OxiClean: Is the Generic Just as Good?

Updated on January 25, 2017

OxiClean vs Dollar Tree Generic Brand

Like many other products Oxiclean has a few copy cats out there, but is it really as good?

Here's my story... My family and I recently bought a house. It is a wonderful house that we got for a great price and it even came fully furnished. But like every well loved house it came with stained carpets. Luckily there weren't any huge stains but there were quite a few of them. No one has lived in the house for at least a year so we knew soap and water just wasn't going to cut it. My mom came to visit and said to try Oxiclean.

So before our trip to Walmart we stopped at Dollar Tree for some other items and lo and behold they had a generic version of Oxiclean. Should we try it? Will it be as good? Should we just wait to get the REAL OxiClean? Mom came up with the perfect solution! Buy them both. LOL After all we're only out $1 if it stinks right. Think of all the money we can save if it works.

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OxiClean VS LA's Totally Awesome Oxygen

The Face off.

We purchased the OxiClean Versatile Stain remover in the powder form because it was closest to the "other" brand. The first thing we noticed was that the OxiClean was only $3.57 so not a whole lot more expensive then the generic which was of course $1. But $2.57 is $2.57 right? As you can see from the picture above the OxiClean is actually a little bigger not just the container but the actual weight is almost 5 oz heavier so a little more for your money there. The ingredients are not listed on either container so I can't tell you what the differences are there but the OxiClean does have little blue particles in it that the generic does not (shown in picture).

We had to try them out as soon as we got home of course. so we used two different water bottles. One with OxiClean and the other with the generic brand. Mixed them both with warm water and went to town. Both products fizzed up on impact with the stains. We were sure they were going to come to the same end result. We were proven wrong though. After wiping the spots clean of solution the Dollar Tree purchase had greatly reduced the stain but it was still faintly visible, The OxiClean stain was completely gone. We tried a few more just to be sure the first stain wasn't an easy one and were impressed with how clean the OxiClean got the carpet.

One of the things my dad said when we first go the house was,"I wouldn't worry about replacing the carpets yet. The kids will just mess them up again." Well now we don't even need to! The carpets are great and with OxiClean I'm not even worried about the stains the kids may bring.

SO, if you only have $1 then the generic will definitely help get your stains out but if you can spring for the extra few bucks OxiClean is definitely worth your investment! It's a lot cheaper then carpet!!

Product pictures taken by Betsy Wooters

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How to Save More on OxiClean

Other ways you can get the OxiClean Quality for less.

  • Keep an eye out for a coupon in your local paper. I've seen them for many OxiClean products lately.
  • Look for a coupon online
  • Buy in bulk and split with a friend (Check the prices, sometimes buying in bulk can save you money)
  • Use half Oxi/ Half Generic (Probably not quite as good but better then just generic)
  • Keep an eye on store sales!!

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      • profile image

        The Carpet Kings 6 months ago

        A Very informative article, the writing is well articulated, just goes to show the knowledge the writer possesses in this industry.

        I will be giving some of these tips a try in the future

      • profile image

        Michael Weaser 13 months ago

        I found another generic oxiclean, its called Home Select Oxi-all clean'n fresh, this version seams to have some blue crystals like oxi-clean, but much less than real oxi-clean. Also if you don't know this the main ingredient in these oxygen based cleaners is a chemical called sodium percarbonate, which when you put in water it turns into hydrogen peroxide and sodium carbonate. So the only thing that these oxygen cleaner powders are that chemical plus extra sodium carbonate, and with oxi-clean there is a chemical that makes the reaction happen faster, which makes it work better and faster. Generic does work as well as oxi-clean if you leave it sit longer, also real oxi-clean might have other stuff in it as well. What I know about the blue particles, what i've been told is they are just blue dye, which i'm not totally sure about, them blue particles might be the secret on why oxi-clean works much better.

      • WriterJanis2 profile image

        WriterJanis2 5 years ago

        Congrats on a great first lens!

      • betsy-wooters profile image

        betsy-wooters 5 years ago

        @jballs6: Which brand was it? I'd love to try it out.

      • jballs6 profile image

        jballs6 5 years ago

        I first used Oxi clean as an added stain remover in the washing machine, then I came across a copy brand for a third of the price and yes it was just as good.

      • LittleLindaPinda profile image

        Little Linda Pinda 5 years ago from Florida

        I use Oxiclean and Shout stain remover for the laundry. They are impressive and have come a long way in removing stains. Thank you for the comparison. I was just wondering about that with some other cleaners at the dollar store.

      • bikerministry profile image

        bikerministry 5 years ago

        Well, this is a great start. Thanks for the research and documenting it. What an awesome idea for a lens. Blessings.

      • SusanDeppner profile image

        Susan Deppner 5 years ago from Arkansas USA

        Wow, you've done our comparison shopping and testing for us! Sounds like you and your mom make a great team. I would have debated and debated between the two, but you took action. Great job!

      • betsy-wooters profile image

        betsy-wooters 5 years ago

        Thanks for all the comments!! I'm excited about my first lens and can't wait to do more!!

      • psiloveyou1 profile image

        psiloveyou1 5 years ago

        Great job on your first lens Betsy! I've never used Oxiclean, but I have some stains that I can try it on. Now I know to get the real thing.

      • profile image

        april-christine-7 5 years ago

        I always wondered which was better. We just moved into a new house too and there are only 2 rooms that have carpet....the rest are hardwood floors. The one room (kids room) is pretty well stained up & was that way we moved in (I guess they had kids in there too!) I've tried a few approaches in eliminating the stains & even steam cleaned it myself BUT NOPE...the stains are still there. My hubby & I were just talking about getting a carpet cleaning service to come in yesterday when I stumbbled upon your post. I think I'll give it one more try with Oxi-Clean b4 calling in the pros. Thanks for posting this...perhaps you just saved me a few dollars! LOL

      • profile image

        jodie-ellingsworth 5 years ago

        Well done daughter. That stuff is amazing. When I returned from Florida. I made up a bucket of the Oxi-clean with water. I then put a few of Kim's stained clothes. Socked them for about 4 hours. Low and behold, stains were gone. Love it!

      • Zebedee32 profile image

        Zebedee32 5 years ago

        I need a good carpet stain remover.

      • AmandaTWaH profile image

        AmandaTWaH 5 years ago

        Great lense! I've often wondered the same thing. While I buy a lot of generic brands, I've learned there are some things you just need to get the name brand of. For me that includes things like tuna fish, cat food, bread, diet root beer, and now OxiClean!