Best pH Neutral Hardwood Floor Cleaners

Updated on March 25, 2018
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Rachael is committed to finding natural cleaning solutions that meet or exceed the effectiveness of products containing synthetic additives.


Benefits of pH Neutral Hardwood Cleaners

There are endless hardwood floor cleaning products on the market that promise to clean your hardwood floors without dulling and streaking, leaving a residue, or even causing damage; however, many of these cleaners contain ingredients that are not environmentally safe, and have harsh pH balances that break their promise by causing floors to appear dull, hazy, and unclean. Thankfully, there are several top rated hardwood floor cleaners available that contain gentle blends of effective, pH neutral ingredients. These eco-friendly cleaners reverse the damage caused by other products, and leave nothing on your floors but a healthy shine.


Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaners

Bona is an environmentally safe hardwood floor cleaning formula that is unique and effective, and favored by both commercial and residential consumers. This pH neutral solution gently and efficaciously removes dirt and grime from unwaxed wood floors, while leaving nothing behind but natural shine. All Bona products feature a unique Swedish technology that rejuvenates the floor's polyurethane finish, and highlights the natural beauty in the wood.

Bona has a variety of hardwood floor cleaning products available in an assortment of sizes including Clean & Refresh, PowerPlus Deep, Free & Simple, Pro Series, Professional Series Natural Oil, and their original hardwood floor cleaner. Accessories and kits are also available.


Glitsa Clean

Glitsa Clean is a water based Swedish hardwood floor cleaner that leaves no dulling residue. It is non-toxic, contains no phosphates and is biodegradable making it not only safe for both finished and unfinished hardwood floors, but safe for pets, families and the environment as well. Since this cleaner is pH neutral it does not violate or break the warranty of a hardwood floor, and may even extend the floor's life. It is available in quart and gallon concentrate sizes, and also a ready-to-use 32 ounce spray bottle.

Glitsa Clean Hardwood Floor Cleaner - 32oz Spray
Glitsa Clean Hardwood Floor Cleaner - 32oz Spray

Glitsa Clean is an environmentally friendly, water based, pH neutral cleaner that leaves nothing behind on your hardwood floors but a fresh scent and beautiful shine. This no-rinse, concentrated Swedish formula is specifically designed to safely clean any wood floor with a non-wax finish.


A Tip From Lowe's

Too much liquid can damage floors, while the wrong formula may not work. Look for pH-neutral, nontoxic and biodegradable formulas to clean effectively and keep your home and environment safe.


Woodwise Hardwood Floor Cleaner

Woodwise hardwood floor cleaner leaves a beautiful shine on every hardwood floor that is surface-coated (except waxed floors). It has no waxes or oils to attract dirt and soil, and it quickly dries without leaving a dulling residue. This environmentally safe pH neutral cleaner leaves a fresh scent, is phosphate-free and also biodegradable.

Woodwise is available multiple sizes including a one quart ready-to-use spray, and three concentrate sizes. The concentrate sizes include one quart, one gallon and a 4 ounce trial size. The cleaner is also available in Woodwise's Terry Mop Kit.


Pallmann Hardwood Floor Cleaner

Pallmann cleaner for hardwood floors is pH neutral with no abrasive or caustic ingredients. This water-based formula is safe to use on waterborne, solvent polyurethane, Swedish and unwaxed finishes. It leaves behind a fresh lemon scent, and adds shine to your floors without streaking or residue.

Pallmann cleaner is sold in an ergonomic 32-ounce pistol grip bottle. The bottle has three sprayer settings including spray, stream and a closed position for easy clean-ups and conservation. Pallmann has a full line of hardwood floor products available at their website.

Pallmann Hardwood Floor Cleaner 32 Ounce Spray Bottle
Pallmann Hardwood Floor Cleaner 32 Ounce Spray Bottle

Pallmann hardwood floor cleaner contains a pH neutral, streak free formula that is environmentally friendly and non-toxic. This no-rinse concentrated cleaner is safe for daily cleaning and maintenance of residential and commercial no-wax wood floor finishes.


How to Clean Your Wood Floors

For Best Results

Soaked mops should never be used on hardwood floors. This is known to cause extensive damage. Hardwood flooring products containing ammonia or oil soaps should also be avoided. These ingredients ruin the urethane finish, and causes hardwood to warp. For best results, apply the cleaner to your floor with a sprayer or squirt bottle, then quickly wipe away the solution with a dry mop or cloth until it is close to dry. It is also important to clean spills immediately, and spot clean when needed to extend the life of your floors.

The Best Hardwood Floor Cleaner

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      • liladybugz26 profile image

        Rachael M Ryhn 4 months ago from Cambridge, MN

        Hello Barbara,

        When used over time, "Trewax" hardwood floor cleaner successfully removes wax and build up. This is a natural (not pH neutral) cleaner; with ingredients that were designed to remove wax, oily buildup and scuff marks.

        I recommend using this hardwood floor cleaner several times in place of a pH neutral cleaner. This will allow the wax to slowly dissolve over time for optimum results.

        Please keep me updated. I'd love to hear the results!


      • profile image

        Barbara 4 months ago

        How do you remove the wax buildup before using a ph nuetral cleaner?

      • profile image

        Louise 13 months ago

        Bona is terrible. It is too expensive and leaves streaks and a build up on wooden floors. Stay clear of this product! No matter what manufacturers recommend. It's a racket!