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Review of the Yeedi Vac Robotic Vacuum

The Yeedi Vac Robotic Vacuum

The Yeedi Vac Robotic Vacuum

Later this year, I am scheduled to review the world's most technically advanced robotic vacuum. I expect this machine will be capable of effectively vacuuming and mopping my entire house. Then its dock will automatically empty the robot's dustbin, refill its water tank, and clean its mop. This device will be a great vacuum. But it won't come cheap.

Not everyone, of course, is interested in purchasing the latest and greatest device on the market. They would prefer a vacuum that combines proven technology with sturdiness, efficiency, and a low price.

Today I am taking a close look at a robotic vacuum that strives to match these qualities.



The Yeedi Vac robotic vacuum spans 13.4 inches and is 3 inches high. It weighs 7.8 pounds. The robot's dustbin, power switch, reset button, and wi-fi indicator are hidden beneath a plastic cover. A navigational camera and a control button are mounted to its deck.

A plastic module that the optional water tank can replace is flanked by an assortment of anti-collision sensors and a snugly fitting bumper.

Two large rubber-coated drive wheels, an omnidirectional wheel, one side brush, six drop sensors, a carpet detector, a floor tracking sensor, and the main brush are located beneath the robot. A pair of metal contacts used to charge the battery are positioned near the front. Two outlets allow debris to be sucked from the vacuum when connected to the optional auto-empty dock.

No-go zones may be configured using the Yeedi application.

This device is equipped with a 14.4V 2600mAh lithium battery capable of powering the robotic vacuum for up to 110 minutes.

Accessories include the charging dock, user's guide, and brush cleaner.


Manufacturer: Yeedi

Name: Yeedi Vac

Docking station model: CH1822

Robotic vacuum model: DVX34

Color: White

Robotic vacuum dimensions: 7.7 x 34 centimeters (3 x 13.4 inches)

Dock power requirement: Input 100 – 240V/50 – 60Hz

Battery: 2600mAh lithium 14.4 volts

Battery charging time: 5 hours

Battery run time: 110 minutes (standard mode)

Dustbin capacity: 450 milliliters

Scheduling: Yes

Max suction power: 3000PA

Suction levels: 600/1500/3000PA

Auto empty system: No (available as an option)

Cleaning technique: Suction, main brush, and side brush

Mopping system: No (available as an option)

Navigational system: Vslam and advanced floor tracking sensor

Mapping: Yes. Includes no-go zones

Wi-fi capable: 2.4G

Climbing ability when vacuuming: 20 millimeters (0.8 inches)

Carpet detection: Yes

Filter: Washable high efficiency

The Manufacturer

Yeedi specializes in designing and manufacturing robotic vacuum cleaners that are easy to use, smart, and efficient.

This robot is equipped with a Visual SLAM (simultaneous localization and mapping) system. It determines the orientation and position of a robot by creating a map of its environment while simultaneously tracking the device's position.

Points of interest determined by the algorithm are tracked through successive camera frames to triangulate a 3D position. This data is used to create a 3D map and identify the robot's location. The Yeedi robotic vacuum derives this information from photographing the ceilings of the rooms being cleaned.

After mapping is complete, the robot can now determine both its own location and those of surrounding objects and efficiently navigate a room while bypassing chairs and other obstacles.

This robot is also fitted with an advanced floor tracking sensor which functions somewhat like an optical mouse.

Battery Life

This robotic vacuum is fitted with a 2600mAh lithium battery capable of providing power for up to 110 minutes in standard mode. That allows enough time to clean the main level of my medium-sized house. If the available time had not been sufficient, the vacuum would have returned to its dock and recharged before resuming the job.

The Dock

This low-profile dock is used to charge the Yeedi robotic vacuum. The power cable length can be adjusted by wrapping it around a guide located at the rear of the dock.


While vacuuming, this robot can cross thresholds—the strip of wood at the bottom of doorways where rooms connect—of up to 2 centimeters (0.8 inches). Because several of my rooms have floors rising 1.25 inches above their neighbors', I have installed narrow ramps between them. The Yeedi vacuum did not experience difficulties coping with these hybrid thresholds.

A black colored metal grating guards the air intake located within my front foyer. While this obstacle sometimes traps the wheels of unwary robots, the Yeedi vacuum carefully edged around it.

This robot easily navigated my well-secured Turkish rug and the slightly thicker area rug located within the living room.

Errors and Warnings

While vacuuming for the first time, the robot suddenly stopped and began to complain verbally about a problem with its main brush. When I turned the vacuum over, I noticed a thin piece of clear plastic wrapped around the brush. I removed the plastic, replaced the robot on the floor, and pushed its deck-mounted control button. At this point, the Yeedi Vac resumed its cleaning routine.

The Yeedi Application

The robot's companion application allows the user to schedule cleaning, set up a virtual boundary, and choose a specific room to vacuum. It is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

Cleaning Routine

This robot can be set to vacuum at 600, 1500, or 3000PA. I generally use the lowest suction level because it cleans my floors very well in conjunction with the side and main brush. I can barely hear the robot unless I am occupying the room being cleaned.

The robotic vacuum begins with a Z pattern which is heavily modified by information derived from its internally developed map. Specific rooms selected by the Yeedi application can be targeted for individual cleaning.

A carpet detector located beneath the robot is used to identify rugs and carpets. When these are sensed, the robot temporarily increases its suction to a higher level.

Overall Assessment

The VSLAM equipped Yeedi Vac is noticeably slimmer than its LIDAR fitted competitors. It can slip beneath furniture and clean areas that many other robotic vacuums cannot reach.

This device cleans exceptionally well and is very quiet. While I have tested robots with longer battery life, this vacuum can clean the entire main floor of my medium-sized house before requiring a charge. The Yeedi Vac is recommended.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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