Why I Chose the Black & Decker Bare Max Leaf Blower for My Deck

Updated on May 31, 2016
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Sweeping No Longer

I have a very large backyard deck and a large brick patio that are in need of sweeping on a weekly basis. Our backyard is surrounded by large beautiful trees, whose leaves inevitably end up on our deck and all over and under the outdoor furniture. We also have a brick patio that gets a buildup of debris in cracks and crevices frequently. I love my outdoor furniture, which has large comfy cushions, but it is an easy target for leaf debris as well. There have been several occasions where I have swept the entire deck and patio and only the next day it appeared as if I had never touched any of it. I found this to be very frustrating.

BLACK+DECKER LSW20B 20V MAX Lithium Ion Sweeper, Tool Only
BLACK+DECKER LSW20B 20V MAX Lithium Ion Sweeper, Tool Only
This blower has been perfect for my big deck and patio. It doesn't have all the attachments of a blower I have seen on infomercials, but I also paid $45 less than than the price of that blower.

What I Found

After looking at an infomercial about an amazing leaf blower, I went online to check it out. I was ready to purchase this amazing leaf blower until I got to the checkout portion, which showed that shipping would be a whopping $20. I thought that was ridiculous and felt a bit scammed by the manufacturer. That is when I decided to head to Amazon and do some price comparisons.

It turned out that the Black & Decker 20-Volt cordless sweeper had all the same features except for a few attachments that I honestly never thought I would use. I ended up paying about $45 less than what I would have for the leaf blower from the infomercial.

For Decks and Patios, Not the Yard

If you are looking for a very powerful leaf blower for large jobs such as your yard, this is not the product for you. This leaf blower is designed for smaller jobs such as patios, decks, and reasonably-sized driveways. The charged lithium battery lasts about 15 minutes per use. I use it weekly on my large deck and patio, for furniture, around the garage, and to clear off the small pond patio in my yard. Sometimes I have to pull it out more than once a week, but it is no sweat because it is always ready (I recharge the battery as soon as I am done using it) and it only takes a few minutes (or seconds literally). It is super light-weight and small enough to keep in the laundry room where I can get to it quickly. I highly recommend this leaf-blower for jobs such as the ones described.

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