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How to Descale a Kettle Naturally

This article explains how to completely descale an electric kettle naturally, without the need for any nasty chemicals or any scrubbing.


How to Clean Greasy Kitchen Cabinets

Follow these easy steps to learn how to clean your kitchen cabinets without damaging them. Explore natural and chemical options for all five main cabinet types (lasani wood, metal, crystal, and laminate).


How to Clean Range Hood Mesh Filters: 5 DIY Methods

Does the thought of cleaning your range hood filter scare you? Here are 5 simple methods to get rid of grease and dirt using everyday supplies.


How to Clean High-Gloss Kitchen Tiles Without Streaks

Here's how I clean my shiny black kitchen tiles without getting streaks, and you don't need any chemicals!


How to Remove Scuff Marks From Dishes

Remove those ugly gray scuff marks on your dishes using this easy process. You only need a damp rag and toothpaste.


Tips and Tricks for Maintaining a Sparkling Clean Kitchen

Is your kitchen is looking a little dingy and worse for wear? Are you looking for a cheap way to brighten up your kitchen? Spend the afternoon giving it a thorough cleaning—you’ll be amazed at the results. Read these tips and get the entire family involved!


How to Defrost a Freezer Quickly

Showing you how to defrost your freezer in just 20 minutes, without melting your food.