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26 Uses for Rubbing Alcohol

There are so many uses for rubbing alcohol!

There are so many uses for rubbing alcohol!

Rubbing Alcohol Has Many Uses

Rubbing alcohol, normally purchased for as little as a single dollar, has some surprising uses. It's an inexpensive alternative for many other products. It is readily available in our bathroom medicine cabinets and usually gets little use, but it has a surprisingly high number of both cleaning and medical uses.

Using Rubbing Alcohol for Cleaning

Because rubbing alcohol is also antibacterial, it makes a great cleaning product. It drys quickly, so it doesn't leave streaks. It isn't recommended for everything, but here are some great ideas.

  1. Use it to remove the label from a glass jar or plastic. When I found this tip, I had a label that needed removing, so I gave it a try. On the first attempt, I found that the sticky goo was hard to remove. Then I found if you let the alcohol sit on the surface for a minute, it rubbed right off.
  2. Use alcohol to remove ink stains. This includes ballpoint and permanent marker. This is one of the best ways to remove the ink. Just pour a little alcohol on the stain, and let it sit for a minute. Then blot with a paper towel or cotton ball. Repeat until all ink is removed, and then launder.
  3. Use it to clean your countertops. You never want to use anything acidic on granite or marble countertops, because it will make pockmarks and ruin them quickly, so ammonia is a no-no, but alcohol will do the trick. The recipe is simple. Just add 1/8 cup rubbing alcohol,1 drop of liquid hand dishwashing soap,1 cup water, and a few drops of essential oil if desired. Then clean them.
  4. Stainless steel sinks will shine if cleaned with alcohol. It will remove fingerprints and water spots. Scrub stainless steel faucets at the same time. It will leave them with a beautiful shine.
  5. It is great to clean mirrors because it cleans them with no streaks. The mirror will no longer steam over either. Use 8 parts water to 1 part alcohol and spray on the mirror. It will remove sprayed on hairspray too. To clean off hairspray, don't dilute the alcohol and clean with a paper towel. It will wipe it right off.
  6. Clean the windows with it to prevent steam too. Just add 8 parts water to 1 part alcohol and use a spray bottle. It works on car windows too.
  7. Use it to remove germs from your computer keys, doorknobs, telephones, or any place else that might have bacteria.
  8. Make hand sanitizer. Just mix aloe vera gel with a little alcohol.
  9. Use it to clean printer heads. It will remove built-up ink.
  10. It will remove build-up on VCR players.
  11. Try using to remove grease stains in carpet and upholstery. Check a spot that doesn't show first to be sure it won't remove the color. Just apply with a paper towel.
  12. Alcohol works to clean dry erase boards. It will clean any build-up on them.
  13. Use it as a degreaser. It works great in the kitchen because it drys quickly and won't leave chrome-looking streaked. Don't use near gas stoves.

Using Rubbing Alcohol for Beauty

Don't use rubbing alcohol alone on the face. Even though it has been used for years for acne, it can irritate the skin. If you do apply it to a pimple, use very little.

  1. Use alcohol to clean makeup brushes, combs, and hairbrushes. Just add the alcohol to some sudsy water and let them sit for a while. Then rinse out well. It will kill any built-up germs and bacteria.
  2. Use it as an astringent. It will make your skin feel refreshed. Mix with water first. Alcohol is drying, so don't use it on dry skin that needs more moisture.
  3. Use it to soak the backs of pierced earrings.

Rubbing Alcohol for Medical Uses

We all know that alcohol is a good disinfectant, but it has other good uses too. Rubbing alcohol is meant for external use only. Never drink it! It is poison.

  1. Place a ziplock bag in the freezer. Just add two parts of water to one part alcohol mixture in the bag. It works better than an ice pack. Since it doesn't freeze, it conforms to the body part that needs it. Be sure the bag is closed tightly and set it upright in the freezer.
  2. Use it on insect bites to relieve itching.
  3. Use to rub on sore muscles. Alcohol is cool when it is first applied and will soothe them.
  4. Don't forget that it is a good antibacterial. Use it to clean out cuts and more. On open wounds, alcohol is not recommended. Use hydrogen peroxide instead.
  5. Small pads can be purchased to carry in your purse. When antibacterial wipes aren't available, use them to wipe cart handles. Use the pads in public bathrooms, restaurants, or any other time you need to wash your hands or surfaces.
  6. Use it when someone is ill in your house. Keep surfaces clean to help prevent bacteria and germs from spreading.
  7. Put some alcohol on a cold sore to help it dry up more quickly.
  8. Use it on bruises. Apply the alcohol every day, and it will help the black and blue mark disappear more quickly.
  9. It will remove the adhesive left from band-aids and tape. Leave it on the adhesive for a minute and then scrub off.

Rubbing Alcohol for Pet Ticks

Don't forget that alcohol can be useful for pets too.

  1. Remove ticks. Dab some alcohol on the tick before you try to remove it. This should make the tick loosen its grip. Then pull the tick straight out from the animal's body. Use some alcohol afterward to disinfect the area.

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