Practical Mold and Mildew Fogger Usage

Updated on February 20, 2018
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Melody enjoys sharing her personal experiences with others. This is a product review by a customer for a product and was not endorsed.

Mold can make people sick.
Mold can make people sick. | Source

Anti-Mold Removal Consumer Regulations

Before you begin killing mold with remediation foggers, you may want to check your state's legislation about what mold remediation includes. Some states have stricter regulations and laws regarding mold removal.

The EPA publication "A Brief Guide to Mold Moisture and Your Home" is a fantastic place to start for those serious about mold remediation and removal.

Foggers Role in Mold Eradication

Foggers do kill mold spores when. However, remediation refers to both the removal the mold and of materials infected by the mold. Mold fog regularly comes in two forms that are designed to work effectively in hard to reach places.

For smaller spaces, prevention and minor mold issues, an aerosol mold fogger is often sufficient. For larger spaces or more invasive mod problems, try using a cold fog machine may be needed.

When a material is beyond rescue, then a professional mold remediation company should be contacted.

Mold fog as part of a remediation plan is useful for killing mold spores and removing mildew from:

  • Basements
  • Bathrooms
  • Closets
  • Cars
  • Crawl spaces
  • Sheds
  • Garages
  • RVs
  • Walls, wood, and drywall
  • Wooden Decks
  • Attics
  • Cabinets
  • Window sills
  • Furniture

They also help kill viruses and bacteria contained in mold spores.

Leaving mold spores behind is dangerous, and not recommended by the industry standard setters. The Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification is a trustworthy source of mold information. If you are interested in first-hand industry information read publication S520.

Moisture leads to mold growth. It needs to be dealt with quickly. Taking care of the cause is the best way to prevent mold. Treating mold with foggers will kill and remove mold, and slow the rate at which it returns.

Once you have mold, it may be time to learn about foggers. After you fog, the mold must be removed. You can have the material tested if you want to know what mold you have. If the material the mold has grown on is too far gone, it needs to be removed.

Think about it this way, dead spores are still dangerous. Not only must there be an agent to kill the mold, the damaged material must be removed. There must also be steps taken against moisture and leaks.

Mold remediation fogger can remedy and prevent the following types of mold:

  • aspergillus
  • Cladosporium
  • Stachybotrys chateau, (also known as black mold).
  • Fusarium (carpet mold)
  • Penicillium (blue-green mold, water damage mold)

If you are reading this, chances are that you already have a mold problem.

If that is the case, then you already know the issues associated with mold. The smell alone is enough to place a person in distress.

Most of these molds cause and worsen lung disorders. One or two exposures may not be noticed, but over time this exposure causes serious problems for the elderly, young and asthmatics.

Another health concern caused by mold spores are the viruses and bacteria that are trapped in the mold.

Stains left behind are unsightly and need to be taken care of, as well.

In some states, residents can rent noncommercial mold foggers. Homeowners and small business owners in those places can use mold fogging as a method to control the growth and spread of mold.

Why To Use a Mold Fogger

How To Use DIY Aerosol Mold Fogger (in a can)

Using an anti-mold fogger is a process that has many stages. Fogging doesn't take more than half an hour (time varies by product). Once the product is dispensed, it must sit for at least two hours. Most time spent is in the preparation and removal. The fogging part takes the least amount of time.

Steps for mold fogging (can fog):

  • Clean all surfaces.
  • Vacuum area and cover sensitive surfaces.
  • Measure the size of the room and check can for coverage directions.
  • Large rooms may need more than one can or application.
  • Consider using cold fogging machines for serious mold problems.
  • Read all of the instructions included with the fogger.
  • Put the can in the center of room in a spot with no obstructions.
  • Open the lid on aerosol fogger and release trigger by pressing until you hear a click.
  • Quickly leave the area before mold fog is spewed from the can. This can be between 10 and 60 seconds.
  • Vacate the area for at least two hours. Read given times on bottle.
  • If using aerosol canned mold fog for prevention, then stop here.
  • If using on mold cleanup/remediation the mold must be cleaned and removed at this point.
  • Infected surfaces need to be scrapped, sanitized and cleaned.
  • Some mold spores can cause serious health problems. Use protective gear, such as a rebreather mask and gloves (you can get these at Home Depot or Lowe's, and online at Amazon).

After this, wait at least four hours before continuing. This gives the time for the fogger to do its job killing the mold, spores and hidden bacteria and viruses.

Concrobium Mold Control Aerosol is a product I recommend. Out of all of the mold aerosols on the market, theirs has the clearest instructions. Plus, it works well.

This product leaves a strange smell, but it only lasts for a day or two. It can take up to four days for the mold smell to dissipate. Once the mold smell dissipates, you know that the fogger has done its job as a mold killer.

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Getting Rid of Mold in Homes and Businesses

There are lots of mold removal products at the grocery store. Remember they kill the mold, and you remove it. If you fear that the suspected mold is dangerous, then you should call a professional.

It's common for products to seem as if they are working, just to see the mold return in days or weeks.This means a lot more work for you. If dead mold spores are not eradicated, you will be stuck in a loop, and NEED a professional.

The best reason to use a mold fogger is that it treats a large area at once. Not only does it get rid of what you see, it gets rid of what you don't see.

  • Mold foggers are found most often at the hardware store and online.
  • Because it has a broader spectrum, mold foggers are great for long-term treatment.
  • In bathrooms and damp basements, one treatment can last many months.
  • In dry areas, or areas where the moisture problem is fixed, you might only need one treatment.

Many people do not even know that mold foggers exist, while others claim that mold foggers are cheaper and better than getting a professional. This depends on your ability to remove mold, and the material affected. If a support beam or something major like that is highly contaminated, call a professional because this project will be large.

Once mold fogger begins to spray you need to be clear from the area.
Once mold fogger begins to spray you need to be clear from the area. | Source

Mold Fogger Application

Mold fog has a wide variety of uses. Check the product that you chose to make sure it meets your needs.

Molds foggers vary but can be approved for use on:

  • Concreate
  • Wood
  • Carpet
  • Furniture
  • Paint
  • Wallpaper

When my family was buying a used motor home, we knew it needed some work. It was a good deal, and few repairs were needed. It smelled of mold, but we used a mold fogger inside. After about a week, all traces of the mold, and the smell was gone.

It can be used for outdoor trash cans, as well. Most all-purpose foggers can be used in almost any application you can think up. If you have small children and pets, then extra care needs to be taken.

When there are small children and pets, you may need to allow extra time before allowing them to enter the area.

Mold foggers are an amazing product for getting rid of pesky mold problems. Before these products were developed people spent hundreds, or thousands, of dollars to take care of mold issues. As with most technology, the development of mold foggers has made it easier, quicker and cheaper.

If you own a small business, then the mold is not just a safety issue but can be a legal problem. Professionals tend to use larger, more powerful mold foggers, such as the Concrobium Tri Jet fogger.

If you are a homeowner dealing with a large mold problem, it is OK to go this route. However, you need to research commercial foggers and invest in rebreather masks.

Concrobium Mold Foggers

Concrobium mold control is a preferred do-it-yourself, natural mold spray. I like this type of mold control because it has multi-use applications.

I prefer Mold Control Concrobium. Similar products, such as Fog U Mold, doesn't seem to provide the same coverage. These products are easy to find at Home Depot, Lowe's, Walmart, or online.

Concrobium works great with Cold ULV fogging machines. However, you can get similar results with aerosol mold fogging cans.

It is safe to use on most surfaces, including wood and carpet. The initial smell of Concrobium foggers and aerosols are initially overwhelming. This is why instructions are clear about giving the product time to work and instruct users to vacate the area.

One of the arguments for this product is its' natural base. The product is not as toxic as many of its' counterparts.

Large basements, garages, and outbuildings need more than one can. The can haves instructions explaining how much area each can covers. In large areas, cold fogging ULV mold fogging machine gives supreme coverage.

Concrobium treatments can be done yourself. If you don't have a cold fogging machine, you may want to rent one or call in a professional.

Be aware that most professionals treatments are not natural; instead, they rely on the heavy foggers. Croncrobium is unlike other brands because it is not a thick fog.

I like natural products because they are safer for people and the earth. There are many people who feel anxious about mold. Toxic mold is very worrisome and requires relying on heavy chemical mold treatments.

Steps to take before you buy a mold fogger:

  • Identify the mold type and classification.
  • Learn about local mold legislation.
  • Weigh the risks and dangers of the mold against the dangers of the product.
  • Consider having the mold tested.
  • In sever cases, call a professional.

Mold fog machines are optimal for use in large areas and for renovation projects.
Mold fog machines are optimal for use in large areas and for renovation projects. | Source

Mold Fog Machines

When a problem surpasses the capabilities of aerosols, then a mold fog machine may be the solution. The first decision is to decide if you want to rent or buy.

These machines can cost hundreds or thousands. The average price of a fogger that can cover up to 400 Sq. Ft. is around $300.

ULV foggers don't just remove mold but can be used to pre-treat materials. If you treat materials during the construction process, you can avoid potential mold problems. This makes it a really nice tool for renovation projects.

Thermal Fogging Equipment

Thermal fog machines aren't just for mold removal. This tool turns many different types of solutions into a fog mist by utilizing heat.

Some uses for thermal fogging equipment are:

  • Mold control
  • Smoke damage odor removal
  • Sanitizing
  • Mosquito control
  • Bed bug removal
  • Other pest control applications

Uses and Applications

Most mold fogging machines are indoors/outdoors. Not only are they used to solve and existing problem, they are also prevention tools.

Even so, it is a good idea to rent one before you buy it. Many people realize the usefulness and decide to invest in one of their very own.

Most tool rental companies, as well as Home Depot and Lowe's, rent these foggers for around $100 a week.

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