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How to Defrost a Freezer Quickly

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How to Defrost a Freezer Quickly

Do you dread defrosting your freezer because it's messy and takes hours? I recently had a "freezer emergency" myself and had to transfer everything out of one freezer into another. I managed to complete the job in 20 minutes, including totally emptying out the offending fridge, thoroughly cleaning it from top to bottom, and replacing all the food. Not bad, eh?

I'm going to tell you how to defrost your freezer in less than half an hour from start to finish with the minimum amount of mess and upheaval. No defrosting chemicals needed, no puddles of water, no hanging around for two hours waiting for everything to melt, and no worrying about the food unfreezing.

Equipment Needed for Defrosting a Freezer

  • A kettle
  • A baking tray
  • A large saucepan
  • A clean absorbent cloth
  • Cooler bags and/or 1 or 2 large dustbin bags
  • A wooden or plastic spatula or wooden spoon or plastic ice scraper

5 Steps: How to Defrost a Freezer

Don't worry about things melting when you take them out of the freezer—using my method they will stay frozen. With that said, you should still choose a cool day, or cooler part of the day, to avoid or inhibit meltdown of your food in the hot weather.

Step 1: Boil Water

Fill the kettle, and switch it on to boil while you do step 2. Later, you will use the boiling water to fill a baking tray and some pans, which you will place in the freezer once it is empty. The steam from the water will help your freezer defrost quickly.

Pile up the frozen food together to slow down melting.

Pile up the frozen food together to slow down melting.

Step 2: Empty Everything Out

  1. Switch off your freezer or turn it to zero.
  2. Pile all the contents into the dustbin bags because if there are many frozen packets all next to each other, they will retain their frozen state much longer than if spread around the room. Don't shake off any ice from the packets at this stage, as it helps to keep things frozen.
  3. Pick up any loose bits and pieces of frozen vegetables that are useable, and put them all in with your frozen peas or rice.
  4. While the freezer is completely empty, use the wooden or plastic spatula or ice scraper to gently scrape the sides, top, and bottom of the freezer, but don't force anything that won't come away. Do not use anything metal for this job or anything sharp, like a knife, as you might pierce the delicate plastic walls, which could enable water to leak inside the works and cause harm to your appliance. (Regrettably, I speak from experience, which is why I had to buy a new fridge).
  5. Remove all the loose ice immediately by chucking it into the baking tray using the spatula.
  6. Mop up anything spare with the cloth. The reason for removing all ice and water immediately is to prevent the freezer from staying cold. It also helps you avoid big messy puddles.

Safety Note: My advice is given in my capacity as a domestic freezer user and not as an expert. I suggest you turn off the freezer before starting and be careful with hot water.

Pans of hot water melt the ice quickly.

Pans of hot water melt the ice quickly.

Step 3: Defrost With Boiling Water

  1. Pour out the ice and water from your baking tray. Then, half-fill it with the boiling water and place this on the floor of the freezer. This will cover a large area and aid speedy melting.
  2. Pour the rest of the water into the saucepan, and place it on the shelf. If you have lots of shelves, put one saucepan of boiling water on each shelf.
  3. Close the fridge door but not all the way—leave a little crack.
  4. After five minutes, open the door. The whole interior will be covered in steam (very satisfactory), and most of the ice will be loose or freed from the sides and the floor of the freezer.
  5. Use the scraper and cloth (and your fingertips) to pry the rest of the ice away and remove it. You may find it all comes away, but if not, just refill the baking tray with boiling water and put it on the freezer floor again for a few minutes.
  6. Everything should then be partially melted, and you can wipe over the interior and clean up completely with the cloth. If it is a bit dirty, you can use bicarbonate or soda to wipe it clean, but personally, I don't bother.
You can use the cloth to soak up the puddles of water.

You can use the cloth to soak up the puddles of water.

Step 4: Put Everything Back in Place

  1. Switch the freezer back on to its normal setting, and use the rapid freeze program, if it has one.
  2. Shake and wipe off any surplus ice on the food packets and return them to the freezer.

Step 5: Make a List of the Contents When Reloading Your Freezer

If you are one of those people who buy food on sale at a reduced price, even if you don't need it at the time, you may sometimes find it difficult to remember precisely what you have in the freezer. This often happens in my household, and I have discovered that keeping a list of the freezer contents on the freezer side is very helpful.

So, as you reload the food into the freezer, make a list of what you have, and then pin it up there with a fridge magnet and leave a pen nearby so that you can cross things off as you remove them.

To find things more easily when you need them, you might divide the list into sections, such as "Prepared/Cooked Meals," "Fish & Meat," "Vegetables," and "Sweets." You could use your own headings, depending on how you want to categorize them. This is also quite helpful when you want some ideas about what to eat because you can see at a glance whether you have the appropriate ingredients.

A list of freezer contents

A list of freezer contents

You've Successfully Defrosted a Freezer!

If defrosting is something you have been meaning to do but have never got around to actually doing, it's easy to perform.

I have a lovely Bosch fridge freezer, which I defrost about once a year, whether it needs it or not. It usually does need it because anything flat, like frozen smoked salmon, gets completely buried in ice by the end of the year.

There is, of course, a reason why I don't frequently unfreeze: I always intend to use up or, at least, run down everything in the freezer first. However, this never happens.

This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters.

© 2010 Diana Grant


Diana Grant (author) from United Kingdom on May 10, 2020:

Thanks for visiting. Isn't it funny how when people are sharing a fridge, each person expects someone else to be responsible for maintenance!

DreamerMeg from Northern Ireland on April 30, 2020:

I loved the option "I am a writer and my mind is on higher things"!!! I don't like messes but I don't fuss if they are there. You clean out your freezer the same way I do mine, though it usually takes me a bit longer than half an hour. Back when I was working, the general kitchen we shared in the office had a fridge freezer and I usually ended up cleaning it out because it got to the point where I couldn't stick the look of it any more. I usually gave people 2 days' notice that it was going to be emptied and cleaned, so they could remove anything they needed but there were always science experiments to remove and dispose of!

Diana Grant (author) from United Kingdom on February 25, 2015:

Isn't it nice when you try out a handy hint which actually works!

C L Mitchell on February 24, 2015:

Thank you, just followed your instructions today with great success. I haven't had this problem for years but recently moved into a new apartment with a freezer that seems to love to frost up. I wasn't looking forward to having to thaw it out, but with your method it really was very easy, so won't leave it so long next time!

Diana Grant (author) from United Kingdom on December 19, 2014:

Great idea

Diana Grant (author) from United Kingdom on December 19, 2014:

Yes, it's easy to get carried away with enthusiasm and forget you're holding a dangerous sharp implement!

Debra Allen from West Virginia on December 16, 2014:

I have had to do this a few times in my life. Now I have a frost free refrigerator/freezer.

gottaloveit2 on December 16, 2014:

Sadly, I know all about piercing a delicate side of a freezer with a knife. I was in a hurry and, well, the inevitable happened. Will use your method next time.

Joyfulcrown on December 15, 2014:

What a great suggestion. I appreciate the tips.

Wednesday-Elf from Savannah, Georgia on August 10, 2014:

I don't have a freezer, and my refrigerator is of the frost-free variety, but I have had to defrost an old(er) fridge in the past and wish I'd had this quick & handy reference back then! Very good advice.

Diana Grant (author) from United Kingdom on March 27, 2014:

@SteveKaye: I don't do housework on hot summer's days - they're as rare as purple marigolds in England!

SteveKaye on March 26, 2014:

Great info. I wondered if you were going to defrost your refrigerator by taking it outside on a hot summer day.

Diana Grant (author) from United Kingdom on March 24, 2014:

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Diana Grant (author) from United Kingdom on March 24, 2014:

@Brite-Ideas: You're lucky!

Diana Grant (author) from United Kingdom on March 24, 2014:

@marsha32: That's why it's good to have a complete clear-out - so you can find those anonymous packages stuffed at the back, and use them up, concocting a meal around them

Eugene Samuel Monaco from Lakewood New York on March 24, 2014:

Great time saving ideas Thanks for sharing your knowledge:)

marsha32 on March 23, 2014:

anymore we don't get to shop enough to put things into the deep freeze. Doesn't mean there aren't things in the hamburger buns that have been in there for over 3 years! The last time I was in it I noticed how much ice is gathering on the sides.

Barbara Tremblay Cipak from Toronto, Canada on March 23, 2014:

helpful page! am so glad we haven't had to do this for years!

Kathryn Grace from San Francisco on March 23, 2014:

I'm still working on accomplishing this, but the best time-saving tip for me is to have a home for absolutely every item in the house--a home that is logical in terms of where we use the item and is also easy to access. If it is quick and easy to get something down and put it away, we do so. If it takes an extra step, is difficult to get to, or we haven't a good place for it yet, it becomes clutter. This concept is definitely a work in progress at our house.

Diana Grant (author) from United Kingdom on March 14, 2014:

@lovedislife: Don't forget to put your knowledge into action!

Rema T V on March 14, 2014:

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Great lens, very useful especially for people like me who find defrosting the freezer a cumbersome chore. Thanks for sharing this information. So simple and time-saving! Cheers :)


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linsm76 on April 19, 2013:

Tip for easier and faster defrost: Thank goodness I don't have to defrost anymore. But if you do. When you defrost the next time, after you wipe freezer down and dry it, take a small amount of cooking oil and wipe the top, sides and bottom of freezer. Then, the next time you do to defrost, when that ice begins to loosen up, tap it an it will drop off in chunks or just simply drop off. Cuts the defrost time in half.

Diana Grant (author) from United Kingdom on April 15, 2013:

@gottaloveit2: Oh dear! But thanks for the info as one reader commented that she always does it with a hair dryer. Clearly that's a no-no.

gottaloveit2 on April 15, 2013:

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