and after my daughter and I came into contact with them in the garden, we both came out in spots for a week or so. The little caterpillar hairs got into our laundry and continued itching and bothering us for a month. I don't know if it's related, but it's worth mentioning.

It Was the Mould All Along

So there we are. It was mould all along, and probably some form of miniscule mould-eating bug, along with another big mould fan, the household dust mite. It makes me very happy to be able to say that we're all healthy, well-slept and itch-free these days.

Have hope, all ye in peril on this sea of madness. Be strong, be kind to yourselves, try to get out of the house and distract yourselves with the good things in life. But, most importantly, find that mould!


Even some doctors are unaware of how mould can affect skin, but awareness is growing.

The National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences includes skin rashes on their list of the health effects associated with mould exposure.

The US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health's Immune Response Among Patients Exposed to Molds was a study in which 53% of the patients reported skin reactions to mould.

In Mold Exposure And Rashes- Angioedema, Luke Curtis, MD MS CIH asserts that "A number of studies and case reports have linked indoor exposure to molds and or water damage to significantly greater risk of skin rashes and angioedema. Both molds and bacteria produce a large number of toxins that can cause toxic or allergic skin reactions."

Lastly, see A Study of Clinical Sensitivity to Air-Borne Molds by Edna S. Pennington, MD for more research.

This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters.


Rosa m on August 28, 2020:

I been infested from something that crawls in my skin, they are black, I can see with magnifier glass, I been using sulphuric soap, my skin feels burning, and itches.

Mel on August 22, 2020:

I have been through this too. And really, only by the grace of God did I survive it. The constant crawling feeling, itching and then cleaning necessary was unbearable.

I research the internet inside out, and discovered that a medication used to treat Norwegian Scabies was an option.

I found a doctor who believed me and who was prepared to write me a script for Ivamectin.

In the end, I had to take 3 lots of medicine to break the breeding cycle of whatever it was.

I also used a mixture of sulphur and moisturiser, on my skin, at night 2 nights on, 1 night off. It’s strong and can irritate the skin, so you need to see what you can tolerate without doing more damage to your skin.

Clean, vacuum, wash your sheets daily during this period. You need to break the breeding cycle.

And most importantly, pray! Keep the faith, lean in God. It’s a tough battle.

MarPat11 on August 21, 2020:

Clean your home like you never did before in your life i had this problem and it drove me crazy for years i moved 2 times with my family of 5 now i have been free of this menous for 2yrs. I did not have to quit smoking nor did i have to change my diet i stay away from anything microfiber and i certainly dont wear fleace i switched my apparel to not accomidate any summer bugs by wearing cool dri products from the sporting good store i do not wear the same clothes i wore all day to bed shower daily with antibacterial soaps like dial and i spray my home with an oxi clean disinfectant like odor ban sprays from home depot and so far ive been sleeping like a baby. Good luck it does get better with the proper care.

FreddieBean on July 02, 2020:

Hi Pablo my address is see if I am able to get this to you and then I can list what I am doing which is helping me

Pablo on July 01, 2020:

Thanks Freddie for your response. Can you please list the supplements you take? I hope you are right but I fear the Diet change will not be enough to stop these critters? My boy eats only veg,eggs and meat and they still bother him, though nowhere near as much as myself and my daughter. Maybe if the environment is made worse for them, we can get through this. I reckon our old,damp house is our enemy in winning this battle and need to focus on sorting it out too. These bugs, whatever they are, have got into all our fabric in the home, and quickly creep onto your legs if you are still for a few seconds. I also feel them dropping/flying onto me? It is horrible, and like others have testified, it feels like you are being constantly attacked in your own home. When out/away from the home, the irritation almost dissapears but as soon as I get home....BAM!! It,s worse in early summer, and slightly worse on a night. Thanks for your advice and hoping that a diet change and dealing with the damp/mould will be the start of the end of whatever is plagueing us.

FreddieBean on June 23, 2020:


I too had Lyme so my immune system was low, Morgellons takes over the body when your system is low I believe we might all have it but the people with good immune system manages to keep it under control.

Stress is another thing that seems to make it worse and you must be very stressed being worried about your family.

When it starts on the head cold water helps relieve the symptoms, it seems to hate the cold I use to use ice pack on my arms and back the itching soon goes.

You need to concentrate on getting your immune system kick started, start eating only food that is clean not treated by pesticides, eat plenty of green veggies and fresh meat no processed stuff. get some good vitamins let me know if you would like the link to where I get mine, you need to keep taking them, I will take mine for life now as I have never felt so well, my system has been compromised for 20 + after getting Lyme.

Stop all sugar take Stevia to sweeten things, Morgellons thrive on sugar and things that turn into sugar in the body, you need to research that cut right down on your carbs too.

Good luck, try and stay calm and stay cool.

Pablo on June 21, 2020:

Hi. Thankyou for your article, which makes some sense. However I think it is not the mould that gives the symptoms, but what feeds off the mould or exists because of a damp environment. My problem started 2 years ago, when I bought a "Natural" Feather comforter off the Internet. BIG MISTAKE !! The fist night we put it on our bed It felt like thousands of tiny pinpricks wherever I had contact with the Feather comforter. That was the start of our Nightmare, which sadly I could have stopped by not buying a Feather product. I can only presume it carried some kind of mite, and the feathers were not disinfected properly. Again, as someone else had commented it was probably from China !!! Very quickly these things found their way into our cars , other rooms,my workplace,and I guess onto other people around us. Despite steam cleaning,Vaccuming, Cedar oil, and even an ozone generator, these bugs have persisted and got worse. In the house I feel like there are constant cobweb feeling things dropping from the ceiling and tiny, invisible things jumping onto my feet, occasionally pinprick biting sensations. I often find tiny crust specks on my body, particularly shoulders, that don,t look like anything under a microscope?? They just look like a white/gray clump with threads in/around them?? The cars seem full of White specks also? I had a Pest control guy, who I gave possible specimens to and all they found was a "Booklice" that came out of my hair?? Well, paper is wood, and I have been told before that my head must be wooden,"laugh" but why was it in my hair?? These thins seem to crawl into my hair, eyes, ears and nose. My wife or my son seem little affected , though I see them regularly brushing their face/hair as if somethings irritating them. Myself and my daughter seem the most affected, though seem as both my youngest kids are special needs and non verbal I cannot say for sure. The problem just got worse the last 3 months, obviously as we are all housebound during lockdown, and can only imagine that their numbers have increased as we have been always on the menu !!! It is driving me mad, and for the last 3 months our daughter has had screaming outbursts for no reason, nipping her skin, and head banging so much that we have to put a helmet on her on a night time. It is exhausting, and relentless to deal with, and if you try to talk about it to anyone, you feel like they think you are nuts. I don,t know what this is, but I know the feather comforter was the start so can only presume its some species of bird mite?? Bird Mites are linked to Morgellons, but havn,t these bugs been around forever?? So it is probably US that are weaker now, due to unnatural living, high sugar processed foods,vaccinations, pesticides, Wi-fi ,etc....etc.... I had a bad ilness back in 2003 which was never diagnosed medically, though a Naturapath felt it was probably Lyme disease. I had Independant tests a few years ago and found that my immune system was borderline "Compromised" I really don,t know what to do next?? I feel for anyone suffering this, as it is awful

Danielle on June 11, 2020:

Omg I’m feeling the same things. Itching, feeling of insects but no bites nothing. I recently found black Mould in my window about two days ago and I cleaned it up with bleach. I still feel the specs so I hope with constant cleaning it goes away.

Sunnydee777 on June 04, 2020:

I hope this helps other people as it did me. I had biting and crawling for 5 years and houseplants that mysteriously would not survive long. My daughter was completely unaffected while I was going insane. I had a pile of old leaves removed from near my apartment and then crawling/biting started getting less. I vaccuumed alot for a while and I would say after a week I was not getting anymore bites on me at all. I been mite free for 3 months now and I can grow beautiful healthy green plants again. I think this could also happen to someone who has any old woodchips, bushes, dead tree etc... near their home. I am so relieved. Dont give up. I would say that if you cant figure it out, just move. I strongly believe alot of people suffering from this are dealing with something coming from their environment and just because the rest of your housemembers dont react to it, doesnt mean it isnt happening to you.

FreddieBean on May 20, 2020:

Hi Anna what medication have you been prescribed? you need to get on a very low carb and no sugar diet and get some good supplements to boast your immune system have a look through my past posts.

Anna on May 19, 2020:

I feel crawling everyday nearly 2 years. I am taking lots of medication for that. It is very tiny some are black dots and some are long. I have to apply Vaseline and keep on rubbing my skin. It itches and bumps and pin prick. It is very itchy . my lips and cheeks swells. i have to take medicine. When i rub in my skin for five minutes in one area , i can pick with my finger small v tiny dots and some are long. I send o entomologist. No one helped . Please help me., very tiny one are red in color. It goes in my hair i itch badly and the bump in my head. Please help me.

Josh on May 11, 2020:

This sounds exactly like my situation but i havent found black mold. I dont feel any issues when im outside the house for any period of time. So this is not some "condition" as my wife says she feels similar sensations. It is driving me nuts and your writeup is the closest thing ive found on the internet.

Sarah on April 10, 2020:

@Sharon Cortes - I absolutely agree with what you are saying about these things thriving on fabrics and can remove stitching!! My entire house was remodeled back in November and I was already trying to tell myself to quit investigating because I was driving myself insane. Well even with brand new everything, I'm seeing it more and more in the past few weeks/months now. I see/find white "dust/fuzz" everywhere. All of our black socks show the best and not just your typical lint or pilling, but something way worse and even a lint roller won't remove them. I've sat picking them out, only to wash them or find things in the laundry, etc with them all over again. I find black colored "fuzz/dust" all over everyday as well. I've been dealing with these things for far too long as well and would love to get to the bottom of it. I've had countless pest control visits and can not seem to ever find anything or see any definitive source of bugs or insects. I've come up with so many different hypothesis over the past year, but my most recent and has been for a while is mold mites. I was also told in January that I have mold growing pretty extensively in my crawl space. So mold is not a radical thought. I can't get under my house myself due to asthma and allrgies or I would. So I'm waiting... on someone to come treat it. But I question if it's somehow gotten into or is growing in my duct work and hence keeps appearing everywhere.

Sharon Cortes on April 10, 2020:

Many people say it’s this Morgellons disease however after personally dealing with this SOB torment my body, home and everything under my roof for almost four years I just don’t can’t see this being something that’s lurking from out of our body. I think this is originating in our home and getting in our body it just doesn’t make sense how it thrives on fabrics and certain linens and can even mutate stitches in our clothing it can eat and remove stitching also with something that appears to be thread. I find that very hard to believe the human body would ever produce something that could exit our body and do something like that and no one will ever convince me otherwise. I removed pretty much every piece of clothing about two years ago and took it to my garage in bins and garbage bags. Life definitely got 98% better. When I decided to bring a few things back in a few months ago despite soaking in Borax and washing my nightmare started all over again, also I found a huge surprise in one of my bags of robes an infestation of beetles so I decided to just throw everything in the trash. I believe this is some kind of mite don’t ask me what kind because if I knew I would be telling you. There are so many different sorts little critters that I never even had a clue existed until I started dealing with this and had to start investigating every species of bug. For example I had never heard of mold mites never knew such existed, or beetle mites. It is contagious to people who cone stay in my house because my son got a new dog and she got it and also my granddaughter who was coming over has the same symptoms also my 11 year old son so I strongly believe this house is the one that has an issue.

FreddieBean on February 03, 2020:

Hi Cody

Yes I think we are nearly all agreed that it is Morgellons, yes plenty of lemon water seems to help, not yet put it on my body but have tried apple cider vinegar and that seems to take away the itch.

Cody Rhoads on February 03, 2020:

Could this be morgellons disease,that might explain weird strains coming out of people’s bodies the roots or stem of the fungus and nonstop itching .Also I found that drinking lemon juice or putting it on your body helps. Lemon juice kills fungus and mold

MarPat11 on November 26, 2019:

Yes if you have it so does everyone in your home your skin is more sensitive than others i feel them worse in my kids room too and yes the made in china fabric in store are crawling with it unfortunatly 98% of what we buy is made in china i dont sleep with any comforters or sheets or pillows made in china I dont buy anything made of microfiber and i shower 2 times a day using tea tree oil soaps and shampoo coconut oil works great too i weather the storm by using a lint roller mop throughout my home rolling out the walls and ceiling as well tbe sofa and all the beds and I bag up all the laundry in black bags never wear the same pajamas twice without washing i use borax powder detergent with my usual detergent i run the dryer without clothes before i use it for the day use bleach in my mop water and each season it gets worse there is a bug on the rise and with hope we will be taken seriously the last time i went to the ER to be checked for bugs i brought coconut oil and tree oil with me the 2 mixed together will send them pouring out of your pours and i demoed for the er tech and as the black dots appeared out of my pours the doctor said "oh thats just dirt", imagine that these things been runniing across my face all night and this genius is telling me to use soap when i shower so i wish you all luck as everything you do to beat this helps in some way as we all get used to tbe battle of the bugs that no one beleives you have until theyre burning in itch too....good luck.

FreddieBean on November 25, 2019:

Oh Charlotte I use to say, this cannot be happening it is like a nightmare from hell... then I found out it's name and I then relaxed.... we know what it is now, we now know we are not crazy.. we just need to hold it together and try and find what helps each one of us, it seems that no one thing helps all.. and as yet no magic pill .

So do you think your kiddies have it but not showing signs of it, is that what Marpat said sorry I get confused..... that might well be so I hadn't really thought about it but I think I have had it for many years but I think my healthy body kept it at bay... I wonder! So that could make sense, I have read that the morgellons transmit from one host to another ...I feel really weird saying this because it's like Sci Fi stuff and I need to keep it together and stay positive that I am somewhat in controlled of IT!!

I haven't covered anything, I haven't cleaned like there's no tomorrow .....I was to tired to start with, now too busy with full time work, you can read below what worked for me but it seems it doesn't work for everyone but I would go for the cheapest option first and good supplements, ditch creams and potions and just see if you can feel a change.

Maybe you feel anxious when you see lint dust and anxiety makes things worse , I just don't maybe you are right but Morgellons doesn't seem rife in China, as you would expect if you think there is a connection... I just don't know, just try and stay calm it is easy for me to say now but I learnt very quickly that diet and staying calm nearly stopped it in it's tracks then adding the supplements has given back my life I live a near normal life and work two jobs But still have brain fog so not cured but life is bearable now..

Charlotte on November 24, 2019:

Thank you Freddie Bean, I can't trash the plastic sheet, it's what I use to cover the recliner instead of bedding.

I think Marpat may have a point, I've noticed my kids don't show any symptoms but I seem to get tortured the most in their room and when handling their laundry.

I've been noticing the fabric imported from China seems to pollute my home with this flying lint-dust. I know it sounds crazy but whenever I'm in the clothing store near any "made in china" fabric the crawling sensations get stirred up more. This also happens if I'm near dogs or pets.

I'm almost certain the fabric from China is infected.

This has to be somekind of a bad dream.

FreddieBean on November 24, 2019:

No I think you may be wrong about "people who claim they don't feel it have it 10 times worse" people seem to get the symptoms when their immune system is compromised for what ever reason, so people that are healthy don't get the symptoms... that is not to say they don't have it in a dormant state just waiting for the time the immune system is not so strong to fight them off.

The Keto doesn't kill the Morgellons to stops/calms down the symptoms, so stop sugar in any form and take carbs down to under 50, worth trying for people who haven't tried it, yes a lot of people say they have tried Keto but it didn't work but it is a long term way of eating not just for a week!

MarPat11 on November 23, 2019:

They live inside our body in every oraphis of our bodies they can go deep in our pours and live dormant until you bother them the burning itch gets worse at the begining of each season exceprional worse durring fall you become used to it after the 1st couple of years oh and 2 more points 1 the people around you that claim they dont feel a thing have it 10 times worse than you it does not have a prefrence and since you acknowlege you have it your more caustious not to spread it around 2 the keto diet does not work, good luck.

FreddieBean on November 09, 2019:

Hi Charlotte

Try and stay calm look to your diet first, that is what I did, you got it probably like me you were poorly and your immune system was down allowing this stuff to invade our body, get rid of the heavy duty plastic as this stuff seems to thrive on moisture try and stay cool and dry not sure what Sharkman protocol is, I get multi vitamins from Logos Nutritional good supplements to build up your immune system up they knowledge Morgellons and will answer any questions you might have but it is rather pricey however "you get what you pay for" as we say here.

You do not need to be lonely I am a member of a forum where we all help each other search Mel Friedman Toxic Disease Pioneer and have a look at the forum.

We know we are not losing it we know it is real and we all have great tips to get through this with great support, I have been a member for a year and now in full time employment still have it but have it under control so I can live a somewhat normal life.

Chalotte on November 08, 2019:

Help me, I have this so bad. I’ve moved five times, dumped my car and all my belongings and still have this.

I sleep in a garden recliner wrapped up in heavy duty plastic. I’ve tried everything, I mean everything plus the Sharkman protocol.

I’m finding more and more of the flying dust whenever new fabric comes into the home or anything that is made in China. This whole ordeal is really bizarre to say the least and the loneliness is heart wrenching. No one else seems to be effected which is even more bizarre. I can’t talk to anyone about it without getting the omg, she’s losing it looks.

I vacuum, hardly own any fabric, clean, spray and treat daily but still no close to getting better.

I’m scared

FreddieBean on November 08, 2019:

Hi Gregery you have bio film I use to have in bad on my scalp, but it has gone, not sure how or why it went, it seems that this disease acts differently in people I got the bio film before I had the crawling and really bad itching skin, I didn't know at the time it was bio film all I knew I had a patch that was sort of oily all the time and no amount of scrubbing moved it, this sort of came and went then the crawling and itching took over, at the time I didn't know this was all related but reading up on Morgellons I can see it is.

I found the Keto diet has stopped a lot of stuff, I use to eat my breakfast and oh my goodness the itching was horrendous at the time I thought it was the car but once on the diet I didn't have any problem, there is one thing it seems that Morgellons is stimulated by things or maybe the way we produce the stimulation, so when I use to walk passed a diner and the smell is delicious, it seems the Morgellons gets woken up, if I am upset and irritated again I use to itch like crazy so I try and keep to the diet low carbs no sugar and stay calm with walking away from any stressful situation.

Keep the shower cool... well not hot after the shower and once you are completely dry maybe after 15 nimutes put some medicated talc powder on all over keep your clothes loose.

Hope this helps

Gregery Raibon on November 08, 2019:

I have been getting tormented from something,7days a week 24hours day. No lie everywhere I go in my trucc in grocery store work court shower you name I'm getting what I call it being rain on. It's an oily like substance that is mad attracted to me. Only singling out me no one else admit to it. But I'm going through it bad some one please help

MarPat11 on October 31, 2019:

I just got new neighbors and from the 1st night they moved in about a week ago to now the bugs have been relentless Im 1000 percent sure they moved from an infested home as they moved all their bugs in tbey threw out 80 percent of their stuff so the moral of this story is go ahead and go nuts irradicading these things and in 1 day you can contract thousands of them thanks to the stranger next you who eighther didnt know they have them or they just dont care where they bring them. Here we go again !

been there done that on October 29, 2019:

sorry I was voicing this on my phone and came out terrible:

when using this also spray and wipe its a long job at first but well worth it, spray your shower counter handles u use get the picture...

Been there done that on October 29, 2019:

Oh it's 32 oz The Eradicator and you use one capful in your laundry no soap use way less than a capful in your spray bottle and oh happy life spray some on a Q-tip for your ears nose wherever you need to get cuz I been

Been there done that... on October 29, 2019:

After years of this...heres a solution i had spent at least 6-700.00 $ on products to get rid of this say bye bugs exterminator it was expensive and I think I got six bottles for $100 or a hundred and something and then this laundry treatment now that was the key but any any wow I started using that but I wasn't using it correctly the laundry treatment the bed bug stuff was awake to money so are you didn't you did the laundry detergent and I still was feeling the creepy crawlies and and my clothes in my couch oh and I got rid of my purple suede couch I love it hadn't even been set on that much but I had it for years and who's got rid of it cuz I couldn't get rid of the bugs you're feeling the bugs anyhow so I'm still at my wit's end so I'm online and I'm just doing the research you know so I come across as laundry treatment again now the other laundry team it was $59 and this was 18 at Home Depot and it's called Eradicator laundry treatment you have to order it you know through Home Depot you put a cap full of this in your laundry know so that's why I was messing up and I kept adding stuff to it no soap this this by itself and that your clothes washed and been doing like that put a little bit of this like a quarter teaspoon maybe in a spray bottle cuz it says it's hypoallergenic is non-toxic hypoallergenic biodegradable chlorine-free scent-free put some in a spray bottle and start spraying everything you know clean yourself every time you feel it spray yourself take a shower spray your stuff spread like you got bugs bad do everything like that and get your cleaner it. Clean your doors like that it's impossible to wash everything you got it we have a lot of stuff like I do clothes I mean spray tan bugs spray on spray spray when you when you were getting ready to get dressed if you aren't or some like me just pray your stuff and put it on a fan Let It Blow you know I throw it in the dryer it takes it away you don't take long it's a lot of work but it takes it away but you sleep spray your mattress just said simple and you word are feeling better cuz I know how you feel it's horrible I don't went through so much I didn't I don't even want to explain but that is a remedy to this and if you have pets stop letting them go in and out without cleaning your feet or whatever you know he'll you spraying it on you spray your pet is hypoallergenic best of luck

MarPat11 on October 28, 2019:

Its a BUG that is EVERYWHERE as simple as that. Now ask me how to iradicate them, huh if i only knew. So if you see black dots around your toilet and sinks and glitter specs on yor face black dots poping out of your skin well your not crazy and your not alone your just screwed, plain and simply screwed.

FreddieBean on October 20, 2019:

Well I thought it started a year ago but since getting better I realise I have had Morgellons for years, it was always in the back ground but it came to the fore when I became very ill with another problem where I ended up in hospital.

My doctor has been treating my spots for years he said that I had over 30s acne maybe that is why it was kept sort of subdued with the antibiotics I was on but people kept telling me it looked nothing like acne anyway I really cant say for sure how long, all I know is I got Lymes late 80s and was very sick for over three years and there seems to be a link with the two.

Andrew julia on October 19, 2019:

How long have you had this problem

FreddieBean on October 11, 2019:

I know that's Morgellons horrid disease I had just the same if you read my posts I was near to crisis point but someone mentioned no sugar and low carbs and the crawling stopped ... I still have issues and I am not cured, I am managing IT ! what ever it is. Give it a go, you have nothing to loose other than a few pounds I lost 28 but that was a minor thing after a month once I was able to concentrate I started on a load of supplements to build up my immune system they have worked as I am able to work full time now, which I haven't done in years.

Try and stay calm stress seems to make it worse, something to do with the hormones anyway please just give the diet ago Keto is very similar to what I do

Andrew julia on October 10, 2019:

Idk bro but this is no way to live the feeling is the worst on my head and legs and like this guy said I feel it in my trousers everywhere

freddiebean on October 08, 2019:

Andrew it might be due to your immune system isn't working well and you wife's is, have you been ill prior to this, read through what people are trying on here and see if they help you.

Andrew julia on October 07, 2019:

I’m having this problem right now and I don’t know what to do it’s a apartment and my wife says she doesn’t feel anything but everything you said I have everything and it’s been going on for so long the doctor just notified me that something is wrong with my liver could that be from the mold .? I need help I can’t live like this anymore also why am I the only one going through this pain

Freddiebean on October 04, 2019:

Thanks Pete for posting that link, it is very interesting and seems feasible but I haven't done anything to my house all i have done is gone on the low carb and no sugar diet and taken lots of different supplements which have been designed by Logos for Lyme and Morgellons and I am so much better but as soon as i slip off the diet the itching comes back.

I still have brain fog but that is clearing, I now can remember medical points that may point to me having this Morgellons for some time, I now remember I when to a dermatologist late 70s due to spots that wouldn't clear up on my face and hair line...things dont change as back then they turned me away saying don't pick or scratch at them! but I wasn't , right up to this time last year I thought I suffered with acne during this period, many people said that's not acne but my doctor said it was and like a fool I believed him, if only I knew then what I know now, I could have prevented it from taking over my body, it is hard to get shot of it when it has been around for so long, but it's no good dwelling on it, we just need to find what works best for us as individuals and stick to it then wait/hope that some day there will be that magic pill to get shot of it forever. Don't use window cleaner on your self as it has toxic ingredients..

Just take care on what you spray on yourself and around the house.

There is a documentary being premiered in LA about Morgellons tomorrow.

MarPat11 on October 03, 2019:

Its not insulation the strings are nematodes that borrow in our skin they ball up thats the black dots you see i get the same results with windex i use a lint roller to roll them off my skin the duct tape will remove some skin the strings that look like lint are alive and have taken on the form of a pinworm that travel through every oraphis of our bodies beleive me it sounds crazy i know but ive been analizing these things for 5yrs now some days are better than others.

pete on October 01, 2019:

to Freddie bean. thanks for mentioning the kleen green. I had a bottle of kleen free that I found in my house same stuff as kleen green, soaked in the tub for about 30 min. you wouldn't believe how much insulation that came off of me. a whole handful, I flushed it down the toilet. yuck. Im feeling great now. I going to wipe the whole house down with kleen free and see if that works. I also read that you need to buy a ventless dryer or the clothes will get contaminated from the air in the house and youll feel it on you all day long. I took the insulation out of my basement joists so hopefully if I keep cleaning and vacuuming every day, I will eventually be rid of this nightmare.

Pete on October 01, 2019:

do you want to know what works. Duct tape. duct tape your body. buy a hand held vacuum and vacuum your car everyday and your and shoes before you bring that insulation dust into your house and spread it every where. I also use a sauna. If there is a ymca next to you go sit in the hot tub and sauna there and you will feel better..., but the fact is you will need to find the source of the insulation dust leakage into your living space or you will continue to be contaminated with toxic dust.

Pete on October 01, 2019:

I should be able to sue these insulation companies for ruining my life. my lungs are damaged and my eyes are all scratched up which damaged my vision. I cant believe they make a product so toxic and its in everyone's house and everyone is brainwashed thinking that its safe. I found out today that Germany and some other European countries have banned insulation. I'm not sure what they use to insulate there house, but I'm sure its not something toxic, that breaks down over time and leaches into the living space. I'm going to try the wet wipes, this insulation dust is almost impossible to get rid of. Its in my house, my car and my clothes. Still thinking about selling my house and walking away from everything, but there is not much out there where I live. Going to keep cleaning and vacuuming everyday to see if I can resolve the situation. I also going to hire some professional cleaners and detail my car interior and have my clothes dry cleaned. If that doesn't work. I next throw everything out to the dump, sell my house and start over from nothing except what I came into this word with : )

Freddiebean on September 29, 2019:

Morgellons is made worse by all of these body spray I have stopped using all sprays, soap and water and in between wet wipes that is all I need and in the house I clean with Kleen Green brilliant stuff and non toxic even spray it on my hair and body works wonders .

Pete on September 28, 2019:

Ive been testing my house with my air quality meter and found out there is lots of formaldehyde in my spray deodorant. My meter went off the chart when I sprayed the deodorant in my house. Ive been poisoning myself everyday with deodorant spray with toxic formaldehyde and not even knowing it. Formaldehyde causes contact dermatitis if you are sensitive or allergic to it. Not saying this is everyone's problem, but if you tried everything else, you might want to check it out. maybe go to an allergist to see if your allergic to formaldehyde. They put it in beauty products, flooring, clothes, food amongst other things and it is a toxin.

pete on September 27, 2019:

I was right about the formaldehyde. I bought a indoor air quality meter from amazon that also measures formaldehyde and the formaldehyde was off the charts. I recommend you buy a formaldehyde meter to test for formaldehyde, the formaldehyde could be coming from road dust, new flooring, cleaning products and other stuff, you can look up all the products that have formaldehyde in them and see if you have them in your house, which could be causing your problem. A hefpa air purifier will not remove formaldehyde and you will need to buy a VOC air purifier. There not cheap.

Freddiebean on September 27, 2019:

Hi Pete, I cannot think i have the same problem as you as I haven't done anything drastic to my house....was to weak to even think about it let alone do anything about it, yet my crawley has gone just the odd itchy spots and Morgellons splits with fibers in the skin, my main issue is brain fog but who to know that I may have Alzheimer’s! Diet helped with the itching within a couple of weeks of starting and supplements have helped with my energy so much.

I am fortunate to live in the country side surrounded by wood land. We all need to try and live a clean life as much as possible, I wish I had and then maybe I would have this disease, I now eat organic veggies and know where my meat comes from, No junk and No sugar so have made a start Maybe when I am able I will move house, is a documentary film that is going to be premiered 5th October, I hope it will be a fair reflection of this disease. take care and keep on keeping on ...

pete on September 27, 2019:

Hi, I found another problem, which I assumed this was a problem about 8 months ago, but wasn't sure. I bought my house about 7 years ago. I used to live in the country, with fresh country ari. Well, the house is next to a thruway and all Summer I was leaving the windows open thinking I was getting fresh air in the house and it was making it worse. yesterday, I checked with my neighbor and she had the same problem, she said she coughs all the time and doesn't smoke. The highway dust from the tires and diesel fumes from trucks blows over into my neighborhood and blows right threw the window into the house if I leave the windows open. I must be allergic to the highway dust from the car and truck pollution, from diesel fumes and wearing tires. last night I took a big fan and blew the air and the microscopic particles out of my house and if feels 80 percent better it my house. So, if you live next to a highway, this could be your problem, the highway dust feels just like mites are crawling on you, burns your eyes, and you cough alot. goodluck….

Pete on September 25, 2019:

I found out what the problem is. Its formaldehyde, some people are allergic to it. Its a toxin and they put it in a lot of products, including beauty products wood floors, cigarettes. they just recently stopped putting it in insulation. It causes contact dermatitis which is what it feels like bugs are crawling on you. Formaldehyde is found in manufactured wood products used as building materials such as OSB, plywood, MDF, and particle board. These manufactured wood products are also found in furniture like desks, bookshelves, beds, some individuals may experience adverse effects such as watery eyes; burning sensations in the eyes, nose, and throat; coughing; wheezing; nausea; and skin irritation, insomnia and thinking problems Yes, this problem has costs me over $10k and my health and many hours missed at work. I finally figured it out myself

Freddiebean on September 24, 2019:

gosh you have done so much to rectify your house insulation problem Pete, yes I too would like to move but at the moment it's not at all possible.

I think we both have different issues, yet they sound similar, with the crawling feeling but I had lots of others things going on and once I changed my diet it has got so much better brain fog is still my bug bear and not able to sleep more than 4 broken hours an night is not helping!

Yes good luck to you too

pete on September 23, 2019:

I'm not sick myself, my house is sick. the insulation particles can go down to 1 micron. Its a lot better in my house than it was, but its going to take time. you have to spray the whole house with soapy water and then wipe it up. I also bought a $450 hefpa vac. I also paid 3 professionals $1000 to clean my crawlspace and another professional $500 to vacuum the crawlspace. I'm fine when I go to work or vacation, but I still feel the crawling feeling some like bugs crawling on me in my house. I 'm going to have to wipe it down many times before its completely resolved which takes time and energy. I wish I had the money to leave everything behind and get a brand-new house, but i'm not in that position. Whats sucks you can't see the particles because they are microscopic, so you don't know if you got it all.. I spoke to someone today and he recommended static spray. Good luck!

Freddiebean on September 22, 2019:

Pete I was lucky I found a site just before I was at no return, someone must have been looking out for me! I couldn't have gone on, I could only see one way to stop this hell, I am not completely well but I am close to it, maybe It is in management mode, I can now work full time and I hardy itch unless I eat too many carbs and if I eat sugar , this is a small price to pay, however I am on a lot of Logos supplements that have help ti get my immune system back on track which I had depleted via a hospital procedure. I only have insulation in the loft which I never go up in so I don't think it is that that is causing my problem , I hope you have found the answer for yours if not keep in touch and we can help each other.

Freddiebean on September 22, 2019:

So are you completely better now Pete ?

Pete on September 21, 2019:

to freddiebean.

I removed the insulation from my basement and wiped the whole house down and bought a hefpa vac and vacuumed the whole house many times over... From what I read, no one knows what Morgellons is. what I said was to check for insulation dust because it could be that and not something else. No one knows what someone else has, I was just trying to help. If someone here would have told me about insulation dust 2 yrs ago, I wouldn't have wasted 2 yrs of my life, thrown everything out and had to go threw hell...

Freddiebean on September 21, 2019:

Pete, ......that is such a funny statement "i'm pretty sure its insulation dust and not Morgellons as Morgellons is still a mystery disease and no one really knows what it is" .....indeed it is a mystery but I have it!

So what have you done to your house as you didn't say and are you completely free of brain fog, memory problems frequent urination, chronic fatigue, "biting", itching, coughing and are your eyes better.

pete on September 20, 2019:

If you itch, its probably insulation dust. look in your basement of your house or your attic, do you have any exposed insulation. If Insulation, gets wet or damp with moisture, it breaks down and turns to dust. also rodents make nests in insulation and break it up creating dust. the dust goes through the house through air ducts and electric sockets and cracks. air rises from the bottom of the house to the top, so if you have bad air in your basement or crawlspace the air will go into the living space and effect you. insulation dust feels just like bugs are crawling on you and itches really bad. Im not saying everyones problem on here is insulation dust, but I think if you have tried killing a bug and nothing is working than its a particle and you have to find out what it is. I spent 2 yrs and over $5k and threw out all my stuff it my house including selling my car and still had the problem, I was about to sell my house and figured it out 2 weeks ago. If I could go back it time, the first thing I would do is buy a microscope, check what it is with using tape and then put the tape under a microscope, if its a white a pink particle its probably insulation dust. You can also tell if its insulation by turning off all the lights in the house at night and using a flashlight to see if there are floating particles. insulation dust is very light and floats and sparkles. you can also have the particle tested at a lab or your county health dept should be able to point you in the right direction. Some of the symptoms of insulation dust are red eyes when you wake up in the morning, insomnia, itching crawling feeling on you skin. numbness in your hands and feet, tired a lot, anxiety, coughing and sneezing a lot. if you see floating dust, i'm pretty sure its insulation dust and not Morgellons as Morgellons is still a mystery disease and no one really knows what it is. So, do your self a favor and see if its insulation dust and then if its not, you can try to find out what it is, but you will need to test the particles that are effecting you to confirm its not just contact dermatitis from an allergy

Freddiebean on September 20, 2019:

Hi Amber

I cannot really comment on what Pete is say other than if you have Morgellons Do not use hairspray or any spray around yourself, I am constantly clearing my throat I have had the throat issues for a bout three years I just live with it Hairspray use make my throat worse, if I have to use it I go out side down wind, never in the house I am on Keto as you have probably read and it works along side clean living as in no sprays than have awful chemicals in, I just clean with Kleen Green and shower with it too.

You need to get your immune system good by taking some good vitamins, Logos supplements are very good and they are designed to your needs ....and they are good at answering any questions.

The only thing you might not realise is if you do have Morgellons it feeds on stress hormones, so try and play music or anything that might take your mind off the itching,

You say when you are around people they itch/clear their throat, they are subconsciously mimicking you, you know when you listen to a person that has a croaky voice you want to cough for them, the itching well again they could be copying subconsciously your actions or they too have Morgellons, it is a lot more common than you think.

There is a free weekend on How I cured Morgellons this weekend sorry by the time you see this the weekend will be over but look at the site anyway, just take a deep breath and try and stay calm, do not lose hope, meet me at that web site if you are able, they are really nice people on there and they have conference calls Saturday and Sunday morning, I'm there via skype but sometimes I dont say much, I get a little tongue tied

Freddie x

Pete on September 19, 2019:

Amber. It's insulation dust. I spent over $5k and threw out all my clothes and bought a new car and it still didn't go away. I was going to sell my house until a couple of weeks ago if figured it out. I cant believe it took so long to figure out, but, I just didn't think that could happen. You can use hair spray to keep it down and off of also want to spray your clothes with hairspray to keep it down you can also buy a microscope and see yourself what it is and bring it to a county lab for free testing. if it looks like white or pink speckles, its insulation dust. if your itching and have a crawling feeling plus sinus problems and allergy symptoms with red eyes in the morning, i'm sure its insulation dust coming from somewhere into your house. it could be coming from your basement into the living space because air in a house rises. Good luck..

Amber on September 18, 2019:

I have the same problems as everyone else here. It’s now affecting my children. I’ve also had a pressure sensation in my throat for almost a year now. Has anyone found any relief aside from diet? I’ve been eating Keto for 30 days now and I’m down to 110 pounds. At 5’7 I look like a skeleton but I’m still itchy and it looks like dust is always floating off me. I’ve recently noticed when I’m around people they get itchy/clear their throat. I’ve gone to doctors, cleaned, bought a new car. I’ve done all I can imagine. I’m losing hope. Please help.

Pete on September 12, 2019:

It could be fiberglass dust escaping from your walls or ceiling areas where its insulated and going through cracks and crevices or air ducts into your house. fiberglass dust feels just like bugs crawling on you and can also cause red eyes and trouble breathing and stomach issues.

Airborne fiberglass cannot be seen with the naked eye and is often hard to detect, particularly if you are one of those people who cannot feel the obvious signs and you cant distinguish the glass particles from other small dust particles. they are very small down to 1 micron. and can only be picked up using a hefpa vacuum cleaner and hefpa air filters, but you will need to find the source or your house will continue to be contaminated.

Kaliegh on September 06, 2019:

I have had an itchy irritaton for a while now and nothing is helping me its worse at night can someone help me please

QUEEN TRISH on September 06, 2019:


Freddiebean on September 06, 2019:

Hi Will

I used tea tree oil for months cant tell you how much I spent on it...loads! Then I found keeping my skin most free helped so much better but it seems that everyone is different, what helps one doesn't always help another this doesn't help matters at all!

You are so right I am the same, when your skin is covered they always were really bad, strip off I never felt much at all, mine always got worse when in the car or sat in a comfy chair, darkness and heat made it so much worse, best have light and cool.. loose clothing

is best :) I use diluted Kleen Green in the shower,sovereign silver as a skin toner and apple cider vinegar on any itchy bumps.

Will on September 04, 2019:

Hey! You’re not crazy and you’re not mentally ill. This is literally happening to me!

I didn’t know what to do. I kept and still feel itching every day. I first thought they were white mites but no. Then bed bugs and other crap like that. But I’ve been doing things to get rid of demodex. I’ve been using tea tree oil products.

It’s been working. I’ve been finding tiny tiny white salt looking specks on clothes (not washed with white liens)! I dry my face out at night. Rubbing alcohol works too. Just a little in only the places you know are going to feel the crawling.

Never during day light when skin is exposed do I feel this. Only in dark spaces like under clothes or when body is in dark.

Demodex wipes from amazon help too. Don’t buy the body lotion for shower. Doesn’t help and it’s basiclly tea tree.

Ultabeauty has a tea tree skin kit for under $40. The toner, face wash and mask work. Any type of pure tea tree oils work as well but make sure you dilute. I do it with regular face or skin toners.

Check your pillow sheets. Use dark colored ones. Check them daily! Put all clothes in dryer. The do stick to them.

Freddiebean on September 03, 2019:

Yes so sad this awful Disease, maybe I wont be ever be cured, of course I wont know until it might happen but I am to stay positive for my own sanity I have been at a stage for a long while now where I am "well" I can work and I don't spend days thinking about it as the itching and crawling is so minimal (if I stick to the diet) Yes it does refuse to quit, no doubt about that and it is such a fight, my heart goes out to the old people that are infirm that are not able physically to help themselves in anyway, they are been subjected to a form of torture at the hands of medics, at least we can walk ,talk and try things to try and ease the discomfort and pain, they are unable to, their hands are tied and treated like as (VAN wrongly thinks) having a mental illness...I feel so very sad indeed.

Marpat11 on September 02, 2019:

Funny and sad that after all these years of suffering on and off again when I finally say it's over I beat these little black dots they ALWAYS come back strong the fact remains that we will have this horrible infestation for the rest of our sorry lives unless someone finds a cure and takes us's not mold I'm being as real as these living lint balls it's just not mold until you go through the cycle of Hope and then hopelessness then you will realize that your in it for the Long haul and it is a bug that refuse to quit not mold.

Freddiebean on August 29, 2019:

Hello Van

Why are you writing "mental illness" in capital letters do you think that we are blind as well!!! I for one was far to ill to do obsessive cleaning in fact my place was a tip ! that means I'm ruled out with your synopsis? thank goodness so very pleased to know that I am of sane mind...and you are,,,,,, to have such knowledge ?

So do you have symptoms I am a bit confused on what you saying tdo you think you have a mental illness having just started "these symptoms" only recently...Read my posts and see if you have the same symptoms as me, if so it's Morgellons which seems to have a connection with mold, if not sorry I cannot help you.

Van on August 28, 2019:

Hello, thank you for the information about mold. I am experiencing these symptoms, however I have had exposure to a small amount of black mold but it never caused these symptoms before recently. After reading the comments, I feel it its safe to say that this is a MENTAL ILLNESS symptom and not physical bugs or mold. The descriptions of obsessive cleaning and trying to kill an invisible enemy is characteristic of anxiety, OCD, somatoform, mania, and psychotic disorders!! Please don't poison yourself trying to wash off these bugs - if theres no bites and no actual dead bugs all over the house, they're not bugs, they're in your head. If it's mold, there would be the smell of mold and the other symptoms of mold exposure. Please seek help.

Trish Dudley on August 14, 2019:

I had just got rid of these stupid little things and was in such a good mood, decided to clean out a bag that had been siting in a corner for a month since i moved downstairs on the couch cause i can no longer sleep in my room, let alone go in. I open the bag, and start itching all over again. FUCK!. If it was not for my hair, i could get rid of them quicker. i can no longer wash my hair and shower at the same time because as they run down my body and bite me at the ankles, they are trying to get into my eyes with the water and lice soap. trying to spray the shower head in the direction of the tub floor for them to get off me quicker, then having to point the shower head at my face to stop them from entering my eyes, up my nose and ears. A Living Nightmare. The exterminator has come 2 times, the 1st i gave them the little fuckers that slid off my body into the drain strainer, then i took off my leggings and put it the bag cause they were biting my legs, and i also picked a few out of my skin and put on in the baggie. 3 different samples to no avail. The exterminator came and picked up the traps they left in the room for 2 weeks and say all they see is debris. I went to the hospital and told the doctor i had to shave every last hair on my body because i could see thm half in and half out of my body, washing my hair for 8 hours i missed work. the doctor says oh, ill perscribe you some antibiotics. What the fuck is going on?? my kids think im on drugs and just picking at my skin for fun. what the fuck is they problem. im tracking them from the car to my desk at work from work back to the car. OMG!! not giving up. i have been having to rebuy shitt i already got. from a simple brush and comb to underwear and socks. i have become a compulsive cleaner,mopping the floor 4 to 5 times a day. i dont like to vaccum cause it seems it kicks them in the air even worse with that comes more itching. i dont have a washer and dryer so i have to pay daily to wash my sheets and towels. i use to sell online but all the clothese are in the room so this has hindered my business. and buying lice shampoos, bleach, creams, is leaving me broke. im looking to move but they want you to make 2 to 3 times the rent, i mean i pay my rent on time isnt that enough?? nobody knows what im going through, nor do they care. im an advicate for myself.

what seems to work for me is boiling my clothes, towels, sheets, then wash in hot water with borax and drying two cycles on high, immediately put into a new trash bag and leave it tied until need something. shampoing with lice shampoo and i cant get every last one on the 1st wash but after the wash i put on a plastic disposable cap and tie that down in a scarf, everywhere, work home stores, and follow that routine until i no longer feel them in my hair. but since they are so easy to return, i may no longer allow my hair to be out until i move.

yesterday i bought permethrin spray from walmart and sprayed the inside of my car to death. when i went to work this morning, i did see lint flying around, but no bite, so idk if it worked or not. calomine spray, lint rollers, bleach, selsin blue, sulfur soap, hydrocortizone cream. i applied all the creams plus some lavender and rosemary oils all over my body, and i slept good. i mop with bleach and lice shampoo and that seems to help alot. but work and car is where my problems mostly lie. Im going to spray my whole area with the permethrin spray when its time for lunch and see if it helps. i need to go in the bathroom and take a sanitizer wash up cause even though i got on pants, i stil feel them crawling on me, im also gonna apply some sulfur ointment, i have on a shower cap and scarf, but the little hairs where my neck and back of my head meet, are vulnerable. stay consistent and beat these little muthafuckers.

Freddiebean on August 02, 2019:

Hi Quan

I do really see that much maybe a few times but I have certainly felt things my problem (morgellons) stems from Lymes from way back and brought to the fore by mold, I still live somewhat with the mold some rooms are worse than others and these I just do not go in, I have two dehumidifiers and they have helped but I have managed to get my immune system back on track with lots of vitamins and mineral and diet, so much so I am now well enough to go back to work, brain fog was bad but that to has lifted Please ask me anything if you think I might be able to help.

Quan on August 01, 2019:

Reading all of these comments has been uplifting and yet horrendous. I feel like i am a person that must be ultra sensitive because of the things i see and feel that noone else seems to see. I see things everywhere and i say things because i am baffled. I have better than 20 20 vision and i am plagued by actually being able to see these things all the time day night low light or no light. I have moved and had to start over with all new things out of desperation and having tried everything i could at old place. Once moving and losing everything including peace of mind i got a few months of at least being able to rest and put some weight back on but a year later and i am still overwhelmed with things i see feel and try to fight with no win in site.

Quan on August 01, 2019:

Hello everyone

Ana Kristina Wambach on July 20, 2019:

Dear Author,

I'm currently experiencing very similar sensations only I am finding tiny black specks all over my skin, particularly on my face and arms. When I wipe with a paper towel or cotton pad or cloth towel it almost looks like black lint gathering as I swipe up my arms. I'm residing in a house that has relentless mold problems. The foundation is in such disarray, any time it rains or snow melts, the basement begins to flood. I stored some older cook and bakeware on the screened in back porch which were all covered in mold after not much time out there. Your article has me both relieved and greatly concerned. This is my in-laws home.

In the meantime, I'd really love and appreciate knowing how exactly you treated your skin with the coconut oil. Did you saturate yourself and then wash it off?

Thanks and The Very Best,

Ana Kristina

MarPat11 on July 10, 2019:

It's not mold . It's now taken control of my 8yr old I don't spray any chemicals as I learned from early experience

NOTHING kills them except maybe fire I'm not getting better and now my boy wines every time he takes a breath the doctor says it's allergies but they say I have lung disease the exterminator and doctors know more than they're allowed to speak of we're all wasting away and to watch your children suffer and you cannot help is worse than the pain in my lungs caused by a bug that crawls up your nose and uses you lungs as a breeding cave here's a fun expeirement for all you suffers before you go to sleep tonight rub some vasoline on your nose and upper lip you'll see the black dots stuck there when you wake up.

Nicole in MD on June 30, 2019:

Worst 8 months of my life. I never knew what it was. I cut my hair down to a buzz cut. I thought I was contagious. Doctor's thought I was crazy. I quit my job over it because I wasn't sleeping and thought I had some infestation. The job thought I was crazy too. I moved from one place, a leaky basement where we discovered lots and lots of mold, to a ground floor apartment with a girl friend of mine. She was trying to help me but guess what? I didn't improve. Just got more and more neurotic... Watch her and her son having the same symptoms but ignoring it. I saw the Black socks popping off me...even in my sheets when I coated my skin in oil. I found mold in the wall of the closet of the bedroom I was sleeping in. I got my self together finally and moved to a fourth floor apartment in a nice newer area. I almost immediately got better. I dramatically lost weight which I assumed was the mold dying. I am convinced the mold was in and inside me wreaking havoc on my organs etc...I hope no one has to go through this. I thought I had morgellons. I am highly sensitive to mold now. I visited a friends basement bedroom and started itching as soon as I got home.

Tonya on June 29, 2019:

So my started late April, all the same things you experienced and i assumed it was scabies since it was the only thing that kept coming up, i went to Dr told him what i thought it was he gave me a script and I left. I have an obsessive personality so just backing up a bit symptoms were mild and manageable with home remedies but the morning i went to the Dr i was in crying hysterically because symptoms went from a 10 to 1000, i wanted to rip my skin off. Fast forward to after using Scabies treatment, I'm sure ut helped as well as me mentally saying "im healed" well slowly but surely symptoms started again. My bf and I are on the go a lot so we're not inside the house so much but just like when i assumed i had scabies, yup he's out of town and im home inside the house because i live in Florida and its deathly hot. Over the past few days temps been in mid 90's real feel over 100, i live in South Florida BTW, bit i noticed my symptoms are getting worse again and im unconsciously starting the OCD cleaning. Well i was driving back home literally an hour ago from CVS and realized the entire time since I left the house i haven't had ok one sensation of ANYTHING! And I've showerd 4x today with sulphur soap because i was constantly feeling pin pricks, crawling sensations and biting. So i decided to just goggle and came across this post. Im so thankful to have read this because we have significant wather dammage and soot like dots by some of the a/c vents.i was literally dealing with this alone so people wouldn't say in crazy

Yvonne on June 28, 2019:

I don't havescabies, or black mold, or bed bugs. We have been cleaning and cleaning, using essential oils in spray bottles, diffusers, dry steam . All the things you mention except the earth. I am going to try the borax. The Windex helped kill a bunch that were bombarding me as I sat in my recliner. Afterward I found some strange white wormy like bits all over the floor. I looked closely at them and realized that they were insects. They resemble something that I had caught under my fingernail. Which of course got away when I removed my thumb. They sure can move fast. I have never been able to catch anything before. I tried to see them under a microscope but it needs something stronger. I managed to gather up 2 or 3 and added to my collection of these invisible bugs.i have something from the shower floor that has a shape like a miniature dragonfly. It was black. And another similar shape that drowned in the diffuser. It was pinkish.i kept both.

Today was a bad day for me. It is warm and when I got into the car I was ambushed. I tried turning up the a/c, which just made them frantic.So the only relief from the stinging bites and itch was getting out into stores. I could feel them on me all the time, and tried to keep away from anyone. I wouldn't wish these on my worst enemy. I got back home and immediately rushed into the shower. I unloaded my shopping and sat down to relax, when a couple more found me. And then one or two more. The only lemonade I can make from this situation, is to thank God that they don't bother my husband. He has enough health issues

Had another shower at 2:00. That feels so good to be rid of them. One or two woke me at 4:00 from a restless sleep,biting my face.I got up before they started on my eyelids and the edge of my mouth. Had a crying bout in the bathroom, and lathered myself with Avon bath oil. Now 6:30 and letting off steam here. Thank you, whoever you are for giving me this opportunity. May God bless you.

George on June 25, 2019:

I have been in my apartment for a year I'm on the second floor the drain pipe on the roof is always getting stopped up.When it rains the water has no place to go,so it comes down in my apartment. I've been having these Sensations like a bug or should I say bugs crawling all over me. I just read your article on black mold. I know I have black mold because the carpet has been soaked three different times, so I'm relieved to know that it isn't all in my head now I can go to work and fix the problem and I can be empathetic with the way that you felt or should I say you and your family felt while having this too go on. I thank you very much for posting this article that you had written.

Deborah on June 21, 2019:

I used a crawling insect surface spray on the inside of the draws, I put a sheet on my bed and sprayed fly spray on the sheet to make a barrier for the biting insects. Then I emptied my clothing from my draws onto the sheet on my bed. I then sprayed inside the draws with enough spray to wet the draw. I gave it an hour to to air before coming back and putting the clothes back in the draw. To make the job easier I only emptied 2 draws at a time. This meant that the draws I haven't done the clothes also got some fumigation. I know it took me all day to get the job done. The reward was 24 hours later I wasn't being bitten. As the surface spray I used protects for up to 6 months I will read do the process in five months time and will continue to keep protection in my cupboards.

Freddiebean on June 04, 2019:

Thanks Maria

Maria on June 03, 2019:

I thank you for your efforts and words of trying to get to the bottom of what I think I'm

experiencing. It's knowledge

that are doctors and the Government might all ready

know about.

WE/US as a Community have to

help each other out. I thank you



any new information on this I

will post it. Stay diligent with a

positive believe, as best as you can. Amen

RJRight on May 20, 2019:

Sorry to burst your bubble but I have these same sensations and feelings, I also have moved and bring these things with me everywhere I go. They are mostly in my hair but that covers most of my body. If I store things in a room I dont use that room becomes filled with the invisible bugs but after a month or two those bugs are hungry and bigger. What I have found that most others havent is that I can lick the bugs off my moustache or lips and can feel them crunch between my teeth (saliva stuns them it seems) Perhaps you caught them in time but for most it's a nightmare as these things cannot be killed by simple means and reproduce overnight!

I think you are on the right track and perhaps spores do play a part but likely a combined part as the crunching is real, perhaps I can get a microscope, UV-light and some iodine for coloring them so we can see them under a microscope as they are opaque and about 1/100th to 1/1000th the size of a grain of salt.

Im hoping to read comments from other sufferers where we find a lot of data, not from websites that only profit from sales of things that do not work. Not implying anything but I need to hear from people about the good and bad, as I do now.

I have more but want to get this out there for now as I just found your site and needed to study it and comment.

Thanks for your understanding.

Freddiebean on May 14, 2019:

Yes indeed James, so many people not unlike myself spray the house when they believe they have bugs, I have had a phlegmy cough for over a year now as if I was a 20 a day smoker which I'm not and I think was made worse with insecticide to kill pet flea but I also think it is a another sign of the Morgellons as MarPat has suggested, it is a vicious circle for people who suffer this disease. Thanks for bringing this to the fore, it is a big thing for people to consider before they use these awful chemicals. .

James on May 14, 2019:


Just hoping you are NOT spraying heavy insecticides in your home, as this will screw up your lungs far more than what the tiny bugs do.

MarPat11 on May 02, 2019:

Its killiing me its in my lungs they crawled in and made a home while destroying my lungs my doctor dont know why my lungs are infected but they are and I know how i was healthy now I'm on deaths door I went down to 139lbls from 175 5ft9 and as my days shrink I can only hope these bugs are recognized as the WORST bug known too man and all this BULLSHIT about mold and diets can be put to bed. Good luck suffers mine ran out.

freddiebean on April 12, 2019:


Freddie Bean on April 12, 2019:

Oh dear looks like my last post has been denied! Maybe it was due to being long winded!!! Or the admin people knocked of early for a long weekend 

Not sure what I said now.... I will have a think and get back another day it was all positive….. if you can have positive and Morgellons in the same sentence

Admin if you can have a look for my last post it would be much appreciated, I'm sure it has just been lost in the ether ...thanks.

MarPat11 on April 11, 2019:

Crowd control and I'm sleeping good at night however it's never forgotten always reminded when I see my kids with "hide and seek black heads" when I see them around the sinks the day after I wiped them away I tend to walk away from these blogs and when I come back theres always someone new and confused to say the least we will prevail just keep posting.

Freddie Bean on April 11, 2019:

You are so right MarPat11 nobody needs to starve themselves you need to get your immune system kick started and starving is not going to do that, as a nation we have had food given to us on a plate (sorry) :) manufactures cook pack add stuff to it then send it all around the world , goodness knows what we are eating half the time, try going back to basics, I don't mean go out and catch your food, unless of course that is your bag! Just try and go for good clean food get rid of all the process foods with all the additives, it's not easy I know that! but most of the nation are well over weight so yes once you stop all the junk food the weight will shed, I lost 28 pounds but I need to lose that as I was a little on the obese side with all the trash I was eating so going for the low carbs and no sugar "killed two birds with one stone" well it hasn't killed the Morgellons just made the itch, stinging and sores go away have a look at he Keto diet to give you an idea of what I eat, of course we all have our own ideas on what and what does not help it's like a lot of things we all respond differently to things, I take many vitamins to help with my immune system and that has help so much so, I had my first cold in 20 years! I always thought if I didn't have a cold I must be somewhat healthy but it seems it's the other way around. My aim is to continue with the protocol with the help of Keto diet and Logos supplements and if it continues to stay at bay I am happy, I found the stress of the itch and crawling made things so much worse without that stress now I am able to live a normal life after so many tormented years.

MarPat11 on April 11, 2019:

They are not eating your blood nor are they eating your skin they are striving on our carbon dioxide as we exhale they gorge themselves thats why they stay up the nose on our face and hair and your forearms and shoulders so please people dont starve yourselves thinking you'll starve them....

MarPat11 on April 10, 2019:

When it turns white put it under a microscope and watch it sqirm around, those black dots laying around your sink, toilet, bedding, pick up as many as you find and put it in a clear jar, watch them work to the top in a few days show your freinds and family tell your doctors and watch how they react unfortunatly one has to have this HORRIBLE infestation in order to be convinced I saw a worm float off a women in a fast food restaurant and land on my daughters shoulder as she passed her rapidly like I said I'm on high alert with these creepy worms.

MarPat11 on April 10, 2019:

I refuse to go back and forth with mr optimistic I'm not judging anyone and where I'm from we fight it out so stay right where you are, as I said over and over again it's certainly a bug it dont care about you it only wants to survive now after 5 yrs I'm on high alert I've taken EVERYBODIES advice that post on this site and many others like it I'VE made a house call with a fellow poster neighborhor just to confirm we're dealing with the same INCECT I saw the worms I filmed 1 that landed on my pant leg as I bring my finger close to 1 end it moves away rapidly I put it under the microscope and poured every chemical I have to fight bugs/clean and nothing kills it I bought earth powder I tried scabbies/bed bug creams I even burned them and they roll up into a ball and float away fast so at this point I'm not sure how to kill it but I do control the population in my home with vigorous cleaning programs I change the sheets every other day and I run an empty washing machine after each load I will keep going until I find a solution, good luck fighters !!

Freddiebean on April 10, 2019:

WOW! gosh 4 post and each post you mention diet, did I hit a nerve Marpat11 :) that's OK you can throw what ever you like at me, where I come from we are bigger than that, we talk things over like adults not be rude and pretty child like! I am not a professor but of course that was you being rude wasn't it, if you don't like the thought of diet helping you that's fine, don't try the diet it's as easy as that! BUT maybe some people might try it and feel the benefit like me, maybe I am just one of the many lucky ones who knows BUT you will never know if you don't at least try it out for a month then your judgement/statements might be worth taking on board said "I'd eat alot more than usual because your bugs have to eat to" yep you hit the nail on the head :) I starve mine that's why I am itch free now I suppose. Have you found "CLEAN DILIGENTLY" has helped, I was far to ill I couldn't even think where I kept the cleaning cloths!!!! but when the itch slowed and I became less stressed things got easier and I was able to do the chores, it was a really struggle for me. I couldn't get your link to work is there any way you can send it again, I think it was something to do with Morgellons feeding on clothes....very interesting sounds like they must be moth like...we haven't got bird nests in or by the house all garden birds nest in the trees and bushes we are surrounded by them but we have plenty of moths in the summer.

Wendy Norman on April 10, 2019:

I got to thinking, last summer I dug a white thing out looked like a mite. So this must be some kind of worm, the white strings balled up looks like a mite. So these are worms. The fuzz balls I put Clorox on turned into a string. I looked at is closely it looked like a tiny moth with strings. And they move like a worm when u spray chemicals on them. Worms can be broken into peace’s and still grow back. This is to weird. Anyone want to peace this together. I have proof the white string breaks off and grows into a worm each peace. The strings of u put in a ball looks like a mite we all thought this is. When I seen it on my results on screen I wasn’t expecting to see a long knotted worm.

Wendy norman on April 10, 2019:

Also you can see a clear view when u watch it at the exact same time u spray it with video on your phone. See these really good

Wendy norman on April 10, 2019:

When you do this test if it still has color it’s still alive and playing dead. When it’s all white u will know it’s dead.

Wendy norman on April 10, 2019:

When our sores don’t heal it’s because these are only coming out in peace’s like a splinter. If u don’t get it all out it don’t heal.

Wendy Norman on April 10, 2019:

I have these pajamas that are infested. I pull the threads out. I stick half of the thread in Clorox mixed with water. Sometimes I will spray the things until I see them try to move away from it like a worm. It crawls out of the thread it’s hiding in. Don’t spray to much or it won’t move. These things play dead. From everything I have from the beginning when this started I figured out these live off our glands. I seen them on my mamagram pics attached to the inside wall. It was long in knots and the ends in a C shape. Of course the results came back as a tissue that causes breast cancer. Because these people are idiots. I have videos of them breaking off in peace’s after putting chemicals on them. And they grow like no other. So it doesn’t matter what we eat. These things love anything wet.. if we cut their oxygen off they should die. Maybe vasoline up everyday with a wrap around that where they suffer. But still trying to get the house part figured out. I know dry ice kills them. But getting everywhere at once. I need to google on dry ice foggers

MarPat11 on April 10, 2019:

I have hope that it will get better but you are right they are floating around outside our homes I believe its some bird mite because in the home I contracted it there was a nest in the wall in the apartment above me that was removed and shortly after that we were infested, however as the exterminater witnessed them jumping into a bucket of boiling water he still insited it was dust if we cannot identify this then how can we defeat it

Wendy on April 09, 2019:

I take 10,000 mg of vitamin C a day that helped with inside of me. I still eat sugar. What bothers me is in the house and car and clothes. So I put a block of dry ice in this storage ziplock bag with my clothes and then washed them the next day. It came out. But it rains eggs in my house all day long I have to walk around with an umbrella. I’m thinking I’m getting a dry ice fogger trying that. It’s -109 degrees I’m thinking. This stuff sucks.

MarPat11 on April 09, 2019:

Im sick of these bugs but I'm more sick of the endless drool about my diet so while everyone checks for mold and changes their diet I'll be researching this BUG under the microscope and in the meanwhile heres a project for you that actually helps control it CLEAN DILIGENTLY

MarPat11 on April 09, 2019:

Freddiebean, I have proof in the form of a video my 3yr old pointing to differt spots on his leg where he'd feel a burn and scream 'look look look daddy help its coming out" and just like that a black dot so when you film and witness your own child pointing them out you pay attention I used the video in court and had my landlord pay for my lost furniture and clothes he even had to pay for my move I'm not in the interest of scaring anybody and to everyone who has this you know it has NOTHING to do with your eating habits.