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Why Is My Dyson Pulsing? (And How to Fix It)


As one of the most well-regarded brands in the hoovering world today, Dyson has become recognised as one of the best names in the industry. They are elite-level solutions that can be easily used to help deal with just about anything you need to tidy up around the house. However, as the owner of a Dyson you might want to work out what all of its little signs and symbols mean. For example, many people buy a Dyson only to find out they go through a strange pulsing process.

Whether you own a Dyson DC58 or a V11 or any other model, the pulsing process can seem confusing at the best of times. If you are looking to buy a cordless vacuum that is problem-free, you might be waiting a long time. For now, you might just want to work out one simple question: why is my Dyson pulsing?

The answer is somewhat confusing, but we can make sure that you are easily able to solve the problem of your Dyson pulsing.

Overview of Dyson Pulsing Causes

If you want to try and make sure Dyson hoovers work for as long as possible, then understanding the pulsing mechanism is vital. To fix that, start off by:

  • Checking the power section and making sure your Dyson is charging properly.
  • Check the MAX function and make sure that it is working as it should be.
  • Scout for blockages and issues that could be stopping your Dyson from operating.

Focus on the above, and you can soon find that getting your Dyson to do the job it was supposed to is much easier. Start with the above solutions, and if your Dyson is still not working, we recommend speaking to the supplier or getting in touch with Dyson directly.

What Is Causing My Dyson to Start Pulsing?

So, the main reason that a Dyson might begin this annoying pulsing process is that it has been left without enough power. A Dyson that starts going on and off will mean that it is not charged properly. That is the main diagnosis, though, but sometimes the problem can be a little more abstract and thus take a bit more time to find a clear solution.

If you want some help in making sure your Dyson does as it is supposed to, then we recommend you read on. This basic guide should stop you from having a pulsing Dyson and thus make sure you can get back to vacuuming without worrying about your Dyson turning itself on and off.

First Off, Check for Power Problems

To begin with, if you feel that your Dyson should be charged then you should first ensure it is charging properly. Many times, a pulsing Dyson can be solved simply by fixing the charge. The first thing to look for is that the power cable has both connected to the wall socket in full and to also ensure that the power is connected to the vacuum properly. A Dyson takes a very thorough charge, but the actual charger needs to be properly inserted to work as intended.

You might even wish to look into the battery, too. If you have owned your Dyson for many years, then it is possible that the battery has died and you need to replace that battery. If you can 100% say that the battery is plugged in and that the charger is connected on both ends, then it could be a battery problem.

The easiest thing to do, as well, is to make sure your Dyson can sit at peace. Many people find their vacuum has fallen over mid-charge and that this has impacted the charge process. So, make sure that your Dyson is sitting upright and that it cannot fall over during the charge process.

If you find that your problem is that the battery or the charger is not working, then your only real solution is to replace these accessories. If your Dyson is under warranty, then go back to the store you bought it from and see if they can replace it for free.

Otherwise, you might need to buy an accessory replacement. We recommend you look around at places other than the official Dyson store, though; you can get a better deal if you shop around for your accessories via third parties.

Is Your MAX Button Working?

Another common issue and headache for the Dyson pulsing is the MAX button. If your MAX button is lighting up and flashing as your Dyson pulses, this is a sign of a problem. To try and fix this quickly, hold in the power button and then press the MAX button to make sure that it is turned off. This could be the cause of the issue. Sometimes a simple reset of the MAX function will cease your Dyson pulsing.

MAX is often a common feature that is used, but if you find that it is causing you problems with the pulsing then try a hoover session without the MAX function on. Most, though, will find that running their Dyson without the MAX function even once will allow them to turn it back on without losing form.

Check for Potential Blockages

Another reason for a Dyson pulsing is that it has a blockage somewhere in the vacuum. Many times, the attachments can be the cause of the issue. If you find that you can use your Dyson without attachments, one of your attachments is causing the issue. However, if it still pulses without an attachment then it is likely that you have a blockage somewhere in the Dyson.

The only way to find this is to go through the actual tube of the Dyson itself. Shine a light on this and look to see if you can spot any obvious clogs. If the roller is tangled up then you can easily disconnect it by using a coin to remove the roller assembly. Then, you can get inside it and give it a proper clean to give it a maximum empty out. Try your Dyson again; if it is still pulsing then you at least know it is not a block that is causing the issue.

Be sure to check where the wand section attaches to the actual canister, too. This is often a place where blockages can happen.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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