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bObsweep Versus ILIFE: Which Is a Better Robot Vacuum?


bObsweep and ILIFE are two popular brands of robot vacuum cleaner that can be used on carpets, rugs, and hardwood floors. Vacuuming is tiring and time-consuming. A robot vacuum can do most of that work. A regular vacuum is still necessary for cleaning corners and areas robot vacuums can't reach, but these little round helpers can significantly cut down on cleaning time.

I've owned an ILIFE A4s (model ILIFEA4S06) for a couple of years and a bObsweep Pro (model SJP110020) for a couple of months. Both are sturdy and do a great job, but the ILIFE works better for me for a few reasons.

ILIFE A4s (model ILIFEA4S06) and the bObsweep Pro (model SJP110020)

ILIFE A4s (model ILIFEA4S06) and the bObsweep Pro (model SJP110020)


Before buying a robot vacuum, consider the importance of height. My ILIFE is 3 inches in height and can go underneath my entertainment center. My bObsweep is 3.2 inches and can't. In this case, that extra 0.2 inches makes a big difference. It can get under the bed in the master bedroom that's low to the ground. If there's a hard-to-reach area you want to regularly clean, measure the height to see if the vacuum you are researching will fit.

Noise Level

Neither one of these vacuums is noisy when compared to regular vacuum cleaners, and they aren't noisy enough to frighten pets. But compared to each other, the ILIFE is quieter than the bObsweep. Considering that they will run for at least an hour, a quieter vacuum is nice to have. I use the bObsweep upstairs because of it's higher noise level, and the ILIFE downstairs.


Noise isn't an issue if you aren't around when the robot vacuum is running. Both offer scheduled auto-cleaning, so they can be run when no one is home or run during the night downstairs when everyone is sleeping upstairs. To leave a robot vacuum running without monitoring, make sure the floors are clear. Cables, shoelaces, and socks can get tangled up in the brushes. Make sure to block access to any furniture that can trap the vacuum and make sure the brushes are completely clean because a heavily clogged brush will stop the vacuum. Run the robot regularly. Regularly cleaned floors reduce the likelihood of brushes jamming.

ILIFE recommends:

- Use on laminate, tile, hardwood, and low-pile carpet. Not suitable for high-pile carpet or black colored floors.

- Remove cables and small objects, such as toys or shoe laces, out of the way to avoid entanglement.

- Place charging dock against a wall in a wide open area.

Cleaning the Brushes

Robot vacuums are small and need regular cleaning when in use. Robot vacuums generally have a main brush and 2 side brushes. The main brush is a long brush located at the back of the device, while the side brushes are round and located at the front. For both my ILIFE and bObsweep, the side brushes have screws to hold them in place. Hair inevitably gets trapped under these brushes and has to be removed. I'm not sure if it's something to do with the design, but I have to remove tangled masses of hair from underneath the side brushes on my bObsweep far more often than my ILIFE. Make sure to keep a Philips screwdriver handy to clean the side brushes.

While it's harder to keep the side brushes on the bObsweep clean, it's a little harder to keep the main brush on the ILIFE clean. It has grooves that can be used to cut tangled hair off with scissors. However, the bObsweep has a detachable end on the brush which makes it easier to remove hair that gets wrapped around it.

Robot vacuums like the ILIFE have a long main brush at the back of the device and two side brushes

Robot vacuums like the ILIFE have a long main brush at the back of the device and two side brushes

The main brush on my bObsweep has a detachable end, which can make cleaning easier

The main brush on my bObsweep has a detachable end, which can make cleaning easier

Area Rugs

I use my bObsweep upstairs which is fully carpeted and it works great. Downstairs, though, it can't handle the rugs. I have a thin rug under my dining table and the side brushes often push up the sides of the rug. My ILIFE, on the other hand, has no problem getting onto the rug.

In the living run, I have a soft fluffy area rug and the bObsweep usually can't climb onto it. When I place it on the rug, it doesn't pick up a lot of the debris, which remains stuck between the fibers. My ILIFE can get onto this fluffy rug and cleans it perfectly.

For carpeted rooms, the bObsweep does a great job. I don't know if it can't handle heavier rugs, but the kinds of light rugs and fluffy rugs I have are challenging.

Review of the Budget ILIFE A4s Robot Vacuum Cleaner

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