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Review of the Ilife A10 Robot Vacuum

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The  Ilife A10 Robot Vacuum

The Ilife A10 Robot Vacuum

The robotic vacuum I am reviewing today is a little different than most. While quite modern in appearance and equipped with an extremely accurate navigational system, the Ilife A10 features several intriguing retro features.


This vacuum is gray in color and weighs 5.8 pounds. It is 13 inches in diameter with a total height of 3.74 inches. The dome that houses the robot's Lidar system, a wifi indicator, and a multi-operational button are located on the upper deck.

The dustbin, flanked by an assortment of anti-collision sensors and a bumper, fits snugly into the robot's outer edges.

Two large rubber-coated drive wheels, an omnidirectional wheel, two side brushes, three sets of drop sensors, and the main brush are located beneath the robot. A pair of metal contacts used to charge the battery are positioned near the front. Hidden beneath is a 2900mAh 14.8V lithium-ion battery capable of powering the A10 for up to 100 minutes.

The Ilife Home application allows the user to perform several functions, including the configuration of no-go zones.

Accessories consist of the charging dock, user's guide, remote, brush cleaner, as well as a spare filter, side brushes, and main brush.


  • Manufacturer: Ilife
  • Name: A10
  • Color: Gray and black
  • Dimensions: 33 x 9.5 centimeters (13 x 3.74 inches)
  • Dock power requirement: Input 100 – 240V/50 – 60Hz
  • Battery: 2900mAh lithium; 14.8 volts
  • Battery charging time: 6 hours
  • Battery run time: 100 minutes (Normal mode)
  • Dustbin capacity: 450 milliliters
  • Scheduling: Yes
  • Voice control: Alexa
  • Remote control: Yes
  • Max suction power: 2000PA
  • Cleaning technique: Suction, main brush, and side brushes
  • Navigational system: Lidar
  • Mapping: Includes multi-floor, no-go zones, and customized areas
  • Wi-fi capable: 2.4G
  • Climbing ability: 15.2 millimeters (0.6 inches)
  • Filter: Washable plastic primary filter and replaceable high-efficiency filter

This robotic vacuum is equipped with LIDAR (light detection and ranging). A turret-based laser, mounted on top of the robotic vacuum, illuminates objects to determine their location, size, shape, and distance.

This information is used to compile a map of the cleaning area. The first time I ran the Ilife A10, it quickly scooted around the house, building a very accurate map. Then it began to clean the floors systematically.

The A10 is not equipped with a carpet sensor; however, rug and carpeted areas can be designated on its map. Then they can be selected as areas where increased suction is automatically applied.

Mapping is complete and vacuum has begun to clean floors

Mapping is complete and vacuum has begun to clean floors

The Ilife Home Application

This program allows a smartphone to monitor and control the Ilife A10. It can display the maps produced by the vacuum and adjust specific parameters. The operator may, for example, set barriers and special zones that take effect when vacuuming.

While the robot can be controlled utilizing the provided remote or Alexa voice commands, I recommend using this phone application.

Four no-go zones have been established

Four no-go zones have been established


A robotic vacuum's usefulness depends on the device's ability to start automatically, vacuum the cleaning area, and return to its dock.

While robot vacuums sometimes sandwich themselves between the floor and a couch or cabinet, this was not a problem with the Ilife A10. However, it tried to climb my tower fan's pedestal, and its drop sensors were confused when it clambered atop an air intake that was painted black. These problems were easily fixed by defining these areas as no-go zones.

Thresholds—the strip of wood at the bottom of doorways where rooms connect—are sometimes too high for a robotic vacuum to cross. This vacuum was able to navigate every threshold within my house without difficulty.

The A10 is fitted with two side brushes and, because of this, can vacuum more effectively than most of its competitors. However, robots equipped in this manner are likely to become entangled with wires and cables. Take care to secure loose wiring.

Several rugs were used to test the ability of the A10. The vacuum played well with the large area rug located in my living room and my well-secured Turkish carpet.

The A10 can traverse the steep ramp between my slightly sunken dining room and the living room

The A10 can traverse the steep ramp between my slightly sunken dining room and the living room

Battery Life

This robot is equipped with a 2900mAh lithium battery and can operate for up to 100 minutes.

It takes 38 minutes to vacuum the first floor of my medium-sized house. After the job is complete, the battery's level typically sits at about 60%.

Cleaning Routine

The Ilife robotic vacuum begins with an S pattern which is modified by information derived from its internally developed map. Specific rooms can be targeted for individual cleaning using the Ilife Home application.


Dustbin and Filter System

This dustbin is fitted with a unique washable primary filter. It functions very well, allowing only the smallest dirt particles to reach the high-efficiency filter.


Overall Impression

This robot vacuum is equipped with Lidar, the very best navigation system available. It also proved to be exceptionally adept at picking up the vast amounts of hair my cat sheds daily. You, however, must ensure all your loose wiring is well secured.

I appreciated the A10's ability to set up no-go zones. This option allowed me to designate the space occupied by my tower fan and air intake as forbidden areas.

If you are searching for a good robotic vacuum fitted with a navigation system, the Ilife A10 is worth a close look.

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