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Where to Donate Clothing When Cleaning Out Your Closet

Clearing things out of the closet that you no longer need is an excellent time to be able to give back to your community. If you’re looking for where to donate clothing besides the typical thrift stores, here's a list of unique organizations with inspiring missions to make a difference in the world.


Creative Ways to Repurpose and Recycle Amazon Packaging

This article will share creative ways to reuse boxes, mailing bags, and padding from Amazon purchases. These ideas will also work for other packaging that you get in the mail or from items bought in stores.


Top 15 Practical Ways to Declutter Your Home and Life!

Enjoy the fruits of minimalism by decluttering your home (and your life!) in 15 practical ways.


Review of the KonMari Method of Decluttering

The KonMari method is something new to this author. Upon investigation, it proves a viable means of making order out of chaos.


9 Smart Ways to Declutter Your Home

There are some smart, fun and creative ways to get started decluttering. We're here to share great ideas to clear out your home and lighten your load.


Organising Craze: Why We Might (At Times) Be Too Hard on Ourselves

Minimalism has moved out of its niche and become a major trend millions of people aspire to. Looking around, it seems there is always somebody decluttering and the internet constantly spits out pictures of lovely, thoroughly organised spaces. But is it realistic that we can all achieve that?


How to Get a Handle on Your Hoarding

Downsizing your hoard in small, manageable steps is difficult but rewarding. This article explains a way to fight hoarding and get control back in your life.


10 Minutes a Day to a Cleaner House: How to Declutter Your Home

A large number of people in today's society own too much stuff. Some days they feel like they spend more time cleaning up the things in their home than enjoying it. So how do we get a cleaner, less cluttered home? By spending ten minutes a day doing these simple acts.


The Best Tips on How to Let Go of Your Favourite Clutter

We all have a useless trinket (or a million) that we can't seem to let go of. Learn to deal with the emotional side of decluttering.


Get Your Home Into Shape With One-Day Decluttering Challenges

Is your home cluttered with stuff you don't need or use? Are you overwhelmed by how much you have to do to get on top of the mess? Here's a list of one-day tasks to help you tackle that clutter.


10 Steps to Declutter and Free Up Storage Space

Going small with tiny cars, tiny purses and tiny homes is all the rage. But how do you reduce what you already have? Read on for a list of things to reduce and how to reduce them.


Clearing out 2021 Items in 2021

It's not too late to join the 2020 in 2020 movement. Clear out 2020 useless, redundant items from your home. Here's how to get going.


How to Unclutter Your Clutter

How to get your home from cluttered to uncluttered in a short amount of time.


How to Declutter Your House in 30 Days: Simplify Your Life

So you want to declutter your home? It's a project, but it's very achievable! Pace yourself and take the right approach, and your home can be decluttered in less than a month!


How to Declutter Your Home and Make It a Sanctuary

Decluttering your home and getting organized is a commitment to yourself. It says, "I'm worth the time and effort it takes to create a positive, peaceful space where I can thrive." Let's get going!


Minimalism: Downsizing Your Home Means Improving Your Life

Minimalism is a lifestyle which focuses on more life and fewer possessions. The minimalist life requires less income and gives more free time and greater health. Here's how to live a minimalist life.


How to Teach Your Kids to Help You Declutter

How do I keep my home clean when I have young children? That, is the question (and it's a darn good one). Luckily, there is an answer!


How to Declutter Your Home in 7 Days

Are you tired of all the junk and mess plaguing your home? Is it hard to get a basic cleaning in due to all the extra stuff? Follow these tips to get your home clutter-free in one week.


How to Clean and Organize Your Home

Spring may be gone, but it is never too late to start cleaning and organizing your home and lifestyle.


Decluttering Tips: Easy Ways to Clean Up Your Stuff

Sometimes the hardest part about decluttering a space is the many decisions that need to be made about each item of clutter. This article helps you streamline these decisions so that decluttering is not a mind-boggling chore.


Cleaning, Organizing, and Decluttering, the Redneck Way!

Company is coming and you haven't cleaned in a week! Here are some helpful tips on how to clean, organize and declutter your house the Redneck way in a short amount of time.


How to Painlessly Declutter Your Home and Keep It Organized

Decluttering and organizing a home makes life less stressful, enables us to accomplish tasks efficiently, creates a place to relax, and makes the home safer.


How to Declutter Your Home: Tips for Decluttering and Organizing Toys & Kids' Playthings

Too many toys? Need to organize your kids' toys? Learn how to declutter your home by using some organization tips for your children's toys.

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How to Declutter and Live a Fuller Life With Less Stuff

I provide you personal tips on how I got rid of unnecessary stuff in my life.