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Review of the Roborock H7 Soft Roller Brush and Mop Set

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Roborock H7 Soft Roller Brush and Mop Set

Roborock H7 Soft Roller Brush and Mop Set

I recently tested and reviewed Roborock’s new H7 cordless stick vacuum. I was impressed enough to ask the manufacturer to send me a couple of accessories designed to improve their vacuum’s performance.

Today I am taking a close look at both the soft roller brush attachment and the mop set.

Soft Roller Brush

Soft Roller Brush

Soft Roller Brush

Soft Roller Brush

Soft Roller Brush Description

This brush was designed specifically to vacuum hard floors. It is typically attached to the baton, which is then connected directly to the handheld vacuum’s body.

The plastic housing for the soft roller brush is 9.75 inches in width. Three rollers ensure this attachment glides smoothly across the floor.

A twist of your wrist pivots this brush about 90 degrees to the left or right. I’ve found this feature to be helpful when working in tight corners or vacuuming a stairway.

The device’s 20W, 1100RPM motor spins the brush, pushing debris toward an opening where it is sucked into the bowels of the vacuum.

This brush is composed of nylon and soft velvet and has a texture somewhat like the rollers I used to paint my living room ceiling this spring.

Although I have never experienced a problem with standard multi-surface brushes, those concerned with the possibility of scratching their newly varnished hardwood floors will feel more comfortable using this brush.

This device, unlike the multi-surface brush, is designed to work with the mop set.

Soft Roller Brush

Soft Roller Brush

Soft Roller Brush

Soft Roller Brush


  • Manufacturer: Roborock
  • Model: H7 Roller brush accessory
  • Powered: Yes
  • Length: 25 centimeters (9.75 inches)
  • Case composition: Plastic
  • Brush composition: Smooth, composed of nylon and soft velvet
  • Maneuverability: 90 degrees left/right, 45 degrees up/down
  • Motor: 20W 1100RPM

Mop Set Description

This device is designed to fit snugly beneath the soft roller brush. It is mainly composed of transparent plastic. The mop set is 9.75 inches wide, 6 inches deep, and 2 inches thick.

A 500ml tank supplies water to the 9.5 x 3.25-inch mop pad fastened below.

Visible from above is the water flow control dial and a handle that operates like a squeegee.

A metal clamp is used to secure the mop set case to the soft roller brush. Its release mechanism can be activated by pressing a foot pedal.

The plastic riser at the front of the mop set case holds the roller brush slightly above the floor. This allows you to vacuum—using suction—while mopping without dampening the brush.


  • Manufacturer: Roborock
  • Model: H7 Mop Set
  • Powered: No
  • Dimensions: 9.75 x 6 x 2 inches
  • Case: Plastic
  • Water Tank: 500ml
  • Drip control: Off/low/high
  • Maneuverability: 45 degrees left/right, 45 degrees up/down
  • Mop pad dimensions: 9.5 x 3.25 inches
  • Mop pads supplied: Three
Soft roller brush in action

Soft roller brush in action

Soft Roller Brush Test

I attached the powered brush to my H7 vacuum, set the power level to standard, and vacuumed my extremely filthy front porch.

This brush’s mobility is superior to that of the multi-surface brush, and it is better able to navigate the maze of chair and table legs that clutter my porch.

The laminate flooring of this room was poorly chosen. As the room’s temperature varies throughout the seasons, gaps open between the individual planks. However, the soft roller brush proved surprisingly able, scooping up and swallowing the tiny pebbles that had accumulated within these gaps.

While this brush can pick up surface lint from carpets, it cannot handle the debris hidden within the fibers as well as the original multi-surface brush.

H7 Vacuum in bracket with soft roller brush and mop set attached

H7 Vacuum in bracket with soft roller brush and mop set attached

Mop Set Test

I attached the soft roller brush to the vacuum, filled the mop set’s case with water, and attached a mop pad. The next step was to snap the mop set into place below the brush.

The drip rate of this device can be adjusted, controlling the amount of water that reaches its mop pad. In most cases, a low drip rate is sufficient. However, since my front porch was extremely dirty, I set the dial to high.

I began by cleaning the area where I usually place my collection of boots and shoes. This was mud-caked and whitish from salt. The mop cleaned this area well, managing to altogether remove the salt deposits.

Small bits of grit had been entombed within the thin layer of mud. These were subsequently transferred to the bottom of the mop pad. I used the handle-like attachment, swiveling it around to the bottom of the mop set’s case and, while adding pressure, swept it across the mop pad.

Dirty water, squeezed from the mop, fell into the bucket I had placed below. I then used my fingers to remove the few nits of grit that remained.

My next step was to clean the remainder of the front porch. Mop coverage across the mop set’s case is complete, but the mop pad does not extend entirely from front to rear. When cleaning the floor below a wall that you face, twist the mop to the side and run it along the baseboard.

Like almost every other mop, mobility is limited in floor spaces crammed with chair and table legs. Let’s face it; in cramped areas, only the dreaded string mop is entirely effective. And since I hate string mops, I wipe these areas down with a damp rag.

One advantage the Roborock H7 holds over its competition is the ability to vacuum while mopping. While the soft roller—to avoid dampening it—is positioned above floor level, suction is still available.

Overall Impression

The soft roller brush is more maneuverable than the multi-surface brush and appears to perform better on hard floors. While not as effective on carpets, this brush is very gentle with the varnished surfaces of hardwood floors.

The mop set, which must be used in conjunction with the soft roller brush, is well designed and works efficiently. I was impressed by how well it removed the salt deposited on my front porch’s floor. The ability to vacuum and mop simultaneously would be helpful to those that have limited time to commit to housework.

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