How to Remove Hard Water Stains From Shower Tile and Glass

Removing hard water stains from ceramic shower tile is difficult without the right cleaner. I have hard water in my house and use certain products to remove the iron stains from my tile and glass.


How to Remove Oil Stains From a Fibreglass Bathtub

Do you have a fibreglass/acrylic bathtub? Are you in despair because it got stained after you took a hot bath with essential oils? Here is what to do and what not to do when removing stains from your bathtub!


The Secret to Cleaning Bathrooms

Bathrooms are filled with germs that can make you and your family sick. Learn how to clean bathrooms and keep them clean.


How to Get Rid of Water Spots (Lime Scale)

One of the biggest cleaning problems in your home is about to be one of the easiest. For longer than I could imagine, water spots on my glass shower doors, on my faucets and in my sinks, and soap scum everywhere else has been the bane of my existence.


All-Natural DIY Homemade Toilet Bowl Cleaner

You only need a few simple ingredients to make a homemade toilet bowl cleaner that cleans and disinfects just as well as harsh chemical cleaners.


No-Scrub Tub Cleaning: One Easy Trick to Make Your Shower Sparkle (Effortlessly!)

Suffering from rust in your sink and mineral deposits in your tub? Does the idea of cleaning your shower bring beads of sweat to your brow? There is an alternative! Learn how to save on elbow grease and clean even the ickiest shower in a jiffy.


Simple Ways to Unclog a Drain

We all get clogged drains, and they all have to be unclogged. Before you call a plumber, read some easy and simple solutions for getting your drains unclogged. Also, learn how to prevent this from happening often.


How to Clean and Maintain Your Copper Bath

This article includes tips on how to clean your copper bath. It tells you how to remove mineral deposits and what products you should avoid using.


How to Clean and Maintain a Stone Bath

Takes you through how you should clean your stone bath on a regular occurrence, and what to do in the event of scratches or other damage


How to Remove Limescale With Vinegar or Lemon Juice

Limescale, the build-up of minerals from hard water, can be cleaned easily, safely, and affordably with the use of vinegar or lemon juice. Learn how limescale forms, how to remove it, and how to prevent it from forming.


How to Clear a Clogged Shower Drain: 8 Methods

Need to know how to clear a clogged shower drain? Here are the best eight methods to try. Unclogging a shower drain yourself can save you money.


How to Get Water Marks off Shower Glass

If you have water marks on your shower screen or shower door and are struggling to clean them off, then this tip will remove them quickly and cheaply.


How to Unclog a Double Kitchen Sink Drain

I love my double kitchen sink, and I thought it was perfect in every way—until it clogged. Find out what did and did not work for me as I tried to unclog it.


Sink Drain Clogged? How to Use a Plumber's Snake

Plumber's snakes: how to use them for clearing simple clogs. Save yourself the cost of a plumber's visit. D.I.Y. household maintenance and repairs.


How to Unclog the Bathroom Sink

You don't have to pay for a professional plumber to unclog your bathroom sink, in a matter of hours you will be able to do the job yourself and save hundreds of dollars!