Neato Botvac 70e Vs 75 Vs 80 Vs 85 - What's the Difference?

Updated on April 6, 2016

Are you trying to workout the differences between Neato's new vacuum cleaner series the botvac & basically which is the best one for you to go for? If so this comparison guide will be able to help you out, specifically with the comparison table that I have drawn up for you just below (so you can immediately pinpoint the main distinctive features from one another). We will also go on to select our model that represents the best bang for your buck.

What's the Difference Between the Botvacs?

Botvac 70e
Botvac 75
Botvac 80
Botvac 85
Color Top Cap
Light Blue
Blade Brush
1 Standard
1 High Performance
1 High Performance
3 High Performance
Boundray Markers
Combo Brush
A comparison table highlighting the differences between the four models of the Neato Botvacs.

First thing to know is that the robot vacuum itself (i.e the botvac), is exactly the same. The botvac 70e offers the exact same suction cleaning performance, scheduling features ,same practical aspects (size, weight etc.) as the 85 and so on, nothing changes in this regard -- the difference in price is not a reflection of the robot vacuum.

Note: They are however better than the other Neato robot vacuum XV series due to their larger brush bar & more powerful vacuum suction (along with other modifications).

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So everything you need to know about the differences between all the models can be gathered from the table above. The prices are a point of comparison (you can probably find them for a fair bit cheaper than this with a bit of savvy shopping) -- with a difference of price of $20 between the 70e and 75, then a jumpy of $50 to the Botvac 80 and another to the 85.

These price jumps are a reflection of the differences between one another and you are usually to do with the 'filters' that you get with the Botvac, as you infer from the table. The 70e just has a standard filter, the 75 has a high performance one (capturing more allergens and dust) like the 80 and the 85 just comes with two spare.

Blade Brush

This component just refers to the standard brush bar fitted on all the botvacs and is specially designed to deal with all household debris: dirt & dust and the like from a range of different floor surfaces.


You will notice the 70e comes with a standard filter whereas the other models are installed with 'high performance' filters, I suggest getting a latter one or buy a high performance one to fit into your Neato Botvac as they do a better job of keeping your household air supply healthy (especially so if anyone in the household has allergies or breathing difficulties). As said above, the 85 comes with two spare.

Boundary Markers

They all also come with the magnetic strip that you can use to isolate the cleaning bot to clean within a particular spot without the need for a physical barrier.

Combo Brush Bar

The Botvac 80 and 85 also come with the 'combo brush' which basically offers the robot vacuum more 'flexibility' and verstaility when it comes to cleaning -- particularly when it comes to pet hair.

Which Botvac Will You Buy?

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Which One to Get?

As you can see the 85 basically comes with all the trimmings, so if you are after the best overall deal and package get the 85. However, as you are probably are aware you can pretty much upgrade your robot, so you can buy the 70e and then buy all the extras and essentially transform it into an 85 if you wanted.

Personally, I would go with the botvac 80 first. It is $50 cheaper than the 85, the only difference there being that the 85 comes with two extra filters but only $50 more than the 75, but you are getting the combo cleaning tool as well to enhance the overall cleaning performance on offer.


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